• Published 6th Feb 2016
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It's Only A Game... - Elysion_Doodles

So, CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The two will face off, and guess what? There's a school lock down. What will happen???

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Chapter 2

After school the seven girls were in the band room, and they were practicing. Since Twilight was new to the group, she decided she would sing. "Wow, Twi, you really can sing," Rarity noted.

"Yeah. It really is nothing." Twilight said, being modest.

"Well, it's true darling," The fashionista ended. "So, Rainbow, I heard that you didn't win a game at lunch?"

"Yeah. We didn't get to finish." The cyan athlete responded.

"And there's a new rivalry?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Between... You and who?"

Rainbow sighed,"Soarin."

"Ooooh. So it's a boy!"

Dash glared at Rarity, obviously knowing what Rarity is thinking. Don't ask... Don't ask... "So, anything going on between you?" Rarity said, as if she wanted to make Dash mad. "Hmm?" Rainbow Dash grunted, showing that she did not want to talk about girly things. The rest of her friends 'ohhed' and 'ahhed" at this.

"What are you guys? 3rd graders?" The rainbow haired girl had a hard time keeping her cool.

"Don't give me that! Is there?"

"No! Its just a game!"

"Uhm, are ya okay sugarcube?" Applejack asked, " 'Its just a game' is not somein' ya would say."

Rarity gasped. "Rainbow Dash! Do you..?"

"No!" Dash ran out of the room, obviously upset.

"Girls!" A voice whisper shouted.

"What is up with her?" Rarity said.

"Ya dun think she..?" Applejack pondered.


"When was the last time she lost her cool?"

"Ah just dun get it. She never does!"

"Girls!" Fluttershy managed to yell loud enough.

"Huh?" Rarity and Applejack chorused.

"I expected better from you! Especially you Rarity! You should've seen it."

"I should've seen what?"

"She's stressed! She's not prepared for tomorrow!"

"What do ya mean, sugarcube?"

"Her game is tomorrow! The championships!" Fluttershy sighed, "I'm going to go talk to her. This isn't the first time this has happened."

"This has happened before?" Sunset Shimmer asked, and received a nod from Fluttershy.

"See you all tomorrow." And the yellow girl left the room.


Rainbow Dash was kicking several balls into a the net. "Ugh! Why! Why. Why can't I just do this! ARGH!" She kicked a ball infuriated. "All I want to do is actually win! Not just make it to the finals. I need to WIN!!" Again, Dash kicked another ball, with extreme force.

Rainbow did not not see the pink haired girl walking up behind her, and was startled when a hand touched her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Ach!" Dash missed the ball under her feet. "Huh? Oh. Flutters."

"You stressed out for tomorrow?"

"What? N-no! Why-" Dash sighed. "Yeah, I am. I mean, every year, we make it to the championships. But then we lose to Chrystal Prep."

"But we're their friends now."

"Yeah, but that doesn't get rid of the fact that they are better than us."

"But we tied with them at the Friendship Games."

Rainbow managed a chuckle. "Yeah, your right. We have been doing better."

"You can do it." Fluttershy hugged Dash. "What time tomorrow?"

"Its at five."

"I'll tell the others. We can cheer you on."

"Heh. Thanks. I don't know what I would do without you, Flutters."

Fluttershy smiled. "But really, what happened at lunch?"

"Well, I had scored four points, but then," Rainbow began telling the entire story of what happened.

"Then why are you mad at Soarin? It seems that all the boys were in on it,"

"Oh, I forgot. I kinda freaked out, and Soarin was the one who just triggered more anger," Dash explained. "I think he was also the leader of the plan,"

"Makes sense," Fluttershy said.

"Well, thanks for talking with me. I needed that,"

"You ready to go back inside?" Dash nodded to this.

"Yeah. Lets go,"


"Your back!" Pinkie Pie said.

"Mhm," Rainbow Dash nodded. "And I'm ready for the game tomorrow!"

"Whoo Hoo!" The Pink girl shouted.

"Its getting late girls, so why don't we go get some smoothies?" Rarity suggested.

"Sure." Dash agreed. The rest of her friends nodded or said 'sure' or 'okay'.


At Sugar Cube Corner Rainbow Dash was just finished retelling what had happened at luch earlier that day. "So your just... Jealous?" Twilight Sparkle said, oblivious to how Rainbow Dash would react to this.

"What? No!" She claimed. "Why would I be jelly?"

"Because your not jelly Dashie!" Pinkie exclaimed. "Your a girl! Unless... Is your real name Jelly? Because that would be a really weird name."

"Uh, Pinkie?" Applejack stopped the Pink from blabbering more. "Jelly means Jealous."

"Ohhh! So her real name is Jealous, but her nickname is Jelly? Makes sense. But why do we call her Rainbow Dash then? Is it just another nick-"

"Ah can't take this anymore!" Applejack said, shoving a napkin into Pinkie's mouth.

"Mmmm. Nampin"

Twilight ignored this, and spoke again. "So your not jealous about them beating you?"

"Nah. I was just stressed," Rainbow said, half lying. Thank Faust I'm not the Element of Honesty...


"So, are you guys going to be able to make it to the game tomorrow?" Dash changed the subject.

"When is it?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

"Its at five," Rainbow answered. "I'll be there around 4:15 along with the rest of the team. We have to get some more practice in, even if we are practicing at lunch and right after school,"

"Okay, I will be able to make it," Sunset smiled.

"Of course I can! I can leave Gummy with Pound and Pumpkin. Hopefully he doesn't take Pound Cake's Pacifier..." Pinkie said.

"I'll make it," Fluttershy told Dash.

"I don't have any orders at the boutique, so sure," Rarity beamed.

"Harvesting time isn't until next week, I can go," Applejack too, was able to make it.

"All you guys are going, so I might as well. I've been meaning to say hi to some of my new friends at Chrystal Prep anyways," Twilight gladly said.

"Great!" Rainbow Dash group hugged her friends. "Well, I got to get some shut eye. So Im gonna' go home." Rainbow walked to the door and waved goodbye. Tomorrow will be fun... She thought as she walked home.

Author's Note:

I was debating whether or not I should put a dream in...
Nah. I'll just make you guys wait :pinkiecrazy:
The dream will be the mane focus of the chapter probably... Maybe.
Ohhhhh Hints????