• Published 15th Jun 2012
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Grow Up, Apple Bloom - Lux

Apple Bloom makes a desperate attempt to get her cutie mark.

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Chapter 10 – Apologies

“Wake up, Apple Bloom,” Applejack’s voice was heard along with a shaking feeling. Apple Bloom’s eyes fluttered open as she saw her sister staring down at her.

“Oh, hi there Applejack,” she said before giving a little yawn.

“Hey there sleepy head,” the orange mare said, “You look like you could’ve slept in the whole day. It’s the last morning right now.”

Apple Bloom quickly shot up, almost knocking Applejack to the ground. “What? Oh mah, sorry ‘bout that, sis. I guess it was a long day yesterday.”

“It was a long day fer both of us,” Applejack. But don’t you worry. You didn’t miss anythin’ important. Today we’re gonna do a couple of things in town you and ah’. So whenever you’ve eaten and when you are ready, ah’ll be wating fer you.”

Apple Bloom quickly took a bath and headed downstairs to grab a muffin for breakfast before meeting Applejack in the barn. “Alright then. Are you ready to go,” Applejack said.

“Sure am,” Apple Bloom replied as she followed her sister out of Sweet Apple Acres.

“So, where are we goin’,” the yellow mare said.

“Well,” first yer goin’ to apologize to Zecora,” Applejack said.

Apple Blooms ears flattened as her head sunk down. She still was upset over the fact that she lied to the zebra, her friend.

“Do ah’ have to,” apple Bloom asked.

“Now Apple Bloom,” Applejack said as they made their way into the Everfree Forest, “Ah’ know yer upset that you lied to Zecora, but one of the things ‘bout being grown is not only tellin’ the truth, but also when you make a mistake, an’ believe me we all do some time, we have to own up to it an’ apologize to anypony we’ve hurt. Understand?”

“It’s still gonna be hard facin’ her,” the yellow mare said with a sigh.

“Ah’ know sugarcube. But you’ll feel much better when you do.”

With another sigh the two continued down the forest path until they reached the hut.

“Alright now Apple Bloom, it’s yer turn to go in.”

Apple Bloom sighed again and knocked on the door.

“Zecora? It’s Apple Bloom. I want to talk to you, if yer not busy.”

The door opened and Zecora appeared. She appeared the same, except she didn’t have as bright of a smile as she normally did when greeting Apple Bloom.

“Hello there Ms. Apple Bloom. What can I do for you?”

“Ah’ just wanted to come by and say ah’m sorry fer lyin’ ‘bout the growth potion. Ah’ wanted to git mah cutie mark so badly that ah’ thought maybe if ah’ was older ah’d git mine.”

Zecora looked at the mare. Apple Blom thought that the zebra was going to yell at her. But then a smile emerged on her face.

“Thank you for apologizing to me. It fills my heart so joyfully. It seems Apple Bloom you have learned that a cutie mark does not come with age but it is earned.”

“So, yer not mad?”

“No Apple Bloom, I’m not mad. Your twlling the truth has made me glad. I must say that as you stand there, you look like a very pretty mare. Remember how you look this day, because as time goes by, you’ll look this way.”

“Really? You think ah’m pretty?”

“Yes I do, Apple Bloom. Now I must get back to making a cure. In just a few days you’ll be your filly self for sure.”

“Thanks, Zecora,” Apple Blom said as she gave the zebra a hug before leaving.

“Farewell, dear Apple Bloom. I promise you will see me soon.”

With the hard part of apologizing to Zecora out of the way, Apple Bloom felt happier.

“So, are you feelin’ better now that you apologized,” Applejack said.

“Ah’ sue am,” Apple Bloom remarked.

“Good, ‘cause now ah’ think there are two ponies that owe you an apology. So let’s git a move on.”

Apple Bloom knew the two ponies Applejack was referring to her friends and fellow Crusaders Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Apple Bloom was upset that the two abandoned and was glad that her sister was standing by her. The two made their way through town. Some ponies stared at her, most likely wondering who the new mare was with Applejack.

“Doesn’t that pony look like Apple Bloom,” a pony was heard saying.

“Nah, it can’t be,” another replied, “Apple Bloom’s still a filly. Maybe it’s one of Applejack’s cousins. She sure has many.”

Apple Bloom’s head dropped as she heard the gossiping.

“Don’ let them git you down, sugarcube,” Applejack said, “They’re just bein’ curious.”

The two then approached their destination: Carousel Boutique. Applejack opened the door and walked in, the yellow mare trailing behind.

“Rairty, ah’ need to talk to you,” Applejack said as she approached the white unicorn.

“Darling, I am busy with a customer,” Rarity said as she levitated a tape measure with her magic. There was a mare standing on a platform, most likely getting measured for a dress. “Could you possibly come back, Applejack, say in a half hour?”

“’Fraid not Rarity,” the orange earth pony pressed on, “this has to do with yer sister Sweetie Belle an’ Apple Bloom.”

Hearing that it had to do with Sweetie Belle, Rarity grit her teeth. She wondered what the unicorn filly did this time. This didn’t make her day easier considering she had customers to meet and dresses to make.

“I’ll be back in just a moment,” Rarity said to the mare as she set down the tape measure, “I have a little… family emergency to attend to.”

Rarity then ushered Applejack into her creativity room with Apple Bloom trailing behind.

“Um, Applejack, is that mare a friend of yours,” Rarity said, ‘she bears an awful resemblance to…” The white unicorn stopped and looked at the yellow mare. “Apple Bloom?”

“Hi there Rarity,” the mare said.

“But, you’re a mare now. How did this happen?”

“It’s a long story, but ah’ll try to make it brief,” Applejack said.

Rarity listened as her friend explained how Apple Bloom took the potion to grow older thinking it would get her cutie mark, how there was thankfully an antidote, and how Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo abandoned Apple Bloom.

“So that’s the story,” Applejack said.

“Well, I must say that is quite a tale,” Rarity said, “I must say that as a mare you look absolutely stunning, Apple Bloom. Perhaps in the future after maturing back to how you look now, I’ll make a dress for you.” Clearly the unicorn mare had ideas floating in her mind for a new dress.

“Um… Rarity? ‘Bout Sweetie Belle,” Applejack said.

“Oh, right. Sorry. I was lost in a creative moment. Yes, it was a very uncouth thing to abandon friend like that, especially in her time of need. Don’t worry darling, we will settle this at once.”

Rarity then trotted to the steps leading to the second floor. “Sweetie Belle, I need you to come down here at once.”

The soft footfalls on the steps were heard and the unicorn filly appeared with Rarity. Sweetie looked at Rarity who had a crossed face, then at Applejack with a crossed face, and then at Apple Bloom.

“Um, hi Applejack and Apple Bloom. What’s going on?”

“Ah’ll tell you what’s goin’ on,” Applejack said, “you left Apple Bloom at the clubhouse when she needed you, just so you could git yer cutie mark. Now ah’d like you to apologize to mah sister.”

Sweetie Belle looked at Apple Bloom and the sadness and betrayal seen in the mare’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Apple Bloom,” She said with her head down and her ears flat, “I really wanted to stay with you, but Scootaloo wanted me to go with her and help get her cutie mark. You aren’t mad at me, are you?”

Apple Bloom looked at Sweetie Belle as the unicorn stared up at her with her pleading eyes.

“No, ah’m not mad,” Apple Bloom said.

“Then can we still be friends?”

“Sure we can be friends,” Apple Bloom said as she gave the filly a hug.

“So Scootaloo was the culprit,” Rarity said.

“Alright Sweetie Belle,” Applejack said, “Where’s Scootaloo now?”

“I think she’s practicing with Rainbow Dash in the park,” Sweetie said as she put a hoof to her chin.

“Thank you, for apologizing and telling me where Scootaloo is,” Applejack said.

“Yes, that was very sweet of you, Sweetie Belle,” Rarity said, “You may go play, but I’ll be up in a moment to talk to you about what it means to be friends.”

Sweetie Belle then bounded up the stairs, happy that she had apologized to Apple Bloom, but nervous at the inevitable talk that was to follow with her older sister.

“So, Applejack, are you going to talk to Scootaloo now,” Rarity asked.

“Yes Rarity. Ah’ think Scootaloo owes Apple Bloom an apology just like Sweetie Belle did.”

“Well, I wish you the best of luck,” the unicorn said, “now I simply must be getting back to my client.”

“Well ah’ won’t hold you any longer then. Come on Apple Bloom.”

The two left Rarity and the Boutique and headed towards the park. There in the park they saw Rainbow Dash flying close to the ground. There was a rope attached from the rainbow Pegasus to a scooter where Scootaloo was riding.

“Woohoo,” the orange filly called out, “faster Rainbow Dash!”

“You got it kid,” Dash said as she accelerated.

“Rainbow Dash,” Applejack called out, “Ah’ need to talk with Scootaloo.”

“Yeah yeah, can’t you see we’re busy,” the Pegasus said.

With a grunt, Applejack grabbed her lasso out of a saddlebag and with a quick flick looped it around Rainbow Dash. The rope tightened around the flying pony. Binding the wings to her sides and causing her to crash to the ground.

“Applejack,” Rainbow Dash said as she spit out a clump of grass, “what did you do that for.

“Ah was trying to git yer attention. Ah’ need to talk to Scootaloo.”

“About what,” Rainbow Dash said. The Pegasus then saw the yellow mare near Applejack, “Apple Bloom? You… you’re a mare now? What happened?”

Scootaloo looked like she had seen a ghost when she saw her friend and dashed behind Rainbow Dash. Applejack told the story again to Rainbow Dash as the rainbow pony listened.

“Wow,” Rainbow Dash said, “so that’s what happened.”

“Yep, an’ that’s why Scootallo owes Apple Bloom here an apology.”

Scootaloo looked at Rainbow Dash, hoping the mare would defend her, but all he was a look of disappointment in her hero’s eyes.

“Not cool, Scootaloo,” Rainbow Dash said, “You don’t leave a friends hanging, no matter what. I’d gladly give up my chance of being a Wonderbolt to help my friends. So, what do have to say for yourself?”

Scootallo looked at the other three ponies before dropping her head. “I’m sorry Apple Bloom. I goofed up. I was upset that we couldn’t go Crusading so I split. But I realize now I wasn’t being a good crusader or a friend, was I? So, can I be your friend still?”

“Sure you can,” Apple Bloom said as she gave the orange filly a hug, “from now on let’s make a pact to stick together, got it?”

“Sure,” Scootaloo said.

“Now that’s what ah’ like to hear,” Applejack said, “Alright Rainbow Dash. Ah’ll let you git back to playing with Scootaloo. Come on, Apple Bloom. Let’s go home.”

“Ok then,” the yellow earth pony said, “Bye Scootaloo. Bye Rainbow Dash.”

With that the two Pegasus ponies watched Applejack and Apple Bloom disappear down the road.

“So, can we try that cool trick again,” Scootaloo said.

“Maybe later,” Rainbow Dash said, “Right now I think we should have a talk about what it means to be loyal to your friends.”

“So, Apple Bloom,” Applejack said, “Are you feelin’ happier that your friends apologized?”

“Yes sis,” Apple Bloom said, “looks like everythin’s gittin’ back to normal.”

“Ah’m happy to hear that. How about ah’ race you home. Loser gits to help Granny Smith do the dishes.”

“Ok then,” Apple Bloom said.

“Ok. One. Two. Three.”

Right after saying three, Applejack and Apple Bloom took off down the streets of Ponyville to their home.