• Published 3rd Jan 2016
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Inter-Dimensional Crusaders! - Infinite Affection

When Apple Bloom finds a mysterious anomaly, she comes face to face with the strangest thing possible, herself as a pony! Combined with her fellow crusaders, they embark on a journey of discovery of the human world and Equestria.

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An Afternoon of Sports

“Girls? Girls! Are y’all there?”

The three crusaders ceased their excited chatter at the sound of Applejack’s voice. They stood up and walked over to the balcony. Apple Bloom spotted her sister waving at them below.

“Yeah, Applejack?”

“Ah thought ah’d just tell ya that Sunset, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Twilight, Pinkie Pie an’ I...”

She coulda just said her friends, thought Apple Bloom amusedly.

“…are goin’ ta watch the summer world championships over at Sugarcube Corner. Seeing as Scootaloo loves sport an’ all, ah believed it best to ask y’all to join us. Ya wanna come with?”

The three of them exchanged a glance. Scootaloo had an excited smile on her face.

“I love the sound of that!” She switched to a hush tone. “And we’ll get to see what sports that humans play!”

“Count me in!” enthused Apple Bloom.

“Well then, I guess I’m in too!”

“Hear that, sis? We wanna come too!”

“Great! We’re leavin’ in bout’ a half hour. Ah’ll wait fer youse at the house, ok?”

“Got it!”

Applejack left and the chatter once again resumed.

“Wow! We’ll get to see real humans in action as they play sport! This is going to be so amazing!” Scootaloo couldn’t contain her excitement and by instinct, jumped up high in the air. Her feet wobbled on landing as she focused on maintaining her balance. She smiled having managed to remain upright.

“That was a really high jump!” enthused Sweetie Belle.

“I know right! Humans can really jump up high! Though considering they can’t fly or use magic then I guess they have a handier build than us ponies.”

“Huh…ah wonder what sports they play then?"

A sudden thought came to Sweetie Belle. She would have dismissed it as it was too coincidental but then she remembered just how predictable this world was.

“You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if they played “foot” ball like hoofball back home?”

The other crusaders’ faces lit up. “That would be awesome!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“Well, what are we waiting fer then? Let’s get back ta the house!”

By the time that the three of them managed to get back to the house, Applejack and Sunset were already waiting for them and were joined by another girl who Scootaloo instantly recognised as-

“Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo couldn’t describe her excitement at seeing her idol in human form.

“Heya, squirt!” greeted Rainbow Dash; her attention turning to Scootaloo. “How’s it going?”

“I’m great! Thanks.”

“Heh, I hope so. Cuz that text you sent me the other day was a little weird. Thought you might be on the fritz or something.”

“Oh…uh no…” chuckled Scootaloo; a little unsure of what Rainbow was getting at.

“Looks like you girls happened by just in time,” continued Rainbow. “I was just about to suggest to AJ and Sunset that we hit the road. The championships will be starting soon!”

“No time ta waste then,” agreed Applejack.

“Yeah! I’m parked just outside the fence. Follow me!”

Everyone followed the rainbow haired teen. Applejack and Sunset filed in behind Rainbow, leaving the confused girls at the rear.

“What did she mean by “parked outside the fence”?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“No clue. But like everythang else here, we’ll just have ta wait an’ see,” replied Apple Bloom confidently.

And no sooner had Apple Bloom made that statement that the group had reached the fence.

“What is that?!” voiced Scootaloo.

Rainbow had come to a stop at some sort of…thing. Scootaloo wasn’t sure what to make of it; and her friends thought the same. A first glance revealed that it was some sort of huge brick. A brick with wheels – or at least they seemed to be wheels. Apple Bloom certainly thought they resembled some of the wheels that made up their carriages on the farm back home but these looked more metallic than wooden.

“AJ, you can ride shotgun with me. Sunset, I take it you’re fine with going in the back with the girls?”

“Of course, Rainbow.”

Up closer, the crusaders could clearly see that the brick looked like it had been cut in half with what looked to be seats filling the hole. There were two clearly marked seats at the front; one of which had another small wheel in front of it. Just beyond that was a slanted window, jutting out towards the seats.

Intrigued by the bigger wheels, Scootaloo went over to one of them and felt across the edge of its surface. The feel was familiar.

“Feels quite like rubber; like the balls we sometimes play with,” stated Scootaloo, aiming the observation at her friends.

“What’s the holdup?”

The crusader’s ceased their ogling and turned to Rainbow.

“Come on! Get in the car.” And with that, Rainbow Dash jumped right over into the seat with the small wheel.

“That must be what this thing is – a car,” whispered Sweetie Belle. The others nodded in understanding.

“So ah guess we jump over the side too?” supposed Apple Bloom, making a shrug gesture.

Scootaloo, being the closest to the “car”, decided to oblige the farm girl’s suggestion and rather clumsily placed her right foot over the side of the car while using all of her strength to get herself into the cream coloured seats. Her height however made things difficult as the side of the car was a little too high for her legs to maintain optimum balance.


Before long though, Scootaloo had made into the car – by falling onto her face all over the back seats.

“Are you ok, Scootaloo?” questioned a worried Sunset Shimmer. “You do know there are doors right?”


Shovelling her head out of the seats, she glanced back at her friends who had somehow managed to create an opening in the side of the car to allow them to enter it without jumping over it. Sweetie Belle simply waved awkwardly at the embarrassed Scootaloo. She turned to Sunset.

“Oh…right. I knew that.”

Scootaloo became fearful when Sunset’s expression remained unconvinced but a shadow of a smile began to make its way onto her face to the point where a small chuckle managed to escape.

“Well ok, Scoots. You two get yourselves seated too; we’ll be here for hours if this keeps up,” joked Sunset as she opened the door on her side and sat herself down next to Scootaloo.

The crusaders did as they were told and sat down on the two vacant spaces on the other side of Scootaloo.

“AB, close the door.”

“Oops, sorry,” said Apple Bloom, pulling the ajar door with enough force to close it.

“Sure took ya long enough!” Applejack said, taking her set as well. “Seatbelts, everyone!”

Unsurprisingly, the word didn’t strike a chord with any of the crusaders. Apple Bloom sighed softly.

Ugh…when will it end?!

Scootaloo was both thrilled and perplexed at the prospect of seeing Rainbow Dash in her first ever Wonderbolt air show since she became a Wonderbolt. Hanging out with Rainbow would have been enough to make the young human turned pony happy, but she had no idea what a Wonderbolt was. She would have asked Applejack, but naturally she didn’t want to give the earth pony any reason to suspect.

Though she could work out the obvious fact that an air show involved flying and since Equestria seemed to have a shortage of aircraft, it mostly likely meant that Rainbow Dash and a few others would be the ones flying. She too often forgot that she too was a pegasus now and didn’t always make use of her wings when the situation arose.

Scootaloo walked alongside her friends as they followed Applejack to the air show ground.

“So what do you expect to see?” she asked her friends softly.

“Ah guess they’d do things like in that military air show that Big Mac an’ I went ta see,” replied Apple Bloom. “Ya know, barrel rolls, loop de loops and some speedy fly-bys.”

“Though it will be interesting to see ponies flying in the place of aeroplanes,” added Scootaloo. “What do you think, Sweets?”

Scootaloo observed Sweetie Belle’s mind seemed elsewhere as the trio trotted along. Her head appeared to be locked into place as if all her focus was directed at just getting to her destination.

“Umm, Sweetie Belle?” the young pegasus poked a little louder.

Sweetie Belle twisted her head round, waking out of her trance. “Huh?”

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I just asked you something and you didn’t reply.”

“You did?” Her face turned a little apologetic. “I’m sorry girls, I’ve just been thinking too much I guess.”

“What about, Sweetie Belle?” inquired Apple Bloom.

“I still don’t trust the way that dracon…oh no! I’ve forgotten it again.” She sighed. “I just fear that we’re going to get found out all because of my mistakes.”

“Hey, it’s not like it’s the end o’ the world if we do get found out.” Apple Bloom let out a nervous giggle. “Though, ah’m not entirely sure what would happen if our sister’s found out that we met ourselves as ponies an’ switched places with ‘em while lying ta their faces all the time.”

“But it’s not like we’d die or anything.” Scootaloo’s expression became unsure. “Right?”

Sweetie Belle felt even more worried and Apple Bloom shot an annoyed look at the pegasus.

“Listen, Sweetie Belle. We’re here to have fun! It may be a lil’ challenging but that’s what makes it worth it. And besides, we wouldn’t have agreed to this if we didn’t trust ourselves an’ ya know what ah mean when ah say that, don’ ya?”

Apple Bloom winked at Sweetie Belle, causing a smile to creep onto the unicorn’s face. Each of them looked away into the distance however, as the faint sound of roaring began to amplify through their eardrums.

“Well, looks like the show is bout’ ta start!” enthused Applejack. “Come on girls, double time!”

Applejack’s light trot turned into a gallop, scattering a dirt and dust trail behind her as she began to widen the distance between her and the fillies. The idea of using four legs to walk, however alien to them, was nothing compared to the prospect of running on four legs. The trio eyed each other uneasily, before they sucked down their courage and nodded knowingly.

“Three, two, o- SCOOTALOO!”

Before Apple Bloom could finish her countdown, Scootaloo was off like a shot. She got about ten metres away before her legs intertwined with each other and she fell to the ground. It didn’t tend to hurt much when it happened since she was now much closer to the ground when standing then if she was back to her biped self. As she got up, she saw the other two coming to her aid.

And then they whizzed by her.

“Bye, Scootaloo!” laughed Apple Bloom.

Scootaloo’s shock overwhelmed her; she couldn’t believe her friends were so heartless. But then I can. Grinding her teeth, she pursued the pair.

The noise of the crowd was far livelier by the time that the trio reached the site of the air show. Ponies high up in the erected stands were whistling and hollering in anticipation of the beginning of what would seem to be an exciting display. And Applejack was waiting for them at the bottom of one of the stands.

“You girls sure took yar time,” said Applejack.

“Yeah, we got delayed,” her sister responded, her attention wavering a little when a shadow zoomed over her head. It turned out to be a pegasus pony taking their seat in the stands.

“Well, we’re all sitting over there.”

Applejack gestured to a separate partition of the stands which looked to be carved in the same manner as Prinicpal Celestia’s box in the school auditorium. Twilight was already there along with Rarity and a pink pony who was scoffing down cotton candy. It didn’t take long for the crusaders to realise the party personality and sweetie gobbler that was Pinkie Pie.

The three of them followed Applejack up to the box in the stands and were greeted by the pink pony herself.

“Hi, everypony! Ready to cheer Dashie on in her first Wonderbolt AIR SHOW?!”

While the hyperactive attitude would have shocked most others, even in pony form, the human girls knew the pink party female all too well.

“Yeah, sure!” Sweetie Belle stated swiftly.

“Oooh, oooh, oooh! I even brought my PARTY CANNON!”

The cannon appeared out of nowhere and rocketed a blast of confetti all across the lower stands. The ponies below yelled even louder in excitement. Having shielded her eyes from the blast, Scootaloo lowered her hoof as she would her hand to find that Pinkie Pie was no longer there. Instead, she felt a pressure behind her and spun her head round to see Pinkie Pie stretching in front of them with an old-fashioned camera in her hoof.


The crusaders repeated it nervously. “Best Air Show Ever!”

“Heehee, that’s a keeper. Ooooooooooh, more cotton candy!” Pinkie dashed away again to a vendor lower down in the stands. Twilight then approached them.

“You better sit down, girls. The show will begin shortly.”

The girls took their seats on the row just beneath their elder siblings. Apple Bloom had to admit that she found the process for a pony to sit down on something quite weird. Aside from the fact that horses in the human world didn’t talk; or fly; or use magic; the young farm girl wouldn’t have thought that ponies would have a need to sit down but rather just lie down. That said, Apple Bloom often found it hard to sit down in this body as when she was a human she only needed pop down whereas in pony form she had to jump up a little to get her rear on the seat.

Suddenly, a fanfare of trumpets filled the area and the crowd fell silent. A feedback noise echoed through the speaker and a female voice started to speak.

“Hello, everypony! It is certainly an exciting day, isn’t it? Welcome to the Ponyville Air Show. As mayor of our town, I’d like to wish everypony a great day out today. Now, without further due, I am pleased to present…THE WONDERBOLTS!”

As soon as the last syllable left the mayor’s mouth, a ferocious wind blew through the staging ground and in flew a number of pegasi and lightning speed. The noise from the crowd exploded and the trio found themselves caught up in the excitement. Scootaloo especially was transfixed in awe.

The daredevil pegasus watched as wind trails were etched across the sky by the skilled flyers while they performed death-defying stunts before the eyes of the crowd. She observed their garments; each flyer had goggles as well as a blue vest covering most of their body with a yellow lightning bolt sewed in.

Realisation hit Scootaloo; she had seen those colours before. Yellow and blue…that’s like CHS colours! Wait…Wonderbolts…Wondercolts…awesome!

Scootaloo continued to marvel at the air display going on in front of her, keeping a particular close eye on Rainbow Dash who was easily spotted by her rainbow coloured wind trail. The other crusaders were watching too, their eyes always on the flyers. Their attention was focused enough that they didn’t hear the conversation that was going on behind them.

Twilight, Rarity and Applejack were in a full conversation, occasionally adjusting their view.

“I do hope she doesn’t try anything too dangerous for her first air show,” said Rarity, a little anxious yet thrilled at the same time.

“If ah know Rainbow, she’ll wanna do just that!”

“I wouldn’t worry too much, Rarity. It’s a synchronised routine and the Wonderbolts all agree on it before they do a show.”

“I suppose you’re right, Twilight. Forgive me but I’ve been a bit worried as of late especially about Sweetie Belle.”

Twilight glanced down at Sweetie Belle, who was still admiring the show, and quietened her voice slightly. “Has something happened?”

“Well, not anything bad really but then again I can’t be sure. Sweetie Belle has just been acting a bit peculiar of late. Like for instance, yesterday evening she tried to carry her plate with her hooves when normally she would just use her magic and she said something odd about a…oh I’ve forgotten what it was.”

“I guess I’m just not used to her acting this way. She’s even been having trouble walking recently.”

“Really? That sure is strange,” Twilight remarked.

“Speakin’ o’ strange, Apple Bloom’s been acting a teensy out o’ character too. Kinda freaked me out when ah came home yesterday to see her able to walk on two legs perfectly. Ah can only do it fer so long without losin’ ma balance.”

“Maybe she’s been practicing?”

“Ah guess but ah dunno. Perhaps ah’m worrying over nothin’. Ah mean, we are sisters after all – it’s kinda our job.”

“Well, I don’t think these are causes for great concern but I’d recommend keeping an eye on them anyway.”


“Ah second that.” Applejack noticed the rest of the empty row. “Where’s Fluttershy at?”

“Oh, she’s sitting in the stands over there with Discord,” Twilight answered, propping a hoof at the pair’s location. “There they are.”

“Wait a minute, what are they doing?” asked Rarity, shock evident in her tone.

“Whoa nelly!”

“Wow, I never knew Fluttershy had it in her!” beamed Twilight.

If the bow on Apple Bloom’s hair wasn’t as fixed as it had been, it may have been swept away by the wind blowing past her as the car drove through the city. They weren’t actually going too fast either; Apple Bloom could recall the Friendship Express going faster than this. It perhaps just felt like they were going fast with the constant sound the engine was making.

“Rainbow! Ya hear that noise that the engine's makin’? That means it wants turned up a gear!”

“Chillax, AJ! I like hearing my baby purr!”

“Glad ah don’ have your gas bill then!” retorted Applejack.

“The sound is getting quite deafening, Rainbow. Could you perhaps just put it up a gear already?” encouraged Sunset.

“Uhhh, fine!”

Scootaloo, being in the middle of the back of the car, noticed Rainbow’s hand touch the big stick directly in front of her. She sure played around with it a lot, her mind thought.

“Ya happy?”

“Yes. Thank you, Rainbow,” Sunset stressed. “Oh look, there’s Sugarcube Corner now!”

The car came to a stop outside the famed eatery. Everyone began to get out of the car; a much easier task for Scootaloo this time round. After exiting the car, the group ventured towards the window and peered in the store.

“Hey! Everyone else is here. Come on, let’s go!”

Everyone went towards the door, save for Sweetie Belle who was eyeing the bakery closely. It occurred to her that the Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville was a lot more iconic than the one here since it had the appearance of most other buildings on the street; with the exception of the striped awnings it featured. She was also surprised that the thought didn’t come to her sooner. Sugarcube Corner was not nearly the size for any tournament or championship; it was hardly even big enough for when Pinkie Pie threw one of her parties. So how could it be staging a sporting event?

Dismissing her thoughts for the moment, Sweetie Belle joined her friends in entering the bakery and they all were soon greeted by an unsurprisingly excited Pinkie Pie.

“Hey guys! Glad you could make it, hehe! I got off work for a while as I told the Cakes you guys were coming so let’s party!” Pinkie jumped high in the air.

“Woah, woah, woah! Pinkie, we’re just here to watch the championships. Nothing else,” stated Rainbow, gesturing for the pink party girl to calm down.

“I know! But whenever I’m around you girls it always feels like a party!”

“Aww shucks, Pinkie. That’s real sweet.”

“And speaking of sweet…” Sunset hinted, making Applejack blush for a moment. “Why don’t we sit down and order something already?! I could really go for a milkshake.”

“I hear that!” agreed Rainbow Dash.

Sunset and the girls proceeded to sit down on the nearest booth where Fluttershy and Twilight were already having a conversation; which abruptly ended as the two noticed the four of them joining their table.

“Oh hello, Sunset, Apple Bloom. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. You came to watch the games too?”

“Yes we have, Fluttershy. Has it started yet?”

“I don’t think so,” Twilight cut in. “It’s not supposed to start for another ten minutes but until they turn the TV on, we can’t know for sure.”

Just then, Pinkie Pie stood over the edge of the table. “Well, technically I’m not on duty but I figured it’d be easier if I handled the food, hehe! So what can I get ya?”

“I’ll take your finest vanilla milkshake, Pinkie,” said Sunset, patting her stomach.

“Me too,” added Apple Bloom.

“Me three,” finished Sweetie Belle. Both crusaders were stunned at how quickly they had responded.

“Heehee, look at you cuties. Fluttershy?”

“Oh can I just have a glass of water?” she said softly.

“Sure. Twi?”

“I’ll take a chocolate milkshake, thanks.”

“Oh me too, please!” enthused Scootaloo.

“Great! I’ll be here with your drinks in a mo.” She started to dash off but Sunset called her in just the nick of time.

“Oh and Pinkie? Could you turn the TV on?”

“Oh, hehe. How silly of me!”

The girls watched as Pinkie went behind the counter and took out what looked like a black brick and pointed it at the corner of the room where a rectangular box of similar colour was hanging - it resembled a picture-less frame. However, the part where the picture would be suddenly burst into colour and a group of humans appeared on the screen. They were moving and talking in a way that suggested that they were doing this right now.

“And we are just moments away from the 800m World Series. The runners are taking up their starting positions.”

The ponies turned humans were astonished. The picture soon changed to other humans who looked dressed in sporty wear. It was like looking into another world; much like the portal for them. They could do nothing but continue to stare at it.

“Hey, Sunset? Could ya come ‘ere a moment?”

Sunset perked up at Applejack’s beckoning. She got up and walked over to the next booth along where Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity were sat.

“What’s up, AJ?”

The farm girl wore a smirk on her face and Sunset was surprised when it wasn’t her that spoke first.

“Sunset, darling. Is what Applejack tells me true? Have you really…” She was unable to finish but rather the fashionista gave her a knowing look.

“Well, in a word, yes. Or should I say we did it.”

“Shush! Enough mushy talk. The race is about to start!”

“And they’re off!” came the announcement on the TV. “American born Wilson is off to a flying start but the Brit Watson is not far behind!”

“Go, Wilson, go!” encouraged Rainbow.

“That’s the ticket! Come on, Wilson!” Applejack said.

“You can do it, Watson!” Applejack and Rainbow shot Rarity a confused look. “What? Just because I live in America, doesn’t mean I won’t support my country of heritage. Sweetie Belle and I always cheer on Britain.”

“Just like I’d support Equestria if they were a team,” joked Sunset.

In the adjacent booth, Apple Bloom took her attention off the television for a moment when she heard Sunset’s gag. She couldn’t have heard that correctly.

Did she just say what ah thought she said? How could she know bout Equestria?

Apple Bloom searched her thoughts for what the human Apple Bloom had said to her about Sunset Shimmer.

“Oh an’ then there’s Sunset Shimmer. She did some crazy stuff way back when but she’s so nice now. She’s like a second sister to me! You’ll love her!”


“And Watson wins it by a hair!”


Groans and moans broke Apple Bloom out of her thoughts. “What?” She glanced at the box again. “Awww, ah missed it?!”

“Yeah, Watson won,” confirmed Twilight. “It was a close race though.”

“Did you not see it, Apple Bloom?!” asked Scootaloo, clearly thrilled by the action. “It was so tense! I can’t wait to see more!”

Then the picture on the box went back to black again.

“Hey! What gives?”

“Time for your drinks!” announced Pinkie Pie, coming along with a tray of varying refreshments.

“Aww, I wanted to see more.”

“Don’t worry, squirt,” said Rainbow, from across the other booth. “We can watch the rest at my house later. Sound cool?”

Scootaloo nodded excitedly. Meanwhile, Sunset grunted happily with a straw inside her mouth.

“Mmmm…this really does the trick. Drink up, girls!”

Other satisfied moans followed as everyone in the booth proceeded to drink. All except Apple Bloom, who thought deeply while she suck on her straw.

Author's Note:

I'm sorry! XD I just cant help all this shipping! It's so fun ^_^