• Published 17th Apr 2016
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Hidden Shadow - SilverPassion

Luna's biggest past mistake comes back along with King Sombra.

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Departure and Arrival

Twilight walks from her room with the packed bag on her back. She heads for the throne room and is surprised when she spots her five friends chatting amongst themselves. Pinke was the notice Twilight and broke the chain of chatter for the others.

"Hey,Twilight" Pinkie waves and the other ponies look in Twilight's direction giving her smiles.

"What are you all doing here"? Twilight was a bit nervous, she wondered what the others were going to do when she leaves.

"We're all her to see ya off to Canterlot". Applejack stepped forward to give Twilight a pat on the back.

"Wait, how do you all-"

"Spike." Applejack interrupted.

Twilight shot Spike a look of not anger, but relief, now there was no need to tell them that they can not tag along. Twilight looks back at Applejack and the others.

"Thanks, everypony," Twilight gave a big smile to them.

"Come on, we'll walk you to the train station." Rainbow Dash zoomed out of the castle as if she was challenged to a race. Pinkie Pie followed after bouncing on the way out. Rarity and Fluttershy were next to leave, both mares engaged in conversation. Lastly, Applejack led Twilight out of the castle, her arm still on Twilight's back.

No pony knows when Twilight will come back, Celestia never mentioned how long it would be. Twilight maybe went for a day or even a year. It would be nice to their time, just in case Twilight stays longer than wanted, but Celestia did say that she needed Twilight for an "extreme emergency", so lagging is not an option.

The train station came into view and it appeared to be busy.

"All aboard!"

Twilight got on the train and took her seat. She immediately went to the window to see her friends waving. The window was closed so Twilight couldn't hear them. When the train started going, the others ran along with it, with the exception of Rainbow Dash using her wings. When the train left the station, Twilight left the window and took a deep sigh. There's no going back now. Twilight levitated a book about how to handle extreme emergencies from her bag and began reading. It would take about a day to get to Canterlot, so she had enough time to read.

Step 1: Take A Deep Breathe
Panicking in a situation can lead to more stress and fear into the situation, which will cause those to make mistakes around them.

Step 2: Count to 10. Tell yourself you can handle the situation.
Self-encouragement can help keep one calm and steady, a simple "I Can Do It", can make a big difference.

Step 3:Check for danger. Protect yourself and the injured person from fire, explosions, or other hazards.
Treat the most life-threatening problems like bleeding or shock first.

Step 4: Try to look at the situation as a whole.
Find out what's the biggest danger in the situation. Create a series of events of what situation will be handled from dangerous to least dangerous.

After a couple of hours of reading,Twilight fell asleep on the seat with the book on her face. It was night time, and most of the other ponies either fell asleep or stayed up staring out the window. The only sound was the loud train engines.

It was early in the morning and the train came to a screeching halt. The loud sound of steam fills the air, some ponies woke up, including Twilight, while others stayed asleep.

"Next stop: Canterlot." The announcer called out, as some ponies left the train.

Twilight took the book off her face and put back in her bag. The next stop is Canterlot, almost there.

Minutes go by and Twilight was forced out of her thoughts when she heard a voice of a male foal mention "Celestia" and "Canterlot". He had a dark navy blue coat with a pearl white mane.

"Mommy, why does Princess Celestia not want ponies to come to Canterlot?" The foal tugged on his mother's tail.

"I don't know, dear. Maybe they have important things to do."

The mother had a light blue coat with a white mane.It seems she is equally confused as her son as to why
Celestia has closed off Canterlot.

There was that familiar pain of fear in Twilight's chest. Celestia closed off Canterlot? Was the situation that bad? Twilight then remembered what her book had said, the first step was to take a breath, and even though she hasn't yet confronted the emergency, it's better to be cool for the situation than to arrive as the nervous wreck . After taking about five deep breaths of air, the pain in Twilight's chest grew weaker, but there was still a bit left.

Twilight shifted her gaze outside the window she saw green grass until she saw.

She saw.

A large blue mountain with a beautiful waterfall.

Lastly, coming into view was a white castle, with multiple colors on the roof.

Canterlot Castle.

The train comes to its destination and stops. The doors open and no pony leaves, except Twilight. As she leaves, she can feel the stares from other ponies who stayed on the train. As soon as her last hoof left the train, Twilight immediately noticed the flood of royal guards littered on the streets of Canterlot. Everypony looked the same in the gold armor, there were no other ponies outside.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle." A masculine voice shocks Twilight and she turns around to find a stallion with a dark grey coat and a pure white mane in gold armor. His face was unreadable as he addressed the princess of friendship.

"I assume you are here at the behest of Princess Celestia".

Twilight didn't respond, she just nodded.

"Well then, please follow me". The stallion turned around and Twilight followed him to Canterlot Castle.

The walk was about five minutes, and both ponies were said not a word, that is until Twilight broke the silence.

"D-do you know why Celestia closed off Canterlot?"

The stallion didn't look back at Twilight, he just kept on walking. After about ten seconds she answered her question.

"No. All she said is that Canterlot could be in grave danger, and we have all borders guarded and closed off."

"Oh, so Celestia never said why?"

"No. She also orders all occupants of Canterlot to say in their homes until further notice."

The stallions face and attitude remained firm and steady through the conversation, Twilight wondered how he really felt about the situation.

There was that pain in Twilight's chest again.

The two ponies made it to Canterlot Castle and were greeted by two more stallions at the giant bridge.

"I have brought Princess Twilight Sparkle." The stallion who escorted Twilight stepped up and spoke to his fellow comrades.

Both guards look at each other, then back at Twilight and stepped out of the way of the giant double doors.

"You may proceed, Princess". Both stallions and bowed. Twilight then walked into the familiar and enormous ballroom with nervousness, and the huge door behind her closed.

"Princess Celestia?" Twilight called out to her mentor, her voice was slightly breaking.

She heard no reply.



"Twilight, you're here." Twilight turned around to find her mentor, the great and wise ruler of the sun, Princess Celestia.

"Princess, you're okay!" Twilight ran up to her ruler and gave her a big hug. The pain in her chest disappeared.

"Of course, I am, I'm sorry if I worried you, Twilight." The ruler of the sun hugged her student back.

After the hug broke, Twilight looked at her mentor and saw dark circles under her eyes as if she needed more sleep. It was best to ignore it, for now, dark circles are better than Equestria destroyed anyway.

"So, princess, why was I called her on such short notice."

Celestia's face turn serious.

Twilight was taken back by Celestia's face, it was as if Twilight said something wrong and she was going to get punished for it.

Celestia took a deep sigh.

"I'm just going to say it". She started.

"King Sombra has returned, and is in this castle as we speak."

That sharp pain came back in Twilight's chest, but it was more sudden and painful as if she had been stabbed. Twilight stared at her mentor wide-eyed and was speechless. King Sombra? As in the evil King Sombra, that tried to take over the crystal empire? Overwhelming thoughts shot through Twilight's mind, if Celestia hadn't spoken, Twilight probably would've malfunctioned.

"And that's not the worst part". Celestia now had sadness in her eyes, which was a sight very unfamiliar to Twilight.

"I-it's not?"

Twilight shook with fear. What if another enemy has come back? Another enemy like Chrysalis? Triek? Or even Starlight Glimmer?


Celestia lowers her head in shame.

"Luna, she's missing."

Twilight dropped to her knees.

Had Sombra done something to Luna? So many questions popped into Twilight's mind and she was despite to ask them.

"W-what happened to Luna? Why is King Sombra here? What's going on, Princess?"

"Twilight, I understand that you have questions that need answering. Please come with me." Twilight followed Celestia though the hallways of the castle, there were guards everywhere, left and right.

The two princesses came to a set of giant double doors, it was Celestia's bedroom.

"Here is a place where we can talk in private." Celestia pushed open the double doors with her golden magic. The room was already lit, but there was a corner of the room that was as dark as a black hole, even though there were many lights in Celestia's room. It was as if something was hiding there.

The double doors were closed, so not a single word can leave the room.

"So princess, can you now tell me what's going on?" Twilight asked.

Celestia sighs.

"It's better if I show you, Twilight."

Celestia walked a couple of paces toward the black void in the corner of her room.

"You can come out now," she commanded to the void.

Who was she talking to? Is something there?

Twilight remained silent the entire time, waiting for whatever was supposed to come out of the dark space.


After several moments, the clopping sound of metal hooves was heard by both princesses. Twilight looked around to see where the noise was coming from while Celestia's eyes remained on the void in her wall.

Then with the sound of hollow winds, a dark husk of smokey shadows walks out of the void. Twilight instinctively backs away while Celestia stands her ground. The unidentifiable shadow stopped walking and stood still, Celestia grew impatient.

"Stop hiding and reveal yourself."

Within a snap, the shadow expanded into a ball and exploded.

What the shadow left behind was a grey stallion with a tar black mane in armor. He was as tall as Celestia, with green eyes and razor sharp teeth Twilight gasped.

It was.

King Sombra.

He looked at Celestia, who gave him an emotionless stare, then looked at Twilight, who shook in fear and stepped behind her mentor.

Sombra grinned at Twilight.

It wasn't a grin of arrogance or intended evil. It was a normal grin, one you would give someone if they gave you a present on your birthday.

That only frightened Twilight even more, that is until she heard his voice. His voice was as deep and dark as the void he came from.

"Hello again, Princess Twilight Sparkle."

Author's Note:

Finally done!

Now I need to go to sleep.