• Published 3rd Jan 2016
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Inter-Dimensional Crusaders! - Infinite Affection

When Apple Bloom finds a mysterious anomaly, she comes face to face with the strangest thing possible, herself as a pony! Combined with her fellow crusaders, they embark on a journey of discovery of the human world and Equestria.

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Part of Your World (Bonus Chapter)

Author's Note:

This is a very short chapter, and quite silly i might add! If you'd rather skip this, do so now. It has nothing to do with the actual plot...much.

That night…

Apple Bloom lay in discomfort on her bed; the same in every way as it was in Equestria. Sleep was nagging at her but she found her efforts wasted. Having opened up about all that had happened to her sister Applejack by Sunset’s instruction, Apple Bloom had near tuckered herself out.

Yet, now that AJ and Sunset were aware of their little bet, she had to believe that tonight was her last night here.

And so did a little farm pony in a world beyond - lying in the same fashion as she would with feet and hands.

And through the dimensions, their voices echoed; Click here for Music

“Look at these hands,”
“Look at these hooves,”
“They’re so amazing; just look how they move!”
“Wouldn’t ya think ah’m the girl; the girl who has everythang?”

“Just in this world,”
“Ah can run on all fours,”
“With hands like these; there’s no task that’s a chore!”
“Lookin’ back there ya think, ‘Sure, she had everythang…’”

“Ah had fingers and toes there aplenty,”
“Ah had magic and four legs galore!”
“Do ah want hayburgers? Ah’ll take twenty!”
“But who cares, no big deal, AH WANT MORE!!!!”

“Ah wanna stay where the ponies are, ah wanna see ‘em, wanna see ‘em flyin’,”
“Learn all ‘bout how ta…whaddya call it? Oh! Text.”
“Using yar hooves, ya can’ get too far; thumbs are required for grabbing, pulling.”
“Using yar legs ta…what’s that word again? Buck!”

“Here where they trot,”
“Here where they run,”
“Here where nothing is never not fun!”
“With upmost glee, wish ah could be, part of your woooooorld!”