• Published 6th Feb 2016
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It's Only A Game... - Elysion_Doodles

So, CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The two will face off, and guess what? There's a school lock down. What will happen???

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Chapter 5

Most of the kids who were eating in the cafeteria, were done, and wandering around the school. The group of girls were walking over to the field, and Pinkie, was doing cartwheels all the way to the Rainbow VS Soarin showdown.

"Darling, must you do cartwheels while wearing a skirt?" Rarity asked, annoyed with Pinkie's antics.

"Wait, how are you keeping your skirt down anyways?" Twilight said, confused.

"We've learned to just get used to it, so don't even bother," Sunset Shimmer chuckled.

"Esspecially when she starts talking to the sky...," Applejack whispered.

"Hey! I heard that! And why would you make her say such a thing!?" Pinkie said, whilst doing a one-handed cartwheel, using her other hand to point to the sky.

"So she- Never mind." Twilight shook her head.

"GET READY EVERYBODY!" A new high-pitched voice called.

This got Pinkie's attention. "COMING SURPRISE!"

"We better hurry, we don't want to miss this," Sunset jogged towards the soccer field.

"Oh no," Rarity's eyes widened.

"What is it?" Applejack said. "Oh."

"Uh-oh," Fluttershy whimpered.

"What?" Twilight said, not noticing what the others were looking at.

"Rainbow's against Soarin." Rarity answered.

"So? What's the worse to happen?"

"A LOT. Ya really need to get used to these sorts of things," Applejack grimaced, and followed the rest of the group towards the bleachers.

~ ~ ~

Rainbow noticed her friends, and walked over to them. "Wassup?"

"Oh, we just wanted to see you-" Rarity began before getting cut of by Pink.

"BEAT SOARIN OF COURSE!" Pinkie shouted. "We know you will win!"

"Yeah. I think I know that, Pinkie Pie." Dash chuckled.

"RAINNNNBOOOWWWW!" Surprise called.

"I need to get started. Class is gonna start soon, and I need to actually finish."

"BYE RAINBOW DASH!!!!" Pinkie got a megaphone out of her hair and shouted.

Rainbow walked over to the field, and was ready. All she needed to do was beat the guy right? Not much harder than that. She was going to play offence, but go defense when needed. He gets the ball past mid line? So what? She could do a flip and block the ball. If Soarin went defense, she would go offence. When it game to games, Dash personally thought that it was the only time where she could defy logic. No one else could do as well as she could. And that's why shes captain.

Rainbow's senses went haywire. She could smell the grass, and hear the faint whistling the wind made. She swore she could see a ladybug on Fluttershy's finger, who was several yards away. She tasted victory.

Okay, that last one was only a hunch. She had a feeling she would win.

But, she also felt like something big was going to happen. Maybe I'm just getting that feeling because the game later, she thought to herself.

"READY?!" Surprise yelled. Both Dash, and Soarin nodded. "ON YOUR MARKS. GET SET." She paused. "SQUIRREL!" The crazy blond jerked her head towards a bush and pointed. Then, she got down on all fours and trotted (?) over to the bush, with her tongue hanging out.

Everyone just looked at where Surprise went, dumbfounded. "Does this happen alot?" Twilight broke the silence.

"Surprise is basically Pinkie Pie, just... I'm not even sure honestly." Rarity answered.

Rainbow cleared her throat. "Can we get this game started?"

"Yeah. Okay. ONE TWO THREE FOUR!" Fleetfoot yelled. No one did anything, so she spoke again. "Four means GO!"

Rainbow Dash mentally face palmed at this. She knew that she had to stay focused, and her thoughts cleared. Eye on the ball, she thought to herself. Dash had only one thought. Dont worry about anything except for winning.

As Rainbow ran to the ball, she noticed that Soarin hadn't moved yet. He just stood there with a determined look on his face. He looks like he's constipated, the rainbow haired girl snickered in her thoughts.

Dash dribbled the ball towards Soarin, and he finally made his first move. The navy haired guy walked backwards, an stood in front of thegoal. So he wants to play defense? Rainbow put most of her thoughts into offence mode. Don't let him trick you, she noted, again in thought. He may go offence after I assume he's defense.

Rainbow went to the side, and was preparing to kick. She brought back her legs, and swung forward with force. The ball glided over the grass, and it spun, causing Rainbow to go into a trance as it did so.

She was quickly brought back into reality when she heard the crowd cheering, and she looked at the goal. Soarin was hunched over, hands on his knees. He was panting.

Dash looked for the ball, which was sitting in the corner of the net. Rainbow sighed with relief. She looked at the crowd again, to see more people. Thunderlane, Lightning Dust, Derpy, and others were walking over to the bleachers. More people coming to see my awesome-niss? She boasted to herself. Then she realized something.

What if they are here because of the rumor? What if they really believe in it? Rainbow was beginning to regret doing this game. And letting Soarin on the team. And her mind was filling up with thoughts she didn't need.

Focus, she told herself. Dash refocused, and she backed up so the ball could be put in center again. "Can someone count down?" She called out. She and Soarin were ready, and Fleetfoot was too.

"Four! Two! Wait..." The Mint paused. "Begin!" she shouted.\

Rainbow Dash went full gamemode. The round would end soon, and she had to make at least another goal. Well, she didn't have to, but she wanted to win by more than one point. Though, Rainbow took note of something. Soarin was going offense this time.

"Well that makes life so much easier," Rainbow grumbled under her breath. Dash went defense, standing in front of the goal. She kept a close eye on where Soarin was going, and noticed that he wasn't going in from either side. He was going to shoot from the center. Rainbow got ready, because Soarin could kick the ball any second.

"Come at me," she said, in a soft, but brash and almost mean voice.

But this was when Soarin did something unexpected. He veered to the right, and took shot. He kicked with amazing force.

The ball flew through the air, making the ball seem to be whistling. Soarin thought he had the most lucky shot ever.

Rainbow Dash, though, was not so lucky. Rainbow jumped to catch the ball.


Rainbow fell out of the air, the ball in her hands.

Author's Note:

I had to make an UP reference. I mean, perfect opportunity.
Oh! And I managed to make a 1000 word chapter here! I was originally only going to do a short one, where it was only around 400-500 words, but... I MADE IT! Once this chapter is out, I won't be working on another chapter until my mini story is out. And that will be VERY soon!!!
Hope you enjoyed it. I tried to add some humor, and tried to be a little more decripted?
No. I am not sorry.
Your going to have to wait a little more than a week.
Though! I am releasing a oneshot soon, and I am pleased to say that I have a four day weekend off of school coming up on Thursday! So, YAY! :flutterrage::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:
I thought about Soarin being the one to be unlucky, but for what I have planned, this is the better problem.
And I was trying to type as fast as possible, and try to neatly rush, while coming up with the plot. So, there may be mistakes. Please tell me if there are any! It won't hurt me! :pinkiecrazy: