• Published 10th May 2016
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My Little Pony: Sora's Misadventures in Equestria - Codex92

After failing his mark of mastery exam to be a Keyblade Master, Sora must continue his training on his own. Unfortunately, he crashes into the world of Equestria, and his friends don't know he's stranded in this far off world.

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The Ticket Master

With the Summer Sun Celebration a successful holiday, despite Nightmare Moon's return, things in Ponyville went back to normal. As normal as it could possibly be in a town that now has dark creatures appearing out of the ground or air, a wild and crazy pink party pony, and whatever else could possibly happen. As long as no Heartless showed up, Sora didn't mind anything out of the ordinary, since he too was out of the ordinary by him being an alien to Equestria.

On this day, Sora just lounged around in one of the trees in the orchard, bored out of his mind. Apparently, his bosses, Applejack and Big Macintosh, had a crazy bet. Applejack had to pick all the apples around a certain grove before lunch, and if she did that, her older brother would have to walk around a section of Ponyville in one of their granny's girdles. Just the thought of seeing the stallion wearing something like that made him shudder in disgust.

He spotted Applejack down the way, along with Twilight and Spike, who seemed to have helped the farm mare cheat to win the bet. "Well, so much for being the honest worker, Applejack...But, I guess it won't hurt to poke fun at Big Mac a little bit if I stay quiet." Sora flew off the branches and hovered beside the mares and baby dragon. "Wow! That's a lot of apples! Big Mac's sure gonna be in for a surprise!"

"You can cut the sarcasm, Sora," Applejack said, the teen sticking out his tongue at his boss.

"At least when I made bets with my friends, I play fair," Sora scoffed.

"I'm actually glad we're done with this little bet of yours," Twilight said, her stomach rumbling loudly, the unicorn blushing in embarrassment. "I am starving."

"I could go for something to eat, too." While walking down the path to head back to the barn before grabbing a bite to eat, Spike grunted, letting out a green flaming belch. Sora was in the baby dragon's direction as he burped, quickly ducking before his face was singed. "Hey! Spike, warn me next time you're gonna-" A scroll fell on the stallion's head, landing on his snout. "-do that?"

"A letter from the princess?" Twilight questioned, taking the scroll in her aura and unfurling it. She read it to herself, her eyes lighting up with each word she quickly skimmed through. "Oh my gosh! Princess Celestia has invited me to the Grand Galloping Gala and a guest!"

"The Grand Gallopin' Gala!?" Applejack asked, just as excited as Twilight. "That's comin' up in a couple months!"

The mares began cheering, Twilight knocking Spike off his perch as he belched more flames. This time, appearing in the baby dragon's magical fire were two golden tickets, floating down to Sora's hooves. He picked up the invitational tickets, silently reading the description of the bits of golden paper.

"Uhh...What's this 'Grand Galloping Gala'?" Twilight and Applejack gasped as they stared at the teen in shock.

"You don't know what the Grand Galloping Gala is!?" The unicorn pounced Sora, pressing him down into the dirt. "How in Equestria do you not know what that is!?" He only gave the mare a blank stare, pointing his hoof up to the sky. She looked up, realizing Sora wasn't really from Equestria, laughing sheepishly with a blush on her face. "Right...Forgot about that."

"The Gala's a dumb ball held in Canterlot every year," Spike answered for Twilight as she got off of the pegasus. "It's mostly an event for stuck up nobles to go to, where they meet Princess Celestia, talk about boring business deals, complete with boring music and crummy food."

"Spike, the Gala's more than that!" Twilight scolded. "It's the biggest event in all of Equestria, and everypony has been dying to go there!"

"Ah've wanted to go for a long while, though for different reasons," Applejack said. "Ah'd like to set up an apple stand there, give ponies up there some good eatin'. Fresh grown apples, sellin' all mah family's known recipes and make some big business there. Just imagine how much Ah'll make to fix up mah farm! We can fix that barn roof, replace that rusted plow, and even give Granny Smith a new hip!"

"Hmmm..." Sora crossed his forelegs over his chest as he thought hard about Applejack's reasoning for going to the Gala. With how delicious her apples are, as well as her family's baked apple goods, there was no doubt she could sell a lot. "That sounds like a good idea. And if the food is bland during that party, they'll be hooked on your food, Applejack."

"Yes, that would be a good idea..." Twilight grabbed the two tickets and began blushing as she looked at Sora. "Or, maybe Sora would like to come along and...get to know the castle a bit more?"

"Nah. I'm not into those fancy parties. Not my thing." Twilight's ears drooped, hiding her disappointment.

"Oh...Well, Applejack, I guess I can-" Suddenly, a rainbow blur crash landed around the group, or more like on Sora, Rainbow Dash grinning like an idiot as she sat on Sora's crumpled form.

"Did I hear you guys talk about the Grand Galloping Gala!?" she asked, her wings fluttering in excitement.

"Yes, but how did you hear about that?" Twilight asked. "Were you spying on us?"

"I've always wanted to go to the Gala, cause that's where the Wonderbolts perform every year when it comes around!" Rainbow was oblivious to the stallion underneath him, Sora grumbling in annoyance as she sat on his back. "If I can show them my moves, I'm sure to be a Wonderbolt in a flash! Twilight, you have got to take me!"

While the unicorn was flabbergasted with the pegasus mare's selfish reasons for going to the Gala, Sora flipped Rainbow Dash over in a rapid spin, switching their positions. "Do you just like beating me up or tackling me, Rainbow? I swear, it's like a have a magnet for bringing trouble to me."

"...Can you tell me how you do all that with such speed?" Rainbow asked. "Cause you could beat me in flying if you used that energy."

Before Sora could retort, Applejack shoved Sora off and leered at Rainbow Dash. "Now hold your horses, Rainbow. Twilight already asked me to come with her to the Gala first."

"A-Actually, I technically asked Sora first..." Twilight gently scuffed the ground with a hoof, averting her gaze from the dazed stallion.

"So!? You don't own it, Applejack!" Rainbow said, standing up and getting in the earth pony's face. "I'll hoof-wrestle you for it."

"You're on!" Both competitive mares ran over to a stump and began hoof-wrestling each other for the ticket.

Sora sat up, shaking his head to clear out the cobwebs. "Why does everyone like to hit me?" He noticed the two mares fighting for the ticket, deciding to just ignore them as he dragged Twilight and Spike away from them. "Let's just let them fight. Those tickets are yours to give to whoever you want. Let's get some lunch."

Leaving the two mares to fight over nothing, Sora, Twilight, and Spike headed into town to find a restaurant to get something to eat. While the teen looked around for a place with some good food, Twilight looked at the tickets, trying to figure a way to convince Sora into wanting to go. Before she could speak, she didn't hear Sora warn her before ramming into Pinkie Pie, the tickets floating down in front of the pink mare's snout.

"Are those...?" Pinkie gasped loudly as she read the description of the golden tickets. "Tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala!?"

"Let me guess. You want to go too?" Sora asked.

"Yes!" Suddenly, Pinkie ended up pulling Sora into what seemed to be the mare's imagination, freaking the teen out as he saw her randomly running from place to place as confetti and streamers rained down on the biggest party ever seen. "It's the most amazing incredible tremendous super-fun wonderfully humongous parties in all of Equestria! I've always always always wanted to go!"

"Wait a minute, where the heck am I!? What's happening!?" Sora soon heard music playing as Pinkie Pie began to sing, dragging him around her imaginative world.

[Pinkie Pie]
Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me
Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me
Hip hip
It's the best place for me
For Pinkie!

"Uhh, Pinkie!? I have no idea where you took me, and I want to come back to reality now!" His pleas were ignored as the mare continued describing everything she expected to see at a party like the Gala.

"With decorations like streamers and fairy-lights and pinwheels and piñatas and pincushions!" Pinkie smacked a piñata with a stick, sending candy flying everywhere as she dragged the unfortunate stallion over to more of what she wanted to see. "And goodies like sugar cubes and sugar canes and sundaes and sun beams and sarsaparilla! And I get to play my favorite-est of favorite games like Pin the Tail on the Pony!"

Pinkie poked the tail for the game on the board on a wall, only to have Sora yelp as he felt a sharp prick on his behind. He turned around, finding his tail had been replaced by the fake tail, and on the board was his own tail.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!?" Sora shouted to the heavens, his brain already exploding, several times, falling on his side in the fetal position.

Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me
Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me
'Cause it's the most galarrific superly-terrific gala ever
In the whole galaxy

As Pinkie floated up out of her imagination, she carried the trembling teen out and back to reality. Where Pinkie seemed normal after the odd transition, Sora was stuck in the fetal position, his pupils shrunk as he began brushing his spiky tail.

"Sora? Are you ok?" Spike asked, Twilight and Pinkie looking at the traumatized pegasus.

"Is there any way my memories can be erased from five minutes from now?" Sora asked, squirming in place as he began sucking on his hoof.

"Aww. I thought Sora was silly enough to take what goes on in my mind," Pinkie sadly said, the lavender unicorn and baby dragon having no clue what the earth pony was talking about.

"I've been in Wonderland, a place that's topsy turvy and only makes less sense with the rules it makes up! You...You're worse than Wonderland! By ten times that much!" Sora shouted. He crawled up to Pinkie like a bug, grabbing the mare's shoulders. "How did you even do that!?"

"Yup. I made him crazy. One second, everypony!" Pinkie fished out a large hammer from her mane, large letters depicting it as the "Forget Everything that Made You Go Bonkers because of Pinkie Pie's 4th Wall Breaking", written in large letters. "This will only hurt for a second."

She slammed the large mallet down on Sora's head, making birds swirl around him as his eyes spun in his daze. While Twilight questioned how Pinkie had that giant hammer in her hair, she put it away without leaving a trace of it. A moment later, Sora shook his head, snapped out of his daze as he looked around in confusion.

"...Uhh, I spaced out. What happened?" Sora asked.

"I just sang a song about what I would do at the Gala," Pinkie responded, the tickets resting on her nose.

"Oh." He took the tickets off the mare's nose, only to have them swiped from him by Rarity, held in her blue aura.

"Grand Galloping Gala tickets!?" she exclaimed, squealing with delight. "I design outfits for the Gala, but never have I ever attended!"

"Oh no," Twilight groaned as yet another of her friends wanted to go with their own reasons.

"Oh, how I would love to go to the Gala," Rarity said. "Canterlot. The society and culture...And that's where I am destined to meet...'him'..."

"'Him'?" Sora asked.

"Princess Celestia's nephew, Prince Blueblood." Rarity swooned as she grew lost in her fantasy. "A handsome prince, and an eligible unicorn stallion. I would arrive at the ball, wearing my best made gown specifically designed for the Gala, and our eyes would meet. We would fall in love, courting me like the gentlecolt he is, and then, when the time is right, he would ask me for my hoof in marriage, and of course I would answer 'Yes'!" The unicorn tittered, a deep blush on her white cheeks. "The stallion of my dreams as my husband, a royal wedding, and I will be his princess!"

While lost in her daydream, Sora took the tickets away from Rarity. "Yeah...Let's just hope this 'nephew' of Celestia's is actually a prince like some others I've met." As he was about to give the tickets back to Twilight, a white rabbit the teen recognized when meeting Fluttershy leapt up and snatched the tickets from him. "Hey! Get back here, you little rodent!"

Sora chased after the miscreant of a bunny, skidding to a halt when Fluttershy was seen up ahead. "Oh...H-Hello, Sora."

"Fluttershy, your pet rabbit just stole Twilight's tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala," Sora explained as he glared at the leering rabbit, still holding the tickets in his mouth.

"The Grand Galloping Gala?" Fluttershy asked, sounding a little excited with her quiet voice. "Oh, Angel, that's perfect."

"...His name is Angel?" The teen looked down at the rabbit again. "...I doubt he's actually and angel. He's more like a little devil...wrapped in the body of a fluffy white rabbit." He sighed, wondering what Fluttershy would want to go to the Gala for, but he had a feeling he knew what it was. "Why do you want to go to the Gala?"

"Umm...well, it's not actually the Gala itself that interests me...I'm actually more interested in the gardens at the castle." Sora called it: beautiful gardens, possibly housing several different animals, and she would want to spend the evening there. "There's a lot of interesting flowers there, and even cute little animals, some of them not even anywhere in Equestria. I want to go there and see every single critter and be their friend."

"...Riiiiiight..." Sora snatched the tickets out of Angel's mouth, blowing a raspberry at the evil bunny.

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash came flying in, landing in front of Sora and saw the tickets in his mouth. "You think you can just take those tickets for your own, Sora!?"

"Let me guess, Rainbow; Applejack beat you in that hoof-wrestle, didn't she?" The pegasus growled, which meant she did indeed lose.

"Give me those tickets!" Rainbow shouted, lunging at him, only for him to quickly sidestep away from her, the rest of the circle of friends approaching.

"Hey, Twilight gave me her other ticket first, Rainbow Dash!" Applejack exclaimed.

"No, me!" Pinkie said, popping up underneath Sora, bumping his chin with her hard skull.

Soon, the five jealous mares began arguing with each other, all over a ticket to some rich party. It was getting way out of hand, and Sora could see Twilight was having an internal struggle. She was having a difficult time choosing who to pick and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, having never had friends until just recently.

"ENOUGH!" Sora shouted, silencing their arguments, though Pinkie ended up going on a tangent about oatmeal before hushing up. "Ok, look! These tickets belong to Twilight! These are hers to do as she sees fit, which means SHE chooses who gets the second ticket! I will be a neutral party, not wanting to go to this Gala, so I'll be holding onto the tickets for Twilight until she makes a decision."

"Why should you-!?" Rainbow Dash quickly shut her mouth when Sora summoned his Keyblade, holding it up in the air as electricity began to spark from the teeth. "...Shutting up now..."

"Exactly." He dismissed his Keyblade, hating having to do that just to keep Rainbow in line. "Guys, remember that we're Twilight's first ACTUAL friends since coming here to Ponyville. You're not going to make things easy for her just by arguing about it, in front of her, and constantly giving her peer pressure." They looked over at the lavender unicorn as her stomach grumbled loudly. "An no one can make a decision on an empty stomach. So, don't pester, be patient, and she'll give you her answer."

Sora stuffed the tickets away in his leg pouch for safe keeping and dragged Twilight and Spike off to get them something to eat before he succumbs to his own stomach's emptiness.

With some peace and quiet finally given, Sora, Twilight, and Spike sat around a table outside a nearby restaurant, looking through the menu. "Uhh, is there any normal food? I see way too many...flower meals."

"Well, that's what ponies eat, Sora," Spike said, taking a sip of some soda. After the Summer Sun Celebration, the baby dragon knew of Sora's true self by Twilight, unable to keep her mouth shut about him and his intriguing magic. He seemed to take it well, and he was glad to have another male alongside him in their now new group of friends. "Welcome to the club."

"...Eh. I guess I'll just have a non-flower pasta dish." After they placed their orders, they waited patiently for their meals. Sora looked over at Twilight, who seemed a little bothered by her decision over who would go with her to the Gala. "You ok, Twilight?"

"...I-I'm fine." The unicorn barely touched her beverage, messing around with the straw in her glass. "...I just don't know who to choose. I mean, if I go, and I choose one of them, then four of them will be disappointed. But if I give up my ticket to someone else, that still leaves three of them!" Twilight slammed her head on the table, Sora quickly moving her drink away before she spilled it all over herself. "It's an impossible mathematical problem that can't ever be resolved."

"Try not to stress too much about it, Twilight," Sora assured, patting her head. "You need to relax a little more. If anything, I say it's better for none of us to go than only two. Even if they get disappointed, they can understand your decision."

"...I don't know how you can be so aloof over something so stressful," Twilight mumbled, lifting her head up.

"I fight hordes of Heartless on a daily basis. And that's just the average workday for this Keyblade wielder." Their food was finally brought out, Sora with his pasta, Spike's hay fries, and Twilight having ordered a plain daffodil and daisy sandwich. "You should take a little vacation to the beach or something. Learn to have a fun and act like a kid."

"...Maybe..." As they were about to eat their food, they saw ponies begin to head inside for some reason.

"Excuse me," the waiter said, getting their attention. "Are you sure you all want to eat your food in the rain?"

"Rain?" Looking out around them, the entire area was struck with a downpour, but their table was still sunny and clear. "Rain...Rainbow Dash."

"Hey, guys!" The trio looked up, spotting the pegasus mare herself giving them a toothy grin, a hole in the clouds devoid of any rain. "Don't wanna have lunch on such a crummy day, right!?"

"Rainbow, what did I just say earlier!?" Sora asked. "No peer pressure!"

"This isn't peer pressure! I'm just making sure my two bestest friends in all of Equestria are completely dry!" The teen raised a brow, giving the mare above them a dirty look. "So, about that ticket..."

Sora sighed, summoning his Keyblade and aiming it in the sky. "Gravity."

A dark burst of light shot out from his weapon, a small dark bubble appearing around Rainbow Dash. Suddenly, the gravity around the orb greatly affected the mare, sending her falling through the clouds and toward the ground with a hard thud. With the rainbow-maned pegasus incapacitated, Sora went back to eating his lunch.

"...D-Did you just...alter gravity?" Twilight asked, both horrified but equally astounded.

"Mhmm. She'll be fine though. Let's finish eating before the clouds decide to rain over us." Before Twilight could take a bite out of her sandwich, she was suddenly snatched in Rarity's aura.

"Twilight! There you are! I need to ask you something, mare to mare!" She didn't give the starving unicorn a chance, crying out for her food as she was whisked away.

Sora just stared blankly at the empty seat, slowly slurping the noodle in his mouth. "...And none of them listened to me."

While Twilight was kidnapped by Rarity to her boutique, the fashionista put the lavender mare in a beautiful looking dress. "Why, look at you darling. You'll look absolutely radiant at the Gala."

"The Gala?" Twilight asked, growing worried as the white unicorn pulled out a matching dress that she was currently wearing.

"And look at that! I have a matching pair! It'll be like we're twins!" she tittered, unaware of Twilight's panic.

Charging through the doors to her boutique, Sora marched across the room, grabbing Twilight as soon as she took off the outfit. "Rarity. You're really going to be this desperate?"

"Sora! What luck! I have a dashing outfit for you to wear that will go perfectly with your style!" Rarity sauntered over to the teen, batting her eyelashes to try and get him won over. "You could be my escort, until I meet Prince Blueblood, that is."

"No. Bad Rarity!" Sora said, poking her snout. "No pressure on Twilight!"

He quickly flew out of the Carousel Boutique with the lavender unicorn on his back. At least the rain was only a few minutes long, a very quick downpour, something he had never seen in his life. Before he could get too far, a lasso wrapped around his leg, sending him and Twilight falling to the ground, Sora using himself as a cushion for the mare's fall.

"Hey, good thing Ah caught ya!" Applejack laughed at her ridiculously awful pun. Behind her was a cart filled to the brim with apple products, the tantalizing scent making Twilight's mouth water. "Ah got some food Ah was haulin', and Ah thought ya'll might want some."

As much as her stomach's loud rumbling demanded food, Twilight snapped. "NO! If this is some kind of bribe, you're not making this easier for me! I don't know who I want to give the ticket to! I CAN'T DECIDE!"

She ran off toward the library, where she currently resides, tears running down her face in frustration, both in hunger and unable to choose between her friends. Sora leered at his boss, who began to look nervous at his angered expression.

"...Uhh...was that a maybe?" Applejack asked.

"...You know, since you're my boss, I can't be mean to you...But right now, as my friend..." Sora tipped the mare's hat off her head, letting it fall to the ground. "That's for pressuring her. And seriously!? With food!? What is wrong with you!?"

Sora flew off toward the Golden Oak Library, catching Spike as he was heading back there after Twilight was snatched away by Rarity. "Sora, what happened to Twilight!? I saw her running by and she was crying!"

"I don't think her new friends are making her decision making any easier. She's not used to having favors done for her, and over something as stupid as a big ball!" As soon as the two males reached the door and opened it, a group of small animals skittered all over the place, cleaning the entire library. Sora's ears twitched as he heard Fluttershy sing a tune, groaning in annoyance, even though the song was somewhat catchy. "Not Fluttershy, too!"

"Oh, hello, Sora. Spike," Fluttershy said. "I saw Twilight come in the library, and I thought I could help her do some spring cleaning."

"...It's summer," Sora said, trying not to be angry at the timid mare.

"Oh...W-Well, better late than never?" Fluttershy gave him a nervous grin, only making him groan.

"Spike, go and check on Twilight." The dragon nodded, making his way upstairs to the living area of the tree-bary. "Fluttershy, I'm going to have to ask you to leave, along with your animal friends. Please. Twilight does not need this right now." He hated to see Fluttershy sad like that, but she left, along with her little friends. The last to leave was the demon bunny, Angel, leaving a bowl of salad as he wore a chef's hat and apron. "You told her to do this to get the ticket, didn't you?" Angel stuck his tongue out at Sora, then hopped away after his owner, the exhausted teen closing the door behind him. "Can today get any worse?"

The door suddenly swung open as confetti shot out at him from outside. "SURPRISE!"

"Oh no..." Pinkie suddenly grabbed the stallion and flung him into a large group of mares, a song beginning to play as he was lifted up in the air by the mob as if celebrating something about him.

[Pinkie Pie]
Sora is my bestest friend
Whoopie, whoopie!

"Pinkie," Sora said as he was tossed in the air.

He's the coolest, strongest, all around best pony, pony!

"Pinkie." He began to sound a little annoyed as he flipped around from another toss up.

I bet if I throw a super-duper fun party, party!

"Pinkie!" Sora was angry, upside down with his forehooves crossed.

He'll give Twilight's extra ticket to the Gala to meeeeee!

"PINKIE PIE!!!!!" While tossed up in the air one last time, the group of mares backed away as he landed on his hooves, glaring at the random pink pony with a twitching eye. "At least the others were subtle, but you have to sing a full blown song about the stupid ticket!?"

"What ticket?" one of the mares asked, prompting Sora to immediately shove his hoof in his mouth a second too late.

"Oh, Sora's just holding onto Twilight's tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala." If Sora could kill Heartless with his mind, he would gladly want to silence where Pinkie hid her speech function in that brain of hers.

Soon, the mares began crowding the teen, all of them offering to do him favors for that ticket. Some of them went out of their way to asking him to be their date for the Gala, which only made their bartering worsen by the second.

"...Well, desperate times call for desperate measures...RUN AWAY!" Sora leapt up in the air, out of the crowding mares' grasp and fleeing into the town.

While running away from the mob of desperate mares, Sora had to avoid them at all costs. He managed to give them all the slip around the corner of a building, pressing himself against the wall as they blindly passed by him. He tiptoed away, only to be caught by a straggler as he got the others' attention. Disappearing around another corner, he found a not so clever disguise in a pair of joke glasses, leaning against the wall as he whistled nonchalantly.

The mares asked where he went off to, pointing in a random direction, and they fell for it. Not feeling safe, he heard the mob coming back with no sign of him in where he pointed himself out. Quickly entering the nearby store, he stood in the display window, wearing a hula skirt, a lei around his neck, and a lotus flower on his left ear. He posed, pretending to be frozen in a little dance with a smile, right as the mob ran by to corner him. As soon as the mares left, he ditched his costume and wound up in an alleyway, thinking he lost them.

Unfortunately, he just can't stay away from them as they managed to corner him from all corners, even in the air. They kept constantly asking to do any favors, complimenting his hair, clothes, even his flanks. This was too much attention he could take, and he can't take anymore. He summoned his Keyblade and thrust it up in the air.

"STOPGA!" Illusional clocks appeared around all of the mares, freezing them in time temporarily. He breathed a huge sigh of relief, flying by the frozen ponies as he trudged back to the Golden Oak Library. "Pinkie, I think your brain is like chewed up bubble gum. Way too messed up to look like anything but chewy mush."

Reaching the library, with thankfully no more mares chasing him down, he walked inside to see how Twilight was doing. Unfortunately, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity were waiting inside, wanting to hear Twilight's decision.

"Hey, Sora! Where were you!?" Pinkie asked, oblivious to him running away from a bunch of mares she called on and told them about the tickets.

"...You know darn well where I was," Sora grumbled, too tired to argue with them any further. "I thought fighting a thousand Heartless on my own was exhausting. I thought fighting a giant titan was hard enough. But those mares...They were relentless!" The teen collapsed to the ground, groaning in exhaustion. "Thanks for getting me chased by a mob of mares that wanted to try to go out with me for TWILIGHT'S tickets, Pinkie!"

"You're welcome!" Sora slammed his head into the ground at Pinkie's obliviousness to his sarcasm.

They soon heard hoofsteps coming down the stairs, Twilight slowly coming down with a letter in her aura. Spike came down as well as the other girls were ready to hear the unicorn's decision. She noticed Sora laying prone on the floor, approaching him while ignoring their friends.

"Sora? Are you ok?" she asked.

"Please tell me you made a choice," Sora grumbled. "I can't take it anymore than you can..."

"...I have made my decision," Twilight said, only to be interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

"Yes! That ticket is mine!" As she began to celebrate early, Sora poked his head up, summoning his Keyblade in his mouth as he pointed it at the cocky pegasus, growling dangerously in warning. Seeing how furious he was, Rainbow chuckled and hid behind the others, not wanting to get forced down to the ground by that dark energy ball again. "Uhh...sorry."

"Anyway, as I was saying...I decided to choose...nopony." The others gasped in shock, unable to believe Twilight would choose no one. "I decided to take Sora's advice earlier today after thinking so hard to choose which of you I wanted to take. I couldn't find the right solution, and after Applejack...I panicked and ran. But I managed to calm myself down and read a little to clear my head, and none of us going is the best solution to this problem." Using her magic, Twilight pulled out the tickets from Sora's pouch and placed them in her scroll, rolling it up to be sent. "And I'm going to give these tickets back. They've been nothing but trouble to me ever since I got them."

"So...nopony's really going? At all?" Rarity asked, receiving nod from the lavender unicorn.

"I don't want to disappoint all my friends. I want to make all of you happy, but I can't do that with the limited blessings I can give." Twilight gave Spike the scroll, nodding at him to send it. The dragon took a deep breath and burned the letter and the tickets, a magical aura sending it to Celestia. "Inside that letter is exactly what I said out loud. And I don't care if I don't go. It's just a boring ball, anyway."

Sora managed to sit himself up, patting Twilight's shoulder. "Now, I think all of you girls need to say something to Twilight. Putting pressure on her for a dumb event out of desperation wasn't right."

"...He's right. Sorry, Twilight," Applejack apologized, the others apologizing as well.

They all soon surrounded both Twilight and Sora in a group hug, making up for the pressure they put on Twilight and making Sora run around ragged. Spike, unlike Sora, didn't like the mushy make up hug and gagged, only to really gag as he felt a belch coming up.

"Oh, come on, Spike! Don't be so insensitive with getting in touch with your feminine side!" Sora scolded, only to now realize his puffed out cheeks were from his magic flame burps, which dropped another scroll. "...Oh...You know, there's gotta be some other kind of warning for that. Who knows what'll happen if you get a stomach virus and we don't know if it's fire belches or magma vomit?"

"I don't puke up magma," Spike grumbled as he picked up the scroll. "'My faithful student, why didn't you just say so in the first place?'" Appearing underneath the scroll, Spike pulled out six golden tickets. "Six tickets to the Gala!"

"That means we can all go!" Rainbow said, cheering excitedly as each of the mares got their tickets. "Whoo hoo! Wonderbolts, here I come!"

Before they could truly celebrate, Twilight's stomach growled far louder than before, making her groan in hunger. "How about we buy you dinner, Twilight? We owe it to you for acting out like that for those tickets."

"I'd like that, Rarity." As the girls filed out of the library to eat out, they left Spike and Sora behind.

While Spike seemed a little disappointed, Sora stared at the door, his eye and ears twitching as Celestia had just given them six tickets after only giving Twilight two and receiving them back. Spike soon let out another belch, another scroll landing in his claws.

"'And one for Spike and Sora.'" Two more tickets popped out from the scroll, Spike taking one while Sora weakly took his. "...Well, guess we're going too, huh?"

"...Spike? Give me some paper...and a pen...Pretty please?" Spike obliged, giving Sora the objects he requested.

"Why do you need them?" Spike asked.

Sora used his wing to write, acting as a makeshift hand for him, writing Celestia his own personal letter.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Your loyal Keyblade wielder,

The teen rolled it up and gave it to the baby dragon. "Send it..." Spike obeyed and sent it to Celestia. "Thank you. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Sora groaned as his eyes rolled in the back of his head, collapsing to the floor as he passed out. Deciding to let the stallion relax, Spike hurried after the others with his ticket in his claws, feeling giddy as he was going to the Gala.

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