• Published 6th Feb 2016
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It's Only A Game... - Elysion_Doodles

So, CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The two will face off, and guess what? There's a school lock down. What will happen???

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Chapter 3

Rainbow Dash was sleeping, dreaming. It was a weird dream. This dream, was not about her fighting changlings. Dash wasn't dreaming about flying again, wasn't dreaming about being a pegasus. She wasn't even dreaming about girly singing flowers.

The cyan girl was dreaming about the championships. Dash was out on the field, and Chrystal Prep was winning the game.

"Spitfire! Pass the ball!" Dash shouted, reciceving the ball from the girl.

"Watch out!" Fleetfoot warned Rainbow.

"Huh?" Dash didn't notice, but a Chrystal Prep student had stolen the ball from her. It was Sour Sweet.

"We're friends!" She shouted to Rainbow Dash. "But we're still gonna' beat you!" She finished, living up to her name.

"Oh it's on!"

The rest of the game went terribly. Surprise once again, flubbed a kick, and the Wondercolts lost yet another point. The next time, Lightning Streak somehow managed to kick the ball into the other team's goal. Then, Spitfire kicked the ball over Dash's head, giving the ball to the other team.

"Ugh!" Rainbow vented. "Why is my team suddenly doing the worst possible?"

"Rainbow Dash! Heads up!" An unknown voice yelled, and the rainbow haired girl looked up, to see a ball going strait towards her head.


Rainbow stirred in her sleep. She didn't like this dream. "Uhnnn," she groaned.


"WAAAaaahhh?!" Dash jerked up, falling halfway off her bed. "Ughhh. I hate Mondays..." But then, she looked up at her calander, seeing that it was Thursday. "WHAT?!"

Rainbow jumped out of bed and went to her kitchen. "Hey Mom! Hey Dad!" She ran over to the counter to find already made pancakes. The athlete shoved two in her mouth then held another in her hand. "Omph! Fansks fuh mafing brakfafs" Dash ran back to her room.

"Where is it?" Rainbow was panicking. Thank Faust my friends aren't here.. "Finally!" She held up a Canterlot High jersey, and got her running leggings, and ran to the bathroom.

Ehh.. I can skip brushing my hair... Dash thought as she brushed her teeth. Ever since Colgate embarrassed her in elementary school about her bad breath, she brushed her teeth no matter what. Rainbow spit out the toothpaste saliva mixture, she grabbed her backpack and ran out the door.

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" Firefly and Rainbow Blaze both waved goodbye.

"We'll be at the chapionships! Don't worry!"

Better be... I'm stressed as is...

~ ~ ~

As Rainbow Dash was walking to school her mind wandered to her dream. I guess I'm more stressed than I thought... That championship game was absolutley terrible. Dash recalled the Championships from the year before. The games were right after she, Fluttershy, Aj, Rarity and Pinkie all split up. At least my parents were there...

Dash looked up to see the school in view. The rest of her friends were sitting in front of the Wondercolt statue.

"Hey Dashie!" Pinkie yelled.

"Oh, hey Rainbow," Sunset smiled.

"Ya prepared fer the game this afternoon?" Aj queered.

"I guess. It will definatly be better than last year."

"What happened last year?" Twilight asked, oblivious to what had happened back then.

"Well, lets jus' say that we weren't exactly goin' through the best of times," Applejack sighed.

"And I didn't really help either," Sunset admitted.

"Oh. Sorry I asked," Twilight apologised.

"Eh, it was in the past. At least this year, I'll have you all of you guys," Dash said with an exagerated 'cheesy' tone. Everyone nodded. "But! Its not like I'll need it!"

Applejack facepalmed, thinking her friend was actually not going to boast.

"My team- I uh, I mean..." Dash said remembering what happened at the Battle of the Bands. "The Wondercolts will win this year- I know we will!"

"GO DASHIE!" Pinkie shouted.

"You sure have alot of confidence in the team," Twilight said.

Even if I'm hiding my nervousness....

"You sure you aren't nervous at all?" Rarity questioned, as if reading Dash's mind.

"What? Nah! Im excited, if anything," the athlete answered.

"Oh! Are you nervoucited?" Pinkie suggested.

Rainbow Dash sighed. "Sure, I guess I'm nervoucited..."

~ ~ ~

"Hey! Rainbow Dash!" A voice shouted.

"Huh?" The rainbow haired girl turned around to see Spitfire and Fleetfoot motioning for her to go over to the two. "Oh, be right back guys!" She ran over to her teammates.

"Mornin'," Fleetfoot said.

"What's up?" Dash asked.

"The sky." The mint haired girl snickered at her answer.

"So, you got a plan for lunch practice?" Spitfire queered.

"Yeah, but you'll have to wait to see what."

"Great! Now I have a huge question for you," Fleetfoot spoke energetically. "Have you heard what happened at lunch at the field yesterday?"

"Duh. I was there," Dash rolled her eyes.

"No, I mean, the rest of the school thinks that... Something else happened."

"I have no idea what then."

Spitfire frowned. "Well.. We should tell you. But you have to promise not to freak out."

"It can't be that bad," Rainbow shrugged. "It's probably along the lines of, 'Rainbow Dash had a drama queen breakdown, then got into a fist fight, then ended up getting banned from captain of the team'"

"Not even close," Fleetfoot snickered. "But saying that you had a drama queen breakdown, would be funny!"

"Well.. How do I say this?" Spitfire chose her words carefully.

"The school likes to exaggerate," Fleetfoot said, with a not-so-real-laugh.


"They obviously know that its not true!"

"And we and your friends know its's not true!"

"Its not like,"

"They think that,"

"There was a thing,"

"Between you and,"


Rainbow's jaw dropped. "What-"

"But they also think that," Spitfire continued.

"You guys broke up,"

"And hate eachother."

"WHAT?!" Rainbow Dash yelled.

"I should've made you Pinkie Promise.." Spitfire mumbled under her breath.

"I am going to hunt down the person who started this! And I..." Dash paused. "I'll get Pinkie."

"We don't know who it is..."

"I. Will. Get. Everyone. Who. Believes. It. Then."

"Uh Oh." Spitfire and Fleetfoot both said in chorus.

Author's Note:

Sorry for any delay. I ended up writing as if she was a pony :derpytongue2: I derpied.
All well. Heres the final product!