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The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage - The REAL Mister Pkmn

The other Human descended nations of the Lalande 21185 system are very angry about Earth's fate, so they decide to mobilize their armies.

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6- Celebration, Test, Rage, Visit, and Resolve (Updated)


Europa, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Nona

The fight had been arduous, but they’d managed to send the Equestrian Oppressors running off with their tails between their legs. However, the battle had not been easy, and many of their people had been abducted by those cretins. The sheer number of people abducted was rather troublesome, but at least they’d managed to smear a few of their foes against the cold pavement. The scent of blood perforated the air, but the Imperials didn’t mind too much. After all, when you’re a warmongering people, you tend to get used to that smell hanging in the air. If anything, it made their hearts swell with pride at the fact that they’d won the day against their foe. They honored those who died as valiant heroes, and hoped for the safety of the captives. After the ceremony, they continued to celebrate their impressive victory.


Ursa, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Funestis

The Equestrian Oppressors hadn’t stood a chance. Sure, they managed to pilfer a few of the citizens, but the severe force of the opposition that the Funestians had raised had forced the Equestrians to flee swiftly. The experimental Magi-armor had done wonders for their protection as well. The looks on those equine faces was priceless when they realized that their magic was having little to no effect. The Funestians cheered vigorously for this victory, and hoped that the forces that they’d sent to Clericorum would meet with success as well. After all, there was more than one front to this war, and they aimed to win all sides of it.


S.S. Galloper, Lalandean space, Lalande 21185 system

These test subject were quite… unsettling. They wouldn’t respond in anyway to the testing of the potion. These ants didn’t even show any effects that other Newfoals did at anytime. during the testing process. They didn’t even seem to feel pain! They didn’t seem concerned by their situation at all. The head scientist on the ship shook his head. Perhaps we need to just push… harder. That might be it. They might just have a higher resilience threshold. No matter how they were enduring all of this pain, and choking this fear, the scientist swore he’d get results. They were on their way out of the system and back to New Equestria. They could definitely run more extensive tests there.


Squiz, The Observant Confederation, Planet Naumachia

Their perimeters for their expectations had been met. The Equestrian Oppressors had been pushed back swiftly, and only a token amount of the population. This was certainly cause for celebration! However, the Observers made sure to not get entirely swept away in the merriment. After all, this was probably the first strike of many. Their celebration was halted however, when an emergency broadcast was put on the holo-vision in the town square. Displayed at the bottom of the projection were the words: Crisis in Belvedere! A woman with a ironed green business dress suit, pale orange skin, red eyes, and ice-blue hair was on the screen, and to her right was a picture of an Ur-Titan facing a rather large Typhoeus-esque equine creature of some kind. The news anchor then spoke. “Reports on the attack on Belvedere are still incoming. We have so far confirmed that 100 citizens are missing from the city. The creature in the picture you see was also knocked out, and procured to be sent to Pharos for study. The nature of this creature is unlike any previous Equestrian we have come across, but it appears to be a hybrid of some kind.” The picture changed, this time showing a much smaller Typhoeus-esque equine which was unconscious. “The picture on screen now is the hybrid’s base form. It seems that it harnessed some power source that we are unaware of to change its form so drastically. More will be reported as it comes in. That’s all for this emergency broadcast."


Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

As Lapis awoke, she found herself in some kind of hospital room. The first thought that crossed her mind was What in the bloody Tartarus? Where am I? She tried to move, but pain shot through her system. Ack! That smarts… How did that happen again? Last I remember I was on the battlefield and I activated the magic of my locket when… She looked down to see that though many portions of her body were bandaged, she still wore pieces of her armor, and more importantly, her locket. … That’s right, I fought off some of the Protean’s bigger forces and then… All of the sudden, she heard footsteps coming into her room. Crud! Who could that possibly be? Her question was soon answered when a tan-skinned man in a violet-trimmed business suit with black hair and forest green eyes walked into the room. He exuded an air of calm, and held a calculating gaze. She saw six Singulons nearby him as well. This guy must be about as important as that Joe Dan Bohr character. He certainly has the air of a leader.

He then spoke with a calm tone. “Ah, so our guest is awake. Allow me to properly introduce myself.” He then adjusted his suit with a hand. “I am President Tom Seminazzi C, of the Observant Confederation. I have two main questions for you: Who are you, and why is it that your comrades left you here.”

Lapis cleared her throat. “I am Captain Lapis Opal Amethyst of the Equestrian Special Forces’ Space Division. As for why I was left behind… “ She narrowed her gaze. “... I was betrayed by my subordinates.”


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

The trip through the Everfree had certainly been interesting so far for the duo. It seemed that whenever they traveled, they would run into a delay that would cause them to be held up long enough for them to have not moved very far. However, it seemed that today was different. They managed to stumble upon a hut that was carved straight out of a large tree stump. It had curious masks on the wall, and various other trinkets as well. Trixie beamed at the sight. “Zecora’s hut! We’re pretty close to Ponyville now! Soon, you’ll see what I meant.”

Sapphiron walked up to the door of the hut. “It’s getting late. Perchance this Zecora might allow us to stay the night. Shall we check for such?”

Trixie nodded, and then knocked on the door. A voice then came from inside. “By the traveller’s code I abide, please come on inside.” Trixie tested the door, and found that it was open. She opened it fully, and went inside, Sapphiron following close behind. Sapphiron closed the door behind them. They were in a lively room full of some masks and trinkets much like the ones on the outside of the house. There was a cauldron with bubbling green liquid, and a zebra mare with many golden rings around her neck was stirring whatever was in the pot.

Sapphiron sniffed the air. “Mmmm, smells good. Needs Manticore meat, though.” The zebra turned to Sapphron at that, and raised an eyebrow. He chuckled openly, showing his fangs. “A batblood’s gotta eat, y’know?”

The zebra stopped stirring the pot, and turned to Trixie. “Trixie, just who is he? And why are you in the Everfree?"

Sapphiron cleared his throat, garnering the zebra’s attention. “You are Zecora, correct? “ she nodded, and Sapphiron continued. “Right then, do you mind if I introduce myself, then?” Zecora shook her head, and Sapphiron clapped his forehooves together. “Righto! I am Sapphiron. As for why we’re in the Everfree, well we were on our way to Ponyville. However, it’s getting dark, so we would ask if you would allow us to stay the night.”

Zecora smiled. “I certainly don’t mind the company, as long as you agree to help me.”

Sapphiron then spoke. “Can whatever it is wait until morning?” Zecora nodded, and Sapphiron yawned. “Good. See ya in the mornin’ Trix.” He then went over to a bed in the corner, and promptly fell asleep. Trixie went over to the other bed and fell asleep quickly.


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d arrived in Equestria’s seat of power. It was time to face Her Majesty. He would not be hoofing over the information she’d asked for, unlike what she probably expected. There would be no going back from this, and he’d probably be tried for treason, but that didn’t matter right now. He had a bone to pick with Celestia. It mattered not if anyone got in his way; he’d mow them down. This was a risky gambit, but it was well worth it. He’d debated with himself, and had come to the conclusion that it didn’t matter if he won his little “game” if ponies continued to follow Celestia blindly. He was considering himself absolutely crazy, but to make his family proud he’d stand against the Creators of Ponykind themselves if it meant helping ponies. He knew it was a bit late for this change of heart, but that didn’t matter right now. He needed to stand up for his beliefs. He may have let Money control him in the past, but what mattered right now was that he was going to stand for what he thought was right now. He then went up to a random guard, and spoke. “I request to see Her Majesty as soon as possible.”

The guard spoke. “Princess Celestia won’t be available for some time, sir.”

Chessmaster closed his eyes. “That is quite alright. I can wait until she is ready to see me. Pass along the message that I have something important to say to her.”

The guard nodded, then guided me to a room, and opened the door. “You can stay in here until she is ready to see you.”

Chessmaster thanked the guard and went into the room. Now, I wait.

Author's Note:

So here's Chapter 6! I hope you enjoy. Safhell hasn't edited this one yet, so it might be a tad choppy. Constructive Criticism is encouraged, and if you liked/disliked/faved, I'd like to know in the comments below. See ya next time!
EDIT 02/17/18- Just something small tacked on to Chessmaster's section.

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