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The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage - The REAL Mister Pkmn

The other Human descended nations of the Lalande 21185 system are very angry about Earth's fate, so they decide to mobilize their armies.

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1- Reaction, Promtion, and Escape

Star City, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

Admiral Sevin Truax XCVIII of the Hierarchical Stellar Empire was absolutely furious with the state they’d found Earth in. His white-trimmed star-studded platinum armor was polished and unblemished, and his amber eyes were ablaze with fury. His caucasian skin had a reddish tint, and his ginger hair poked out from under his helmet. His military advisor entered the room, and bowed. “You wished to see me, Milord?”

She was dressed for battle, in the classic white-trimmed star-studded armor, as many of his people tended to be nearly all the time. She had somewhat darker skin, and had rich hazel eyes and flowing red hair. The Admiral smirked. “Yes! Send word to all of our cities! Have them produce as many military units of all three types as quickly as possible! Spend money if you must. Now go, Bellona, post haste!”

She bowed again. “Of course, Milord.” She then exited the room.

Sevin smiled. Watch out, you equine scum, ‘cause you messed with the wrong people.

Funestia, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Funestis

Governess Susan N’Gahli CII of the Confederation of Funestia was barking orders. “You! Tell Gatewood, Ursa, Flamsteed, Huygens, Herschel, Piazzi, Fabricius, Bode, Mayrberg, Jacqueline, Lagrange, Hevelius, and Tombaugh to produce more spies to aid the Clerisy! You! Get Naumachiala, Draper, Leverrier, Lowell, Baade, Laplace, Olbers, Wright, de la Caille, Lockyer, Cassini, and Galle to produce as many Typhoei and Ur-Titans as possible! You! I want our stockpile of explosives readied! You! Make sure to maintain our city force fields! You! Go and support the Clerisy’s research projects! You are all dismissed!”

A chorus of “Yes, Governess!” met her ears as they all left. Susan sighed, and brought up a indigo hand to her head to massage her temple. Her blue suit dress was a bit ragged, seeing as she couldn’t seem to rest since she heard the news about Earth. She took away her hand and took in the state of her office with her blazing red eyes. All the perks of being in various parts of her country were spread about, seeing as her people fully embraced their life in the Lalande 21185 system. Now, that was not to say they never dreamed of going back to Earth, but it was never that big of a priority for them. And to think that if they’d just arrived more than 40 years earlier, they could have prevented this whole mess and protected the Terrans from Celestia’s clutches.

A strand of her long, blue hair fell into her vision as she sighed. We may not be able to change the past, but we can certainly work for a better future. She straightened up. Those blasted Equestrian Oppressors will be brought down!

Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

President Tom Seminazzi C (C is the roman numeral for 100) of the Observant Confederation was waiting for his representative in the Xenosabe Concourse (XC) to report back to him. Tom was a patient man, and had already taken care of preparations to help the Clerisy in their Crusade to Cleanse Earth, as he liked to call it. After all, their goal was to cure the Newfoals of their unfortunate condition and defeat Celestia, while possibly strengthening the rebellion, if their was one. Tom looked at his tan wrist to look at his wristwatch. He lowered his hand and just waited, patiently, his forest green eyes alert. He thought the Clerisy would appreciate the additional spies and air, ground, and sea support. A stray strand of black hair fell into his vision. He took out a comb and pushed it back behind his ear. His violet-trimmed suit was recently ironed for this occasion. He was about to check his watch again when his representative came in. “Ah, Jess, good to see you. How’d the meeting go?”

Jess huffed, causing a lock of her purple hair to fall in front of her face. Using her hand that wasn’t carrying a briefcase, she pushed it back behind her ear. “Well Govna, I met wit the other reps again. Harry of Funestia was insufferable as always, but the Clerisiac rep cooled things down. The rep of Ellecor was there, but the Det Pin representative wasn’t there. The use of Ne Plus Ultras are still only approved for use against the barbarians, sir” Jess rolled her orange eyes. “Some things neva change.” She then adjusted her violet-trimmed dress suit with a blue hand.

“Ah, that’s too bad. I was hoping that we’d get the chance to use one on the Equestrian Oppressors, but I guess you can’t have everything. Is there anything else?"

Jess nodded. "The Ellecor announced that they'll be dissolving the unimind to form a Proteocracy* for the war, so there's that to look forward to."

Tom smiled at this. "That is good news. Their Proteocracy will be most conducive to our war effort. You are dismissed.”

“Farewell, sir.” And with that, Jess left the meeting.

Tom clasped his hands together, and his elbows rested on his desk. Celestia… One would think that such a name would bring kindness and warmth to all, regardless of race. But, she attacked and imprisoned most of the humans, while scaring the rest to the undergrounds, space, or both. I just can’t shake the feeling that she’s only a puppet whose strings are being pulled by some greater evil… But, who could pull the strings of someone revered as a deity?

Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

Princess Celestia was admiring the view of the evening sky through a window in her throne room. The moon was due to rise in a scant few hours, and then the night-life of Equestria would pick up. She strongly wished that she could get through to her sister Luna, to clear her confusion on the matter of the fate of those despicable humans. Celestia was knock out of her reverie when a knock came on the throne room doors. She spoke in a regal tone. “Enter.”

The double doors opened, and in came a most peculiar pony. She had a coat of pure sapphire, and her mane was a polished opal. Her horn was fiercely sharp. Her tail was that of a dragon’s, and had sapphire scales and opal spines. Her forelegs ended in dragon claws as well, and her “muzzle” was more of a snout, and it was full of omnivorous teeth, no doubt. Her eyes were draconic, but that wasn’t the only peculiar thing about them. The right eye was gleaming like a lapis-lazuli stone, while the left eye shimmered like an amethyst. The hybrid mare wore a sleek black platinum uniform, marking her as a part of the Equestrian Special Forces. The mare bowed, and spoke. “Your majesty, you wished to see me?”

Celestia smiled, but inwardly cursed. Why’d she have to be a hybrid? I’d have much prefered a pure pony, but desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose. “Yes. Rise, Lapis Opal Amethyst, I have need of your services.”

Lapis then rose. “What is it that you require of me, your majesty?”

Celestia cleared her throat. At least this hybrid’s good for something. “I require you to lead some of my forces on a raid on Lalandean soil. We need to capture some Proteans for testing.”

Lapis jolted to attention, eyes wide and pupils shrunk to pinpricks. “But your majesty! I am only a lowly private! I just recently got put in the forces about 5 years back!”

Celestia grinned. Perfect. Perhaps your hybrid ilk will be rid of on this mission. “Then consider yourself promoted. You are now Captain of the Equestrian Special Forces Space division!”

Lapis saluted. “Ma’am! I won’t disappoint you, your majesty!”

Celestia smiled. “I’m certain you’ll make your father Rubeus proud.”

Lapis straightened with pride. After all, her father would be proud of her serving the ruler of Equestria, just as the Trigems had done for centuries in secret. “I’ll do my best, your majesty!” Lapis then left the throne room.

Celestia then chuckled to herself. Oh, you’ll try all right. Your half-brother, Topaz, certainly has his uses as a mole in the Ponyville Secession Movement, but you and him are both disposable. After all, you’re both only half-pony. At least your other half brother, Sapphiron, has the decency to be a pure pony, even if he’s a hybrid of a sort. I still wish I could find him, however…

Manehattan, Equestria, Planet Equus

A resounding “Get her!” could be heard as Trixie Lulamoon ran from the angry crowd.

D---, I had such high hopes that Manehattan wouldn’t chase me out like Canterlot, Las Pegasus, Vanhoover, Tall Tale, and Hooflyn did, but I guess I was wrong. Again. Trixie looked back to see that her travelling stage was still following her, along with the massive mob. This seemed to always happen, ever since she made her position of being Anti-Potion known all those years ago, and recently, Anti-Celestia. They never gave up chase, and Trixie was getting tired of running. She turned her head forward again, and turned left. Aha! The exit! Trixie beamed. She was going to get out of here, and be on her way to the next town! Sure, that one might kick her out as well, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise her at this point. She crossed the threshold, and called back in her classic third person speech. “The Great and Powerful Trixie bids you adieu, and won’t be back!” With that, she reared up on her hind legs causing her star-studded purple cape to flutter. Then, when her hooves touched down, there was a puff of smoke. The mob stopped moving. Using her smokescreen as an advantage, she turned towards her destination, charged up her horn with pink magic, and with a pop, she was out of sight from the Manehattanites. She patted herself on the back. It took awhile to master, but teleportation is worth it. I can see why Twilight uses it so much. At that thought, she moved back to a standing position. She hadn’t thought about Twilight in a long while, even though they became friends just before Equestria made contact with Earth. How long had it been since they’d last met in Ponyville? Twenty-Five years? Was that right? She then pondered what to do. I could always wander from town to town until I pass out… No, not appealing. Perhaps I should make a beeline for Ponyville. I’m sure Twilight would be happy to see that I’m okay. Trixie nodded, and turned in Ponyville’s direction. Yes, I will go straight to Ponyville. No detours, whatsoever. Twilight, it’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other, mon amie.

*A Proteocracy is an extremely plastic form of government in the Civ II ToT universe.

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