• Published 15th Jun 2012
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Grow Up, Apple Bloom - Lux

Apple Bloom makes a desperate attempt to get her cutie mark.

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Market Day

Chapter 11 – Market Day

The next day Apple Bloom woke up bright and early, eager for what lay ahead. Today she knew was a special day, a day that she and the rest on the apple family looked forward to: Market Day. This was the day that she, along with Applejack and Big Macintosh would sell their apples in town as well as some of Granny Smith’s pies and jams.

“Mornin’ Apple Bloom,” Applejack said, “Are you ready to head into town fer Market Day?”

“Sure am sis,” Apple Bloom said, “Are you ready Big Mac?”

"Eyup. I have the wagon all set up an’ filled up.”

“All right then,” Applejack said as she reared up with excitement, “Let’s git into town.” with that the orange mare galloped away from the farm.

Apple Bloom quickly galloped away as well shouting, “Wait fer me sis!” Big Mac chuckled and shook his head as he slowly pulled the wagon towards Ponyville.

The two sisters reached the market area of Ponyville a few minutes later. “Now that’s what ah’ call a good mornin’ run, right Apple Bloom,” Applejack said ruffing her sister’s mane playfully.

“It sure was,” Apple Bloom said, “guess we’re waitin’ fer Big Mac to arrive.”

“Don’ worry,” Applejack replied, “We have a few things we can do before he does like cleanin’ off this table an’ getting this sign straight. Ah’ll take care of the sign while you clean the table. What do you say?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Apple Bloom said as she fetched a bucket of water and a rag and began wiping down the table and the other smaller tables where baskets of apples were set. Applejack in the meantime was retying the ropes that held the cloth sign up, making sure they were taut. While Apple Bloom was completing her task, she realized that she felt like Applejack was treating her less like a little filly anymore and more like the mare that she now was.

There wasn’t much time to ponder this as Big Mac showed up with his wagon. The two mares then set to unloading the several baskets of apples, and the baked goods and pies. Finally the last most important thing was placed on the table: a metal cash box.

“Ah’ hope that the cash box is burstin’ with bits today,” Apple Bloom said.

“Ah’ think it will,” Applejack said, “In fact, how ‘bout you work the table today.”

Apple Bloom looked at her sister stunned. Applejack always helped sell things while Apple Bloom and Big Mac aided in loading the purchasing pony up with what they bought.

“You mean it? Ah’ can help sell?”

“Sure you can,” Applejack said, “an’ I think we’re just about ready to git started.”

The yellow mare noticed that there was a line starting to form of ponies eager to buy some apples and apple products.

“Alright everypony,” Applejack said in a clear loud voice, “The Sweet Apple Acres stand is now open!”

With several cheers from the line of ponies, Apple Bloom set to work. The ponies were eagerly awaiting purchasing apples and Apple Bloom seemed to be selling more than Applejack ever did during a market day.

“Wow, Apple Boom,” her sister said seeing her progress, “you sure are sellin’ our apples quickly.”

“Yeah, ah’ don’ know why. You’re a way better seller then ah’ am.”

“Ah’ think it has to do with that yer a mighty pretty mare, Apple Bloom. Ponies like to buy things from ponies who are pretty, smart and friendly. You just have the total package there. So why not use this to yer advantage an’ sell those apples.”

Applejack then paused as she thought about something. Then a smile appeared on her face.

“How ‘bout ah’ make you a deal, Apple Bloom. If you sell everythin’ we have by three in the afternoon, then ah’ll git you some ice cream. Does that sound like a plan?”

Apple Bloom’s eyes lit up when she heard that her sister would give her ice cream.

“Ah’d definitely like some,” she said.”

“Let’s git to sellin then,” Applejack said.

As the day passed on, Apple Bloom noticed how friendly the ponies were to her and how willing they were able to buy apples, pies, and jams from her. She was happy that she was getting the attention, finally getting noticed as an adult rather that a filly. As a filly, she always felt ponies were talking at her. Now as a mare they were talking to her on an even footing.

“Applejack, can ah’ ask you a question,” Apple Bloom said during a lull in the action.

“Sure thing, sugar cube,” her sister said while arranging the apple baskets.

“Why are the stallions actin’ all funny like around me,” the yellow mare said.

“Funny like,” Applejack said, “what do you mean?”

“Well, they’re actin’ all goofy, winkin’ an’ talking all nice. One even asked me where ah’ lived.”

“Ah’ had a funny feelin’ this was gonna happen,” Applejack said, “You see, Apple Bloom, when you are older, ponies start to like each other, not just like friends, but couples.”

“You mean like that time we made Cheerilee and Big Mac try to fall in love?”

Applejack looked over at her brother who was thankfully out of earshot and was helping a customer.

“Well, not as much as that,” the orange mare said, “but kind of like that. Those ponies think they may like you, so sometimes they may be actin’ funny like that to try an’ get to know you. You understand, right Apple Bloom?”

“Oh ok,” Apple Bloom said, “Ah’ don’ think ah’ want to be a couple with somepony yet.”

“An’ that’s perfectly fine,” Applejack said. In reality the yellow mare was happy that Apple Bloom understood what little she told about romance to her. Otherwise, she’d be getting close to some adult territory. She was also glad that despite being a mare Apple Bloom had a filly mentality. The cowboy hat wearing pony wasn’t yet prepared for her sister dating.

With the question settled, Apple Bloom got back to selling the remaining baskets of apples. Finally there were three left and one pony in line. The pony wasn’t at first interested in all three, but after Apple Bloom turned on her charm and with a little help from Applejack, they were able to convince the pony to buy them all!

“Wooohoo,” Apple Bloom squealed in delight, “We sold them all, and even before three.”

“We sure did sis,” Applejack said hugging her sister, “so you know what that means?”

“Ice cream,” the excited mare said bouncing up and down.

“Well then, let’s git this stand all closed up an’ we’ll head to the ice cream store.”

“The two mares along with Big Macintosh packed up what little they had remaining from the day at the market before heading to the ice cream store. Apple Bloom had a chocolate shake, Applejack indulged on a banana split, and Big Mac has his usual root beer float. It was a fun ending to a busy day as the three talked and laughed over their frozen dessert.

That night before bed Apple Bloom stood in front of the mirror looking at herself. Tomorrow she knew Zecora would come by with the potion to change her back into a filly. At first she was sure she wanted to be back to her old self again, but now with the fun she had as a mare she wasn’t so sure. As she slept, she wrestled with the thought of whether on not she wanted to be a filly again. She hoped that by tomorrow she would have a clear decision.