• Published 17th Apr 2016
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Hidden Shadow - SilverPassion

Luna's biggest past mistake comes back along with King Sombra.

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Twilight said not a word to the stallion in armor who addressed her with a polite welcome. Her mind was still reeling at the fact that King Sombra himself has returned, why did Celestia even let him come one thousand feet of the castle? Was this the "Extreme Emergency" all along?

Sombra kept his gaze on Twilight with a warm smile, waiting patiently for her to respond. He studied her appearance, she has grown in height, looks more mature and not to mention the lovely wings folded neatly on her back.

Sombra's stare made Twilight very uncomfortable, her body became as stiff as a board. Celestia
could sense her student's discomfort and had to do something about it.

Sombra's attention was taken away from Twilight when Celestia's white horn glowed her signature gold shimmer, and in a flash, a table and tea set appeared. The small table had a beautiful hue of pearl white with shiny gold trim. Three teacups matched the table and had Celestia's cutie mark on all of them.

Celestia silently sat down and poured herself a cup of tea.

Sombra stared at her for a couple of seconds, he pondered and studied her behavior before he also sat down and poured himself a cup of tea.

Both ponies sat across from each other.

"Now that Twilight is here, we can discuss our current issue," Celestia spoke in the most regal way possible.

"Very well, I assume you have filled her in on the situation" Sombra replied.

Celestia sighed.

"No, I have not. I thought it would be better to tell her when she arrived."
She levitated the tea cup and blew on the hot liquid.

"Hm, I suppose now is the best time."

Both Celestia and Sombra glance at Twilight, she was still standing and has not touched her tea. Her eyes kept darting back and forth between the princess of the sun and the king of darkness. Why are they acting so civilized toward each other?

"Twilight, please sit down." Twilight quietly sat down next to her mentor, she kept her eyes on her cup of tea, averting them from looking at Sombra and Celestia.

The sun princess clears her throat and looks at Twilight.

"Now Twilight, I understand that you had questions you wanted to ask." Celestia gave her student a warm smile.

Twilight gave a quick nervous glance at Sombra, and after a couple of seconds, she asks her most important question.

"Why is Sombra here?"


After a while, Celestia finally spoke up.

"Twilight". Celestia's tone was heavy and serious, it brought back that pain in Twilight's heart.

"King Sombra is here because he believes that Luna is the mother of his foal."

Silence. It lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

"W-what?" Twilight was speechless. She couldn't comprehend what Celestia had told her, was this a dream?
No, everything seemed real. Was Celestia lying? Impossible, at least, not by the serious look on her face.
Could Luna, princess of the night, really conceive a foal with Sombra, the King of Darkness?

Twilight jolted out of her thoughts when Celestia put a supporting hoof on her shoulders. She looked at her mentor
with disorientation in her eyes.

"Is it true, princess?"

"No,Twilight." Celestia's voice was firm, she made sure to look Sombra in the face when she announced that the foal did not share Luna's blood.

Sombra narrowed his eyes at the sun princess until Celestia had denied the foal's relation, he had a neutral expression.

"What makes you deny my foal, Celestia?" Sombra's tone turned even darker than originally intended, it was like listening to a wolf growl.

Celestia put her teacup down on the table and looked at Sombra with a face of determination.

"I know that Luna would never conceive a foal with the likes of you."

Sombra returned to his neutral expression.

"Then perhaps you don't know your sister as much as you think you do."


Celestia gave Sombra a deadly stare, if looks could kill, he'd be dead. Her cup still glowed its magical golden color, but it didn't move.

Sombra returned the favor with a smirk, it tickled him that he was able to piss off the sun princess.

Twilight could feel the tension of the atmosphere, the air seemed thicker and heavier. She had to do something before these two ended up killing each other.

"U-um, I have a question." A shaky voice broke through the intense and silent stare-off between Sombra and Celestia, both ponies stared at the source.

"What is it, Twilight?" Celestia's voice returned to her kind tone as if she wasn't ready to kill Sombra's two seconds ago.

Twilight looks at Sombra, she still had a bit of fear in her heart.

"Where is the foal?"


Twilight and Celestia stared at Sombra, Twilight had a look of nervousness and understandable curiosity, while Celestia had doubt and suspicion.

Sombra gave a light chuckle.

He stood up from his spot and seconds later, he turned and walked a couple paces to the corner of the room. Twilight had forgotten that the black void was still there on the wall.

Sombra stood a couple of feet in front of the void.

"Come out now, the princesses want to see you." His voice seemed a bit confident as evident to the smile on his face.

Seconds later, a small unidentified shadowy figure emerged from the void, the void finally disappeared from the wall, returning it to normal.

Like Sombra, it was hiding its true form.

Twilight and Celestia remained quiet, both ponies were too surprised to speak.

Sombra approaches and kneels down to the figure's short level.

"Do not be shy, they will not harm you." His words of reassurance calmed down the figure, and in an instant, the shadow contracted and exploded.

The shadowy figure left behind a small foal, it had a horn and almost looked like an exact image of Sombra.


The foal had tar black hair, with a blueish gray coat and sea blue eyes. At the sight of Celestia and Twilight, the shy foal hid behind its father's legs.

Sombra turned around to face the two princesses.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Twilight: This is my foal, Prince Choron."

Twilight and her mentor stared at the foal in utter disbelief, Sombra wasn't lying about the foal's existence, he looked exactly like his father. Though, there were features that differed from Sombra's appearance. Sombra came back to the table and sat back down in his original spot. Choron sat behind him, he hid his small form from the eyes of the two princesses.

Celestia stood up from her spot, her hoofs slamming on the table, doing so startled Choron.

"T-this proves nothing!" She retorted. There was no way that this foal belonged to Luna. There was no way.

"Hmph, are you in denial or just plain blind Celestia? You know deep in your heart that my son carries Luna's blood."

"If Luna did conceive that foal with you, then she would have told me." Celestia's voice raised a bit, she was losing
patience with the king of darkness and his lies.

"True, but perhaps she was too ashamed. Perhaps the idea of having a foal with the likes of me would've tarnished her reputation and she was afraid that her ponies, and sister, would reject her again."

Celestia flinched.

Again? What does he mean by again?

The one time Luna felt that way was before she became Nightmare Moon. Does Sombra know about that? If so, how?

Celestia grew silent as she sat back down in her spot, thinking about what Sombra just said while the king of darkness gave another glance to Twilight.

"You have been rather quiet, Princess Twilight"

Twilight flinched.

"What do you think?" Sombra looked at Twilight in genuine interest.

"Uh...I-i don't, really." Twilight struggled to find an answer, then a bigger question entered her mind.

"Hey Sombra, can I ask you something?" Twilight managed to speak up, but her voice still had a bit of nervousness.

"By all means, ask away."

Twilight gulped.

"Do you know where Princess Luna is?"


Prince Choron and Princess Celestia jolted at the mention of Luna while Sombra remained calm.

Sombra said not a word while he had the princess of friendship staring at him with a bit of worry while her mentor gave him a piercing glare.

He signed.


"Oh, I see." Twilight cast her eyes down in disappointment.

A slam on the table surprises Twilight, she looks at the owner of the noise, Celestia.

"Liar, you know where she is!" Celestia retorted.

"As I said to Princess Twilight, I do not know where she is. I had not seen her since she gave Choron to me." Sombra had an annoyed tone.

"Luna gave him to me not a day after he was born."

This was a lot to take in by both princesses, It must've been years since Sombra saw Luna. Now that she's missing, this whole ordeal led to nothing in the end. What now?

Celestia stood up.

"We will put this conversation aside until my sister is found."

Celestia walked to the double doors of her room before she opened the doors, she stood in place, never turning around.

"You and your son can stay here in Canterlot, there will be a room prepared for you to sleep in. You will, however, be placed under the heavy watch of my knights and myself. Also, you are to stay in this castle and never go outside. Lastly, never leave your son unattended, or you both will be persecuted."

Celestia's voice was as cold as ice. She then used her magic to open the doors and walked out, leaving Twilight alone with Sombra and his son.

Author's Note:

Boy, this chapter took some time. I was a little late on this one because there were complications with my computer, it kept freezing and resetting by itself, I even saved it on my Notepad just in case, but some text was missing. :raritycry: :raritydespair:

I drew a picture of Choron in case anyone was curious, it's on my DeviantArt Stash (http://sta.sh/0ca8a1jsk49).