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Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The Rangers Nevermore? - Rixizu

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Chapter 6

Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The Rangers Nevermore?
Chapter 6
by Rixizu

"Think think!” Trixie cursed her inability to find a way out of her predicament. She would be a slave forever if she didn’t do something.

Corona seemed amused at Trixie’s efforts. She activated her horn. “Forgive me Trixie Lulamoon, but this must be done for the good of all.”

Suddenly a white figure rushed in front of Trixie and she gaped at its identity. It was Rarity.

“I can’t allow you to do that darling.” Rarity said in defiance. She gave Trixie a wink when she caught Trixie staring. “If you want to get to her you have to get through me as well dear.”

Another pony that Trixie didn’t know did the same as Rarity. “M-me too!” Soon several more ponies rushed to Trixie’s aid including Dinky and several other foals. Dinky growled and did her best to be menacing. The townsfolk started shouting at Corona. Some ponies actually threw trash at the Tyrant Sun.

“Leave her alone!”

“Get out of here! You ain’t wanted!”

“Princess Luna forever!”

“Boo! Get lost you monster!”

“You suck Corona!”

Corona erupted in anger and she gave out a roar that made everypony cover their ears in pain. “You foals! Why can’t you understand what I am trying to do? I’m not the bad guy! I just want to make Equestria a better place!”

Trixie gave a weak laugh. “Ha! They all see you for what you truly are Corona!” Trixie coughed and sputtered when she felt Corona grab her with telekinesis by the throat and lifted her in the air. Trixie couldn’t breathe. Everypony else gasped.

“I will not be made a foal of Trixie Lulamoon.” Corona said coldly. “I will make you understand this. You and everypony else. Don’t worry however. I won’t kill you, but you will wish that I did.”

Trixie gargled under the strain of Corona’s magical grasp. Breathing was impossible. Trixie pawed uselessly at her throat. Everything starting going black. Corona let go of her magic and Trixie fell roughly to the ground.

“Trixie!” Raindrops cried out while trying to crawl towards her.

“Foals!” Corona eyed everypony that gathered in front of Trixie. “Do you wish to defy me now?” The group of ponies backed away in fear.

Raindrops crawled up to Trixie. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine.” Trixie said weakly and tried her best to get back on her hooves.

Corona threw small flames at the crowd of ponies and they scrambled for safety. Nopony was hurt thankfully. While watching to see if the ponies that protected her got to safety, Trixie noticed that something strange about Twilight Sparkle now known as Corvus. She had a strained look on her face like she was fighting something. Trixie guessed that Corvus might be struggling to overcoming the spell Corona was using to control her.

If they could free Corvus from Corona’s control they might have a chance. Trixie was weak, but not enough that she couldn’t cast a simple detect magic spell. Trixie saw it, she saw the connection Corona was using to keep Corvus under control. There was a red string running from Corvus to Corona connected at the head. The string looked strained and thin. Corvus’s fighting back, Corona’s use of magic, her outbursts of anger, and her slipping concentration made the spell weak. Perhaps it was weak enough for Trixie to break it.

Trixie closed her eyes and thought. It might be a bad idea to free the creature. It might just go on a rampage, but Twilight Sparkle might still be in there.

“What are you doing?!” Demanded Corona suddenly paying her attention back at Trixie.

Trixie decided to risk it. Trixie cast a spell at Corvus that dispelled magic and the Corona’s control broke completely. Normally this wouldn't have worked since Trixie wasn’t anywhere near powerful enough to affect Corona’s magic, but Corvus's will was putting so much strain on the spell that even Trixie could break it.

Corona’s eyes widened. “Foal! What have you done!” Her horn started glowing, but Corvus interrupted her with a barrage of feathers.

“Never again!” Corvus cried out. Corona dove out of the way of the attack. Corvus suddenly teleport in front of Corona and swung her wings right at Corona’s torso. Corona created a shield and backed away barely avoiding getting hit. The shield broke from another barrage of feathers, but Corona moved out of range of the attack. Corona counterattacked with a wave of fire that Corvus teleported away from.

Trixie took advantage of the distraction and she ran with Raindrops away from the two. The rest of the other Rangers did the same and they moved to regroup somewhere safe.

Corvus threw a cart at Corona and it exploded in flames and dissipated safely around her. Corvus teleported away from a fireball and barely avoided another one when another one was thrown at the exact place Corvus appeared to. She teleported again to avoid more fireballs, but Corona seemed to know exactly where the creature would reappear. Trixie guessed Corona’s alicorn senses allowed her track Corvus’s movements while teleporting.

Corvus gritted her teeth and used her magic to deflect the fireball with telekinesis seemly realizing the futility to teleporting against her opponent. The fireball was redirected to the right and a nearby stand erupted in flames. This wasn’t the only fire accidentally started by Corona. Other stands, carts, and some foliage were also burning. When Corona noticed that some fire was spreading towards a house, she used her magic to put out all the fire she started. Corona started panting.

Trixie noticed just how much weaker Corona looked from when she encountered Trixie earlier. Drastically so in fact. She looked weary and not just from the fight. It looked like she had been up for days. Her coat was discolored and she looked dangerously thin. The change in appearance startled Trixie. She suddenly realized the reason for the startling change. Corona’s magnificent appearance was just an illusion to impress them all. In reality she was still really weak from Zecora’s poisoning of her magic. It didn’t look like she could fight on for much longer.

A blow from Corvus’s wing sent Corona flying through a house into a fountain. Corona struggled to her hooves. This was not what Trixie had in mind when she freed Corvus. The two were supposed to hopefully beat each other. A wing to the head sent Corona flying again right into a store front for clothes and several mannequins fell on her.

Corvus smirked and created a fireball of her own and threw it at the prone Corona. The whole store exploded in flames. Corona emerged surrounded by a barrier with several other shocked ponies around her. They ran when the Corona killed the flames and shield. Corona collapsed to one knee panting heavily.

Corona growled. “This isn’t over creature.” She teleported away and vanished completely.

Corvus laughed and horrifyingly started sending fireballs in random directions. Ponies ran to safety as several buildings were set on fire. Bon-Bon who had been watching the fight from the sidelines screamed in pain as she was nearly burned by an incoming fireball that she only barely avoided. Part of her coat was signed off, but otherwise seemed okay and ran to safety.

Trixie put her hooves in her face. “What have I done?”


Trixie sat in Bon-Bon’s living room staring at a now cold cup of tea in complete silence. The rest of the Rangers except Carrot Top were there as well chatting around her. Trixie wasn’t listening lost in her own thoughts.

It was raining hard now thanks to an impromptu rainstorm created by weather ponies. Thankfully Corvus had stopped bombarding the town with fire, and all the fires had gone out. Right now, Corvus was occupying herself by chasing around Rainbow Dash who boldly challenged her to a race. Rainbow’s speed impressed the creature and enjoyed the challenge that Dash presented. Who knew how long that would keep the monster’s attention and the group was discussing a plan. Carrot Top went to get Zecora hoping she could help them come up with something. Carrot Top and Zecora had become friends over the last couple of months and Carrot was apprenticing under her.

Trixie eyed Bon-Bon and sighed for the hundredth time. Part of Bon-Bon's coat was burned off, but otherwise, she seemed to be in one piece. It looked like she might have a few faint scars from the fire, but her coat would grow over it. She was probably in a bit of pain but refused to show it on her face. Trixie hadn't really said a word to anypony since entering. She wasn't sure she wanted to talk to anypony for a while. Trixie wanted to apologize to both Lyra and Bon-Bon, but nothing came out of her mouth. Trixie had no idea how to face either of them

"Hey, Trixie!" Lyra cried out.

"Hmm," Trixie said noncommittally.

“Trixie!” Lyra almost screamed. This had Trixie’s attention and she turned towards Lyra finally.

“Yes?” Trixie asked.

“Are you okay? You’ve been quiet. It’s not like you.” Lyra gave a concerned look. The rest of Trixie’s friends gave a similar look.

“I’m fine.” Trixie turned away.

“I see.” Lyra sighed.

"I didn't think Trixie would take this so hard," Ditzy whispered.

"Just give her some space." Raindrops replied. "She'll be back to her annoying self in no time." Everypony else gave a hesitant nod.

Trixie took a sip of her tea. It was okay. It needed something. Trixie got up and left for the kitchen.

Trixie rummaged through the cabinets. She set aside various spices, herbs, and other things getting a little annoyed at not finding what she was looking for. She was sure Lyra and Bon-Bon had some. In a few moments, Trixie found what she was looking for. She grabbed the bottle of soy sauce in her magic and closed the cabinet doors.

“Aha! Perfect.” Trixie proclaimed in victory and grabbed the bottle with her hooves.

“There you are!” Bon-Bon said as she entered the kitchen. “You’ve been gone so long we were starting to get worried.”

“I found what I was looking for.” Trixie held up the bottle. Bon-Bon lifted an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

Trixie was about to leave the room, but Bon-Bon grabbed her with a hoof.

"Wait," Bon-Bon said.

“Um, if this is about…” Trixie started to say, but Bon-Bon lifted a hoof and interrupted her.

“Lyra told me what happened.” Bon-Bon gave a solemn look. “I just wanted to say that it isn’t your fault.”

“Of course it is!” Trixie cried out. “You almost got seriously hurt because of me!”

“But I didn’t.” Bon-Bon pointed out.

“It doesn’t matter!” Trixie turned her back. “It was stupid of me to just unleash that thing. I should have just let Corona capture us and come up with a better plan.”

"You made a tough judgment call." Bon-Bon shook her head. "You did the best you could under the circumstances. It happens. You have no idea if letting Corona capture you would've been better. It might have made things worse."

“It isn’t that simple!” Trixie felt tears coming. “If something happened to you...I don’t think I could ever face Lyra again.”


“She would hate me forever for sure.” Trixie sniffed.

Bon-Bon put a comforting hoof on Trixie's back. "Lyra would never hate you. She loves you, Trixie. “

“W-what?” Trixie wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“Of course she does.” Bon-Bon turned Trixie around and smiled. “You’re like a sister to her. She really cares about you.”


Bon-Bon nodded. “Really. Trust me. Lyra will always forgive you. You’re family after all.”

Trixie stayed silent processing this. She had no idea Lyra felt so strongly about her. Their friendship might run a lot deeper than she thought. Trixie started to feel a little silly.

“We don’t always get along, but we’re family too.” Bon-Bon gave Trixie a tight hug and Trixie returned it a moment later.

Bon-Bon released Trixie. "Now no more sulking. You have a job to do. Zecora just arrived and everypony is ready to make a plan.

"Thanks, Bon-Bon. I needed that." Trixie walked towards the door.

"Just one thing," Bon-Bon said and Trixie stopped.


“Don’t run around in a monster costume again. That was a really dumb idea.” Bon-Bon gave a look that Trixie knew meant that Bon-Bon would tear out her heart and eat it if she attempted anything like that again. Trixie quickly nodded and left the room.


When Trixie entered the living room around found everypony there plus Zecora reclining on a couch. She had on tan saddlebags with her cutie mark on it. Ditzy had stitched it for her apparently.

Trixie got back to her seat and put the bottle of soy sauce on the coffee table. She opened the bottle and poured a generous portion into her tea. She stirred it with a spoon and took a sip.

"Divine." Trixie purred. It was still cold, but she preferred her tea that way. Zecora watched her in wide-eyed bewilderment. Ditzy did her best not to gag. The rest of her friends did a better job of hiding their reaction and stayed almost completely stoic.

Trixie put her cup down and turned towards Zecora. "Hello, Zecora. We need your help. Somehow Corona has…"

“My dear friend Carrot Top has informed me of your troubles.” Zecora interrupted. “Corona has created a fearsome foe that has given you quite a few struggles.”

Trixie coughed. She should have guessed that. It saved time and unnecessary explanations. “What should we do about it?”

“She’s so strong!” Lyra complained. “And she teleports all over the place, how the hay can we deal with that?! Our best efforts did nothing!”

“We can’t just wait for us to get our full power back.” Ditzy looked out the window. Outside there was a building that was a victim of a fireball. “We can’t let that thing run around any longer.”

“But what can we do?” Lyra asked frustrated.

“We have to pin her down somehow.” Raindrops suggested.

“And how do we do that?” Lyra crossed her front legs. “She’ll just teleport away if we try anything!”

“Simple. We just poison her magic like what Zecora did to Corona.” Trixie said. “Then she won’t have enough power to teleport. It has to take a lot of energy.”

Zecora shook her head. “That won’t work. The potion has a peculiar unwieldy quirk,”

"Zecora's right. When Corona was poisoned, it didn't make her lose magic, it made it difficult for Corona to regain her magic." Carrot Top explained. "And the potion has to be drunk. That won't be easy."

“Oh.” That was all Trixie could say.

“Hey it could work.” Raindrops threw out. “But we are too weak right now to push her into complete exhaustion. “

"We could use a magic suppressor on her to stop her magic completely," Trixie suggested. Usually, it was a ring on the horn, Trixie had heard of hoofcuffs that do the same thing as well. "...But we would have to put it on her, and I have no idea where we would find one on such short notice."

“Like what if we, I don’t know, make it so that teleporting would be far too difficult for her to do?” Trixie was just spitballing now.

Carrot Top and Zecora looked at each other and brightened. “I think you have it!” Carrot Top proclaimed standing up.

“I believe you have come up with a solution! This crisis will be able to finally have a resolution!” Zecora started rummaging through her saddlebags. She pulled out a book with hoof written notes. Trixie couldn’t read any of it. It was written in what Trixie presumed to be Zebra. She pointed towards a page. It had several diagrams of monsters growing.

“Wait wait. What do you want to do?” Lyra asked lost.

"We make Corvus huge and fight her with our Zords!” Carrot Top beamed.

"What," Lyra said flatly.

“Um, won’t we just have a giant teleporting monster to deal with?” Ditzy asked,

It seemed absurd. Normally they tried to beat Corona’s monsters before she had a chance to make them giant, wanting to save the town from unnecessary damage naturally. How would they even pull off a spell like this anyway?

"At that size, Teleporting will be so difficult that it would be nearly impossible," Zecora explained, "beating her will suddenly be quite plausible."

Trixie blinked. “What do you mean?” Right now, she really wished she put more research in how teleporting works.

"It's like this." Carrot Top cleared her throat. "The growth spell increased their size, but it, not their magic pool, that's impossible. This gives them a lot smaller pool to work from."

Trixie thought about this and came to a sudden realization. “Ah! And there is no way she could teleport that much mass easily.” Trixie didn’t know much about teleportation, but she did know that the spell became much harder the more mass you added to the teleportation spell. Trying to teleport more than one pony was incredibly difficult. Trying to teleport yourself when you weigh over a hundred thousand tons would be something not even Princess Luna could do. It would cost far too much magic to perform the spell. Corvus might have the power of six star beasts, but that didn’t make her magic infinite.

“Oh, of course.” Raindrops said. “She’s too big to teleport around. And even if she could, it would deplete her magic very quickly!”

Trixie nodded. “Basically yes.”

“And we will be fighting with our Zords who aren’t as beaten down as we are!” Raindrops stomped a hoof.

“Nice bonus!” Ditzy cheered.

“But can Zecora pull this spell off?” Trixie asked.

Zecora nodded. “Replicating the mad alicorn’s spell shouldn’t be difficult. It will be a little inelegant.”

“It is a bit… experimental, but it should work.” Zecora coughed. “It won’t last long, only about 15 minutes, but this is mostly guesswork.”

“It’s a plan and it’s better than fighting her in this condition.” Trixie proclaimed. Her brow furrowed. “I hope we can get the ingredients in time.” Zebra magic was a type of alchemy that could bend reality to the caster's wishes. Who knows what rare and hard to get ingredients the spell needed.

“Actually Trixie, Zecora already brought all her spell ingredients with her.” Carrot Top opened the back door and sure enough behind it was a cart full of a head dizzying number of bottles, ingredients, and other things Trixie couldn’t identify.

"Good," Trixie said after a moment. That was convenient. She was afraid they would have to run around town while desperately trying to find the ingredients they needed.

"Carrot Top made sure I brought everything I could," Zecora said smiling, "I'm glad I listened to her or else have to run back home again in all likelihood."

“Glad to see you’re on top of everything.” Trixie also smiled glad they finally had a plan of sorts.

Carrot Top grinned widely. “That is why they call me Carrot Top after all!” Everypony including Zecora groaned. Carrot Top looked offended. “Hey! That was funny!”

“How long will the potion take?” Trixie looked outside and saw a terrified Rainbow Dash dodging lightning blasts from Corvus’s horn.

Zecora thought a moment. “I need only five minutes to create the potion. I will work so quickly it will look like I’m in fast motion.”

Trixie nodded. “Get going.”

“Wait!” Ditzy cried out. “How are we going to get Corvus to even drink the thing?” Trixie tensed. She was so excited she forgot about that little detail.

"Do not fear for it is spread through smoke," Zecora reassured, "one breath is all it needs for the spell to be awoke." Ditzy and Trixie sighed in relief. That was a bit more manageable.

They had a plan. Trixie sipped more of her tea trying to relax. It hit her how much faith she was putting in Zecora. Somepony she initially didn't want to trust. The zebra could ruin everything so easily. Paranoia crept into her thoughts. Trixie shook her head. Jumping at shadows and doubting everything got her nowhere. The last time she let her paranoia get the better of her, she got exploded. No, she decided she would let Zecora prove herself. Luna often said that trust is something that should be earned. Trixie decided from now on she would keep her eyes out for enemies, but won't let herself succumb to fear or distrust ponies on sight. Fear destroys and prevents friendships. She wanted to be Zecora's friend.

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