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Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The Rangers Nevermore? - Rixizu

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Chapter 2

Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The Rangers Nevermore?
Chapter 2
by Rixizu

Trixie watched her friend sigh again. After the battle, Carrot Top had become pretty glum so Ditzy suggested they go to Sugarcube Corner to cheer her up. Not surprising after Corona turned her prized carrot into a hideous monster. She had been spending several months growing the thing using earth pony magic or whatever to make it as big as at least twice the size of a pony. Trixie still had no idea how Carrot Top managed that one. Earth ponies are weird. Carrot Top wanted to enter it in the state farming contest in Dodge City and hopefully, win something, but it looked like all those prizes would most likely go to the Apple Trust, again. It wasn't surprising that she was in such a dire mood. The prize money she might have won would have helped out a lot.

“Here you go CT.” An energetic Pinkie Pie said setting a chocolate parfait in front of the depressed mare. “Don’t worry about the cost, it’s on the house!”

Carrot Top gave a small smile. "Thanks, Pinkie."

“No problemo CT. I’m always here to give an encouraging hoof!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“I have to say Pinkie. I really like the new look you gave Sugercube Corner.” Cheerilee gestured around her. After the bakery got damaged during their fight with a compass monster, Pinkie somehow convinced the Cakes to expand and renovate it into something completely new and unique. It was now some bizarre hybrid between a bakery, a youth center, and a dojo. A move that seemed to work surprisingly well. The place was packed with ponies particularly foals that were playing on the various activities the youth center provided. There was an indoor pool, billiard and hoofball tables, a climbing wall, and comfortable couches for the youth to sit and chat on. Cheerilee seemed particularly happy with the change.

Ditzy’s daughter Dinky was currently playing on the rather large climbing wall built into the far-left wall. Feeling Trixie's gaze on her, the foal waved a hoof at her. The motion almost caused her to lose her grip causing Ditzy to tense before relaxing again as the child leaned back into the wall. Not that she was in any danger with the safety gear attached to her, but Ditzy unnecessarily worried about her daughter sometimes.

“It’s an... interesting choice,” Trixie admitted.

“Ah shucks thanks.” Pinkie beamed. “Though it wasn’t my idea.” Trixie blinked and the rest of her friends seemed just as surprised.

“So it was Ms. Cake’s idea?” Ditzy threw out.

“Nope!” Pinkie beamed. “It was Rarity’s idea!”

The entire group looked startled particularly Cheerilee. “Rarity?” Cheerilee parroted.

“Well of course darling.” Rarity said trotting up to their table seemingly summoned by the use of her name.

“Why?” Trixie asked eyebrows raised.

“You see Ms. Lulamoon. I just thought Ponyville needed a place for foals gather, have fun, and stay out of trouble. It keeps the foals off the streets and provides a positive place for them to gather and have fun!" Rarity explained.

Cheerilee looked gob smacked. “That’s very thoughtful of you.”

Trixie groaned. “It’s Trixie please.” She put extra emphasis on the word Trixie.

“I couldn’t do that darling. That would be rude.” Rarity said politely. “You are the princess’s student after all.”

“No, really I’m fine with…” Trixie tried to say, but Rarity interrupted her.

“I personally think the dojo is one of the best touches.” Rarity continued. Trixie ground her teeth. She always did this. The fashionista insisted on ignoring her request to not call her by her very hated last name. Trixie was already plotting her revenge.

“You like martial arts?” Raindrops asked surprised.

"Naturally darling. Its beauty and grace, its dedication inner peace and pony empowerment have a certain allure to me. Though I don't have the time I wish to continue it. I did take a few classes when I was younger."
Trixie snorted and found that thought absurd. She spotted Carrot Top’s almost finished parfait and got an evil idea.

Pinkie got excited. “You should join classes again Rarity! Master Snowflake is starting classes in a few days!”

Pinkie pointed towards a giant muscular white pegasus with a blond mohawk dressed in a gi. “Yeah!” He cried out hurting Trixie’s ears a little.

“I’ll think about it darling, but I really must be off I have…” Rarity screamed and looked down. She saw that she just stepped in some ice cream. “My hooficure!” Rarity shook her hoof to get it as clean as she could and ran off.

Trixie resisted laughing. She took a piece of Carrot Top’s parfait and made it invisible just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make Rarity step in it. “Serves her right!” Trixie thought.

Trixie’s friends glared at her. “What?” She said innocently.

“Anyway Trixie, the usual?” Pinkie interjected.

Trixie nodded and Pinkie pulled a taffy and lettuce flavored cupcake out of seemly nowhere making Trixie blink. She was watching the party pony closely and she had no idea where Pinkie got the cupcake.
Pinkie got out a notebook. “So, what can I get you?”

"A blueberry muffin would be nice," Ditzy answered.

"A strawberry cupcake," Cheerilee said.

“Nothing for me thanks.” Raindrop gave out.

“Three more chocolate parfaits thanks.” Carrot Top said. Trixie saw that she already finished the previous one.

“Gotcha!” Pinkie said and she left the group.

“Are you ok Carrot Top?” Cheerilee asked. “You are taking the loss of your prized Carrot harder than I thought.”

“I’m fine.” Carrot Top said and sighed. “It’s just frustrating to put in all that work, only for Corona to ruin it!” She put her chin on the table. “I work hard, don’t I? Why must everything I do fizzle out into nothing?”

Everypony at the table nodded. “Don’t I deserve to have something nice happen to me for once? To not have my dreams stomped on at every turn?!” Carrot Top growled in frustration.

An awkward silence followed and Trixie wasn’t sure what to say. This wasn’t a subject she felt comfortable getting into.

"I'm sure Pokey can get you a form that will cover your losses through a government grant," Trixie said in her best cheerful tone. She knew that Ponyville had monster attack protection and it wasn't difficult to get compensation if you filled out the right form especially with the Corona crisis. Princess Luna was adamant with helping Corona's victims. She bet some bureaucratic ponies were in a corner weeping somewhere over the constant damages were done to Ponyville these days.

“That isn’t the point Trixie.” Carrot Top said evenly.

"I think what she is trying to say that it is the principle of the thing," Cheerilee said diplomatically.

“Exactly!” Carrot Top exclaimed. Trixie winced. She knew it must be difficult to be constantly under the Apple Trust’s shadow.

“I doubt she’ll be sending monsters against us much longer.” Raindrops mussed. “The one she sent today, barring a few accidents, didn’t last very long.” She snorted. “What the hay is the point if they get crushed in minutes.”

Ditzy looked apologetic at the word accident. Trixie sighed. Ditzy would insist on apologizing again for what happened even though Trixie already accepted the apology at least five times by now.

“I have been thinking about that.” Cheerilee started and this got everypony’s attention. “To be frank, our teamwork stinks.”
Everypony looked a bit sheepish. Cheerilee continued. “The monsters seem easy now, but I doubt that will last. We can’t afford to become complacent. That Corona is a crafty one.”

“So you think things might get worse?” Raindrops asked. She looked at the dojo. “I could teach you how to fight. We could all take martial art classes together.” Raindrops looked excited. She had a bit of a passion for the martial arts. She was a black belt in Iron Hoof style apparently.

Cheerilee clapped her hooves together. “That’s an excellent idea. That would be a perfect way to improve our skills.”

Cheerilee took on a thoughtful look. “And we could do some exercises to improve our teamwork.”

Trixie’s eyes widened. That sounded like a horrible idea. “No, no, no!” Trixie protested.

Cheerilee raised an eyebrow. “And why not?”

Trixie hated this idea. It would be so much hard work and it would mean she would have to get all sweaty. She hated sweatiness. Her mind raced for a proper excuse to get out of this.

“Be-cause...Where would we find the time?” Trixie argued. “We all have very busy schedules. I myself, am way too busy with practicing for future magic shows and my duties as the Night Court representative of Ponyville!” This wasn’t a complete lie. Despite all the paperwork, her assistant Pokey was able to help her do most of it in little time. Her duties were actually depressingly light. But they didn’t need to know that.
Ditzy thought a moment. “Well, actually. I think it would be a great idea!” Ditzy stood up. “We are protecting the world. If that means I need to squeeze in some time for training, then so be it!”

“I would be okay with it.” Carrot Top agreed. “I’m not that busy that I can’t spend an hour or two training.”

"I'm game," Lyra said. "Besides. Some of us could need the exercise." She looked at Trixie.

"I know it will be hard at first," Cheerilee said soothingly. "But trust me, it will be worth it."

Trixie looked back and forth between her friends. This was looking bad. She needed to think of something.

"Trixie," Cheerilee said evenly. "I know you don't like this, but it's for the good of the team."

“Not if we are too exhausted to fight!” Trixie was sure she was on to something.

“Trixie. We are doing this so we don’t get exhausted in fights.” Raindrops said bluntly.

"We are strong enough as it is," Trixie grumbled.

Ditzy thought about it. “Huh, I guess that’s true.”

Trixie saw her chance. “See! No need for any training at all! Nothing Corona has thrown at us has come even close to winning anymore!”

Corona had sent many monsters after them, but little by little they became easier to manage. Trixie didn't see any reason at all to train at this point. Plus, she knew that they would force her to eat ‘health' food and stop drinking her sweet sweet bourbon. Unacceptable losses in Trixie's opinion.

“For now anyway.” Carrot Top pointed out.

Trixie waved a hoof. “Even if they do get stronger, we can handle it. Trust me. We have the power of friendship!”

Raindrops sighed. “If you don’t want to train, fine.” Trixie gave a triumphant grin. She ate the rest of her cupcake in celebration. “But I plan on going to the dojo every day.”

“Go ahead. I won’t stop you.” Trixie said.

Raindrops sighed. “Our fearless leader.”

“I heard that!” Trixie protested.

“I know.” Raindrops turned to the rest of the group. “Let’s schedule a time in the afternoon that we can all meet together.”


Twilight held up a notebook planning on writing everything she heard. “So, what can you tell me about the Galaxy Rangers. Ms. Bon-Bon?”

"Them?" A grayish coated maned earth pony said. "In one word. Awesome. They've kept the town safe and save the world at least a hundred times. The coolest, though, is the Blue Ranger."

“Oh, and why is that?” Twilight said not looking away from her notebook. She gave Bon-Bon brief glances while talking to her.

“Did you see the way she destroyed that monster?” Bon-Bon swooned. “She so fearless and never gives up. And the grace and style! You can also tell she’s like probably the sexiest mare in existence under there. She’s the perfect mare!”

“I see…” Twilight said hesitantly. “And… who do you think might be under the mask?”

Bon-Bon body language completely changed. She suddenly became guarded. “I don’t know. She’s probably around I guess.”

“Have you seen anything that might tell who she is?” Twilight asked.

"No," Bon-Bon said flatly, "now if you excuse me, I have candy to sell."

“Thanks for your time!” Twilight gave a gracious bow of her head.

Great, I just happen to run into some creepy weirdo. Twilight thought and shuddered.


“Them? The whole town would be doomed if it wasn’t for them.” An arctic blue coated pegasus said. “They’re the best! I’m actually part of the Galaxy Ranger’s fan club.”

“They have a fan club?” Twilight asked a bit surprised.

“Well sure. It was started by a pony named Rainbow Dash.” The mare explained. “An awesome club with awesome members for the most awesome heroes in all of Equestria as she put it.”

“I see.” Twilight made sure to get this down. “But you have to be wondering who the Galaxy Rangers are. Who do you think they are? Maybe you might have seen something?”

The mare suddenly became icy and gave Twilight an uncomfortable stare. “Dunno. Don’t really care really.” She flew off after this.


“What is for exactly?” The white unicorn filly said. “Are you with some paper?”

“That’s right.” Twilight lied. “I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the Galaxy Rangers.”

“Oh cool! Does this mean I am going to be mentioned in the paper?” The filly asked eagerly.

Twilight waggled her eyebrow and gave a conspiratorial look. “If I get a good quote.” The filly beamed with energy.

“What do you want to know?” The filly asked barely controlling her excitement

“Have you seen anything about the Galaxy Ranger that might, I don’t know, tell me more about who they are?” Twilight said.

The filly suddenly became cold. “Excuse me. I think I just remember that I have tons of homework to do. Bye.” She left in a hurry not looking back for an instant.

“Wait! I’ll treat… Dang it!” Twilight cursed. She hoped at least a filly would be more receptive to her questions. Twilight looked down and sighed. She spotted a bench and sat on it dejected. This was ridiculous. She couldn’t get any clues from anypony. They became hostile when probed about the Ranger’s identities. Especially the fan club, Twilight felt she barely made it out there alive. She sighed again. She should have guessed. Town heroes and a strange mare want to know their secret identities. They must assume she's some Night Court agent or something wishing to take their power for some noble.

She sat there thinking when something caught her eye. It was the strangest building she had ever seen. It was a house that was decorated like a gingerbread house and, if Twilight didn't know any better, looked real. It was shaped like a house but had a giant growth coming from its right side. It didn’t quite match the gingerbread look of the rest of the house. She saw a sign that said, “Sugercube Corner: Bakery/Youth Center”.

Twilight felt her stomach rumble. She hadn’t eaten anything all day besides those peanuts on the train. “What the heck.” She thought. She was hungry and need a treat right now. She trotted towards the building.

The interior clashed just as much as the outside. It had a strange mix of classic and modern styles. Twilight entered trying to absorb her surroundings as much as she could. She sat on a random table. While gazing at the mix match style, she was brought out of her thoughts by a voice.

Twilight jumped at the sudden high pitched voice. "Oh my gosh! You must be new! After all, I know everypony, and I mean everypony in Ponyville!" Twilight was suddenly face to face at an uncomfortable distance to a pink earth pony with a just as pink mane. She had a wide grin of her face. "Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! Welcome to Sugarcube Corner! The best stop in Equestria for all your treat and youth centering needs! I would throw you a welcoming party, but, well, the party store got nachoed by a monster, and now the whole building isn't safe!"

Twilight blinked. “What?”

“Some monsters, right? So, rude! Now I can’t get the party supplies I need for all my parties! And ordering from outside sources if sooooo expensive! How is a girl supposed to throw a party around here! Now I’ve missed 8 birthday parties, 2 bachelor parties, 8 wedding showers, and 18 welcoming no I mean 19 welcoming parties! It’s enough to make a pony go batty! And I don’t mean being transformed in batpony through a freaky magical spell accident kinda way!”

The pink pony was speaking so fast Twilight barely understood what was being said. She just nodded agreeing with whatever she was being told.

“So, what can I get ya?!” The pony Twilight thought might have been named Gimme Pie said.

“I’ll have a cupcake?” Twilight said hesitantly.

“Sure thing!” Pie rushed out of sight.

Twilight sighed. “That was by far the stran…” She thought before Pie appeared again with a cupcake on a small round plate.

“Here you go!” Pie said with a wide smile on her face. Twilight screamed in alarm at the sudden appearance

"T-thanks," Twilight said after getting her senses back.

“No problemo. Tell me if you need anything!” Pie rushed in the back again.

Twilight grabbed the cupcake in her magic and took a bite. It was good. Fantastic even. Twilight quickly gave it another bite.
Twilight was about to finish her cupcake when she noticed some ponies exiting the bakery, youth center, or whatever it was. She normally won’t have given them a second glance, but she noticed something strange about them. They were dressed in the same colors as the Galaxy Rangers.

The most noticeable one was the unicorn in the garish red cap and hat covered in yellow stars. She looked familiar, but Twilight couldn't place her. Next to her was a purple earth pony with a green jacket with a white t-shirt. It had ‘I'm a teacher to save time let's just assume that I know everything' written on it. After them was a gray pegasus followed by a similarly colored unicorn filly. The pegasus had a long pink scarf which dragged on the ground. Flying out above them was a jasmine coated pegasus with a black and white plaid shirt. After her came out a mint colored unicorn with a blue hoodie. Last of the group was a yellow earth pony with yellow coveralls that looked well-worn from hard work and were stained with dirt. It was a strange sight.

Twilight watched them perplexed. A thought hit her. Could they be the Galaxy Rangers? Six friends and they just happen to be wearing the colors of the Rangers? They were also the exact same tribes as they were. Two earth ponies, two pegasi, and two unicorns. No, that was just silly, right? It was just a coincidence.

“Say, who was the one in the red cape?” Twilight asked curiously.

“Oh! That’s Trixie Lulamoon!” Pinkie replied happily.

Twilight suddenly remembered where she saw the face before. It was Trixie Lulamoon student of the princess herself. She wasn’t particularly interested in court business, but even she’d heard about Trixie being banished after a bizarre incident at some ice palace.

“But don’t let her hear you use her last name. She’s gets super upset for some reason. It’s a shame. I think it’s a rather pretty name. If I was her, I’d use Lulamoon all the time! But that’s just me. I would go by Pinkamena Diane Pie if I could, but that’s just a mouthful! So, I usually go by Pinkie! Pinks if you're a good friend. I actually had an old coltfriend that liked to call me PP! I always thought it was silly myself! That would only make ponies confuse me with pancreatic polypeptide and we can’t have that! He was cute, so I let him do it. Shame about him having to move to Stalliongrad. We sorta lost touch after that. Don’t you just hate when that happens?” Pinkie looked at Twilight expectantly.

“Err, yes?” Twilight said hesitantly.

"I feel sorry for Trixie," Pinkie said sadly, "she probably left like a million friends when she moved here from Canterlot."

"When did she move here?" Twilight asked curiously. Her details of the student's banishment were vague.

“After the Longest Night Celebration!” Pinkie explained. “She was actually the one sent here to help with the festival and become Ponyville’s representative for the Night Court.”

Something in Twilight’s head clicked. It was awfully convenient that she came here the exact same time as the Galaxy Rangers appeared.

“Are the rest of her friends locals?” Twilight asked.

“Yep, well no, all except Lyra! She actually came with Trixie before the Longest Night.” Pinkie said.

"And moved here afterward?" Twilight guessed.

Pinkie nodded. “She actually moved here after going to school in Canterlot for a few years so she could live with and make the moves on…”

Twilight drowned her out and started thinking. Awfully convenient indeed. Maybe after Corona escaped, Trixie and her friends gained the power of the Galaxy Rangers and moved here so they would all stay together. What better cover than as a worthless exiled has-been student of the princess working as representative of a small no-name town! Very clever playing the part of the fool to hide her true identity. She wondered if the princess gave them these powers and made up this identity to protect her. The princess's cunning was well known after all. Maybe the ice palace incident was all a setup!

Twilight shook her head. These were all baseless theories with no evidence to support them. She would research and study Trixie first to see if there was any credence to her theory.

“And that is why you should never use fish paste as an antiseptic!” Pinkie finished and Twilight blinked not sure what to say to that.

"So what's with the interest in Trixie?" Pinkie asked curiously.

“No reason.” Twilight lied, but in a way, that didn’t sound particularly convincing.

“Oh! I get it!” Pinkie proclaimed. “She’s tickles your fancy so to speak.” She waggled her eyes suggestively.

“What? She does not!” Twilight proclaimed.

"Dangit," Pinkie said disappointed and sighed, "that ship seemed so likely too!"

Twilight was completely lost. She decided to finish her cupcake so she could get going. She saw a stallion she interviewed earlier enter, the thought of the time she's wasted earlier made her even more annoyed and munched at her cupcake with vigor.

“So why it everypony is so secretive of the Galaxy Rangers?” Twilight asked grumbling. “Nopony seems interesting in learning who they are at all. I don’t get it. If there was a hero in my hometown, I’d like to know who they are.”

"They're scared Twilight," Pinkie said in a quiet voice.

Twilight eyes widened. “Scared?”

Pinkie gave a sad smile. “Yes, they're scared to lose them. Everypony is so worried the Night Court might try something to take them away. You know how they are. They’d want to have the Galaxy Ranger’s power for themselves. They’d, I don’t know, kidnap one of them so they could have an edge for something. Where does that leave Ponyville? What will protect Ponyville from the baddies? Those Night Court jerks don’t give a toss about Ponyville.”

Pinkie gestured around the building. "We've been lucky so far, but the whole town has been seriously damaged several times. Ponies are scared that something worse might happen."

Pinkie paused for thought. “If they knew the Ranger’s identities, they’d go after their families and love ones to get at them or threaten to ruin their lives. They’d tear the team apart for sure. Move them somewhere else to have them right where they want them. Just to get their hooves on their power for Luna knows what. Corona would send a monster in Ponyville and destroy the whole town.”

Twilight looked downcast. “I see.”

“And besides, who cares who the Galaxy Rangers are?” Pinkie smiled suddenly bright again. “They’re a symbol! A symbol of hope for Ponyville and everypony else. And that makes them worth protecting.”

Twilight felt silly. Pinkie was right. Maybe it was for the best that she didn’t know. The thought of the Night Court nobles tearing the team apart just for their own gain sickened her. She felt she wanted to protect the Galaxy Rangers. She didn’t need to know their identities to study them anyway. She would just study their powers and how they worked when they fought. Maybe even get an interview.

"Thanks, Pinkie. You gave me a lot to think about." Twilight said gratefully.

“That’s what I’m here for!” Pinkie said happily and winked. “I’m not just a pretty face.”

“How much for the cupcake?” Twilight asked getting up.

"Nothing," Pinkie said, "after all, you didn't get a welcoming party! Oh! Please tell me you are going to be in town long. I can at least give you a ‘Have a nice stay in Ponyville' party.

“I don’t know. I have a lot of studying to do, so it will be at least a few weeks.” Twilight explained.

“Great! That’s perfect!” Pinkie noticed somepony calling her. “Oh shoot! Need to go! Have a nice stay.” She zipped off to an annoyed stallion who had been sitting there unattended for some time.

Twilight exited Sugarcube Corner and headed for the Library. She wanted to see if there was any hint to the strange magical powers the Galaxy Ranger have. Maybe some local lore might give her a clue?


Trixie’s friends left her one by one to whatever their daily business was. The only one left was Lyra whose house was on that way to Trixie’s. Lyra was apparently practicing a new piece of music for something that the musician was keeping secret. No matter how much Trixie pried, Lyra kept it close to her heart. Trixie briefly wondered if it had something to do with some anniversary that was coming up in a few weeks. They were almost up to Trixie’s house when Lyra’s marefriend Bon-Bon trotted up to them.

"Hey, Lyra! And Trixie." Bon-Bon said.

“Bonnie!” Lyra pulled Bon-Bon into a deep hug and rubbed her nose against Lyra’s in a bunny kiss.

“How is my snooky wookums doing?” Bon-Bon said after letting go of the hug. Trixie did her best not to gag. Tried.

"Pretty good," Lyra replied, "my little sugar drop."

The two lovers just stared into each other’s eyes unmoving while holding hooves. And they stayed the way. For at least two minutes. They then started whispering sweet nothings to each other still not moving.

"I love you, Bonnie," Lyra whispered.

"Not as much as I love you my little sugar drop," Bon-Bon said back.

Trixie had enough. She was going to get out of here right now. She already hit the amount of lovey doovyness she could take. Princess Luna should really have this type of affection banned in public. Yes, she knew they were in love. But this was too much. Were every newly united couple like this? Apparently, they had been separated for some time. It’s gotten so bad that most of Lyra’s friends made it a point to avoid her when she was around Bon-Bon. Not that Lyra noticed this.

Trixie slowly backed away. In her gut, she knew making any sudden movements would spell her doom. Luckily she was able to make some distance safely. She sighed in relief and started trotting away.

“Do you know what Gianduja is Lyra?” Bon-Bon asked.

"No, can't say that I do," Lyra replied.

"Good. I've been trying to make them and I've saved you the best batch I've made." Bon-Bon explained.

“Oh! You shouldn’t have!” Lyra protested, but it was halfhearted.

“Anything for the best marefriend in Equestria.”

“Have I told you how much I love you?”

“Not for some time.”

"I love you, Bonnie."

“As I love you Lyra.”

Trixie saw the two were bunny kissing again. She decided to increase her pace.

“My day has been pretty dull. Well, there was a monster attack, but you know how they are.” Lyra said.

“Mine has been pretty much the same except for one thing.” Trixie stopped as Bon-Bon said this interested.

“There was this strange mare that asked me questions about the Galaxy Ranger.” Bon-Bon continued. “Seemed very interested learning who they are. You should be careful Ly...”

Trixie’s eyes widened and she turned towards the couple. “Who was she?!” Trixie demanded. Lyra glared at her for the interruption, but she was ignored.

"I don't know," Bon-Bon sounded unsure, "Twilight Sparkle I think? She said she was a reporter for a paper in Canterlot.
Trixie repeated the name several times trying to recall where she heard that name before. She eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

“What?” Lyra asked uneasily clearly afraid of what the answer might be.

“I know her!” Trixie proclaimed. “She was a top student at Luna’s School of Magic! Got the highest marks in all her classes! The princess herself presented her diploma when she graduated.”

"Wow," Lyra said impressed, "she must have become quite the journalist.”

Trixie snorted. “Somepony like that would never take that profession.”

Bon-Bon blinked. “What? Why not?”

“Not only was she a genius at magic, but she’s also the daughter of Night Light one of the nobles of the Night Court. A Viceroy no less. There is no way with power and connections like that she would become a mere journalist.” Trixie explained. Lyra and Bon-Bon didn’t seem convinced, but Trixie continued anyway. “This means the Night Court is finally coming after the Galaxy Rangers!”

“How do you figure that?” Lyra asked perplexed.

“Simple. The journalist bit is an obvious lie, so where does that leave us?” Trixie said. “She obviously here on behest of her father as a ploy to get one the Rangers! Think of what they could mean for a member of the Night Court. Their providence and land would be safe from Corona and they could use that as a bargaining chip. It could be used as leverage against the other members! Corona’s attacking your land with a monster? Well, I suppose I could have a Ranger fight it for you if you help me pass this measure.”

“That’s horrible!” Lyra proclaimed. “The Rangers are here to help everypony!”

“Yes, but they won’t see it that way. We would only be a tool for their use.” Trixie explained. Both Lyra and Bon-Bon looked disgusted.

"Wait, but we don't know that for sure," Bon-Bon said, "she could really be just a journalist looking for a story."

Trixie thought it was cute to see somepony so young and naive. “Trust me. She’s up to something and I’m going to find out what it is.”

"Ok," Lyra said reluctantly, "just call us if you need help."

Trixie smirked. “Don’t worry. This happens to be my specialty.” She paused. “Actually, there is something I need for you to do.”


Trixie carefully trotted across the hallway. She, naturally, had her invisibility spell up. She couldn’t afford to be seen. She walked up to Twilight Sparkle’s hotel room. She looked both ways again to see if the coast was clear and used the spare key she borrowed to open it. This was break and entering, but she needed to confirm something. Things were far too serious and dangerous now.

Trixie closed the door behind her carefully. She let go of a breath she was unintentionally holding. Trixie dropped her invisibility and used detect magic. This spell would help her discover and magical traps that were hidden in the room. She knew that Twilight Sparkle was a top-level unicorn mage and most likely a Night Court spy. No doubt the room had all sorts of deadly and cunning booby traps. Trixie frowned when she discovered none.

“Odd.” Trixie thought frowning. “Did she just not have the time to put them up? Are the traps not magical in nature? Or were they not used because they would attract attention?”

This was a problem with fighting a Night Court spy, you never knew what they had up their sleeves. Trixie was determined, however, and was not going to let that stop her protecting her friends.

The room was simply furnished. It had a bed, a dresser, a kitchen, a table, and a bathroom with not much else. It was a cheap room and nothing more. Trixie found that the table was already in use. It had papers on it. They were written in some language Trixie had never seen before. It consisted of some strange scribbles. They also had small very poorly drawn pictures of the Galaxy Rangers with little notes around them. Trixie furrowed her brow. She tried hard to make sense of these notes but gave up. She noticed Twilight Sparkle's traveling bag under the table and used her magic to open it. She stuck her nose in it to get a better look. Suddenly there was a knock and Trixie jumped and hit her head on the table. She groaned in pain and rubbed her head with a hoof.

“Trixie! Are you there?” Lyra said. Trixie opened the door as she could and threw Lyra in with her magic.

Lyra arms flailed around while in midair and she crashed into the bed. “Ow! What in the hay are you doing?!” She demanded.

“Me! What are you doing here?!” Trixie shot back. “Are you trying to get us caught?! You were supposed to be tailing Twilight Sparkle!”

“I did! She’s at the library!” Lyra explained.

“And you didn’t stay there because?” Trixie asked eyebrow raised.

“It was boring!” Lyra proclaimed. “All she did was study! It didn’t look like she was going anywhere for a while, seriously it is frightening how that pony can throw herself into her studies and become oblivious to everything around her, so I came to check up on you. I still can’t believe you actually convinced me into doing this! Whatever. Let’s just get this over with.”

Trixie facehoofed. “Fine. Help me figure out what she is planning.” Trixie pulled out one of Twilight’s notes. “Do you have any idea what language this is? I don’t have a clue.”

Lyra considered it. “Maybe it’s shorthoof? Someponies like to use it to take notes.”

"Clever," Trixie admitted. Twilight Sparkle used it to protect her notes from nosy interlopers. This would be a little harder than she thought. She decided to just check Twilight’s bag for now.

Trixie dumped all of its contents on the floor. She belonging were mostly books, papers, letters, and scrolls. There were also some scientific devices that Trixie couldn’t make heads or tails of. The books were mostly scientific or magical, but there were also several volumes of something called ‘Mobile Suit Gunpony Wing’. Lyra helped Trixie look through the numerous scrolls and letters, if a bit begrudgingly. This breach in privacy irked her. Many of the scrolls were mostly notes again with the same unreadable language, so Trixie let Lyra deal with those while she looked through the letters. She found one that looked like it was still in the process of being written and one look at it make Trixie drop it in horror. This was bad. Very very bad.

Lyra saw Trixie shock and looked concerned. “What is it?”

“Things have taken a turn for the worse.” Trixie proclaimed. “Twilight Sparkle is a spy for Duke Greengrass!”

Author's Note:

Note: Snowflake is Lunaverse's name for Bulk Biceps.

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