• Published 6th Feb 2016
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It's Only A Game... - Elysion_Doodles

So, CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The two will face off, and guess what? There's a school lock down. What will happen???

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Chapter 6

Rainbow Dash couldn't see anything, couldn't taste anything, or smell anything. The only senses that were working were hearing and feeling. But, in a way, the only thing she could feel was... well, it's hard to describe. Dash felt like time was slow, that there was space around her. Along with a soft object under her.

The girl could hear people, though they sounded distant, echo-y. She couldn't make out who was speaking. They were just voices. Rainbow also couldn't answer. It was almost like a limbo of some sort. What on Earth happened to her?

"Is she going to be okay?!"

"Yes, now be quiet!"

"Darling, you must stop talking."

"That includes ya too!"

"What about the championships?"

"Hey, she'd win at that. A championships for getting knocked out!"

"Does this happen a lot?"

"Depends. She gets hurt often, but it has never been a concu-"


Rainbow heard everything, but hated that she could do no more than listen.

Suddenly, Dash's senses turned on. She smelled an office. Then she realized which office.

It was the school Nurse's office. She had been there on plenty of occasions, being in plenty of sports. Then she tasted the grass, she spit grass out, and there was a gasp.

"SHES AWAKE! SHES AWAKE!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

Rainbow opened her eyes, and her head was pounding. "Urrrgghhhdds?" She made a noise. Nurse Redheart came over and she stood over the athlete.

"Oh, good, you're awake." She glanced at Pinkie. "Your friend here has been shouting that you were awake every time you stirred."

"Hmm?" Dash's vision finally cleared, and she saw who was in the room. Her friends,(as in the Main 7) along with Spitfire, Fleetfoot, and Soarin.

"Hey, why did you have to do that?" Spitfire asked.

"Uh.. Dughh, I was tryn to winn," Rainbow said, her words coming out odd. She tried shaking her head. It felt like she had just gotten hit by a soccer ball, and well, she had. Sorta.

"Do you realize what you have done?"


"No," Spitfire told her, as she had with Surprise many times before. "You can't play at the championships now!"

"Oh~ dats finnn- WAIT WHAT?!" Rainbow squeaked.

"Well, you sorta have a concussion." Fleetfoot answered bluntly.

"But- But its the championships!"

"Well, darling, we don't want you to get any more hurt than you are," Rarity stated.

"But hey! Um.." The Mint began. "At least you had the ball in your hands AFTER you got hit... Right?"

"I need to play so we can win!"

"Well... We will just have to ask one of the Lightning twins to play for you," Spitfire added.

"Uh- guys..." Soarin spoke up. "It's almost four, we should get going. We uh, we don't want to be late to CPA right?"

Everyone looked at Soarin. "Well, I suppose." Was all Rarity said. Then Rarity perked up, realizing something. "Well, I um.. I must get ready! To go.."

"Hey- Guys, I'll talk to Redheart and I'll see if I can go. Though I won't be leaving for a bit." Dash saddened. "I don't want to see the practice, otherwise I'll force myself to play."

No one realized that Rainbow was plotting something. What makes them think she will be able to watch the game, if she can't watch practice? "You guys go. I'll meet you there a couple before the game starts."

"Yah sure she doesn't have amnesia?" Applejack questioned. "She's not tryin' to get out of here as soon as possible.."

"Yeah, but I am actually hurting. My head throbs." Rainbow Dash half-lied. Her head did hurt some, not like, 'I'll never feel better!' kind of hurting.

"Well, okay. Like I said before, I have to get ready for Fanc- for the game!" Rarity walked towards the door. "Bye girls, Rainbow Dash." The fashionista waved, and left the room.

"We should get going, see you later Dash!" Sunset Shimmer motioned for the rest of the girls and soccer team to leave.

"Bye Dashie!" Pinkie Pie said. "And make sure to eat plenty of cake!"

"Uh, sure." Dash made a mental note to tell Pinkie that she ate some cake.

"Don't get hurt anymore," Spitfire waved bye, walking out of the Nurse's office.

"You don't want to see the wrath of the Mint!" Fleetfoot winked, and went out the door snickering to herself.

Soarin, who was holding the door for everyone, closed the door when everyone was out of the room.

"Hey, uh, Rainbow Dash?"


"I, uh.. Just wanted to say sorry for giving you a concussion." Soarin rubbed the back of his head, looking pretty sorry. "I never would have tried to do that. I was just trying to, well, win."

"I get that. And you have nothing to be sorry for." Rainbow remembered the fit she had thrown. "Honestly, the competision was kind of fun. Not many people can beat the Amazing Spectacular Supreme Rainbow Dash! "

Soarin chuckled. "I just wanted to say sorry Da- Dash," He walked backwards waving.

Rainbow sat up. She needed something done. But, she couldn't do it alone. "Soarin, wait. I have a plan." Rainbow Dash had an idea. An awful idea. Rainbow Dash had a wonderful, awful idea.

And she shared it with Soarin.

Author's Note:

Well, the blackout part was easy to write.
You would be surprised at how inspiring blacking out yourself is. Lol, I dunno if its the same for everyone, but when I did, I felt the cold floor, and I could hear my mom... But I couldn't do anything. It was just convenient I passed out like that a while ago. yeah, But now about the story.
Not much SoarinDash yet. There will be fluff at somepoint. It may be soon :derpytongue2:
I changed the name, and I am hoping it will fit a lot better. Hope it's not to weird/confusing.
Sorry the update was a couple days after a week, I've been feeling like I caught the Feather Flu or somethin'.
Not really, just a cold, but man, You just CANNOT type when your sneezing 24/7. Lol, All well.
Schools out for me on the 24th of May, and then I'll be working on 1-3 chapters per week! Yay!
Next chapter is gonna be interesting!