• Published 3rd Jan 2016
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Inter-Dimensional Crusaders! - Infinite Affection

When Apple Bloom finds a mysterious anomaly, she comes face to face with the strangest thing possible, herself as a pony! Combined with her fellow crusaders, they embark on a journey of discovery of the human world and Equestria.

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The Two Apple Blooms

Author's Note:

Hi everypony, this is my first ever fanfic chapter so apologies if there are any big problems with it, I would appreciate "constructive criticism" Some of you might get a bit confused with the wording of some of it later on but thats mostly cuz ive tried to tell it from both perceptions at the same time, you'll know what I mean when you read it.

It shouldn't be long before the next chapter comes out either but my timetable will be chocablocked as of next week so I'll try my best. :twilightsheepish:

CHAPTER 1 – The Two Apple Blooms

“Hey! Wait for us!” cried Scootaloo, catching up to Apple Bloom who was steaming on ahead.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Apple Bloom decided to oblige her fellow crusaders and stop for a few moments to allow them to catch up with her. She hadn’t realised how fast she was going, most likely due to all the excitement surrounding the end of the school year. It was perhaps the most chaotic part of the school calendar with everyone rushing out of their classes to get out and make the most of the summer break.

“Heh, ah guess ah got a lil’ ahead of myself,” chuckled Apple Bloom, spinning round to meet her friends.

“We’ve got plenty of time to enjoy the summer; no need to hurry in case we hurt ourselves and spend the rest of it in hospital!” replied Sweetie Belle, a reassuring smile on her lips.

“Yeah, ah know,” said Apple Bloom, “Ah guess ah took Miss Cheerilee’s words a lil’ too literally.”

Apple Bloom remembered that before the last bell rang, their benevolent teacher had told them to “let every second count” while trying to hide the tears welling up in her eyes. She often got quite emotional at the finale of the school year since she knew that every year a few of her students would graduate but the fact that the majority of her students would continue on brought her comfort.

“O’ course, ma big brother’s a big help too,” Apple Bloom thought to herself, letting out a little chuckle.

The three crusaders started walking across the hall to the main entrance that led outside. Apple Bloom glanced around the hall, taking in the all too familiar scent of the place she came to every day for the last year. A sudden feeling of sorrow came over her. Of course, she knew that in three months’ time she would be back here bright and early to start a new academic year but the feeling nagged at her. Every year that went by she felt more and more sad that she won’t be able to experience the daily grind of school forever but Applejack always told her not to fret about that kind of stuff; so she quickly set it aside from her mind.

The sun boasted summer when they stepped outside, Apple Bloom could feel the welcoming warmth it gave out and felt Scootaloo’s arms around her shoulder.

“Man, this is going to be an awesome summer! I can feel it!” exclaimed Scootaloo, fired up as usual. “I’m just going to get my scooter.” And with that she jogged over towards the bike racks where her scooter was tied up.

“Wow! She’s certainly excited; then again Rainbow Dash is taking her to the Wondercolts Gala later tonight,” said Sweetie Belle. “You know that we need an adult to come with us and with my parents out on a business trip and Rarity busy with her clients’ dressers, I’m not able to attend but I can always help my sister instead.”

“Yeah, if she’ll let ya,” stated Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom had known about Rarity’s reluctance when it came to Sweetie Belle assisting her after a few incidents involving misuse of the fashionista’s fabrics; even if her intentions were good. However, she also knew that Rarity had a very generous heart and would hardly set aside an opportunity to spend time with her “innocent” sister, especially seeing as she wasn’t able to accompany Sweetie Belle to the Gala tonight.

“Applejack’s not going either and it’s not like Big Mac to go to big social thing,” Apple Bloom continued. “Besides, I think he’ll be with his special someone tonight,” giving a wink in the direction of Sweetie Belle. They both giggled harmoniously.

“I trust you two aren’t up to anything?” an accusative voice said from behind them. Apple Bloom spun around to see that Sunset Shimmer had overheard their small outburst and was walking towards them. “Is it dirt on your sisters, perchance?” she poked with a sly grin.

“Nothin’ that ya don’t already know, Sunset,” replied Apple Bloom, trying to calm herself down.

Despite her past actions, Sunset Shimmer was idolized by Apple Bloom and her friends because of her endless support in their crusaders efforts to discover their true talents. After the Battle of the Bands, everyone opened their hearts to Sunset and she started to become the most popular girl in school - for the right reasons this time. Most surprising of all though was that Sunset always found the time to assist Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo with whatever help they needed; sometimes she would even volunteer to watch over them in place of their sisters. The crusaders often wondered why Sunset devoted so much of her time to their cause and had once asked her about it, to which she said that she understood what it felt like to have an unknown destiny and that after her “reformation” she felt lost and unsure what to pursue until Twilight and her friends helped her see the light and made her destiny more clear. She emphasized that she didn’t want the three of them to feel the way she did and so would make every effort to help them find their destinies.

In fact, Sunset’s role was almost crucial in discovering their talent of helping others find their true talents. After helping Diamond Tiara see the good side of her talent, Sunset suggested that the three of them had their own individual talents but together they had an innate ability to discover other people’s true talents. The three crusaders had been overjoyed with this realization and now thought of her as another sister.

“Are you girls going to the party tonight then?” asked Sunset Shimmer with a happy tone.

“I sure am!” cried Scootaloo, stopping with precision that she lined up right next to Apple Bloom, helmet on and scooter ready for action. “Rainbow Dash is taking me; it will be so cool!”

“I’d love to but Rarity isn’t going so I thought I’d just help her,” said Sweetie Belle, a slight sadness in her voice.

“Yea, an’ since Applejack’s not going either, ah promised her ah’d help her with the evening chores,” stated Apple Bloom, her voice indicating no desire to go to the party.

“Well, the rules say that I could take one of you with me-

“Really?!!” questioned Sweetie Belle eagerly, cutting off Sunset before she could finish. “I mean, if that’s ok with you?”

“Of course it is, Sweetie Belle and I’d be glad for the company. Why don’t we go over to Rarity’s now and see if she’d be ok with it?” suggested Sunset Shimmer, a comforting smile on her face.

“Wow! Thanks Sunset! Are you coming Scoots?” said Sweetie Belle ecstatically.

“Yeah, let’s go!” agreed Scootaloo. “What about you, Apple Bloom?”

“Nah, ah’d better get on home ta ma big sis, she’ll be counting on me ta be there ta help her. I’ll see ya tomorrow though. Clubhouse at 10?”

“You know it!” agreed Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in unison, giggling about it afterwards.

“See ya soon, Sunset,” said Apple Bloom, waving her hand at Sunset Shimmer as she began to walk away.

“Sooner than you think, Apple Bloom,” replied Sunset Shimmer, with a hearty chuckle. “Come on girls!”

Apple Bloom continued walking round the side of the school and noticed the recently ruined statue of the cantering horse. Apple Bloom and her friends had been away when the alleged incident happened and Applejack’s recollection of it made her even more confused, since she made out that it was Twilight’s fault which made no sense to Apple Bloom. Then again, she remembered that when Applejack mentioned Crystal Prep her interest in the story plummeted. Regardless, Principal Celestia announced the statue was scheduled to be repaired as soon as possible so the school would not be without their symbol for long.

Knowing her sister would be waiting for her, Apple Bloom began to walk at a faster pace towards home. After all, she didn’t want to hold up Applejack for too long since the quicker they got the chores done the sooner they could get to some relaxing in the summer evening; Applejack had even mentioned a campout. The thought gave Apple Bloom such a buzz of excitement that she hadn’t noticed the random branch jutting out of the nearby bushes and a few seconds later she had fallen onto her knees, sending her backpack that she had been carrying flying into the bushes. She grimaced in pain and stood up to check for injury on her knees. Luckily, there was a slight bruise but no blood was pouring out. Apple Bloom sighed and turned to the bushes, looking at the branch which tripped her up.

“That’s what ya git fer daydreamin’!” she thought to herself. She had yet to leave the school grounds and she had already found herself in a pickle. She pondered for a moment before resuming to search for her backpack. Rummaging through the bushes, Apple Bloom couldn’t find her backpack and thought that it must have flown further than she initially thought. Taking care not to snag her face on any other stray twigs or branches, Apple Bloom ventured into the big bush. It didn’t take long for her to catch sight of her bag nestled at the back of the bush, lying up rather snug beside the wall. As she moved closer to it however, her gaze was diverted by a huge crack in the wall, eerily emitting purple streaks along its edges. As the crack came into focus, she realised it wasn’t a crack but a large gaping hole although none like any she had previously seen.

For one thing, in the hole there was a picturesque countryside with lots of trees and what looked to be houses in the distance. Her first thought that came to mind was that it was a picture until she noticed a bird fly past and tweet a merry tune. Slightly taken aback, she turned her head back to see if this was a reflection but her eyes met endless twigs and leaves and there wasn’t a bird in sight. Her backpack didn’t seem to matter much to Apple Bloom now; even though she could see it lying underneath the mysterious hole. An idea occurred to her, although she appeared hesitant to go through with it. Curiously eyeing the portal and then her right hand, she transferred her gaze back and forth until it started to make her head spin. Finally, with one deep breath, she faced the hole, stretched out her right hand in front of her and pushed it into the hole.

The Frisbee had gone wide past Apple Bloom’s grasp and heard a thud as it landed on the other side of what was a large boulder. She grunted in annoyance but knew that there wasn’t that could be done about it now.

“Wha’ kind of throw was that?” she threw at Scootaloo, quite annoyed.

“Ooops, sorry AB,” said Scootaloo sheepishly. “I guess I overdid it a bit.”

That was an understatement, Apple Bloom thought. It hadn’t even been a throw. The young Pegasus decided to try one of her “trickshots”, darting up into the air – if for only a brief time – doing a full turn and kicking the Frisbee in mid-air with her hooves. She kicked the wrong way however and it went way over to the left; landing over the big rock behind Apple Bloom.

“Don’t you think it’s time we stopped now anyway? We need to get ready for the summer sun celebrations tonight,” argued Sweetie Belle. “We should go back to my house, Rarity will be waiting for us.”

“Yeah, ah suppose it’s gettin’ kinda late,” admitted Apple Bloom, glancing at the position of the sun in the sky. Of course, on this particular night most ponies stayed up until the sun was raised in the morning; those that could anyway. She remembered fondly about the many times that she had attempted to stay up but always fell asleep not long past the middle of the night. She often told Applejack to wake her up if she started nodding off but she, being the big sis that she was, said “Youngings need their sleep, ah can’t force ya ta stay awake, sugarcube.”

“This time, we’ll all stay up all night, won’t we crusaders?!” declared Scootaloo, reading Apple Bloom’s mind.

“Hay, yeah!” exclaimed Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle together, sharing a giggle afterwards.

“Let’s get going, then!” said Scootaloo, walking in the direction of Ponyville with Sweetie Belle close behind.

“Wait, y’all aren’t forgetting something?” protested Apple Bloom, pointing her hoof at the boulder.

“Oh yeah, the Frisbee,” laughed Sweetie Belle.

“Don’ worry girls, I’ll go git it an’ catch up with ya.”

“OK, we’ll see ya later then,” replied Scootaloo, trotting away with Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom began to canter around the boulder which turned out to be bigger than she originally thought. There was no rush however; it wouldn’t take long to get to Rarity’s as they had been playing in a grassy area just outside of Ponyville. She eventually came to a halt at the other side of the boulder; the Frisbee wasn’t there but what she saw instead completely astounded her.

It was as if a small part of the boulder had suddenly turned into water, ripples forming and breaking at the edges of the partition. The epicentre was what looked to be a yellow hoof, scarily resembling her own. She gasped in shock and quickly backed away, tripping over a stray branch and falling on her rear end quite hard. Apple Bloom let out a loud grunt of pain while trying to get back to her hooves. A muffled sound emanated from the boulder. Apple Bloom raised her gaze to it; the yellow hoof had gone and the ripples had started to fade. As the “water” became more transparent however, something else came into focus. Though it was unclear to tell for sure, the object had a head of sorts and a body extending to the bottom, well the bottom in her eyes, edge of the partition. Apple Bloom felt a tinge of fear down her spine as the water became still; then she saw the thing for what it really was.

Apple Bloom sat in silence, mouth ajar, eyes fixed on the creature in front of her. At first, she didn’t know what to make of whatever it was. It had two eyes like her, ears, mouth, all facial features and hair. It stood quite a bit taller than her and quite a bit smaller than her. It appeared to stand on just its forelegs and on all its legs as well. Apple Bloom hadn’t the faintest idea what was staring at her questionably but Apple Bloom however had a good idea what the creature was or at least looked like. A small smile slid onto Apple Bloom's lips, sparking a stroke of fear on her expression.

Bending down on to her knees, Apple Bloom leaned towards the hole and said, “Aww, what a cute lil’ horse!”

The creature’s sounds echoed through the water, ever so slightly distorted. Coupled with her newfound knowledge that the creature could speak, Apple Bloom found it difficult to make out what the creature had said but listening to the echoes bouncing off the water, she was able to distinguish the words “lil’ horse.” Apple Bloom tried to generate a response; her words catching in her mouth out of fear and was only able to manage, “Ah….Ah….Ah’m a pony, actually.”

“Oh, that’s right. Ah for-

Apple Bloom cut out of her thought and jumped back in amazement, startling Apple Bloom slightly. “Did that horse…ah mean pony just TALK?” she asked herself. She already knew the answer but was reluctant to believe it.

“Did ya just say something, just now?” she asked the yellow pony.

This time the sound was much easier to hear although it was not the response that she had anticipated. It seemed that the creature was surprised that Apple Bloom had given a reply. What’s more was that the voice sounded familiar.

“Yeah, ah did,” Apple Bloom gave as her reply.

Apple Bloom’s expression turned to fear as thoughts raced through her head. You’re talking to a pony! A pony! What the heck is going on?
Noticing the fear on the creature’s face, Apple Bloom became slightly more at ease. Still, she was confused as to why something as simple as saying something to it would get the creature all worked up.

“Are ya doin’ alright?” a worried Apple Bloom asked the creature.

Apple Bloom’s mind was still buzzing with questions but upon hearing the little pony’s concern for her, she collected her thoughts, took a deep breath and sighed.

“Ah’m fine, thanks,” she admitted. “Ah just haven’t ever met a talkin’ pony before.”

“Really?” Apple Bloom was stunned. How in Celestia’s name did she think ponies couldn’t talk? “How so?”

“Cuz ponies can’t talk. At least the ones ah’ve heard of.”

“That’s silly!” argued Apple Bloom, feeling much more relaxed. “O’ course, ponies can talk!”

“No, they can’t!”

“Yes, they CAN!” cried Apple Bloom, getting annoyed.

Apple Bloom wasn’t sure what to think. For the moment, she decided it might be nice to get to know the yellow pony who had showed her concern.

“Ah’m sorry fer getting ya upset; my sis wouldn’a like me fer it if I insulted the first pony who talked ta me,” uttered a rather apologetic Apple Bloom, her eyes looking down. “Ya seem nice, what’s ur name?”

The yellow crusader hadn’t realised how annoyed she was sounding. She quickly changed her tone and said calmly, “Apple Bloom. Ma name is Apple Bloom.”

She couldn’t have heard that right. “Sorry, what was that?” she asked nervously.

“Apple Bloom.”

She could ask a million more times and the answer wouldn’t change. This was not possible; she had to be dreaming! She started slapping herself on the face, much to the yellow filly’s confusion.

“Why are ya hittin’ yarself?” Apple Bloom asked, baffled.

Realising that her hands were doing nothing but giving her a sore cheek, Apple Bloom laid her arms down at her sides and thought about what to say to Apple Bloom.

“Cuz I don’t hardly believe this. Ma name is Apple Bloom too.”

Apple Bloom mirrored the creature’s expression. She could hardly believe it herself. She stood in silence for a while, observing the creature diligently.

“What are ya?” asked the perplexed filly. “Ah’ve never seen something like ya before.”

Apple Bloom threw the yellow filly a surprised look. “Ya mean ta tell me that ya’ve never seen a human before?”

“Nope,” Apple Bloom replied, her eyes still shifting all around the “human” whose name was her own. “Never.”

“That’s weird; ah’ve seen plenty o’ horses. Ma big sis, Applejack always-”

“AJ is your sister too?!” Apple Bloom interrupted, utterly gobsmacked. “You don’t have a brother called-”

“Big Macintosh? And…

“GRANNY SMITH?!” The two of them said together.

Neither said a word for some time, both striving to understand what been said in the last exchange. They had a similar expression on their faces, a mix of shock and awe with a tiny hint of excitement that grew ever more evident in the other’s mind.

“Ah still can’t believe this is really true!” Apple Bloom exclaimed, rather excited but with a hunt of doubt. “Ah mean, ah’d eat ma bow if-”

“You wear a bow in your hair too?” Apple Bloom turned around to reveal her pink bow largely proportionate to her red streams of hair reaching down to her shoulders.

Apple Bloom gasped excitedly and did the same making sure that human Apple Bloom had turned back around to see it. “Never leave home without it!” she admitted happily.

“Home? That wouldn’t be Sweet Apple Acres, would it?” questioned Apple Bloom, almost certain what the answer would be.

“Yup! How’d ya know?” she answered with a wide grin.

They both laughed, knowing exactly what the other was thinking.

“Ah guess ah know myself too well.”

And with that, the laughing ceased. Both of them came to the same realisation that the Apple Bloom in front of them had to be themselves. But how? There was only one more thing that would guarantee this and both of them knew exactly what it was.

“When yar a younger girl….” started Apple Bloom.

“And yar flank is very bare….” Apple Bloom continued, recognizing the song.

“Feels like the sun will never come when yar destinies aren’t there…”

“So the three of us fight the fight, there is nothing that we fear…”

“We’ll have to figure out what we’ll do next….”


It was official. There was no doubt about it.

“Yar me!” cried the two Apple Blooms with the upmost joy.

“So ar cutie marks must be the same?!” said Apple Bloom, pointing at her flank with her hoof.

“Ya mean, a cutie mark’s an actual thing? We just thought it sounded nice in ar name!” replied Apple Bloom.

“So then what’s yar special talent?” asked the pony crusader, feeling doubtful again.

“Well after helping a friend o’ ars, ah think ah’m good at finding other people’s special talents along with my fellow crusaders,” stated Apple Bloom confidently.

“Diamond Tiara?”

“Yeah, it was.” Apple Bloom smiled. There was no point talking to yourself like you would a complete stranger, she thought. “She was a meanie before, huh?”

“Eeeyup! As ar brother would say.” Apple Bloom still felt it strange to share so much in common with somepony else to the point that you’d use “ar” with almost everything. She blushed, turning her head to the right and on doing so she caught sight of the very thing that compelled her to come here.

“The Frisbee! Ah completely forgot about it. It landed near this here doo-hickey just before ah met ya!” explained Apple Bloom.

Remembering her own reason for being here, Apple Bloom replied, “Oh dang nabbit! Ah’m supposed to go and help AJ, she’ll be wondering where ah’ve gotten to!”

“And ah need ta get back ta ma friends before it gets too dark!”

An idea struck Apple Bloom and judging by the look on the other’s face, she asked, “Are ya thinking what ah’m thinking?”

There was a pause before they both erupted, “WE AF TO SHOW THIS TA SWEETIE BELLE AND SCOOTALOO!!”

“Let’s meet here again at midday, tomorrow! Ah’ll bring them with me!” announced Apple Bloom, standing up excitedly.

“Then ah’ll do the same. See ya tomorrow!” replied Apple Bloom joyfully, trotting out of view from the hole to collect the Frisbee.

“Bye, Apple Bloom!” That was something that Apple Bloom never thought she’d say and the thought made her laugh.

Spying Sweet Apple Acres in the distance, Apple Bloom contemplated what had just taken place a while ago; her sensitive knees reminding her ever so slightly. Ya talked to a pony! And it spoke back! Ah wonder if Winona would say something if ah asked her? No, that was silly. Or was it? After the conversation she had, Apple Bloom was willing to believe anything.

Putting the thought aside for a moment, Apple Bloom grabbed her backpack; thinking it a good idea to check if anything had fallen out. Naturally, she had zipped it shut but it would certainly be inconvenient if she had lost anything important that she might need when school started again. Still walking at a steady space, she rummaged around in her backpack with her hand, feeling the shape of her various items. Unsure that everything was accounted for, she stopped and took a look in the bag; using her hand to move items out of the way. Nope, everything was here.

“Well now there y’are! Thought ya got yersel lost or summin’!”

Apple Bloom looked up from her bag to see her sister, Applejack, waving at her from the edge of the fence encircling the farm. She had a smile on her face that said she was glad to see Apple Bloom but at the same time questioning what she had been doing. Apple Bloom grinned in return and, closing her bag, she jogged over to Applejack.

“Well? What was the hold-up?” questioned Applejack in a relaxed tone, her left arm leaning on the fence.

“Ya wouldn’t believe me if ah told ya, AJ,” answered Apple Bloom, excitement exuding from her words.

“Is that right? Well, try me,” said Applejack, leaning in towards Apple Bloom, eager to hear the story.

Apple Bloom hesitated and her smile subsided. As much as she trusted her honest sister, Apple Bloom wasn’t sure if telling her sister about the pony Apple Bloom was such a good idea, at least not now, since she would likely make a big deal out of it and forbid her from going to see herself again, if she believed it. Otherwise, her overprotective sister would likely make the same amount of fuss if she didn’t believe it and keep Apple Bloom cooped up in her room until her senses came back to her. However, she would have to tell her now intrigued sister something to get her off her back.

“Ah just had the most interestin’ conversation in ma whole life!” Apple Bloom said, thinking to herself why that was the best she could come up with.

“Oh yea? With who?”

“Uhhhh…with Sunset. She said she wants ta get back together with Flash Sentry or summin’. Ah thought it was interestin’ cuz…….she kinda…..likes you,” stated Apple Bloom, trying to conceal the guilt of lying about her mentor and telling it to her sister.

“Come again? Sunset likes me? As in…..wait, hold on, why’s she tellin’ ya this? You shouldn’t be getting involved with something like this, a girl your age!” said Applejack, her voice having changed from confusion to outright anger. “Ah’ll need to have a word with Sunset the next time ah see her ta sort this thing out!”

Apple Bloom’s heart teared at what her mouth had just uttered. How could she lie about her most faithful supporter? How could she lie to her sister? There was no going back now, though.

“Please don’t get mad, AJ. Ah was lookin’ forward to spendin’ the evening together,” said Apple Bloom, a tinge of fear and hint of guilt in her voice.

Applejack looked at the worried expression on her younger sister’s face. She composed herself and deeply sighed.

“Sorry bout’ that, sugarcube. Ya know ah get a little protective of ya from time ta time,” said Applejack softly, lifting Apple Bloom’s spirits a bit before they quickly sank down again. “Still, it ain’t right what Sunset’s doin’ and ah’ll talk to her about it but it’s nothing to fret about tonight. Ah can see why y’all thought it was interestin’.”

That won’t be the only thing, thought Apple Bloom thinking about the consequences of her substitute story. Though not all of it may have been untrue as on occasions, Apple Bloom had heard Sunset talk about Applejack in a certain way and she always appeared to act differently when AJ was around, at least the times that she’d been there. Nevertheless, she still felt awful but tried her best to hide it from her sister.

“Come on, help me with this here patch of trees and then we’ll get a campfire going,” continued Applejack, making her way over to the orchard and signalling Apple Bloom to follow.

Apple Bloom hastened to join her sister, all the while hoping that tomorrow would be worth her lie.

Apple Bloom opened the door to Rarity’s house to find Rarity beaming at her as she walked in.

“Ah, there you are, darling! I was afraid you had lost your way or something,” she said calmly, her voice slightly indicating that she had previously been anxious.

“Nah, ah just couldn’t find the dang Frisbee,” replied Apple Bloom, letting out a small chuckle.

Rarity’s beaming smile evaporated, telling Apple Bloom that she had not liked what she had just said. “Really, Apple Bloom! You must refrain from using the word “dang” it is unbecoming of a pony and one your age too!” said Rarity sternly, taking her normal disgusted posture; eyes closed and head lifted high.

“Ah guess…,” muttered Apple Bloom, in a tone of annoyance. Apple Bloom didn’t much care for Rarity’s opinion half the time because most often Applejack didn’t give a hoot about Rarity’s elite taste either. However that didn’t give her the excuse to challenge Rarity’s remarks when she made them, being a filly and all. Besides, aside from her refined taste, she was normally very nice to the yellow filly and her fellow crusaders, if they weren’t causing too much trouble.

“Good. Your friends are up in Sweetie’s room; I’ll let you girls know when it is time to go to Twilight’s Castle.”

“Thanks, Rarity,” Apple Bloom said gratefully. She then trotted over to the stairs and proceeded to Sweetie Belle’s room.

Apple Bloom found the two crusaders idly sitting beside each other when she came inside, both looking at her with puzzled looks.

“What took you so long?” demanded Scootaloo, looking a little perplexed and somewhat annoyed. “I thought you said you’d catch up to us.”

“Yea, ah got side-tracked…by the coolest thing ever!!” exclaimed Apple Bloom, taking her fellow crusaders completely by surprise.

“Well, what was it?” asked Sweetie Belle, her face lighting up with excitement. “We’re all ears!”

Apple Bloom sat down, forgetting about the thump she took on her rear end earlier, releasing a gasp of pain as she did so.
“Oh, yea! Ah guess, ah’ll have to explain that too.”