• Published 6th Feb 2016
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It's Only A Game... - Elysion_Doodles

So, CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The two will face off, and guess what? There's a school lock down. What will happen???

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Chapter 7

Soarin Left the room, waving goodbye. The guy had a huge grin on, knowing what was going to happen. Rainbow got up, a little too fast, and was surprised at the slight dizzyness she had for a couple seconds. She shook it off and walked towards Nurse Redheart.

"Nurse? Uh, I wanted to know if I could be released so I could go to the championships." Rainbow Dash quickly added though, "I don't want to miss the game, to uh, watch it, of course!" The athlete tried to look as innocent as possible, with a soft smile on her face.

Redheart sighed. "I suppose. But you should be very careful. Do NOT play, as your friend's said, you have a concussion," She bluntly stated.

"Yeah, yeah, yaddy yada."

"Now then, off!" The nurse shooed Dash away.

"Rainbow walked out of the office, taking one last look at it. The pale purple walls, with the gold trim. The curtains, and the white bed sheets. The faint smell of rubbing alcohol, from the sanitary cleanings.

The cyan girl took one last thought. What if I do get hurt again? But she ignored the ponder. She had to help win the games. Dash was going to help, be a part of. For her- no everyone's team. She wasn't going to let them loose again. They hadn't won for years. Let alone beat Chrystal Prep.

While walking down the hallways to the front door, she saw two girls waiting for her. Oh crud.

~ ~ ~

"Wheeee!" Pinkie Pie yelled, her head sticking out of her car's windows.

"I'm glad your the one driving, Applejack." Rainbow stated. She wanted to say something that wasn't related to the games at all.

"Me too! I mean, I would have to be all serious and have to pay attention to the road and things like that but, when I'm in the backseat! Boy, you can do everything!" Pinkie did a handstand in the backseat of the convertible for emphasis.

"Pinkie!" Applejack yelled. "Sit down. I dun't want to be pulled over."

"Fineee...." The Pink saddened. Though that didn't last long. She did a somersault. Or, tried. Applejack kept one hand on the wheel, and used her other to grapple the back of Pinkie's collar.

"Take a right here?" Applejack questioned Rainbow.

"Yeah." The farmer turned the wheel, while Pinkie Pie was sitting down with her legs sticking out the window. "Okay, Pinkie, you should sit up. The school's in sight." Rainbow pointed towards a crystal-looking building with a wall surrounding it. "You're going to want to go to the back. The parking lot has an area that goes straight towards the Soccer Field."

"Eyup!" Pinkie hollored, finally sitting up right. Still though, her head was sticking over the door.

The group pulled up and parked. When they got out Rainbow walked over to the locker rooms. "I still have to give a pep talk to the team."

"Since when did ya give pep talks?" AJ questioned. "The only thin' ah've heard you tell them is, 'We're going to win this!' "

Rainbow glared at her, and walked away. AJ was right though, she never really did that. Rainbow walked into the school, looking around at the crystal walls. Man, they don't call it Crystal Prep for no reason..., she thought to herself. Rainbow finally spotted a bathroom. She had to put up her hair.

Rainbow Dash was a girl who hated loose ponytails, especially during a game. And in order to put up a high, tight ponytail, she had to use a brush in the mirror.

The athlete pushed open the door, to hear someone speaking. She recognised the voice. It was someone she knew very well.

"Darling, I'm getting ready. I want to look nice for you." the voice said. The door of the bathroom closed. The other girl in the bathroom gasped. "I must go!" She whispered.

Well, too late. Dash thought. "Hey, uh, Rarity." she said,

"Oh! Oh! Oh, uh, bah, Rainbow Dash!" Rarity noticed Dash, and smiled.

"Who were you talking to?" Dash questioned.

"Um, just someone, I Fancy..." The fashionista answered.

"Rarity, I'm not as dumb and thick as you think."

Rarity blushed softly, because of what Rainbow said, and sighed. "I was talking to someone I was going to ask o-"

"And I'm no longer listening." The cyan girl said, ignoring Rarity, and put down the backpack she brought with her. She searched her bag, and pulled out a brush, and tried looking for a hair tie.

"Hey, uh, Rarity." Rainbow was going to regret asking this, but she did. "Do you have a hair tie?"

Rarity seemed confused for a second. Then her eyes were wide. "Well, uh, gahh... Yes! Sure! Of course!" the girl searched her purse and pulled one out. She handed it to Rainbow Dash. "Trying to dress up for someone I presume?" Rarity said slyly.

"Yeah sur- Wait what?" Rainbow said, not paying very close attention. "Whoah.. No, no, no and did I say no?"

Rarity just raised an eyebrow.

"Im serious. But, uh, thanks, Rarity." Rainbow walked out of the room, with her hair in a tight ponytail. She walked into the girls Locker room, surprising everyone.

"Rainbow Dash?" Spitfire said. "What're you doing here?"

"Duh," Fleetfoot said. "She's here because she hurt herself again. Though, she doesn't want to feel the wrath of the Mint... So maybe not?"

"Uh, you guys will need to be quiet, but I'm playing."

"WHAT?!" All the girls said.

"I'm playing. No matter what. And you guys aren't going to stop me." Rainbow walked out, to where the team met. "You guys can't tell anyone, but the team. Except the coach.. just the players."

"Does anyone else know?" Spitfire asked.

"Sure." Rainbow said. "I'm sure someone does."

Author's Note:

Okay, I know you guys may have been thinking that I was going to do the game this chapter. But I decided I needed more buildup. I will work on a new chapter this weekend.