• Published 17th Apr 2016
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Hidden Shadow - SilverPassion

Luna's biggest past mistake comes back along with King Sombra.

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Party Hard

It was a rather warm night in Ponyville and lots of ponies were filling into Sugar Cube Corner. Among the chatter of many ponies, Twilight, AJ, Fluttershy and RD were at the entrance, making sure everypony got in safely. Rarity was already inside, putting the finishing touches of the decorations, and Pinkie was in the kitchen, icing the rest of the cupcakes. There were a lot more ponies than expected, it might as well have been the whole town in Sugar Cube Corner.

Once every last pony was inside, Twilight, AJ, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash entered the building and the doors were closed. The party had already begun, there were music, games, sweets and other junk foods, confetti and everything one could expect at a party. Rainbow Dash wasted no time in chugging down gallons and gallons of apple cider that had been made prior to the party, and Pinkie was stuffing her face with all sorts of cakes. AJ was dancing with her little sister, Applebloom and her friends, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle and Rarity was socializing with ponies who looked of noble status. Fluttershy and Twilight were having a conversation with each other about the past boring days in Ponyville. It was only a matter of time until the party got wild.

Vinyl and Octavia just arrived, and when they played together, the party erupted into an explosion of excitement. Everypony cheered, the music was intoxicating, it fueled everypony into adrenaline. The way those two mares played together was pure harmony, and everypony can tell with the chemistry of those two.

The party lasted for quite a long time, it was about 1:30 a.m. and things seem to have cooled off. Ponies were slowly leaving the party and others who stayed were either asleep or still enjoying sweets.

"Wake up, Lyra," whispered Bon Bon. She was trying to wake up her snoring friend who had fallen asleep. Lyra didn't respond, instead, she stirred in her fetal position and moaned in annoyance.

Bon Bon sighs. "You're hopeless". She smiles and gently strokes Lyra's mane for about several moments. Bon Bon then gently lifts Lyra and puts her on her back. "Come on sleepyhead". Bon Bon walks out of Sugar Cube Corner and heads for her place, taking Lyra with her.

All the other sleeping ponies were awakened by either their friends or family members and escorted out of Sugar Cube Corner. All the ponies that remained were the Mane 6 and the cutie mark crusaders.

"Welp, I guess the party's over". Applejack said as she picked up her sleeping sister.

"Right you are, Applejack", said Rarity. "I've struck many deals and collaborations with some nobles from Canterlot".

"I've been invited to a Wonderbolts event", Rainbow Dash squealed in excitement.

" Good for you, Rainbow Dash", commented Twilight.

"Well, of course, it's only natural that I get invited", Dash said in her cocky tone.

"When is the event"? Asked Fluttershy.

"Tomorrow!" RD squealed again.

"Well, Rainbow Dash, you should get some rest if you don't want to oversleep". Said Twilight giggling over Dash's squealing.

Rainbow Dash grew frantic. "Y-you're right! I need to get some sleep!" Dash then flew lightning fast out of Sugar Cube Corner, leaving a rainbow line that quickly faded away.

The mares giggled.

"That Dash, always tryin' to impress the Wonderbolts," giggled AJ

"Give her some credit, AJ, she's really trying"! Pinkie came in from the kitchen.

"Ah guess", Aj scratched her head.

"Well, I believe Rainbow has the right idea, we all should get some rest". Rarity pointed out.

"Yer right, Rare, besides ah gotta take Applebloom home, she's got school tomorrow". Applejack takes her sister and leaves.

"Good night, y'all! AJ called out as she was leaving".

"Good night, Applejack"! All the other mares replied.

Rarity walked over to Sweetie Belle napping on the floor. "Sweetie Belle." Rarity whispered as she tapped her sister on the head. Sweetie Belle gave a couple of annoyed moans, but Rarity managed to wake up her sister.

"Mmmmm.......what?" Sweetie Belle opened her eyes and raised up to rub her eyes.

"Time to go, Sweetie". Rarity said in a loving whisper. Rarity and her sister walked out of Sugar Cube Corner, and both said their good nights to the remaining ponies.

"I should go to, I'm sure Angel misses me," Fluttershy says. "Thanks for the Party, Pinkie".

"Thanks!" Pinkie blushed

"I'll go with you." Twilight walked over to Fluttershy

"Thank you, Twilight". The two ponies walked out of Sugar Cube Corner, with Scootaloo on Twilight's back. Both ponies said their good nights as Pinkie gave a cheerful wave to both mares. The bakery was now empty, and after closed the door, she goes upstairs to her room. Upon entering she spots her pet alligator Gummy.

"Hey, Gummy"! Pinkie gives him a spine crunching bear hug and a quick but loving kiss on his forehead. She then puts him down and plops on her bed with an exhausted sigh.

"What a great party." Pinkie had a huge smile on her face, it was another successful party. Pinkie covered herself in her bed sheets and quickly fell asleep.

Author's Note:

I'm not gonna lie this chapter came out okay. Next chapter, things will get interesting.