• Published 17th Apr 2016
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Hidden Shadow - SilverPassion

Luna's biggest past mistake comes back along with King Sombra.

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Twilight was walking through the streets of Ponyville humming a song as she walked. There was no real destination in mind, Twilight just wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. That, and to get off the rest the hang over from Pinkie Pie's party. Twilight giggled to herself, the last thing she remembered was that she was having a conversation with Fluttershy, and then somehow ends up dancing like a madmare on the dance floor.

The memories of Pinkie's party were still fresh in Twilight's mind, it had quite a while since her and the others had been in supposedly simple gathering that became so hectic. Before Twilight left, she had to make sure to drink a lot of water before leaving the castle so she wouldn't be so tipsy. It would definitely be a long time before Twilight would let Pinkie talk her into drinking anything with thirty pounds of sugar in it.

Twilight reached the middle of Ponyville and saw a small groups of ponies. She paid no mind to their business, and only spoke to them when they gave her hello's, hi's and waved to her. Since Twilight became a princess, everypony used to freak out or become extremely excited when seeing her, but now, they treat her as any other regular pony. That was another weight lifted off her shoulders, the pressure and responsibility of being the princess of friendship seemed to have lightened up as things cooled off in Ponyville.

Once Twilight passed though the groups of ponies, she continued on her quiet walk. It was until she set her sights on a small beautiful lake, is when her walk is halted. Twilight approached the lake at it's edge and sits down, she stares down at her reflection on the surface of the lake and smiles. Today was a relaxing morning, and even though it was boring, it was better than dealing with crazy mares like Starlight Glimmer. Twilight closed her eyes and basks in the peaceful atmosphere, she breathes in the cool crisp air. She breathes out and lays down on the vibrant green grass, the zen feeling was enough to put anypony to sleep, and Twilight was no exception. Her eyes slowly drooped and she laid her head on the grass and drifted off into a cozy sleep.




Twilight's entire body jolted at the sound of a voice calling out to her, it sounded like a young male voice. She was in a groggy state and couldn't comprehend what she just heard, and whether or not it's just part a dream.


There it is again.

Twilight's purple eyes slightly opened, but then immediately shut after the blinding sunlight seeped into her eyes. She sat up and rubbed her eyes with a hoof while yawning. It was the evening, and the sun just started setting into the mountains, Twilight had slept for hours, but it felt like only minutes. She looked around and though her eyes were still blurry, she caught the sight of a green and purple blob running to her from a distance.

It looked like.

"Spike....?" Twilight's voice was quiet and it obviously still had exhaustion behind it. Twilight rubbed her eyes again and squinted again to get a better look at the blob, it was Spike. He was running to her in a hurry, and he was carrying what looked to be a scroll wrapped in a tube shape by a bright red ribbon. Twilight stands up and waits for Spike to reach her. Once he did, he stopped running and doubled over in exhaustion with sweat leaking out of him.

"Are you okay, Spike?" Twilight did have a bit of concern in her voice, but she focused more on waking up completely.

"You've gotta...*pant*...important message from...*pant* *pant*....Celestia!

Twilight stopped rubbing her eyes and look at Spike in disbelief.

"What does the letter say?" Her focus was now on the letter in Spike's hand.

"Don't know *sigh* I thought it would be better to give to to you first." Spike gave Twilight the letter and sat down next to her to relieve his tired aching little body. Twilight levitates and opens the letter with her magic, she reads it out loud so Spike can hear what the letter says.

"To my dearest student, Princess Twilight Sparkle,"

"I apologize greatly for interrupting whatever event you are currently doing or planning, but you must come to Canterlot Castle as soon as you can."

"We are currently handling an extreme emergency, and I need your help. It would be better to show than to tell our current situation, the only reply needed is your appearance."

"I also request that you come alone, there is no need to bring your friends into this affair."

"Sincerely Your Mentor, Princess Celestia."

"An extreme emergency?" A pang of fear and worry shot through Twilight's heart. What could the "extreme emergency" be? Are Celestia and Luna okay?

"Come on, Spike." Twilight stood up, gave Spike the letter and levitated him on her back and ran towards her castle. Thoughts of Canterlot destroyed invaded her mind and it made the pain in her chest ache even more, and the fact that she must handle it alone, is much more terrifying.

The two made it into the castle in a matter of minutes, the double doors burst open and Twilight runs in. She levitates Spike on the floor immediately heads to her bed, leaving Spike alone.

" You know, we could've just teleported here." Spike said, even though he knows the Twilight wouldn't hear him." He walked to Twilight's room and sees her quickly and frantically packing supplies in her bags.

"Geez Twilight, you might as pack your entire castle." Spike leaned on the frame of the door way of Twilight's room.

"Spike, this is important. What if Celestia is in trouble?" She finished packing and put the bag on her back.

"Relax, Twilight, Celestia will be fine, I'm sure it's nothing you and her can't handle." Spike lent a supporting hand on Twilight's shoulder.

Twilight smiled at the kind gesture, and it eased the pain in her heart.

"You're right, Spike." She took the bag off her back.

It was getting late, and the sun has disappeared behind the mountains with the moon replacing it. That alone provided Twilight with some relief, knowing that her mentor was okay. It was way too dark to go to Canterlot now, Twilight would just have to wait until tomorrow. She puts the packed bag under her bed and lays down. Twilight wasn't really tired, having to sleep on the soft grass outside, she just lays on her bed staring at the ceiling. Spike goes to his own bed.

"Good night, Twilight", yawns the little dragon.

"Good night, Spike," replied Twilight. She continues to stare at the ceiling for hours thinking about the letter said. The words "Extreme" and "Emergency" kept replaying in her mind, she hoped it's not as bad as Celestia wrote, Twilight's eyes then slowly droop into sleep.

Even though Twilight prepared for the day ahead of her, no book or spell can prepare her for the surprise in store for heart Canterlot.

Author's Note:

Another chapter done! :pinkiehappy:

Next chapter is where Twilight ends up in Canterlot.