• Published 12th Jun 2012
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The Rainbow Dash Trial - Nexas

Spike and RD go to court for RD's ... everything. Hijinxs ensue

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An intermission

"The Pony or Dragon that will be given the title of Element of Loyalty..." Trixie paused for dramatic effect.

Everypony leaned forward in their seats; all of them anxious to see who had been decided as the winner.

"Will be..." She paused again.

"Get on with it!" Luna shouted, on the edge of her seat.

"Yeah, get on with it!" Dash shouted as well, out of boredom.

"Will be revealed after Trixie examine all of the evidence."

A soft silence held the room for a minute.

"What?!" Everypony screamed in union.

Trixie nodded. "Yep, Trixie still need to go over the evidence and then Trixie will choose."

Everypony slumped in their seats, the anticipation wearing off.

"While Trixie is gone, she calls a five minute recess."

With a flash of blue magic and some smoke machines, Trixie was gone.

"First dibs on the monkey bars!" Twilight teleported out of her chair and ran for the doors.

"Come back here!" Luna shouted and ran after her, leaving Rainbow Dash and Spike alone in the room.

"And then there were two." The Dragon muttered, not looking at his opponent.

"Why do you want my Element?" Dash asked honestly.

He sighed. "Twilight promised me the title before when Discord appeared."

"Did she now?" Rainbow Dash asked sarcastically, setting down her game device.

Spike sighed again, running a clawed hand over his spines. "Well she didn't really promise it. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and it really doesn't mean anything."

Dash drew her full attention to the Dragon at this point, her eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

"Why are you going through with this if you know that it was an empty promise?"

His face adopted a sullen expression. "I'm tired of being left behind while you guys go and save the world and stuff. I want to experience stuff like that."

He stared down at the table and didn't bother to say anymore. Dash looked on at the Dragon that had started this whole commotion simply because he wanted some adventure.

"I wonder..."

The doors to the court room suddenly burst open again and Luna stormed in. She dragged Twilight behind her by her tail.

"You would not believe what your lawyer was doing." She deadpanned as she levitated the inebreiated unicorn back into her seat.

"Oh come on (hic) Princess." Twilight laughed. "They probably won't trace it back to you."

"I'm having the guards clean it up now."

She looked around her, realizing that their clients was staring at them very confused.

"It...it would take too long to explain." She stammered.

Before they could ask a cloud of smoke shot up from the judge's seat once more and with a flash of magic Trixie once again appeared, stumbling out of the smoke hacking and wheezing. Noticing that everypony had noticed her and quickly regained her composure.

"It-" She broke into another coughing fit, waving the last of the smoke away with her cape. "It was difficult but I have finally decided who is worthy of the title of Element of Loyalty."

Everypony eagerly went back to their seats for the announcement. Trixie levitated a stack of papers in front of her into order.

"But first a recap."

She looked over everyone in the room one by one.

"Rainbow Dash, you're being held in court over your title." She said putting emphasis on 'title'.

Dash nodded plainly.

"Spike you're going to court for her title." She flatly stated.

Spike looked down at the table glumly.

"Luna you're a terrible lawyer."

Luna slammed her face into the table, accidently impaling her horn in the wood and leaving her stuck.

"And Twilight is an amazing lawyer when she's drunk."

Twilight was underneath her table at the moment and waved a hoof appreciatively.

"So without further interruption, Trixie will announce the holder of the title of loyalty."

She looked at her notes dryly.

"The Element of Loyalty is-" She gave the group a sarcastic shrug. "...Of course, Rainbow Dash."

Luna, who was still lodged in the table groaned loudly.

Twilight cheered, standing up rather quickly for somepony that drunk. "Come on Dash, let's celebrate with some liquor!"

Dash stood up without a word and trotted to the center of the room. She stood tall and determined.

"I forfit my case and relinquish my title. Spike will be the new Element of loyalty."

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