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It's Only A Game... - Elysion_Doodles

So, CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The two will face off, and guess what? There's a school lock down. What will happen???

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Chapter 8

Walking onto the field, Rainbow ignored her friend's surprised faces. She had to focus. When the guys came out of their locker room, Lighting nor Fire Streak were there, which was a good thing. That meant that Soarin did his part of the plan.

Rapidfire walked up to her. "I thought you couldn't play?" He said.

"Well, I'm not going to let my team lose!" Dash threw her hands in the air.

"We could've won without you..." Fleetfoot mumbled under her breath.

"Sure, that's why we won every time before this, even with Dash on the team." Soarin stepped in, and made his point.

"Yeah yeah." The Mint crossed her arms.

Will the teams please get ready? They heard through the speakers. Principle Cinch was getting the game started. When the Wondercolts were where they needed, Rainbow caught eyes with Sour Sweet. She smiled sweetly. Then stuck her tongue out and shook her head. Talk about childish, Dash thought to herself.

Then the cyan girl mouthed You're going down, and made a thumbs down.

"GO RAINBOW DASHH!!! EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE NOT REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE PLAY-" Rainbow just managed to look over at the bleachers and see Pinkie Pie with a megaphone getting hushed by Applejack.

Rainbow Dash stole a look at her team. It looked good. They would win this year. She locked eyes with Soarin and mouthed Thanks to him. He just smiled and nodded.

Then a thought crossed her mind. Where's my parents? She looked at the bleachers, not seeing them. Then she felt sick. A wave of nausea hit her. They aren't here...

"Hey, you okay? You don't look so good, you sure this is a good idea?" Spitfire put her hand on Dash's shoulder.

"Ye-Yeah. I'm fine." Rainbow turned and looked at the center of the field. The coach was ready, whistle in his mouth. He blew it.

Rainbow Dash went complete offense, she managed to get the ball first, and needed to get as far as she could to the goal. She saw Spitfire up ahead and saw an opening. The athlete kicked the ball, passing it to Spitfire. Running ahead of the flame head, she prepared herself. Spitfire had the choice of passing it to Dash, or to even make an immediate goal.

But she did neither, kicking the ball towards Indigo Zap. But luckily, she didn't get it! Soarin swept forward, and got the soccer ball before a Shadowbolt could. He ran past Spitfire, and Rainbow Dash, and kicked with force. The ball flew through the air, and made a small whistling sound as it soared across the grass.

A cheer went up in the Wondercolt's bleachers. The ball was sitting in the corner of the net, with a the Shadowbolt's goalie panting with their hands on their knees. They had made a point.

Spitfire and Rainbow both high-fived Soarin, then went to where they needed to go. The coach blew the whistle, and Sour Sweet went straight towards the ball, and managed to get to it. Fleetfoot was the first to notice this and motioned for Dash. The Rainbow haired girl responded to this by running, and catching up to Sour. "How ya' doing?" Dash asked.

"Just fine, since you're not paying attention," she answered.

"You sure I'm the one not paying attention?" Rainbow snatched the ball out from Sour Sweet's feet, and dribbled it towards the goal. Surprise was just up ahead, and would be able to take the ball from Dash. The athlete kicked the ball to her, and the blonde was skipping while dribbling the ball.

Rainbow Dash looked in the direction of the bleachers once again, and for the second time, was not able to see them. Slowed down, and her shoulder brushed past someone, whom she never noticed; Soarin. She quickly said sorry, while never looking back. Her eyes were back on Surprise, who was passing the ball towards Spitfire.

The ball never made it though, having Jet Set take it instead. Rainbow chased after the enemy, and watched Fleetfoot, also, pursue after him too. Though, neither made it. Watching Blaze, the Wondercolt goalie, jump for the ball, never to actually block it, saddened Dash. But didn't bring her hopes down.

When the coach blew the whistle for the third time, Rainbow Dash was trailing Spitfire who had the ball. She slowed down, letting Dash get ahead to catch the ball. Rainbow Dash caught the ball between her feet, and dribbled, ready to make a goal. All thoughts cleared from her head, and she brought her leg back, about to kick the ball.

"GO DASHIEEE!" She heard Pinkie's megaphone voice, and her mind wasn't quite so clear anymore. It was actually kind of muddy. She kicked the ball making a goal, but she wasn't quite happy with it. Dash wasn't in a good mood, partially because her parents broke a promise, and Rainbow's head was starting to throb. She was going to regret playing, at some point in the future.

Forget it. Dash thought. Just win. That's why we did this. As the crowd finished cheering, Dash ran to get ready for a new vollie. On the way she high-fived Spitfire and Soarin, and getting hugged by Surprise.

"GOOOOOOOOOOOO DASHHHHHHHHHIEEEEEEEEEEE!" Pinkie cheered again. Rainbow Dash looked at her friends and smiled. A genuine smile. My family is here. And they are an amazing family, huh. She waved, turning around before she got too distracted.

The coach's whistle was blown and Rainbow Dash had the ball, and the game continued. After losing the ball once, her team managed to make a goal. Then another. Unluckily, the Shadowbolts made the next goal. By the end of the game, it managed to be seven to four, making the Wondercolts the winners.

"Oh yeah!" Rainbow Dash cheered. Her team had won the championships. No- not her team. Canterlot High's team. They all won. And she was mighty proud of it.

Pinkie Pie, who was running over to the victorious team, tackled Dash and gave her a huge hug. "C-an't.... Br-eath," The latter gasped for air.

"Whoops!" The Pink haired girl put out a hand for the rainbow haired girl to get up off of the floor. Pinkie ran off to say hello to Surprise, and the rest of the team. Meanwhile, all of the remaining friends of Dash went in for a group hug for the athlete.

"Hey, guys," Rainbow stopped them, releasing the hug. "It wasn't just me!" Rainbow pointed towards the team.

"Uh, ya okay Rainbow?" Applejack questioned, puzzled by the fact that Dash was being modest.

"Sure!" The athlete leaned in and whispered in AJ's ear, "Though, they wouldn't have done it without me." She smirked at the team.

"Oh, my, BANNANAASSS!" Surprise shouted. "We won!" She started dancing, and the team and Rainbow's friend's stared at the girl. Then Pinkie joined in.

"Normal?" Twilight asked Sunset Shimmer in a whisper, while Pinkie and Surprise did the Moonwalk. The bacon haired girl just smiled softly and nodded.

"Why don't we celebrate at Sugar Cube Corner?" Bacon Hair called, and everyone cheered. "Yes, Twilight, this is all normal."

Author's Note:

Uhgg... Took SO FREAKING LONGGGGG. I had major writer's block during the entire chapter. I may re-write this at some point, but for now, it stays. Plot is going to get good- in the future.
This is going to go on hiatus, while I finish planning up the major problem during this. But, fear not! I am going to be writing one shots! I will write about all this more in a blog, soon.
Sorry it took so long! ~Doodles

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