• Published 15th Jun 2012
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Grow Up, Apple Bloom - Lux

Apple Bloom makes a desperate attempt to get her cutie mark.

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Dinner Time Chat

Chapter 2 – Dinner Time Chat

It was supper time and the whole apple family was seated around the big table. It was a time filled with conversation and good eating and most importantly a sign of how a close knit family showed their deep rooted love for each other.

“So, Apple Bloom, how was yer crusading,” Applejack said as she passed some beans to Granny Smith.

‘It was all right ah’ guess, except none of us got our mark,” Apple Bloom said with a sigh.

“Don’ you worry,” her sister said, “you’ll get yours someday, right Big Mac?”

“Eyup,” the stallion said simply as he ate a carrot.

“Applejack, how old were ya when you got yer cutie mark,” the filly inquired.

“Huh, I never told ya that,” Applejack said surprised, “Well, ah don’ remember exactly when, but ah think ah was a few years older that you are now when ah got mine, right Big Mac?”

“Eyup, and I was older too when I got mine.”

“How old were you, Granny Smith, when you got your mark,” Apple Bloom asked.

“You think I know how old I was when ah got my mark when ah can’t remember what day it is… er… what were we talkin’ about?”

Applejack couldn’t help but chuckle at Granny Smith’s forgetfulness. “So sis, what’s yer sudden interest about when we all got our cutie marks?”

“Well, I was wondering if age had ta do with it, that’s all,” Apple Bloom said.

‘Well ah’m not a science type like Twilight is, but ah can say that a cutie mark is not just about finin’ yer talent, although that has plenty ta do with it. Ah think it’s also a sign that yer no longer a filly or colt but instead a young mare or stallion. It comes with the territory of becommin’ an adult, just like getting taller an’ that sort of things.”

“Oh ok,” Apple Bloom said satisfied at her sister’s wisdom, “thanks sis.”

“Anytime, Apple Bloom. Now how ‘bout we clear off some space on this table so we can have some of Granny Smith’s apple pie she made today.”

That night, as all of the Apple Family was tucked soundly in their respective beds, Apple Bloom pondered her idea and what Applejack said. “So getting a cutie mark means ah’m an adult, an’ Applejack and Big Macintosh got their marks when they were older. Maybe ah’ have ta be older ta’ git mine. But ah don’ wanna wait that long. Ah’ want mah cutie mark now!”

She put a hoof to her chin, pondering how to solve the problem. “Maybe there’s a way that ah’ can grow older quickly so ah can git mah mark. Ya know, that’s just crazy enough ta work! Ah’ll go talk to Zecora tomorrow.”

With a plan in her head, Apple Bloom fell asleep, dreaming of her being older and having her mark.