• Published 6th Jan 2016
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The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage - The REAL Mister Pkmn

The other Human descended nations of the Lalande 21185 system are very angry about Earth's fate, so they decide to mobilize their armies.

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8- Conscription, Capture, and Conditioning


Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

It was time to begin. Lapis had fully recovered, and now was the time for her tests to begin to see how useful she could be to the Proteans. Lapis huffed. It probably serves a duplicate purpose that determines if I’m not tricking them or something. Can’t really blame them for being cautious, I suppose. Then, the simulation went online. Holograms started to appear, and Lapis sighed. Of course it’d be a simulation of me fighting fellow Equestrians. Lapis shook her head, trying to focus. Alright. I’ve gotta prove to them that I’m serious about this. No backing down now. Lapis cracked the knuckles of her dragon claws and smirked. Well, I guess it’s time to begin. She lit up her horn with her azure magic, seeing as she wasn’t allowed to use the Alicorn Amulet in this test. The “enemy” then started to charge on her position. She fired bolts of magic at some of the faraway targets, and clawed any that dared get close. Even those that found their way behind her weren’t safe because of her constantly snapping tail. It was an unlikely scenario that she was facing; it was to determine how well she would perform if she had no access to her Awakening Locket (you know, the platinum locket she tends to wear?) or her Alicorn Amulet. However, Lapis could understand what the Proteans were doing; after all, they had to know for absolute certain that she was on their side now. It wouldn’t do them well to presume that she had no intention of turning on them. Lapis was being pushed harder than she had ever been before, to test the absolute limit of her capabilities. The strategy of these holograms was astounding. Lapis really had to hand it to the Proteans, they’d successfully programmed the holograms to act like the Special Forces. Then again, it was partially because of what she’d told them of how they think. As she finally struck down the final hologram, she swore she heard laughter from behind her. Lapis turned, and gasped. Behind her was a very believable hologram of Princess Birthright and her army.

The Holo-Birthright smirked. “Well, what do we have here?” She then chuckled. “If it isn’t the traitor, Lapis. Tell me, why did you betray Great Auntie Celestia?”

Lapis then sighed. I knew they’d do something like this, to prepare me for what might occur when I do meet her. “Well Birthright, let me try and explain this to you…”


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

It was night now. Sapphiron was resting for a bit in the corner, and Zecora was sleeping upstairs. Trixie sighed. It’s almost time. I’m so close to Ponyville now. I wonder how everypony will react to my entrance. Trixie looked through the window, and looked at the moon. I wonder what happened to Princess Luna. I just hope that, wherever she is, that she can see what’s going on… All of the sudden, Trixie felt her eyes get heavy. I feel so tired… I guess I should go to sleep now. Trixie suddenly collapsed with a thud.


I woke with a start, and looked over to see Trixie being carried out by members of the Solar Flares. I then jumped at them, and they backed away. I hissed at them. “Hand Trixie over right now, and I will not hurt you!”

The leader, Flare Strike, then chuckled. “So what do we have here? Just who do you think you are, anyway?”

I then sneered. “Oh, me? Just call me Sapphiron.” I then lit up my horn with turquoise magic as they backed away and lit their horns. I chuckled. “I see you have suspicions of who I’m connected to…” All of the sudden, a sharp pain entered my neck from behind, and I collapsed, unable to move.

Flare Strike scoffed. “It doesn’t matter who you are. You are of no consequence to us anymore.” He chuckled as I tried to raise my head. “That dart contains enough agents to paralyze a full-grown ursa major, or even a dragon.”

My eyes widened as I realized something. So they’re the ones that took Prism!

As I tried to move, they trotted off. As I managed to stand, I heard Trixie cry out. “SAPPHIRON!”

I started to shake off the paralysis, and started to follow their trail a bit sluggishly. If they think they can get away with this, then they don’t know who they’re dealing with!


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

The darkness was surging through the body of Topaz, and Celestia grinned. He’ll listen to everything I say, follow me just like a Newfoal would. It’s brilliant!

Then, Birthright entered the room. “Great Auntie, what are you doing?”

Celestia turned to Birthright. “Oh, just helping Topaz here see the error of trying to betray me. Soon, he’ll see that he was always meant to be on our side.” Birthright went quiet with an understanding look on her face. Then, the magic stopped coursing through the room, and Topaz collapsed onto the ground. Celestia then chuckled to herself. “Rise and shine, Topaz! We have work to do.”

Topaz arose, and lifted up his head. He opened his eyes, which now danced with dark magic. He then spoke. “Oh, my queen, I live to serve you. Please forgive my folly, my merciful queen.”

Celestia tapped her chin with a hoof. “Well, there is one thing I can see earning you my forgiveness in my eyes, Topaz.”

Topaz’s eyes shone with determination. “No matter what it be, my queen, it shall be done!”

Celestia smiled. “Really? Well then, I ask you to strike down the traitor who sided with the Proteans, Lapis. Can you do this, Topaz?”

Then, the crystal hippogriff bowed, and spoke in a monotone voice. "Of course, my queen..."

Author's Note:

Chapter eight is here! Safhell hasn't edited this chapter yet, so it might be a bit choppy. I think I'm able to drag this out for another two chapters before this fic is done. Also, OH NO! Trixie got captured! Don't worry though; all is going according to plan! But, how will Topaz's new "outlook" effect things? Tune in next time!

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