• Published 6th Feb 2016
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It's Only A Game... - Elysion_Doodles

So, CHS's Winter break is coming up. Pinkie's throwing some Hearths Warming parties. There's also some rivalries. Between Rainbow Dash and Soarin. The two will face off, and guess what? There's a school lock down. What will happen???

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Chapter 4

Rainbow Dash was walking over to her other friends, with Fleetfoot and Spitfire. "Did you guys know that there's a rumor going on about what happened yesterday at lunch?"

"NOPE!" Pinkie said, smiling awkwardly.

"Um... No? I thought that no one else knew about it," Fluttershy timidly said, avoiding eye contact with the others.

"Clueless," Sunset answered.

"I have no idea," Twilight bluntly stated.

"Darling, is this why you were yelling over there?" Rarity said, with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"I can say that I know at least some of it?" Applejack said, telling most of the truth.

"Can it! I know you guys know," Rainbow sighed. "I can't believe it! Who would start such a thing? I mean, I'm way too busy being awesome, to even think about having a boy... Boyfriend!" Rainbow cringed at the last few words.

"It'll probably pass soon, Dash, don't worry," Sunset said reassuringly.

"Plus, darling, you have to worry about later today don't you?" Rarity reminded Rainbow.

"Yeah. I guess your right." Dash gave in. I am so going to have to talk to the team today...

~ ~ ~

"Okay team!" Rainbow shouted. "Today, we are going to do a battle.. Uh.. Battle thing!" She couldn't think of the right words.

"Great name!" Fleetfoot said laughing her head off.

"So, heres how this works! We are going to do a bunch of 1v1's, first one to get 3 scores wins. Winner of that round goes against another winner. Goes on until the finals."

"What if we run out of time?" Lightning Streak queered.

"Oh yeah! And you only get 2 minutes! If someone doesn't reach 3 scores, the one with highest score wins."

"And if it's a tie?"

"You... Rock Paper Scissors?" Dash answered. "Okay here's the starting pairs: Me and Spitfire, Fleetfoot and Soarin, Blaze and Misty Fly, Surprise and Rapid Fire."

"Who goes first?" Surprise asked.

"Me and Spitfire," Dash smirked. "You ready?"

"Somewhat..." Spitfire answered. The flame haired girl, was not excited. She was going against Dash, who was a overall beast of a Soccer player, but she was also mad, from what happened before school.

"One... Two... Three-Go!" Dash started the game. Only a couple seconds in, Dash was already failing. She was going towards Spitfire's goal. And about ready to kick.

Then, Dash surprised Spitfire by turning around, and kicking the ball all the way into her goal. "Gotcha" Dash smiled innocently, and went to get the ball.

"I swear, that girl doesn't even have to try..." Spitfire muttered.

"Are you even paying attention?" Rainbow Dash asked, dribbling the ball around Spitfire.

"Oh!" Spitty tried kicking the ball out from underneith Dash's feet, but Rainbow was too quick. She quickly kicked the ball up high into the air, and made another score.

"Thirty seconds left!" Surprise said. The blonde Pinkie figure had been counting. From 120 backwards... How? No one knew how she did it naturally. But people learned to not question her, just as Pinkie.

"Want a half-freebie?" Rainbow Dash asked Spitfire.

"What do you mean by half?" the flamehead answered.

"I will stand in front of the goal, you try to kick, and I will catch the ball," Dash explained, "I'll basically be a goalie."

Spitfire sighed. "Not like I have much choice."

"Okay!" Rainbow jogged over to a goal.

"20 SECONDSSS!!" Pinki-Surprise shouted.

"I got this," Spitfire took a deep breath, and kicked the ball towards the goal. The ball was spinning, zooming through the air, and it made a soft whistling sound as it zoomed across the bright green grass. Spitfire thought that she was actually going to make a goal but-

"10, 8, 9!" Surprise made her jerk her head towards the blonde.


"Aruagh!" Spitfire turned in time to see Rainbow Dash mid-flip, arms in front of her, with her hands on the ball.

"OH COME ON!" the flame haired athlete screamed.

"I would've won anyways," Rainbow assured, trying to say something other than, I JUST BEAT YOU! HA, HA! Spitfire just sighed. "Well, next team. Who wants to go next?" A light blue hand went up. "Okay, Fleetfoot and, Soarin." Saying 'Soarin' dropped Rainbow's spirit. She wanted to forget about the rumor, partially because it was embarrassing and she had a reputation to keep up, and also, she didn't want to worry about a rumor when she had a giant championship game in less than 5 hours.

"Yes!" Fleetfoot exclaimed. "Watch me do even better than you Spitfire!"

"You mean doing an even better job of failing?" The flame-head sighed.

The mint haired girl just snickered. "You'll see!" Fleetfoot and Soarin took their spots on the field, and got ready.

"BEGO!" Surprise said.

"What does that even mean?" Rainbow asked the blonde, as the tourniment began between Soarin and Fleet.

"It's a mixture of 'Begin' and 'Go", Silly! Duh!" she answered.

"So you- nevermind."
~ ~ ~

Fleetfoot and Soarin were pretty good out on the field, although, they were using eachother's weaknesses. See, Fleetfoot was on defence, and Soarin offence. This meant that Fleetfoot could keep the ball from getting into the goal, and Soarin was better at keeping it near her side.

Soarin was a good player on both defence, and offence though, and this meant that he had an advantage. He was able to make a goal with one minute remaining. Fleetfoot also managed to get a goal, 90 seconds into the game.

"Thirty! Twenty-eight! Twenty-nine!" Surprise counted.

Soarin grumbled something to himself, and went full "In going to win this!" mode. He got the ball, and charged towards Fleetfoot, managing to get past her. He kicked, the ball getting into the goal.

This got the mint haired girl infuriated. She often times was the person always there to lighten up the mood, and brag, often times like Rainbow Dash. (Though not quite as much.) But, when she got mad, she was a totally different person. She could've even stolen Spitfire's fire hair, and lived with it.

'Fifteen! Thirteen! Fourteen!" The counter counted off.

Fleetfoot dribbled the ball, and when she was in shot of the goal, she kicked with such force, she flipped backwards.

"Thanks Fleetfoot!" Soarin came over and helped her up.

"Wait, huh?" Fleetfoot said groggily. Soarin pointed over to Rapid Fire, who was holding score cards. One labeled '1' and the other, '3'.

"You gave me a point."

"I what?!?!"

Spitfire was walking over to Fleetfoot, ice in her hands. "You managed to flip, and make a goal into Soarin's side." She stated, with a small snicker. Rainbow too, was walking over.

"Heh. Remind me never to get you mad! I don't feel like getting the wrath of the 'Mint', or having my team lose because you make a goal for the opponents." She joked, handing the 'Mint' a water bottle.

"Thanks," she said.

~ ~ ~

The rest of the day went, and the finals were coming to the little game the team was playing. The game ended up with Surprise beating Rapidfire by Rock-Paper-Scissors, and Misty Fly beating Blaze. Then went on to Rainbow beating Surprise, Soarin beating Misty. This meant that they would have to go against each other.

Rainbow was annoyed by this, yet pleased. She had expected it to come down to this, since Soarin was the next best player, tied with Spitfire, so she thought that this would be a good opportunity to get back at him for his plan against Dash the day before.

Soarin, though, was happy for other reasons.

Author's Note:

CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry, I just really wanted to get this out, because you guys have waited way longer than I want you guys to. I finally got in the mood to write, and this is what came of it!
I will make a short chapter soon, for the battle between Soarin and Dash. I must wait! I need to figure out what way Rainbow will kill Soarin!
Oh.. wait.. wrong thing.. :derpytongue2:
I haven't been able to write because of end of school tests, and havent been in the mood, because teachers are killing me with writing, PLUS, I am writing a another mini story. I've also been busy trying to catch up on reading, and I am practicing Paint Tool Sai. I'll try to get the new chapter up within the next few days. And, hopefully, you guys will never EVER have to wait... uh.. wait... ITS BEEN OVER A MONTH?!?!? AHHHHHH
Im so sorry :applecry: I will make it my goal to get my oneshot out this week too! DESERT AND AN ENTREE! Wait what? All well..
Don't be afraid to tell me things to fix, I will take all recomendations/edit things. It's a part of being an author! It wont hurt me! :rainbowdetermined2: