• Published 17th Apr 2016
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Hidden Shadow - SilverPassion

Luna's biggest past mistake comes back along with King Sombra.

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Immediately after Celestia left, Prince Choron tugged on his father's tail to get his attention, and Sombra looked down to address the foal. Choron's voice was soft and almost sounded feminine, like the squeak of a little filly.

"What is it, Choron?" Sombra spoke to his son, he had been quiet throughout the conversation hiding behind his father from the two princesses. Twilight was still in the room with the two male ponies but remained quiet to not interrupt them.

"Father, you said that Mother was here" Choron looked at his father with a bit of sadness in his eyes, of course, he would be sad, he never met his mother. The foal had always heard all these great things about how beautiful and powerful she is and how she was banished to the moon after almost defeating Celestia, his aunt.

Sombra saw the sadness in his son's eyes and tried to answer his son the best he could.

"Your mother isn't here, Choron, she must have left." The prince took his father's words into consideration, then a new question popped into his mind, one that he was afraid to ask. He averted his eyes from his father.

"Does Mother not want me?" The sound of hurt was obvious in Choron's voice. Twilight watched in genuine sympathy, she even felt sorry for the foal, despite being the son of the King of Darkness himself. Choron is still a young foal who misses his mother like any other young foal would if there's disappeared.

"Of course, she does, my son," Sombra whispered as he gently stroked Choron's mane in an attempt to cheer him up, with no avail. Choron still felt unsatisfied, but he did appreciate his father's concern.

"Then, why did she not try to see me?"

That was a question Sombra could not answer, for he too doesn't know why Luna never even bother to be in Choron's life. It was one thing to give him up to his father, but to never have a chance to meet him was a different ball game. Luna always treated her subjects with extreme love and care no matter what species they were as if they were her own children. So Choron should be no different. In fact, because Choron is her son, he should be put above all of her subjects and receive more love and care.

Sombra came up with the best answer he could to not upset his son.

"I do not know, Choron. When I find her, I will make sure to receive an answer from her." Sombra looked deep into his son's eyes, there was something off about them. Choron could feel that his father was not happy, his eyes lacked the usually calm and neutral expression.

Choron saw anger in his father's eyes.

Why is his father angry?

Was he angry at his mother?

Sombra stared at a wall with a scowl on his face, he didn't say a word or even moved and seemed to have spaced out as if thinking about something. Choron stared at him, waiting patiently for him to come back from his thoughts.

To Sombra, it was impossible to believe that a mother could even dare leave her child and never come back. She goes through excruciating pain to bring a new life into the world, only to abandon it. Yet, everypony thinks that the mother is the better parent and that she can do no wrong. Oh, but imagine if a stallion did the same, he would be the disgrace of Equestria and deserves to be imprisoned and tortured in Tartarus no matter what logical excuse he had. The saddest part is that when the truth comes out and Luna returns, Sombra would somehow still be put at fault for conceiving Choron with the willing princess of the moon.

U-um, excuse me, Sombra?

The feminine voice of Princess Twilight Sparkle broke the silence and Choron looked at her in confusion, while Sombra jolted back into reality, he shook his head to rid himself of his anger. They had completely forgotten that Twilight was even there. Choron instinctively hid behind his father once more from Twilight's gaze.

"Ah, my apologies, princess, I seemed to have dozed off. Is there something else you wish to know?" Sombra returned to his calm demeanor. Twilight grew nervous, Sombra was quite good at changing his emotions, no one would've noticed that he was previously angry. Not to mention, that she was alone with the king of darkness and his son, two against one.

"If you don't mind, I-i want to know what kind of relationship you had with Princess Luna, I also want to know how you both met?"." Twilight looked down to avoid Sombra's reaction, she was afraid that he would be angry.

For what reason?

Twilight didn't know.

Surprisingly, Sombra wasn't angry at all, he did, however, give the princess a slightly surprised look as if he never expected her to ask such a thing. Sombra smiled at the friendship princess, he then looked at Choron, his own son had a look of genuine interest of knowing how his father and mother met.

Sombra looked back at Twilight.

"Very well, I will tell you."

Twilight was shocked, that was way too easy.

"I see, I will try to keep this short and simple"

Sombra and Choron sit back in their original spots and Twilight slowly does the same.

The king of darkness clears his throat.

"I was walking through a large and silent cave, debating whether to take refuge of it. It was one year after my defeat, and after a long day of searching for a place to shelter myself, I grew weak and tired. During my exploration of the caverns, I heard the faint crying of a mare echoing. I was curious and followed it to its source, and that was when I stumbled upon the princess of the night, Luna."

Twilight looked at Sombra with genuine interest and worry, not knowing where the story was going. Choron on the other hand, or hoof, stared at his father with undying excitement. His eyes were wide and he had a huge smile on his face, he was finally going to find out how his mother and father met.

Sombra continued with his story.

"When I saw her, she was sitting by herself in front of a small pond and was facing away from me. I stood there for a moment and thought about how I should kill her and take the cave or simply leave her there and continue searching. I then realized that killing her would be a challenge on my end since she is an alicorn. So, I turned around and began my exploration back to the cave entrance. However, a twig snapped under my hoof and alerted the princess of the night."

Luna jolted in surprise, she doesn't face the sound but instead quickly rubs the tears off her eyes.

"Sister, please, I do not wish to be disturbed!"

"I stood there in silence and surprised, she mistook me for Celestia."

After a while of silence, Luna thought she would be alone again but knowing how stubborn her older sister is, having some alone time was never easy. Luna continued to face the opposite direction, being ashamed to show her tear stained face.

"I-i know that you are worried for me, sister." Please understand that I am not a little filly anymore and that I can solve my problems myself."

There was still no reply and Luna still felt the presence of the other pony and lost her patience.

"Sister! Please, I-"

The princess of the night turns in anger, expecting to see her worried sister but is surprised when her eyes met Sombra's. Both ponies stared at each other for a while. Luna was slightly surprised to see another pony in a cave she usually comes to when she is depressed. Somba had about the same reaction as Luna but didn't show it, after all, this is the first time anypony has seen Sombra and not run away screaming for help.

Luna curiously studied Sombra's mysterious appearance, a normal pony would be intimidated or afraid to be around another who dresses like a military warlord. Unlike those ponies, Luna had her fair share of extremely unsightly creatures like the bat ponies who had to be isolated from other ponies who sought to hunt them down. Though the bat ponies aren't the most attractive, they are one of the kindest creatures in Equestria.

"O-oh, I apologize. I thought you were my sister.", Luna stuttered while rubbing the rest of her tears out of her eyes. Sombra nodded and turned to leave.


The grey stallion stopped in his tracks not turning to face Luna.

"I have never seen anypony like you before, may I ask who you are?"

Sombra thought about what his reply would be, He could be honest but that would be risky.

The dark king turned his head to face Luna.

"I prefer to keep my identity a mystery."

"I understand." Luna was slightly disappointed that she couldn't get to know the name of the mysterious stallion, but she couldn't blame him as the night princess herself prefers her own privacy.

"My name is Princess Luna, It is nice to meet you." Luna had a very cute and innocent smile on her face, a smile that could melt a cold heart to its core.


Sombra turned then walked to the cave entrance. That was an interesting meeting, a pony who didn't know Sombra and wasn't afraid of him at all. She's an alicorn, just like Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence, perhaps there was a relation between them. If so, then it's best to keep distance until the time is right to attack.

The silence was the signal that Sombra was finished with his story.

"So that's it, huh? Does Celestia know too?" Twilight finally replied the story wasn't as bad as she thought.

"Well, a portion of it, and yes, she knows" Sombra shrugged.

"But! You said that you'd tell me everything!" Twilight interjected.

"No, you wanted to know how Princess Luna and I met."

"Oh, yeah." The princess of friendship looked down in slight embarrassment.

"You also wanted to know the "relationship" between us, correct".

Twilight perked up then nodded.

"Yeah, are you both like......married?"

Sombra closed his eyes and spoke.

"The best way I can describe our "relationship" is confusing. And no, we are not married"


"I believe that Luna has conflicting feelings about our situation." Twilight had a strong feeling that the "situation" was Choron.

"Okay, one last question. Do you regret being involved in all this."

"Hm, interesting question. I do regret bringing my son into conflict, but he insisted on meeting his mother and I have no such heart to deny him that right. However."

Sombra's eyes turned cold as a blizzard, he stared at Twilight with a gaze that could kill a manticore in a second.

"I do not regret bringing Choron into this world, nor do I regret the affair Luna and I shared. I also care not for whatever conflict that denial coward, Celestia may bring to me, but if she so much as brings a hoove on my son, I will crush everything she loves and make her watch."

Twilight was frightened by Sombra's threat, she knew he had the power to back it up. At least Sombra's heart was in the right place and Princess Twilight knew that he cares for his son. Sombra knew that whatever consequences he could face, he'd know that his son could be forced to deal with the results his father's actions.

"I-i see."

Sombra sighed and relaxed.

"Well, now that I've told you my point of view, my son and I will leave you to process everything."

The king and prince stood and walked towards the closed large double doors of Celestia's room. Sombra knocked on the doors and a beautiful maid pony opened both doors to meet the prince and king.

"My son and I wish to retire to the room we were assigned." The maid pony was staring down at the floor in fear and shaking immensely.

"Y-y-yes, p-please follow m-me." The scared maid pony stuttered, turned around and quietly led Sombra and Choron through the hallway, leaving Twilight in Celestia's room.

Twilight's gaze shifted to the tea cup she never touch, her mind instantly repeated what Sombra just told her. Everything he said replayed in her mind to the very last detail, even to the part to where Sombra admitted to no regretting making Choron and having an affair with Luna.

An affair with Luna.


When Twilight least expected it, thoughts of Sombra and Luna mating flashed in her mind, the sounds, the positions, the places, it all broke into the princess' mind like a rock thrown through a window and it was all too much to take. Twilight reflexively shook her head to get rid of the images. It's getting late as evident to the beautiful night sky, at least Luna's okay. The princess needs her rest, she stood up and put a hoove to her forehead and wiped the sweat off her flustered face. She quietly walked to double doors and opened one of the doors, Twilight walked out of the room where she is met by another beautiful maid pony.

"Princess Twilight, I assume you wish to retire to your bedroom."

Twilight nodded.

"In that case, please follow me." Twilight followed her through the halls of Canterlot Castle until both ponies reached a room with mocha double doors.

"Here we are, princess." The maid pony bows.

"Have a lovely slumber," she walks off.

Twilight opened the double doors with her magic and walked in. She immediately noticed how big her bedroom is, it was bigger than the one in her castle. Twilight didn't care much, she just walked to the bed and plopped her body on the mattress and immediately dozed off as soon as her head hit the pillow.

It's going to be a long day tomorrow.

Author's Note:

Hello again! I know it's been a while sine I've updated, I've been very sick and I just graduated. It's been rough, but I'm back now!