• Published 10th May 2016
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My Little Pony: Sora's Misadventures in Equestria - Codex92

After failing his mark of mastery exam to be a Keyblade Master, Sora must continue his training on his own. Unfortunately, he crashes into the world of Equestria, and his friends don't know he's stranded in this far off world.

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Griffon the Brush Off

Finished with his assigned chores for the farm really early today, Sora was by himself in the grassy fields outside Ponyville, doing some training out of boredom. He was in the middle of doing wing-ups, which was a strange workout that actually did wonders for his wings. It didn't help that he had to learn how to preen his wings, a pretty awkward thing to do as a pegasus, but it had to be done if he wanted to fly around.

After doing a few sets, he spotted Rainbow Dash flying into a cloud above him. "Rainbow? What are you doing?"

"Don't tell Pinkie Pie I'm here!" she shouted, quickly hiding her rainbow tail inside the fluffy cloud.

Soon enough, he spotted Pinkie Pie coming up to him, bouncing along in her usual way. "Hi, Sora! Have you seen Dashie anywhere!?"

"Hmm..." While he pretended to think, the teen did want to get back at the pegasus for always crashing into him at any point in the past couple weeks. This was a perfect way to get back at her if she was hiding from the pink menace. "Oh, I don't know. She could be in the 'mile high club'. Her head 'in the clouds'. The 'sky's the limit' with that mare."

"...Uhh...did you see her or no?" Pinkie asked, not getting the hint.

"She's up in the cloud above us," he said, pointing up at the cloud with magenta eyes looking down at them.

"Oh! Why didn't you say so!?" Pinkie pulled out a pair of spring shoes from out of nowhere, putting them on, and bouncing up high to the cloud.

"Sora, you traitor!" Rainbow shouted as she flew away.

Sora laughed as he watched Pinkie bounding away, bouncing up to the sky with her spring shoes. After getting his revenge, and some more training done, he headed into town to grab something to eat. Luckily for him, he was able to get some bits in exchange for his Munny with Princess Celestia, though the exhange rate was pretty low. At least he saved up tons of Munny when fighting Heartless, so whenever he needed bits for anything, he would use his Keyblade to magically send any letters to her for some currency in this world. It took a while for him to figure out how to do this in reverse, but he's a quick learner.

While waiting for his order, sitting at the same restaurant he, Twilight, and Spike went to, Sora watched ponies going about their daily business. As the waiter was about to deliver his meal to him, an odd dish called a hayburger that interested the Keyblade wielder, the employee got distracted by something that flew past his line of sight. While looking away, he didn't see a cyan hoof lift up the top bun, while a pink one dumped spicy hot sauce over the entire sandwich. With the bun set in place, the hooves disappeared, the waiter shrugged his shoulders, and finally dropped Sora's food off.

"Hayburgers...Maybe my taste buds change with each world when I transform," Sora pondered as he eyed the sandwich. "I did have a big craving for raw meat as a lion cub...Oh well. Might as well try."

He took a large bite out of the hayburger, humming in satisfaction as it tasted good, to his surprise. However, his delight soon turned to searing pain as his mouth caught on fire, literally and figuratively. His scream alerted the other patrons as flames spewed out of his mouth. Desperate to quench the burning, he tried to down his drink, only for the liquid to evaporate from the flames. He summoned his Keyblade, aiming the end of it up to his face as he cast a Blizzard spell, his head turning into a block of ice.

With the burning gone, he fell back, shattering the ice as he hit the ground, panting heavily as he lolled his tongue out. He heard snickering, which turned into full-blown laughter, two voices that were familiar to him. Rolling out of a nearby bush was Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, and in the earth pony's hoof was hot sauce. Sora sat up and looked at his food, lifting up the top bun to see the spicy condiment soaking every bit of his sandwich.

"That's what you get for ratting me out, Sora!" Rainbow laughed as she flew off to do some more pranking, Pinkie Pie rolling after her while still laughing.

"So, you want a prank war, huh?" Even though Sora's food was now completely inedible, unless he wanted third degree burns in his mouth, he payed for his food as he began to think of a way to get back at the pranksters. "It's on."

Throughout the whole day, it was a prank war between Sora and Pinkie and Rainbow, and both sides went all out on each other. Sora used his Balloon spell, something new he learned when traveling through the dream worlds, tying a string under them to make them look like unique balloons. He let them be, tied up near a post in the park, and waited as he saw Pinkie and Rainbow walked down with some more prank supplies. Pinkie immediately liked the balloons and took one while Rainbow took another. As soon as they touched the strings, he commanded the spell to hone in on them and pop on contact. They were sent up in the air, hitting the other Balloons until they were completely gone.

As the two mares hit the ground, thankfully not being popped too high, they were stuck in a daze as Sora pranced away with a silly grin on his face. But, he was struck back by another prank, though thankfully not as painful. While wandering by the lake at the park, he spotted a few turtles swimming around, though one of them looked a little off. He regretted getting too close to look at it when the "turtle" squirted water in his face, some of it getting up his nose.

All day, they kept pranking each other, all three of them exhausting their ideas as they leered at each other. Sora was covered in molasses and pillow feathers, looking like a gigantic, four-legged chicken, while Pinkie and Rainbow's manes were swept back, Sora having used his Aero spell that trapped them in a small tornado.

"...Well...I think we can call this a draw?" Sora asked.

"Yes. I agree," Pinkie said. "But boy that was fun! What other magic spells can you use, Sora?"

"Uhh...A lot of different ones. But don't tell Twilight about what I did to you guys, as harmless as they were." Sora tried to scrape off some of the sticky molasses, but it wasn't going to get off without a good cleaning. "She would go nuts and pester me to show her what spells I can cast. And take notes on them."

"Yeah. Maybe we should prank that egghead," Rainbow said. "I got some invisible ink we can replace and make anything she writes down disappear."

"So it's agreed!" Pinkie exclaimed as she put Rainbow's and Sora's hoof together, placing hers on top. "As pranksters, we shall be a team and be known as 'The Three Goofballs'!"

"Well, I'm game. To the Three Goofballs!" Sora cheered, though as they tried to pull their hooves away, they were a little stuck to Sora's from the molasses. "Jeez. How sticky is this stuff?"

"Sticky enough to keep those feathers on you, you big chicken," Rainbow snickered, though found it a little annoying that she and Pinkie were now temporarily connected the the teen's hoof. "Uhh, let's find a lake or something to wash this stuff off."

The next day, Sora was busy watering some of the trees in the orchard. It took a lot of explaining to Applejack why he was covered in feathers yesterday, and it was a pain to have to take out all the feathers out of the tub when he cleaned off whatever he could, but he had a blast. It was like his years as a kid playing with Riku, the two would constantly try to prank one another, though Sora always ended up losing in the end.

After hydrating any of the thirsty trees that needed it, he spotted Rainbow Dash speeding off across the sky, along with something else racing alongside her. Since he was done with his chores for the time being, he flew off after them after dropping the pails he carried back at the barn. He found Rainbow and whoever was flying with her sitting on a nearby cloud, that someone being a creature as mythical as a pegasus or a unicorn to him; a griffon.

It was clearly a female by the look of her, a brown coat for the lion body and white feathers for her head. There was a purple tinge at the end of the feathers that made up her fringe, and she seemed to give a blank stare, almost like someone who doesn't seem to have a care in the world.

"Hey, Sora! Good timing!" Rainbow said as the teen sat down on the cloud with them. "Sora, I want you to meet my best buddy from flight camp when we were little, Gilda! Gilda, this is Sora!"

"'Sup," Gilda said, sounding bored.

"Uhh, hi. First time I've seen a griffon here." He held a hoof out to Gilda, but she didn't reach a talon to return the gesture. "...Uhh, you've never shaken hooves before?"

Before he could get an answer, Sora yelped as he felt something bump his rear, sending him flopping on his stomach. He didn't need to look around for the source of the unexpected surprise as Pinkie's head poked up from the cloud.

"Hi, Sora!" she said, disappearing, then popping back up. "Hey, guys!" Pinkie repeated the process, confusing the trio of flyers at how she was getting up to their height. "It's later!"

Sora peeked over the edge, watching Pinkie bouncing high on a trampoline set up below them. "Well, that explains the lack of those spring shoes from yesterday."

Gilda growled, annoyed by Pinkie Pie as she kept poking her head up through the clouds. "Hey, Dash! First one to that cloud over there wins!"

The two soon sped off, surprising Sora that there was someone else that was able to match Rainbow's speed. "Huh. That was...odd." As he expected Pinkie to pop up under the cloud again, she instead began to rise up into the air, tied together by a large bunch of balloons, again out of nowhere. "Pinkie, how do you find the time to do all that?"

"No time! Must hang out with new friend!" she said as she moved her hooves as if she were swimming in the water.

Sora watched from a distance as Pinkie caught up with Gilda and Rainbow Dash. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but it looked like another race was underway. But as the smoke cloud cleared from both of the racers' takeoff, Gilda still hovered in the air. From the look of her expression, it seemed like she was threatening Pinkie, then began popping her balloons, making the pink pony descend to the ground.

"What the heck is wrong with that griffon?" Deciding to figure out what was going on with Gilda's attitude, Sora hid himself inside the cloud and slowly floated over toward them.

He saw Pinkie Pie, still not giving up, driving some crazy whirligig of a machine, pedaling it to make the rotor spin and ascend her higher into the air. Sora was never going to figure out how Pinkie Pie works, and he should stop questioning everything she does. She soon reached them, surprising Rainbow and Gilda, hovering near the cloud they were sitting on.

"Boy, you two are fast! Good thing I caught up with you!" Again, Gilda was getting really annoyed with Pinkie Pie showing up with her random antics.

"Yeah...Hey, Dash, got any new moves since flight school?" Gilda asked.

"Are you kidding, G? You haven't seen nothing yet!" Rainbow Dash flew off and began pulling off her variety of tricks, but the griffon wasn't paying attention.

"Do you have any idea what 'get lost' means!?" Gilda said to Pinkie, poking the mare in the chest with her claw. "Dash doesn't need to be hanging around with dorks like you and that spiky haired dweeb."

"Wait, how is Sora a dweeb?" Pinkie asked. "He's actually really cool. And funny. And really, really strong!"

"That lanky pegasus barely looks like he eats." Sora didn't appreciate Gilda's insults. How Rainbow Dash was friends with a griffon that was mean to her other friends, he'll never know. If they hadn't seen in each other in a long time and Gilda was actually jealous, he could understand her rudeness. "So how about you and that skinny pony make like a bee and BUZZ OFF!"

Gilda grabbed the propeller of Pinkie's contraption, causing the earth pony to spin rapidly until the entire thing broke to pieces. Pinkie screamed as she plummeted to the ground, with no way of saving herself. Sora quickly flew out of the cloud and grabbed his friend, carefully hovering them back down to the ground.

"Thanks, Sora," she said sadly. "I can't believe how mean Gilda is."

"I saw everything." He looked up at the griffon, watching her fly off with Rainbow Dash. "She could have killed you if I wasn't spying on you guys. And Rainbow Dash has no idea her 'best friend' is insulting her newer friends behind her back. I think the Three Goofballs should get back at the new arrival."

"You're right! And I have the perfect plan!" Pinkie exclaimed. "This calls for extreme measures. Pinkie Pie style!"

"Yeah!" Sora agreed. "Pinkie Pie style!"

"...Pinkie Pie style???" The two were now in Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie waving hi to the ponies invited to the party the mare had set up for Gilda. Everything in the bakery was decorated, unsure if this was a good idea to get back at the griffon. "...Pinkie, are you sure this is going to work?"

"Don't worry your spiky mane, Sora," Pinkie said, patting the teen's head. "Just leave all this to Auntie Pinkie Pie."

"...Uhh, how old are you again?" Sora questioned. "It's hard to tell because your personality is that of a five-year-old."

"Ooh! There's the guest of honor!" Pinkie sped off to the front door as she saw Gilda come in, her tail smacking Sora's face as he spat out some of her hair that got in his mouth.

"More like dishonor," Sora mumbled under his breath. While looking around the bakery, Sora spotted Rainbow Dash meddling with something over at the punch bowl. She suppressed her laughter, having done something, maybe setting up a prank. "Hmm..." He soon heard a zapping sound, turning to the entrance as Pinkie tricked Gilda into shaking her hoof, the party mare wearing a joy buzzer on her outstretched hoof. "Yeah...Time for extreme measures, Sora style."

As the party went on, Sora nonchalantly wandered around, messing with a few other things around the room, hoping Gilda will set them off. Nopony even noticed what he did, but if everything went well, he'll show the rude griffon how much of a dweeb he really was. He grabbed a bowl of lemon drops with his wing and approached the griffon.

She spotted the teen giving her a ridiculous toothy grin on his face, hiding her disdain. "Hey...Uhh, Soda, right?"

"It's Sora, actually. Pinkie and I went through great lengths to give you this awesome party, to show you that Ponyville is a really friendly place." Sora held out the bowl of lemon drops, keeping his happy-go-lucky grin. "How's about a tart lemon drop?"

"Uhh, sure." Gilda took one of the drops and chewed on it.

However, Sora rigged the drops and sprinkled some spicy pepper on them. Gilda felt the burning taste on her tongue, breathing out fire as she searched around for something to douse out the fire in her mouth.

"G, go for the punch!" Rainbow said, grinning madly as her best friend ran for the punch bowl.

Blindly grabbing a glass, Gilda tried to drink it, but didn't notice a small hole in it that caused the punch to spill over her chest. The rest of the partiers laughed at the random pranks the griffon was hit with, Sora grinning as phase one went perfectly. Pinkie grabbed one of the lemon drops Sora held onto, eating it and smacking her lips.

"Oooooh! Pepper in the lemon drops and a dribble glass! That's hilarious!" Pinkie said, unfazed by the spiciness of the sour sweet.

Gilda finally managed to drink something, cooling her mouth as she panted. "Yeah...hilarious. I wonder who came up with that."

"Time for cake!" Pinkie shouted, pulling out a large cake from the kitchen. "Time for the guest of honor to blow out the candles!"

"Alright," Gilda said, approaching the tall cake questionably.

As Sora stood next to a clothed table, summoning his Keyblade and held it in his tail, getting a good aim with it between his legs and clear of anyone else. He waited for the right moment, not to injure the griffon, but to give her a little surprise. She took in a deep breath and blew out the candles, half expecting something to happen, only to grin as they were successfully blown out.

"Fire," he whispered, shooting a small burst of fire at the candles and re-lighting them.

Confused, Gilda blew them out again, only for them to be lit up by Sora again. She kept blowing them out, losing more of her breath as the crowd laughed at the hilarious re-lighting candles prank, even though the candles were actually normal. The griffon began running out of breath, giving up before she fell unconscious.

"Huh. I don't remember putting re-lighting birthday candles on the cake, but that sure was funny!" Pinkie said.

"Oh really?" Gilda looked over at Sora, suppressing her anger with the ponies all around her. He saw her approach him, dismissing his Keyblade as he grabbed some punch. With no one looking at her from the direction she was facing, she dropped her grin and leered at the pegasus. "What are you up to?"

"What do you mean?" Sora asked, not hiding his grin.

"Don't mess with me, you scrawny dweeb," she growled, struggling to keep her temper in check. "I'm watching you and that pink dork like a hawk."

"Shouldn't you watch me like a griffon?" Gilda brought her talons up, brandishing her claws, but stopped herself before she caused a scene. "Relax. It's a party. Learn to be 'friendly' and have 'fun'."

Sora took a sip of his punch and walked over to the others, waiting in line to get a slice of cake. Phase two was done, getting her all riled up. Now it was up to the final phase, to get her to show her true colors about her behavior around others when Rainbow wasn't around.

"Time for Pin the Tail on the Pony!" Pinkie announced, grabbing a blindfold and the fake tail. "Who's up first!?"

"I'll go first, Pinkie!" Sora said, approaching his friend.

He saw Gilda stomp over to them, anticipating her to shove into him, and she did, knocking him aside. "I get to go first! I'm the guest of honor, dw-uhh, dude!"

"Oh. That's right," the teen said sarcastically, getting back up and blindfolding the griffon for Pinkie. "How insensitive of me! Let's get you all spun around!" Sora spun Gilda around like a top, disorienting the griffon before bringing her to a complete stop. He gave her the tail, facing her in the right direction. "Now, walk straight ahead and pin the tail."

"'Now, walk straight ahead and pin the tail,'" Gilda mocked. "Yeah right. I'm not stupid. I'm going this way!"

Gilda turned around, heading in the opposite direction. He didn't get to warn her in time as she ended up slipping on some icing someone had dropped, sliding into the box of gifts meant for her. She popped her head up out of the pile, the blindfold got loose and the tail was on her beak.

"Uhh, Gilda? You pinned the tail on the wrong end," Pinkie said, getting the rest of the party to laugh at the griffon's new accessory.

That made Gilda snap, roaring like a lion as she ripped the presents to shreds. "This is your idea of having fun!? I have never in all my life met a bunch of lame-o ponies!" She turned to Pinkie Pie, her pupil shrinking as she glared at her. "And you, Pinkie Pie! Setting up this party with all these lame pranks, thinking you could make me lose my cool!?"

"What? I didn't set up any pranks," Pinkie said innocently.

"Don't you lie to me! You planned all this! I'm done with this stupid town! Dash, let's leave this dumb party! She's got more cool than all of you dorks combined!" Gilda was about to leave the bakery, but Sora barred her path. "Get out of my way, you skinny, spiky-headed dork."

"Well, that's not very nice, calling ponies names and freaking out just because of a few pranks. Quite a coincidence that you ended up getting hit by all the ones I had set up." Gilda's eyes widened, looking back at Pinkie, just as surprised as the rest of the group to hear Sora had set up some pranks for the party. She looked back at the pegasus with a scowl, staring at the goofy, toothy grin he gave her, his forelegs resting behind his head. "You must be pretty unlucky to have been pranked by a 'dweeb', huh?"

"...You..." Gilda growled, grinding her claws into the floorboards as Sora finally made her snap completely, the final phase completed. "You think you're so smart, huh? Well...I'll show you not to mess with a griffon, you puny pegasus!"

Gilda lunged at Sora with an eagle screech, her claws pointed at the teen. He dropped his grin, avoiding her sharp claws and grabbed one of her arms with his hoof. Sora then spun around, bringing the griffon's arm behind her back and slammed her into the wall, holding her in place and surprising her with how strong he really was.

"One little lesson about meeting someone, Gilda; never judge a book by its cover. The same can be said about you, now that you've shown us just how aggressive you can be when you think your best friend's not looking." Gilda tried to break free from Sora's grip, but he was far stronger than he looked, not as scrawny as she imagined him to be. "I set up these pranks to not only give you a good laugh, just to see if you had a sense of humor, but I also did it just to see if you would snap and lash out over these 'lame pranks'."

"You tricked me!" Gilda argued.

"And you almost made Pinkie Pie fall to her death after she wanted to fit in with you and Rainbow Dash!" The whole party gasped in shock, even Rainbow was appalled by this. "If I wasn't around, then I wouldn't have saved her after you broke her machine that got her high off the ground! Pinkie was only being friendly, and you lashed out at her just because she was interrupting your one-on-one time with your friend."

"Yeah," Pinkie said. "I threw this party to get you to turn that frown upside down. And it wasn't nice that you popped my balloons and destroyed my whirligig...I could make another, but that's going to take a lot of filler chapters for that to be done."

"You two made me look like an idiot!" Gilda shouted, still unable to break out of Sora's grip.

"You made yourself look like an idiot." She turned her head to face Rainbow Dash, who looked disappointed at her. "I thought you would like my new friends and get to know them, but instead, you're treating them like manure...If being cool's all you care about, and that pranks are lame, then I suggest you make cooler friends somewhere else. Out of all those pranks Sora laid out, mine was that dribble cup...Guess that makes me lame, too, huh?"

The whole building was silent as they all stared at Gilda. Sora could see that Rainbow Dash was upset and was holding back her sadness, but it was obvious by the sound of her voice. He felt that same way when Riku changed from being manipulated by Maleficent and the darkness he allowed in his heart. It wasn't his fault, and in the end, he managed to save him. But for Rainbow and Gilda, it was a completely different story, where she saw her best friend's true nature when she wasn't around her.

Sora let go of the griffon as she looked at her ex-best friend, stammering as she grew utterly speechless. "...W-Well...Y-You're...You're a flip-flop! Cool one minute, and lame the next! If you want to decide not to hang out with these dweebs, which I know is obviously NEVER, come and find me!"

Gilda stormed out of the building and flew off. The party remained silent as Rainbow Dash stared at the door, where her old friend once stood, a friend who didn't care about her anymore.

"Rainbow Dash?" Sora approached the quiet mare, reaching a hoof out to her.

"I want to be alone," Rainbow said dejectedly, exiting the bakery.

As evening rolled around, the party ended as soon as Rainbow Dash had walked out, everyone present feeling sorry for the pegasus as her friend turned out to be someone she didn't expect her to be. She sat at the edge of her luxurious cloud home, Sora landing on the mare's home as he looked at the cloud building. The architecture was almost like it came from Olympus, a waterfall made out of a liquefied rainbow gently splashing in a small pool of the stuff. He sat down next to her as she was too busy looking out at the stars.

"...Sorry about all that, Rainbow Dash," Sora apologized. "You mad at me for...losing your best friend?"

"...No..." Rainbow sighed sadly. "...I didn't think Gilda actually acted like that...We've been through Junior Speedster's Flight Camp together. She was awesome, and fast like me..." She looked down at the ground, rubbing her forehead. "Now I lost my best friend...She made herself look bad...and humiliating me after I told you and Pinkie how cool she was..."

"I felt the same way with my best friend." Rainbow looked up at Sora, who was looking at her with sympathy. "His name is Riku. Ever since we were little, we've been the best of friends. We pretty much did everything together." Sora held out his hoof, summoning his Keyblade. "Then, when our home was destroyed by the Heartless, we were split up, and I looked everywhere for him...When I finally found him, I was happy, glad to know he was safe.

"But as I met him in other worlds...he began to act strange. He wasn't himself, and I had no idea why he kept saying I abandoned him when I've been searching all over universe for him." He held his weapon in his lap, staring at the blade as memories of his journey flooded back to him like a tidal wave. "That's when I realized why he had changed."

"...The darkness?" Rainbow asked.

"That, and he was lied to by a witch named Maleficent." Just mentioning that name made Sora growl. "She kept feeding him lies about me leaving him for my two other friends, Donald and Goofy. She kept telling him I didn't care about him and our other childhood friend, Kairi. She used him, and he believed her...But, after everything that happened...I still believed I could convince my friend that I did care, that I could save him from the darkness that almost threatened to swallow his heart completely...And I succeeded."

"How does this relate to Gilda ditching me, and almost hurting you and Pinkie?" Rainbow questioned, not following where Sora was going with his story.

"Because I think you and Gilda might make up again some day." Rainbow scoffed and looked away, not believing her old friend could change after what she saw. "Maybe she acted out because she was jealous of us getting in the way of your time hanging out with her. Maybe she doesn't like other ponies. Maybe she's insecure about herself and acts like a jerk to hide her true feelings about losing you as a friend."

"...Yeah, right..." Sora patted the pegasus on the back, forcing her to look back at him.

"You want to let it all out?" he asked.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Rainbow asked.

"Cry it all out," Sora plainly said, which made Rainbow blanch at his meaning. "You looked like you were about to back at the party, and I thought you might have needed some alone time to let out your sorrow."

"I don't cry," she said, looking away from Sora.

"Oh, come on, Rainbow. I did when I was reunited with Riku after trying to find him after we split up about a year and a half ago! He was so different, but it was really him!" Sora gave Rainbow a grin and shook her. "Come on, let the waterworks factory turn on!"

"Nuh uh! I never cry!" Rainbow said, shoving Sora's hooves away from her. "I'm not a sap like you!"

"Yet this sap can admit he can cry, is a guy, and doesn't care how others think of him if he does shed a tear!" He pounced Rainbow and tried to get her to cry, only to make them laugh as they began wrestling. "Pinkie Pie cries too! We're the Three Goofballs! We pranksters have to stick together, that includes crying!"

"Knock it off, Sora!" Rainbow laughed, her mind brought away from losing her friend thanks to Sora's random goofiness.

Even though she had lost one old friend, Rainbow still had other newer friends to back her up. She did have a little hope that maybe she could make up with Gilda, believing in Sora's words, but it would take a lot of convincing for the griffon to win her back after almost making Pinkie fall to her death and tried to lash out at Sora.

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