The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage

by The REAL Mister Pkmn

First published

The other Human descended nations of the Lalande 21185 system are very angry about Earth's fate, so they decide to mobilize their armies.

Book2B of the EarthGate Saga.
The Star Officers, lead by Admiral Sevin Truax XCVIII of the Hierarchical Stellar Empire (male)
The Funesti, lead by Governess Susan N‘Gahli CII of the Confederation of Funestia
The Observers, lead by President Tom Seminazzi C of the Observant Confederation
These three nations are of human decent, and as such are very ticked off about Earth's current state. They start to eagerly rally around the Clerisy's Crusade to heal the Earth. With their combined strength, they will bring down judgement upon the Equestrian Oppressors.

Lapis Opal Amethyst, youngest of the three children of the late Rubeus Obsidian Diamond, is a private in the Equestrian Special Forces. But after a promotion from Celestia herself, Lapis finds herself under a lot of pressure to live up to her family name. What will become of this Crystal hybrid?

Trixie was one of the ponies to openly support the Anti-potion movements. As such, she is currently on the run, constantly searching for a safe haven where she can be safe from Celestia's clutches. Will she find her safe haven in time?

1- Reaction, Promtion, and Escape

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Star City, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

Admiral Sevin Truax XCVIII of the Hierarchical Stellar Empire was absolutely furious with the state they’d found Earth in. His white-trimmed star-studded platinum armor was polished and unblemished, and his amber eyes were ablaze with fury. His caucasian skin had a reddish tint, and his ginger hair poked out from under his helmet. His military advisor entered the room, and bowed. “You wished to see me, Milord?”

She was dressed for battle, in the classic white-trimmed star-studded armor, as many of his people tended to be nearly all the time. She had somewhat darker skin, and had rich hazel eyes and flowing red hair. The Admiral smirked. “Yes! Send word to all of our cities! Have them produce as many military units of all three types as quickly as possible! Spend money if you must. Now go, Bellona, post haste!”

She bowed again. “Of course, Milord.” She then exited the room.

Sevin smiled. Watch out, you equine scum, ‘cause you messed with the wrong people.

Funestia, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Funestis

Governess Susan N’Gahli CII of the Confederation of Funestia was barking orders. “You! Tell Gatewood, Ursa, Flamsteed, Huygens, Herschel, Piazzi, Fabricius, Bode, Mayrberg, Jacqueline, Lagrange, Hevelius, and Tombaugh to produce more spies to aid the Clerisy! You! Get Naumachiala, Draper, Leverrier, Lowell, Baade, Laplace, Olbers, Wright, de la Caille, Lockyer, Cassini, and Galle to produce as many Typhoei and Ur-Titans as possible! You! I want our stockpile of explosives readied! You! Make sure to maintain our city force fields! You! Go and support the Clerisy’s research projects! You are all dismissed!”

A chorus of “Yes, Governess!” met her ears as they all left. Susan sighed, and brought up a indigo hand to her head to massage her temple. Her blue suit dress was a bit ragged, seeing as she couldn’t seem to rest since she heard the news about Earth. She took away her hand and took in the state of her office with her blazing red eyes. All the perks of being in various parts of her country were spread about, seeing as her people fully embraced their life in the Lalande 21185 system. Now, that was not to say they never dreamed of going back to Earth, but it was never that big of a priority for them. And to think that if they’d just arrived more than 40 years earlier, they could have prevented this whole mess and protected the Terrans from Celestia’s clutches.

A strand of her long, blue hair fell into her vision as she sighed. We may not be able to change the past, but we can certainly work for a better future. She straightened up. Those blasted Equestrian Oppressors will be brought down!

Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

President Tom Seminazzi C (C is the roman numeral for 100) of the Observant Confederation was waiting for his representative in the Xenosabe Concourse (XC) to report back to him. Tom was a patient man, and had already taken care of preparations to help the Clerisy in their Crusade to Cleanse Earth, as he liked to call it. After all, their goal was to cure the Newfoals of their unfortunate condition and defeat Celestia, while possibly strengthening the rebellion, if their was one. Tom looked at his tan wrist to look at his wristwatch. He lowered his hand and just waited, patiently, his forest green eyes alert. He thought the Clerisy would appreciate the additional spies and air, ground, and sea support. A stray strand of black hair fell into his vision. He took out a comb and pushed it back behind his ear. His violet-trimmed suit was recently ironed for this occasion. He was about to check his watch again when his representative came in. “Ah, Jess, good to see you. How’d the meeting go?”

Jess huffed, causing a lock of her purple hair to fall in front of her face. Using her hand that wasn’t carrying a briefcase, she pushed it back behind her ear. “Well Govna, I met wit the other reps again. Harry of Funestia was insufferable as always, but the Clerisiac rep cooled things down. The rep of Ellecor was there, but the Det Pin representative wasn’t there. The use of Ne Plus Ultras are still only approved for use against the barbarians, sir” Jess rolled her orange eyes. “Some things neva change.” She then adjusted her violet-trimmed dress suit with a blue hand.

“Ah, that’s too bad. I was hoping that we’d get the chance to use one on the Equestrian Oppressors, but I guess you can’t have everything. Is there anything else?"

Jess nodded. "The Ellecor announced that they'll be dissolving the unimind to form a Proteocracy* for the war, so there's that to look forward to."

Tom smiled at this. "That is good news. Their Proteocracy will be most conducive to our war effort. You are dismissed.”

“Farewell, sir.” And with that, Jess left the meeting.

Tom clasped his hands together, and his elbows rested on his desk. Celestia… One would think that such a name would bring kindness and warmth to all, regardless of race. But, she attacked and imprisoned most of the humans, while scaring the rest to the undergrounds, space, or both. I just can’t shake the feeling that she’s only a puppet whose strings are being pulled by some greater evil… But, who could pull the strings of someone revered as a deity?

Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

Princess Celestia was admiring the view of the evening sky through a window in her throne room. The moon was due to rise in a scant few hours, and then the night-life of Equestria would pick up. She strongly wished that she could get through to her sister Luna, to clear her confusion on the matter of the fate of those despicable humans. Celestia was knock out of her reverie when a knock came on the throne room doors. She spoke in a regal tone. “Enter.”

The double doors opened, and in came a most peculiar pony. She had a coat of pure sapphire, and her mane was a polished opal. Her horn was fiercely sharp. Her tail was that of a dragon’s, and had sapphire scales and opal spines. Her forelegs ended in dragon claws as well, and her “muzzle” was more of a snout, and it was full of omnivorous teeth, no doubt. Her eyes were draconic, but that wasn’t the only peculiar thing about them. The right eye was gleaming like a lapis-lazuli stone, while the left eye shimmered like an amethyst. The hybrid mare wore a sleek black platinum uniform, marking her as a part of the Equestrian Special Forces. The mare bowed, and spoke. “Your majesty, you wished to see me?”

Celestia smiled, but inwardly cursed. Why’d she have to be a hybrid? I’d have much prefered a pure pony, but desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose. “Yes. Rise, Lapis Opal Amethyst, I have need of your services.”

Lapis then rose. “What is it that you require of me, your majesty?”

Celestia cleared her throat. At least this hybrid’s good for something. “I require you to lead some of my forces on a raid on Lalandean soil. We need to capture some Proteans for testing.”

Lapis jolted to attention, eyes wide and pupils shrunk to pinpricks. “But your majesty! I am only a lowly private! I just recently got put in the forces about 5 years back!”

Celestia grinned. Perfect. Perhaps your hybrid ilk will be rid of on this mission. “Then consider yourself promoted. You are now Captain of the Equestrian Special Forces Space division!”

Lapis saluted. “Ma’am! I won’t disappoint you, your majesty!”

Celestia smiled. “I’m certain you’ll make your father Rubeus proud.”

Lapis straightened with pride. After all, her father would be proud of her serving the ruler of Equestria, just as the Trigems had done for centuries in secret. “I’ll do my best, your majesty!” Lapis then left the throne room.

Celestia then chuckled to herself. Oh, you’ll try all right. Your half-brother, Topaz, certainly has his uses as a mole in the Ponyville Secession Movement, but you and him are both disposable. After all, you’re both only half-pony. At least your other half brother, Sapphiron, has the decency to be a pure pony, even if he’s a hybrid of a sort. I still wish I could find him, however…

Manehattan, Equestria, Planet Equus

A resounding “Get her!” could be heard as Trixie Lulamoon ran from the angry crowd.

D---, I had such high hopes that Manehattan wouldn’t chase me out like Canterlot, Las Pegasus, Vanhoover, Tall Tale, and Hooflyn did, but I guess I was wrong. Again. Trixie looked back to see that her travelling stage was still following her, along with the massive mob. This seemed to always happen, ever since she made her position of being Anti-Potion known all those years ago, and recently, Anti-Celestia. They never gave up chase, and Trixie was getting tired of running. She turned her head forward again, and turned left. Aha! The exit! Trixie beamed. She was going to get out of here, and be on her way to the next town! Sure, that one might kick her out as well, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise her at this point. She crossed the threshold, and called back in her classic third person speech. “The Great and Powerful Trixie bids you adieu, and won’t be back!” With that, she reared up on her hind legs causing her star-studded purple cape to flutter. Then, when her hooves touched down, there was a puff of smoke. The mob stopped moving. Using her smokescreen as an advantage, she turned towards her destination, charged up her horn with pink magic, and with a pop, she was out of sight from the Manehattanites. She patted herself on the back. It took awhile to master, but teleportation is worth it. I can see why Twilight uses it so much. At that thought, she moved back to a standing position. She hadn’t thought about Twilight in a long while, even though they became friends just before Equestria made contact with Earth. How long had it been since they’d last met in Ponyville? Twenty-Five years? Was that right? She then pondered what to do. I could always wander from town to town until I pass out… No, not appealing. Perhaps I should make a beeline for Ponyville. I’m sure Twilight would be happy to see that I’m okay. Trixie nodded, and turned in Ponyville’s direction. Yes, I will go straight to Ponyville. No detours, whatsoever. Twilight, it’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other, mon amie.

*A Proteocracy is an extremely plastic form of government in the Civ II ToT universe.

2- Preparation, Formation, and Travel

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Outpost One, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

The people of Outpost One were bustling with activity, mass producing the best land units they had. While not as advanced as the other human descended nations, the Imperials prided themselves with their ability to make military units relatively quickly. After all, when one went to war, it was optimal to rush as many units as possible in their opinion. They even decided to put out some Singulons, a recent development for their Hierarchy. The Imperials were long-lived compared to the Other nations of the Lalande 21185 system, so they were willing to risk as many soldiers as they could gather to put the menace of the Equestrian Oppressors down.

Van Allentown, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Naumachia

In Van Allentown, there was a similar bustle of activity, with them mass producing the best air units that they had available. The odd Griffe would be woken up for the fight, but that was because they never decommissioned any of them. They worked swiftly and efficiently with the money of the coffers rolling in. Their air units may be “out-dated” compared to the rest of the world, but that wouldn’t stop them from supporting the war effort.

Pluto Station, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Nona

Pluto Station was busy with work as well, along with the other Imperial cities of Planet Nona. They were rushing out ocean vessels like nobody’s business. The Imperials knew that sea support would be vital to the war effort, even if the other nations called them fools. The Imperials anticipated that they’d need to go against the navy of these Equestrians sooner or later, and they planned to be prepared for such an encounter. Their ANEACs may not be the top of the line when it came to sea vessels, but it would certainly be better than nothing.


Gatewood, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Funestis

The production of the extra spies was going rather smoothly, and Gatewood was somewhat ahead of schedule. However, they couldn’t slow down now, because the Governess was counting on them. With the extra time on their hands, they started briefing the spies on the mission they’d be helping with in advance. After all, what use was a spy if they were sent to support somebody else without some sort of clue as to what the game plan was? As new spies came in, some others were sent off to Clericorum. Perhaps if they made enough of them fast enough, they’d get a new project to produce quicker.

Naumachiala, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Naumachia

The force fields were being reinforced again. The Governess did this often, in order to anticipate invasions. Now with the threat of the Equestrian Oppressors on the horizon, the people of Funestia wanted to be absolutely certain that they were prepared just in case the Equestrian Oppressors came through the EarthGate. After all, they didn’t really know when the Equestrians could pop on through this side of the EarthGate, and an attack could be launched at any moment. Funestia certainly wasn’t about to just let them waltz into their country and abduct their citizens. That was why the force fields were being pushed to their absolute limits. Nothing was getting through them easily, and it was the job of the managers to make sure of that.

Nona City, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Nona

Nona City held Funestia’s stockpile of explosives. They weren’t as devastating as a Ne Plus Ultra, but they would certainly cause massive damage to the enemy. Funestia kept these just in case another war ever broke out, so now was the time to send them to use. Funestia may have surrendered the last war betwixt the nations at the threat of the Ultras, but thay would not do so with this fight. They would back the Clerisy with all their might until the Equestrian Oppressors were soundly defeated.


Querista, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

The armies of the Observers were being woken up. Unlike their fellow nations, the Observers had made sure to keep a large standing military after the last war. And, as per usual, they were right to have such foresight. The troops were being split into two factions: one would go down to Earth with the Clerisy, while the other would stay and defend the cities. The Observers knew that the Equestrian Oppressors would try and come to the Lalande 21185 system somehow, probably with stolen spaceships, and attempt to strike at home. But, being the careful people they were, they would make sure that not a single Observer city was undefended.

Allentown, The Observant Confederation, Planet Naumachia

The Observer’s stock of Ne Plus Ultras were kept in a secret vault in Allentown, just itching to be used. The vault was heavily guarded by multiple fail-safes, and even had some Ur-Titans guarding it upfront. the only way in was if you had the genetic code of the President, knew the obscenely long passcode, and could crack a severely complex riddle. Now, the passcode and riddle would change periodically, just to keep one from using an old one to open up the vault. There were also multiple protocols in place just in case the system was somehow fooled/bypassed/disabled. In short, unless the President gave the “Okay,” nobody was getting into the vault.

Inquirendo, The Observant Confederation, Planet Nona

Jess collapsed on her bed. Home sweet home, she thought to herself. The day had been a big pressure point for her, ever since the meeting at the XC, and she really just wanted it over with. Jess was somewhat of an odd case in the Observant Confederation, seeing as she was living on her own. Now, this didn’t bother her too much, it was just all the pestering calls from good old mom and dad that she could hardly stand. *Ring ring! Ring ring!* Speak of the devil… she thought to herself as she looked at the ID on the holo-caller. She rolled her eyes, and answered the call. “Hi dad. So, how you doing today?”


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

Captain Lapis was nervous. She’d only recently been promoted, and she was already being sent on a mission! This is huge! Using the modified commandeered vessels, we’ll fly through that gate in the sky and attack the Lalande 21185 system. But, It’s not just my squad going up there… She looked around, and saw about five ships, perhaps a sixth was hidden somewhere, and all of them had a crew of about a thousand or two ponies, and each crew mostly contained Earth Ponies and Pegasi, with a modest amount of unicorns, all of which were outfitted with magic-based weapons. She herself had been given a Magic Axe and a set of specially made gauntlets to enhance the power of her claws, along with a similar boon for her tail. She also sported an Alicorn Amulet, but since she was only half pony it didn’t warp her mind very much. This is gonna be tough, but I gotta prove myself to Her Majesty and my family! She then looked down at the platinum locket with the three gems of her cutie mark embossed in it. Even if I have to unleash my full strength to do it.


Everfree Forest western edge, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie had made it to the edge of the Everfree Forest, where no sane pony ever ventured. But, in order to get to Ponyville discreetly, she’d have to just toss sanity straight out the window, it seemed. It was lucky that her traveling stage had made it with her this far. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost it… Trixie shook her head. After all, she had to focus on getting to Ponyville. The path through the Everfree may be long, winding, and dangerous, but I’ve got little other choice but to go through it. She steeled her nerves, and entered the forest where many never dared tread.

3- Readying, Lift-off, Rest, and Spy (Updated)

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Valerian, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

The Imperials were almost ready to fight this war. When the Clerisy sent the word, they would rally to strike, swiftly and without mercy. The Imperials took up banners emblazoned with constellations like Orion, Leo, Scorpio, and Drago to show their ferocity. They would intimidate their foes by sending as many warriors as necessary to squelch their oppression of the Terrans. The Imperials shouted, raising their weapons to the sky. They were ready for war with those that had imprisoned their fellows. They were ready to die for their fellows with honor, no matter how steep the cost may be. If necessary, the entire nation would lay down its life for this cause, and they would be remembered as heroes for the rest of the ages. This was for the Imperials' pride and honor, and they would show their best.


Draper, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Naumachia

The defenses were being shorn up, readying for the inevitable strike at Lalandean cities. Typhoei and Ur-Titans were being set to roam the perimeter of the city, and Singulons were being produced as well. The force fields were strong, but the Funestian government wasn’t sure it could hold off the Equestrian’s “magic” for long, if at all. Therefore, standing armies were set up as a precaution in every Funestian city. The Funestians weren’t about to give an inch of the home they loved to an invading force, even if they needed to die to protect it. With a few more checks and double-checks, their forces were ready to face whatever the enemy could throw at them. They were as ready as they felt they would ever be.


Probandi, The Observant Confederation, Planet Nona

They were watching, waiting, calculating, anticipating, as they always did. They ran checks, double-checks, even triple-checks to ensure everything was in order. The soldiers did drills to keep their minds sharpened on battle, and the citizens kept constant vigil on watching the sky for the signal to attack or defend. They kept themselves busy with various tasks, including maintenance on the force fields. The people were busy, and kept themselves alert enough to act on a moment’s notice. None of them would allow themselves to be caught off-guard just in case one of the signals were sent. The people were proud to be as attentive as they were; they were Observers after all, and they wore that title with pride. Their great attention to detail would ensure that nobody within their cities would be caught unawares by anything. This preparation was crucial to the fight ahead. None would blind them from their mission. It was all or nothing, and they wouldn’t accept “nothing.”


Near the EarthGate, New Equestria

The vessels had taken off, and were ready to enter Lalandean space. Even so, Lapis was nervous. This was her first big assignment in the Equestrian Special Forces, and she was afraid that she’d blow it. She shook her head. No! Focus, Lapis! You are a soldier! You gave up that pipe dream of being a jeweler for the glory of the Equestrian nation ages ago! You can do this! You no longer have use for the mask of Janice anyway. She took a deep breath, and calmed herself. You may no longer have contact with Sapphiron ever since he disappeared before Equestria came into contact with Earth, but at least you still have Topaz. She then faceclawed. Oh right, he’s still got his mane and tail dyed from their lustrous obsidian to a dull orange and red and mixed his eye colors to be red-orange. He even masked his cutie mark and goes by the name Chessmaster now. It helps that he uses that persona to fool the rebels into believing that he’s on their side. The space ship lurched as it neared the EarthGate, almost causing Lapis to lose her footing. These commandeered vessels need some serious maintenance, She mused to herself.


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie was tired. Dealing with those Timberwolves certainly had not been easy. Her magic was still not meant for combat, even with her living on the run for twenty years. She knew that she’d never truly get used to it, despite her sometimes hiding in the Everfree for a night or two. Yes, Trixie had been here before, and it was no less frightening now than it was back then. She then ran across a group of unicorns in gold and red bodysuits- the Solar Flares, the only other competent part of Equestria’s Military besides the Equestrian Special Forces. One of them spoke as she was surrounded. “Well, look what the manticore dragged in! Trixie Lulamoon! What a pleasure to see you again.” The stallion smiled cruelly. “When Celestia hears that we’ve captured you, she’ll be most pleased.”

“Commander Flare Strike.” Trixie spoke venomously as she narrowed her eyes. “Why am I not surprised to see you underestimate me again.” She lit up her horn in response to the Solar Flares charging up their magic. Trixie then smirked. “Let’s see you catch me after this show-stopper!” In a flash of pink, she blinded her opponents and wove a glamour of invisibility and silence over herself and her wagon. As she went on her way, she heard Flare Strike curse and order his stallions to spread out over search for her. As soon as they were out of sight, she dropped the invisibility, but kept the silence up just in case. Well that was tiring, she mused to herself. How long have I been in here? A few days now? She shook her head. I can’t worry about that right now. I need to find a cave or something to rest in. After all, I’ve had little to no chance to sleep ever since I left Manehattan. She sighed because she knew that her wagon-stage wouldn’t suffice in the forest as it had on the road. She soon stumbled upon an empty cave. It wasn’t much, but it was at least shelter. Trixie knew that staying outside during the night in the Everfree was never a good idea. So, she went inside, careful not to disturb the creature that most likely lived inside. I just hope it's not an Ursa Minor… She took some provisions out of her travelling wagon-stage, and had a small meal. It may not have been much, but it kept her relatively content. She then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Hayburg, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d heard various rumors about a movement centering around Ponyville that pointed to secession, and appointing Princess Twilight as the head of state for the new country. However, Twilight herself denied such claims. So, Princess Celestia had tasked him with assessing whether or not the rumors were true. He’d just recently arrived in a town near Ponyville, and had listened in on conversations around town. Only very private conversations spoke of the secession, just as had been trend in the towns he’d been to thus far. He was sitting at a table, playing chess against himself, as he tended to do. His aqua hoof sifted through his orange and red mane, and went down again. Using his red-orange magic, he moved a pawn on his chessboard, and took one of the black pawns. He had a thoughtful look on his face as his red-orange eyes gleamed. The rumors of secession… the closer I get to Ponyville, the more they seem to be true. He then frowned, his eyebrows scrunched. Yet, the closer I get to Ponyville, the harder the rumors are to track... He looked back to admire the golden chess king cutie mark he sported on his flanks. It was wise of Her Majesty to send me for this job, for I will find the facts. No matter how hard it may be to uncover them. He turned to face his chessboard again. Now, all I need do is follow the most recent lead, and see if I can track them some more. He spread his griffon wings, and swished his lion tail. “After all, a challenge is always good for a Chessmaster.” He then smirked to himself.

4- Mobilize, Await, Companion, and Consideration (Updated)

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Von Braunberg, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Naumachia

The suspense for waiting was making the Imperials antsy. They wanted to go into action right away, but reason dictated that they await the signal from the Clerisy. Still, that was a tall order to a warmongering people like the Star Officers. However, they knew that attacking now would ruin the plan. So, they spent their idle time sparring with one another. Such sport helped ease their nerves as they anxiously awaited the call to battle. Their Griffas ready for takeoff, their Slip-jacks ready to sail, and their Xenocides and Singulons ready for combat, they bade their time until the call would come.


Christy, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Nona

The Typhoei were ready to fly, and the Ur-Titans ready to crush foes. However, some experimental upgrades were put on each as a risky gambit to weigh the scales in their favor. Even the Singulons were toting this new upgrade that they’d dubbed “Magi-armor.” Sure, it hadn’t been field tested yet, and the armor was mainly crafted from theories about how to protect themselves from Equestrian magic attacks, but it was certainly better than nothing. This is what came with sending scientists to aid the Clerisy in research. They didn’t know how well this experimental tech would do against magic attacks, but they were willing to risk lives for testing purposes if it helped win the war. But, to be entirely certain of its capabilities, they’d need to capture a unicorn into helping them test its capabilities fully. When the call to attack came, they’d go for that chance in a heartbeat the instant they could.


Interloc, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

The hands on the clock were ticking slowly, but such tended to happen when you focus on the little details, as the Observers tended to do to pass the time. Weaker minds might go insane from such a venture, but the Observers were not weak. They’d won many wars of the system’s past because of how keen their minds were for details. Even with the Clerisy being the most advanced nation in the system, the Observers were never far behind. Sure the Clerisy had all the human-specific wonders of the Lalande 21185 system, but the Observers had patience and sharp minds. they could play the other nations against each other if they’d so wished; in fact they’d done so a few times in the past for a small bit of amusement. However, the previous war was most certainly not their doing, and they constantly insisted as such. In fact, it was their recollection that the Star Officers- BONG BONG BONG. Oh, the call to rally to Clericorum! Wondrous! It seemed that they’d now have the opportunity to see Earth’s fate first hand! The Observers then sent off their troops to Clericorum to await further orders.


Lalandean Space, Lalande 21185 system

It was almost time, the moment of truth was near. Lapis was terrified. She knew that this strike would be the crowning mark of her military career so far. Thankfully, they had been instructed to wait until the orders to attack would come from Celestia. It would be the moment that she’d been trained for, she reminded herself, even if she hadn’t ever known she would be called upon by Princess Celestia herself. She looked down to the locket that was embossed with the gemstones of her cutie mark once more. I hope I won’t need to, but what happens if there’s no other option for victory? Will I be able to Awaken properly? Or will this fear I have cloud its success? She shook her head. Focus, Lapis! She reprimanded herself, Equestria is counting on the success of your mission! You can’t let Her Majesty down! She looked to the locket one last time. No matter the cost I may suffer should I need to activate the magic of this locket, If it is necessary for success, I will use it without hesitation.


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie woke up with little difficulty. Now, which way to Ponyville? She’d been staying in that cave for nearly two weeks, just waiting patiently to move until the right moment. She exited the cave, and went back to the dirt road and followed it for a while until she saw a unicorn stallion facing off against a manticore. The stallion’s teal coat was hard to make out underneath all the dirt and grime that covered it, and his mane was barely clean enough for her to make out that it was once reddish brown and had a turquoise streak down the center, and was now tangled and unruly. His pupils were slitted, and he bore his fangs. His dim seven-colored rainbow tail swished, and was long and unkempt. His right eye was blue as a sapphire, and his left eye was as green as an emerald. He wore a cracked pair of blue glasses and a rusty oval-shaped locket of some kind. His cutie mark, if he had one, was entirely shrouded by how dirty he was. The stallion and the manticore circled one another. The Manticore looked about ready to collapse. Then, in a burst of speed, the stallion’s mouth clamped around the manticore’s throat. With a yelp of pain, and much thrashing, the manticore finally slumped over, dead. The stallion stood to his full height, which seemed to be barely larger than Shining Armor was in his prime.

Then, the stallion went to the manticore, and spoke. “Oh great creators, send this creature safely to thine embrace.” With a flash of turquoise magic, he cut the Manticore open, and harvested some of its meat, and put it into a pouch. “I’ve already had lunch, so this is for later.” He then shoved the manticore’s corpse off to the side.

As he turned to leave, Trixie ran up to him, calling out. “Wait! Who are you?”

The pony flinched. He then turned to face Trixie, and spoke. “You don’t need to know me, and it would be better for you to just forget me. You’re an outsider; one of the crowd that ostracized me because of my unique appearance. I will not be around ponies if they cannot accept me for what I am, for who I am!” He stomped a hoof, and turned to leave. “Go now, Pureblood, because I’ve no want to deal with your kind. We hybrids stand alone.” He then started off into the distance.

Trixie ran after him, calling out again. “Wait! Ponies have changed! just give them a chance! I’ve been ostracized as well, but I know of a place where they will take me in! Perhaps they’ll accept you as well!”

The stallion turned his head, and raised an eyebrow. “And if you happen to be wrong?”

Trixie then looked at him with a determined gaze. “I know they’ll accept you; I’m certain of it!”

The stallion then went back to the dirt road, and bowed with a flourish. “Very well then. Lead on, milady.”

As she lead the stallion to Ponyville, she then asked a question. “So, what’s your name?”

The stallion uttered a single word in response. “Sapphiron.”


Appaloosa, Equestria, Planet Equus

Chessmaster had arrived quickly thanks to his teleportation spell. He’d been sitting in the bar, in his unicorn shape so as to not draw attention. Can’t risk anyone seeing me in my Hippogriff state, so this polymorph spell has become very useful. He was knocked out of his thoughts as a pale yellow stallion with a tan stetson and a beige vest with a braeburn apple cutie mark came to the table, and sat next to him. The stallion paid Chessmaster no mind, until Chessmaster spoke up. “So, I’ve been hearing certain rumors…”

The stetson-wearing pony quirked an eyebrow. “Oh? ‘An just what rumors would those be, pardner?”

Fiddling with his cider, Chessmaster spoke up. “I’d heard that there was a movement among towns near Ponyville to secede from Equestria, with Ponyville as the capital of the new nation.”

The stallion looked from side to side. “And what will you do if those rumors are true?”

Shrugging, Chessmaster continued nonchalantly. “Check it out, see what’s what. Maybe if I’m so inclined, I would join - provided it really exists.”

The stallion offered a letter to Chessmaster, which he accepted. “Take that to Ponyville. Meet with Applejack, and tell her Braeburn sent you.” The stallion stood, and left the bar.

Chessmaster took a look at the unopened letter, and pondered. These “rebels”... they would trust a stranger such as I? Why? Don’t they think I could be insincere? Puzzling indeed… He shook his head. At least with this, I might find out why they want to do this. With that information, I can judge for myself whether or not Sapphiron was right to abandon the cause after Tourmaline died. He adjusted his cloak, and left the bar.

5- Defend, Raid, Fight, and Strategy (Updated)

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Io City, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Naumachia

Singulons were marching around the perimeter of the city, and Bombi were scouting the skies. Despite their rep for being a warmongering people, the Imperials weren’t stupid; they knew that the possibility of an attack was very real. They may not have all the perks of the other nations, but they would fight tooth and nail if- no, when the Equestrian Oppressors came to attack. After all, they reasoned that it was only a matter of time before the Equestrians started bombarding at least one of, if not all of, the planets in the Lalande 21185 system. All of a sudden, a massive ship was seen approaching Planet Naumachia. It was of a curious design, one that was foreign to all of the Lalandean nations. It was too late to make any more preparations. They had arrived.


Oberth, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Nona

Multiple space vessels were in Lalandean space, and the Funesti knew that they weren’t friendly. It was time now to pull out all the stops to protect their home. After all, the ships were splitting up and heading to different planets. One was on its way straight to Nona. The shields went up in full force. It was finally time to fight on the home front. If the Equestrian Oppressors expected this raid to go easily for them, they were in for quite the rude awakening. Even though the Hammers were not online at the moment and some were off-planet for repairs, the Funesti were confident that they wouldn’t need them. Singulons, Typhoei, and Ur-Titans were outfitted with the experimental Magi-armor, and made ready to attack. They would not give their home away without a fight. Then, as the ships started to descend, one of the Hammers came online and attacked. One of the ships was severely damaged, and it started to careen into the atmosphere much faster than intended. The Funesti cheered as they saw the ship crash. It was a good day to be alive. Then, a Dreadnaught was spotted chasing off a few of the other ships. Dreadnaughts were massive things, and to run across one was not pretty. One of the ships near the surface of Nona was being chased by a HaGibborim Guardian, or, more specifically, a Adamastor. The ship was fleeing as best it could, but the eleven dimensional weaponry was a bit too difficult to dodge. Thus, another ship crashed planetside. Today was definitely a good day.

ELLECOR (Klackon-descended Nation)

Nang, The Great Joining of Pun Elleco, Planet Funestis

Progenitor Ha Torth CII narrowed her gaze as one of the ships that were obviously modified by ponies came directly towards the capital city. As she stood, her green robes swayed slightly over her klackon form. Her red chitin shimmered in the light of the Lalandean sunlight that entered through one of the windows in her residence. She used the connections of the Great Joining to semi-control all the citizens of the city- Which was quite advantageous. As the ship set down, somewhat shakily due to the pilots obviously being not quite used to non-vertical set down, the citizens of Nang started to take great precautions, some of them even burrowing into the ancient tunnels that connected the entire city underground. The military was roused, and they marched towards the edge of the city that the ship had landed near. The walls were sturdy and strong, and when supplemented by the force field, it would certainly be hard for the ponies to get through. Oh, how wrong that presumption was. Only a few blasts of that infernal “magic” and the the ponies managed to get into the city. The main forces of the military clashed, hoping to cut off the ponies, but a few stragglers managed to pierce through the defenses. However, only a handful of citizens were actually taken, seeing just as the first one was abducted, the entire city was soon swarming the ponies with any weapon they could get their hands on. The ponies were driven out of the city rather quickly after that, and a few of those that had been captured had been retrieved before then. But, the ship took off to the vastness of space with 10 citizens anyway. Sure, that wasn’t much, but it caused Ha Torth to scowl anyway, as she started to sense the fear and pain being sent her way as her people were being tested on mid-flight. She banged a fist on a table that was in the room. Drat it all! They managed to make off with some of them… her eyes were full of sadness as she considered the ramifications of severing the Great Joining whilst her citizens were being tested on. It gave her great grief to even think of doing such, so she was at a an impasse for the moment.


Belvedere, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

The immaculate golden-plated vessel descended from the sky on the edge of town. The standing army of the city was awakened, and the shields put to max. The civilians were encouraged to stay inside as the massive ship started to touch down. The Observers knew that other cities on the other planets were seeing a similar scene to this one this very moment. This was the moment of truth. Would they be able to derail this foe and protect their home? The massive amounts of precautions over the past months pointed to yes. They would face this foe with all their power and preparations, and they would not falter. Then, the hatch on the bottom of the ship extended out in a ramp, and out came a squad of around two thousand ponies, led by a most peculiar creature. It had some features of a Typhoeus mixed with that of a unicorn pony, and appeared to be made of pure crystal. It was outfitted in a black armor, and had gauntlets on its claws. It also sported a ring on its scaled tail, as well as an amulet and locket around its neck. It had heterochromia, one eye being blue while the other was purple. Its fur and scales were blue in color, and its mane and spines were an extremely pale pink. It then narrowed its gaze as it looked at the force field. It then straightened, and turned to address its troops.


Attack on Planet Funestis

Lapis exhaled. Alright, exude confidence. Defy all doubt. You can’t afford to back down now. “Listen up! These Proteans are a crafty bunch, as Her Majesty has warned us. However! We will show no mercy! Will will capture as many of them as possible, and then hightail it out of here! Is that clear?”

A chorus of “Ma’am, yes ma’am!” reached her ears, and she turned around to face the city.

Lapis breathed deeply. Alright Lapis, it’s now or never. It’s time to make your country proud. “Alright! ATTACK!” She pointed a claw at the barrier, and soon her troops went to work on the barrier. She charged up her horn with red magic, and fired a blast at the barrier as her Earth Pony and Pegasai troops went in close. Her unicorns were also firing magic blasts at the barrier, but couldn’t manage the continuous blast of energy that Lapis had melded her spell into. However, the barrier continued to bar their way for quite some time. Lapis cursed inwardly. By the Almighty, this is ridiculous! Why won’t this barrier just fall? Her eyes then started to glow, and she was slowly lifted off the ground. I will not be denied! Her locket’s gems shimmered, and her body started to contort. I WILL SHOW NO MERCY!!! Her body expanded, and she grew large dragon wings on her back. Her dragon arms became large and burly, and her snout elongated. Her claws and teeth sharpened, her horn lengthened, and her form grew large enough to rival the size of Princess Celestia. Her tail had been enlarged as well, and had grown sharp spikes. She then roared with rage, and flung herself at the barrier while coating herself with powerful red magic. The barrier shattered into billions of pieces. With a fierce cry, the ponies stormed the city while Lapis the Draconis waged battle with the larger foes. The ponies managed to procure some Proteans from their homes while Lapis kept the security busy, but the ponies had to fight off the Singulons on their way back to the ship. Lapis, however, was in a bind. She couldn’t seem to break away from the battle. However, she was able to hear some chatter from the direction of her ship.

“Wait! What about Captain Lapis? She’s still fighting out there! We can’t leave her!”

“We can, and we must! If we stay, we risk not getting these specimen to Her Majesty!”

“You’re right, I suppose…”

Lapis then turned her head to see the ship lift off the ground. She shouted in rage. “GET BACK HERE! FACE ME, FOUL TRAITORS!” The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the doors of the ship closing and it zooming off into space. The last thought to cross her mind was that she’d been abandoned.


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie and Sapphiron were traveling when a pack of Timberwolves pounced into their path. “Oh come on! Trixie is so tired of this! Why is it that the safest path to Ponyville has taken us a month to traverse! It’s getting rather annoying that we’re running into so many delays!”

Sapphiron cracked his neck, and licked his lips. “Well, it’s easy for you to complain, but I’ve certainly enjoyed it. I haven’t eaten this well in years!” His eyes gleamed with a predatory hunger. “I just hope that this Ponyville you keep talking about is really worth it, Trix.” Over the time they’d spent in the Everfree, he’d taken to calling her that. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried to dissuade him, he wouldn’t stop calling her that. So, she’d accepted defeat. But, despite her earlier unease about her erstwhile companion being a Batblood, she had grown somewhat fond of him. During the time they’d spent together, they’d exchanged tidbits of their lives with one another. Her fillyhood in Neigh Orleans, his days back when he traveled across Equestria. He’d even told her that, at one point, he’d proudly displayed his cutie mark. However, due to his nature as a Batblood, he’d been kicked out of every town he’d come across. Eventually he’d stopped travelling and settled into the Everfree Forest. She then brought herself back to the present. The timberwolves had been dealt with during her reverie, and he was sporting a cheeky grin. “So, we gonna keep movin’ along, Trix?” She rolled her eyes, but grinned as they walked together in the Everfree.


Ponyville, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d received the message just recently. Lapis? M.I.A.? I smell foul play here… Chessmaster moved one of the white bishops on his chessboard with a talon. Something tells me that Celestia wanted her out of the way… He moved another piece, the black queen, and sighed. Maybe the rebels are right, that she is insane… He’d finally managed to find his way into one of the meetings, and through a line of questioning, had brought to surface this assertion by the rebels. He’d doubted it at the time he’d heard it, but with this information, it was hard to not see why they thought the way they did. I never thought that Her Majesty could be anything but just… Chessmaster stood. It seems Sapphiron was right, after all. It’s only a matter of time before she turns her back on me as well. He sighed and he lifted up a orihalchum chest. It behooves me to turn my back on Her Majesty, but if I plan to win this game, I must look out for what’s best for Number One. He lifted the lid, and gazed at the orihalchum blade that lay inside along with the oval-shaped platinum locket that had a topaz, an obsidian shard, and a ruby embedded into it. I just had hoped it’d never come to this...

6- Celebration, Test, Rage, Visit, and Resolve (Updated)

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Europa, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Nona

The fight had been arduous, but they’d managed to send the Equestrian Oppressors running off with their tails between their legs. However, the battle had not been easy, and many of their people had been abducted by those cretins. The sheer number of people abducted was rather troublesome, but at least they’d managed to smear a few of their foes against the cold pavement. The scent of blood perforated the air, but the Imperials didn’t mind too much. After all, when you’re a warmongering people, you tend to get used to that smell hanging in the air. If anything, it made their hearts swell with pride at the fact that they’d won the day against their foe. They honored those who died as valiant heroes, and hoped for the safety of the captives. After the ceremony, they continued to celebrate their impressive victory.


Ursa, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Funestis

The Equestrian Oppressors hadn’t stood a chance. Sure, they managed to pilfer a few of the citizens, but the severe force of the opposition that the Funestians had raised had forced the Equestrians to flee swiftly. The experimental Magi-armor had done wonders for their protection as well. The looks on those equine faces was priceless when they realized that their magic was having little to no effect. The Funestians cheered vigorously for this victory, and hoped that the forces that they’d sent to Clericorum would meet with success as well. After all, there was more than one front to this war, and they aimed to win all sides of it.


S.S. Galloper, Lalandean space, Lalande 21185 system

These test subject were quite… unsettling. They wouldn’t respond in anyway to the testing of the potion. These ants didn’t even show any effects that other Newfoals did at anytime. during the testing process. They didn’t even seem to feel pain! They didn’t seem concerned by their situation at all. The head scientist on the ship shook his head. Perhaps we need to just push… harder. That might be it. They might just have a higher resilience threshold. No matter how they were enduring all of this pain, and choking this fear, the scientist swore he’d get results. They were on their way out of the system and back to New Equestria. They could definitely run more extensive tests there.


Squiz, The Observant Confederation, Planet Naumachia

Their perimeters for their expectations had been met. The Equestrian Oppressors had been pushed back swiftly, and only a token amount of the population. This was certainly cause for celebration! However, the Observers made sure to not get entirely swept away in the merriment. After all, this was probably the first strike of many. Their celebration was halted however, when an emergency broadcast was put on the holo-vision in the town square. Displayed at the bottom of the projection were the words: Crisis in Belvedere! A woman with a ironed green business dress suit, pale orange skin, red eyes, and ice-blue hair was on the screen, and to her right was a picture of an Ur-Titan facing a rather large Typhoeus-esque equine creature of some kind. The news anchor then spoke. “Reports on the attack on Belvedere are still incoming. We have so far confirmed that 100 citizens are missing from the city. The creature in the picture you see was also knocked out, and procured to be sent to Pharos for study. The nature of this creature is unlike any previous Equestrian we have come across, but it appears to be a hybrid of some kind.” The picture changed, this time showing a much smaller Typhoeus-esque equine which was unconscious. “The picture on screen now is the hybrid’s base form. It seems that it harnessed some power source that we are unaware of to change its form so drastically. More will be reported as it comes in. That’s all for this emergency broadcast."


Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

As Lapis awoke, she found herself in some kind of hospital room. The first thought that crossed her mind was What in the bloody Tartarus? Where am I? She tried to move, but pain shot through her system. Ack! That smarts… How did that happen again? Last I remember I was on the battlefield and I activated the magic of my locket when… She looked down to see that though many portions of her body were bandaged, she still wore pieces of her armor, and more importantly, her locket. … That’s right, I fought off some of the Protean’s bigger forces and then… All of the sudden, she heard footsteps coming into her room. Crud! Who could that possibly be? Her question was soon answered when a tan-skinned man in a violet-trimmed business suit with black hair and forest green eyes walked into the room. He exuded an air of calm, and held a calculating gaze. She saw six Singulons nearby him as well. This guy must be about as important as that Joe Dan Bohr character. He certainly has the air of a leader.

He then spoke with a calm tone. “Ah, so our guest is awake. Allow me to properly introduce myself.” He then adjusted his suit with a hand. “I am President Tom Seminazzi C, of the Observant Confederation. I have two main questions for you: Who are you, and why is it that your comrades left you here.”

Lapis cleared her throat. “I am Captain Lapis Opal Amethyst of the Equestrian Special Forces’ Space Division. As for why I was left behind… “ She narrowed her gaze. “... I was betrayed by my subordinates.”


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

The trip through the Everfree had certainly been interesting so far for the duo. It seemed that whenever they traveled, they would run into a delay that would cause them to be held up long enough for them to have not moved very far. However, it seemed that today was different. They managed to stumble upon a hut that was carved straight out of a large tree stump. It had curious masks on the wall, and various other trinkets as well. Trixie beamed at the sight. “Zecora’s hut! We’re pretty close to Ponyville now! Soon, you’ll see what I meant.”

Sapphiron walked up to the door of the hut. “It’s getting late. Perchance this Zecora might allow us to stay the night. Shall we check for such?”

Trixie nodded, and then knocked on the door. A voice then came from inside. “By the traveller’s code I abide, please come on inside.” Trixie tested the door, and found that it was open. She opened it fully, and went inside, Sapphiron following close behind. Sapphiron closed the door behind them. They were in a lively room full of some masks and trinkets much like the ones on the outside of the house. There was a cauldron with bubbling green liquid, and a zebra mare with many golden rings around her neck was stirring whatever was in the pot.

Sapphiron sniffed the air. “Mmmm, smells good. Needs Manticore meat, though.” The zebra turned to Sapphron at that, and raised an eyebrow. He chuckled openly, showing his fangs. “A batblood’s gotta eat, y’know?”

The zebra stopped stirring the pot, and turned to Trixie. “Trixie, just who is he? And why are you in the Everfree?"

Sapphiron cleared his throat, garnering the zebra’s attention. “You are Zecora, correct? “ she nodded, and Sapphiron continued. “Right then, do you mind if I introduce myself, then?” Zecora shook her head, and Sapphiron clapped his forehooves together. “Righto! I am Sapphiron. As for why we’re in the Everfree, well we were on our way to Ponyville. However, it’s getting dark, so we would ask if you would allow us to stay the night.”

Zecora smiled. “I certainly don’t mind the company, as long as you agree to help me.”

Sapphiron then spoke. “Can whatever it is wait until morning?” Zecora nodded, and Sapphiron yawned. “Good. See ya in the mornin’ Trix.” He then went over to a bed in the corner, and promptly fell asleep. Trixie went over to the other bed and fell asleep quickly.


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d arrived in Equestria’s seat of power. It was time to face Her Majesty. He would not be hoofing over the information she’d asked for, unlike what she probably expected. There would be no going back from this, and he’d probably be tried for treason, but that didn’t matter right now. He had a bone to pick with Celestia. It mattered not if anyone got in his way; he’d mow them down. This was a risky gambit, but it was well worth it. He’d debated with himself, and had come to the conclusion that it didn’t matter if he won his little “game” if ponies continued to follow Celestia blindly. He was considering himself absolutely crazy, but to make his family proud he’d stand against the Creators of Ponykind themselves if it meant helping ponies. He knew it was a bit late for this change of heart, but that didn’t matter right now. He needed to stand up for his beliefs. He may have let Money control him in the past, but what mattered right now was that he was going to stand for what he thought was right now. He then went up to a random guard, and spoke. “I request to see Her Majesty as soon as possible.”

The guard spoke. “Princess Celestia won’t be available for some time, sir.”

Chessmaster closed his eyes. “That is quite alright. I can wait until she is ready to see me. Pass along the message that I have something important to say to her.”

The guard nodded, then guided me to a room, and opened the door. “You can stay in here until she is ready to see you.”

Chessmaster thanked the guard and went into the room. Now, I wait.

7- Reconstitution, Decission, Plan, Progress, Task, and Defiance

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Orion Station, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

The news had been broadcast through the use of the Marconi Tower. A rebellion existed in the ranks of the Equestrian Oppressors. The Imperials were somewhat unsure of how to take this news, however. After all, they had been absolutely convinced that all of the Equestrians deserved to be destroyed. This uncertainty plagued all of the minds of the citizens, and effectively split the opinions into two major camps: Those that thought this was some kind of massive trick, and those that thought that this was cause for celebration. However, there were a minority that were still uncertain as to what to think, and the two major opinion camps started to vie for the uncertain to join their ranks. And how did they try to do so? By starting a virtual civil war about it, of course! This battle of opinions virtually paralyzed the entire nation, making aid from them start to come far slower.


Leverrier, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Naumachia

The Funesti took the news far differently, and started to rush support faster than ever before, and really starting to exhaust the national coffers. But, the news of a rebellion among the ponies was something that the Funesti were eager to hear, so no expense was spared in aiding them. They were willing to spend every last ounce of gold to help the rebels if necessary, and they would ensure that their aid was not wasted.


Corrob, The Observant Confederation, Planet Nona

The Observers took a far more calm approach to the news than the other nations. Being the analytical minds they were, they ensured to keep the flow of support steady, and ready to be pulled at a moment’s notice. After all, they knew that while a rebellion in the ranks of the Equestrian Government was good news, that it was quite possible for it to be a trick. But, they still would show their support for this movement until it was proven that such aid was being misused. The Observers had also heard the news about the captive that they had over in Pharos seeming to want to “defect” over to them. However, the Observers took this with a grain of salt as well. After all, one had to look at all the angles of a situation to fully understand the possibilities.


Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

Over her talk with Tom, Lapis had realized that her view of Celestia was extremely limited. Sure, she’d heard rumors about the Newfoals and what they were like, but to have it confirmed? That was an entirely different thing altogether. Something started to surge in her soul, a tear between her loyalty to the crown and her disgust at what had truly happened to the former humans. Her mind was reeling with uncertainty, constantly debating between stubbornly clinging to her ideals about Celestia’s purity or tossing that aside to help these Proteans. That would certainly label her a traitor for sure. Then again, hadn’t she been left here to die by those that she commanded? After all, she, as a hybrid, had always been looked down upon, even when she worked past that to somehow get into the Special Forces. The Proteans, however, could look like virtually anything that they pleased, so they didn’t care what you looked like at all. That thought alone lit a flame of rage once again in her eyes. She had come to her decision at last. She turned back to Tom, who had been waiting there patiently as she’d considered what he’d offered her. She then spoke. “So, you want my help in taking down Celestia?” Tom just nodded, and Lapis’ eyes then gleamed as she smiled toothily. “Well, consider me convinced. I’m going to help you.”

Tom shook her right foreclaw with his hand. “Thank you. Your cooperation is most appreciated.” And with that, the deal was sealed. When she fully recovered, she would be part of the forces that would strike on the surface of the world once known as Earth.


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

A shiver went down Celestia’s spine. It seems that Lapis has defected. Oh well. I was going to dispose of her anyway. Then, a guard whispered in her ear. Celestia smiled. “Send Chessmaster in. I do wish to speak to him as soon as possible.” The guard bowed, and exited the room. It seems Chessmaster, or rather, Topaz, has figured me out. Just as well though, seeing as his usefulness was waning anyway.

Just then, a voice spoke in her mind. No. We might still have… Use… for him.

Celestia raised an eyebrow at that. And how do you propose we use him?

The voice chuckled. Here’s what we do…

Celestia grinned maliciously at the brilliance of the plan that she was receiving.


S. S. Galloper, Lalandean space, Lalande 21185 system

All of the sudden, the captives started hollering in terror. The scientist raised an eyebrow. What’s gotten into them all of a sudden? He soon got his answer as he picked out some things the test subjects were saying.

“Augh! It burns! IT BURNS!”

“No! I don’t want to be afraid! Please, Lady Ha Torth! bring back the Great Joining!”

“I am not Nimbus Speedfang! I want to be Ka Deil!”

“Lady Ha Torth, why have you severed our connection? Speak to us!”

The scientist grinned and tuned out the rest of what the captives were saying. So, they had a hivemind up until this point? No wonder they were so resilient… But now that it’s gone, they’re oh so vulnerable. The scientist took note of this little development in his journal. Celestia will certainly be intrigued by this piece of information… It might just promote me, so I can finally be above that insufferable snob, Frothy Batch. He then chuckled to himself. Yes, I, Stable Growth, will finally one-up that insufferable jerk! I’ll be the best there is… He then let out a hearty guffaw that made one question why his name was “Stable.”


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

The task given to them by Zecora was pretty ludicrous. They had to travel quite a ways back to retrieve what she wanted. It was a rare golden flower, that was an ingredient for an important for some kind of zebra traditional brew. It was said to grow only in the thickest part of the Everfree, and that an undocumented creature might guard it. Soon enough, they arrived at their destination, and beheld the small patch of flowers, along with the mysterious creature. Trixie gulped. “Just what is that thing?” she whispered harshly. The creature was quite large, and appeared to be sleeping. Its head appeared to be a venus flytrap, and it had root-like limbs that were currently planted in the ground. On its back, it sported a few vines that swayed slightly like tails.

Sapphiron spoke in a tone of light reverence. “It’s a triffid… they’re quite endangered. To see one in this day and age… We’re quite lucky.”

Trixie whispered harshly. “How’re we supposed to take one of those flowers without waking that thing?”

Sapphiron looked at Trixie with a deadpan look. “You do know a silence spell, right?”

Trixie blinked, and then facehoofed in embarrassment over forgetting that. She lit up her horn, and coated herself in pink magic. She was glad she’d left her wagon-stage at Zecora’s. That would’ve only made this harder. She went straight up to the patch of flowers, and picked one very carefully from the patch. After all, her silence spell was over herself, not the patch of flowers. After she managed to get one, she hurried back to where Sapphiron was waiting. She placed the flower in her hat, dropped the silence spell, and the two started the long trek back to Zecora’s.


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

He’d been summoned. It was now, or never. Keeping the box concealed with an invisibility glamour, he made his way to the doors of the throne room. He took a deep breath. Alright, don’t wear your intentions on your face. It’s time to play the game. He straightened up, and chiseled his face to a neutral setting. He then knocked on the doors.

A regal voice called out. “Enter, Chessmaster.” He then pushed open the doors, and entered. He immediately noticed Her Majesty on one of the two thrones in the throne room. The other one had been empty for quite some time, ever since Princess Luna’s indecision about how to feel about what was happening to the humans cropped up. Nopony was quite sure what had happened to her. Some say she locked herself in her room. Others said she went to the moon to think. Chessmaster shook his head. Celestia then spoke. “I hear that you wished to see me. Let me assure you that the feeling is mutual.”

Chessmaster inwardly scoffed as she showed her smile. That smile’s never felt the same ever since she announced her plans for the humans’ fate. He cleared his throat. “Yes, I do wish to speak with you. It’s about Lapis. What have you done with her?” He kept his face neutral, and his tone level, but inwardly, he burned with rage.

Celestia answered nonchalantly. “She was left behind because of an emergency evacuation due to extenuating circumstances. I had nothing to do with it.”

Chessmaster scoffed audibly. “I doubt that.” His voice was filled with venom, and his eyes only conveyed hate. “Tell me the truth, Celestia. Admit that you called them back on purpose!”

Celestia just shook her head. “And why should I? After all, I have nothing to fear from you, hybrid.”

For the first time ever, Chessmaster head a touch of disdain in her voice, which only bolstered his thought process. “Oh really?” He raised an eyebrow as he locked the throne room doors with a spell. He then let the invisibility on the orihacum chest drop, and continued. “Do you know what is in here, Celestia?” Celestia’s eyes widened, and Chessmaster smirked that he saw a sliver of fear come over her, if only for a second. “That’s right, Celestia. This chest contains one of my prized possessions along with one of the few things that can harm an alicorn.” He then pulled out the platinum locket, and put it around his neck. He also drew out the orihalcum blade that lay inside. Celestia tried to hide that fact that she was squirming, but Chessmaster could tell, and he drank in that fact. “Oh, I see the fear in you, Celestia. Let me show you the true extent of my abilities!” The three gems on his locket shimmered, and his form started to contort. His polymorph spell dropped, revealing his glistening aquamarine coat, his shimmering obsidian mane, his right topaz eye, his left ruby eye, his lion’s tail, his eagle talons, and his griffon wings. His form grew to a massive size, somewhat taller than Celestia. His back half was now covered in far coarser fur, and his front had sprouted shimmering plumage. His muzzle had become a beak, and his cutie mark had changed from the iconic golden chess king to a topaz, an obsidian shard, and a ruby in an arc. He then let out a fierce shriek, which caused Celestia to cover her ears. He then smirked. “So, what do you think of my true self?” He then picked up the orihalcum blade with a talon, and pointed it at Celestia. “Any last words?”

Celestia was laughing. Chessmaster, or rather, Topaz, was quite confused. Celestia then looked straight at him as her horn coursed with dark magic. Topaz’s eyes widened as she spoke. “Yes. You fell for my trap!” Topaz soon found himself encased in darkness, and his screams of pain soon filled all of Canterlot.

8- Conscription, Capture, and Conditioning

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Pharos, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

It was time to begin. Lapis had fully recovered, and now was the time for her tests to begin to see how useful she could be to the Proteans. Lapis huffed. It probably serves a duplicate purpose that determines if I’m not tricking them or something. Can’t really blame them for being cautious, I suppose. Then, the simulation went online. Holograms started to appear, and Lapis sighed. Of course it’d be a simulation of me fighting fellow Equestrians. Lapis shook her head, trying to focus. Alright. I’ve gotta prove to them that I’m serious about this. No backing down now. Lapis cracked the knuckles of her dragon claws and smirked. Well, I guess it’s time to begin. She lit up her horn with her azure magic, seeing as she wasn’t allowed to use the Alicorn Amulet in this test. The “enemy” then started to charge on her position. She fired bolts of magic at some of the faraway targets, and clawed any that dared get close. Even those that found their way behind her weren’t safe because of her constantly snapping tail. It was an unlikely scenario that she was facing; it was to determine how well she would perform if she had no access to her Awakening Locket (you know, the platinum locket she tends to wear?) or her Alicorn Amulet. However, Lapis could understand what the Proteans were doing; after all, they had to know for absolute certain that she was on their side now. It wouldn’t do them well to presume that she had no intention of turning on them. Lapis was being pushed harder than she had ever been before, to test the absolute limit of her capabilities. The strategy of these holograms was astounding. Lapis really had to hand it to the Proteans, they’d successfully programmed the holograms to act like the Special Forces. Then again, it was partially because of what she’d told them of how they think. As she finally struck down the final hologram, she swore she heard laughter from behind her. Lapis turned, and gasped. Behind her was a very believable hologram of Princess Birthright and her army.

The Holo-Birthright smirked. “Well, what do we have here?” She then chuckled. “If it isn’t the traitor, Lapis. Tell me, why did you betray Great Auntie Celestia?”

Lapis then sighed. I knew they’d do something like this, to prepare me for what might occur when I do meet her. “Well Birthright, let me try and explain this to you…”


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

It was night now. Sapphiron was resting for a bit in the corner, and Zecora was sleeping upstairs. Trixie sighed. It’s almost time. I’m so close to Ponyville now. I wonder how everypony will react to my entrance. Trixie looked through the window, and looked at the moon. I wonder what happened to Princess Luna. I just hope that, wherever she is, that she can see what’s going on… All of the sudden, Trixie felt her eyes get heavy. I feel so tired… I guess I should go to sleep now. Trixie suddenly collapsed with a thud.


I woke with a start, and looked over to see Trixie being carried out by members of the Solar Flares. I then jumped at them, and they backed away. I hissed at them. “Hand Trixie over right now, and I will not hurt you!”

The leader, Flare Strike, then chuckled. “So what do we have here? Just who do you think you are, anyway?”

I then sneered. “Oh, me? Just call me Sapphiron.” I then lit up my horn with turquoise magic as they backed away and lit their horns. I chuckled. “I see you have suspicions of who I’m connected to…” All of the sudden, a sharp pain entered my neck from behind, and I collapsed, unable to move.

Flare Strike scoffed. “It doesn’t matter who you are. You are of no consequence to us anymore.” He chuckled as I tried to raise my head. “That dart contains enough agents to paralyze a full-grown ursa major, or even a dragon.”

My eyes widened as I realized something. So they’re the ones that took Prism!

As I tried to move, they trotted off. As I managed to stand, I heard Trixie cry out. “SAPPHIRON!”

I started to shake off the paralysis, and started to follow their trail a bit sluggishly. If they think they can get away with this, then they don’t know who they’re dealing with!


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

The darkness was surging through the body of Topaz, and Celestia grinned. He’ll listen to everything I say, follow me just like a Newfoal would. It’s brilliant!

Then, Birthright entered the room. “Great Auntie, what are you doing?”

Celestia turned to Birthright. “Oh, just helping Topaz here see the error of trying to betray me. Soon, he’ll see that he was always meant to be on our side.” Birthright went quiet with an understanding look on her face. Then, the magic stopped coursing through the room, and Topaz collapsed onto the ground. Celestia then chuckled to herself. “Rise and shine, Topaz! We have work to do.”

Topaz arose, and lifted up his head. He opened his eyes, which now danced with dark magic. He then spoke. “Oh, my queen, I live to serve you. Please forgive my folly, my merciful queen.”

Celestia tapped her chin with a hoof. “Well, there is one thing I can see earning you my forgiveness in my eyes, Topaz.”

Topaz’s eyes shone with determination. “No matter what it be, my queen, it shall be done!”

Celestia smiled. “Really? Well then, I ask you to strike down the traitor who sided with the Proteans, Lapis. Can you do this, Topaz?”

Then, the crystal hippogriff bowed, and spoke in a monotone voice. "Of course, my queen..."

9- Travel, Rescue, Unveil, and Realization

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O.N.S.S. Analytical Mein, Observer Ship, Lalandean Space

This was it, the big moment. She along with the Proteans, was about to travel to Earth. She hadn’t been there since- well, she didn’t like to think about what happened back then. She refused to believe that she’d lose anyone that she’d drawn close to this time. She had to believe that, no matter if her heart doubted such. She had to ensure that she could do this. This was what all those tests had led up to. Along the way, her pure intentions had allowed her to make a few friends, but her reservations kept her from getting closed to the majority of the landing party. It somewhat comforted her that some of them were on the same ship as her. She knew, deep in her heart, that anyone on this ship could very well die. However, she decided to put that out of her mind. It was almost time to launch beyond the EarthGate. She had to be ready for anything once they reached the other side. No matter what, she had to be ready. And she swore that she would.


Everfree Forest, Equestria, Planet Equus

I started to trot at a somewhat normal pace. I’d always been a fast healer, but this had taken about half the night to get this far. I knew that soon, the Solar Flares would set up camp. I couldn’t afford to have them take Trix to Celestia. Her punishment her all of what she’d done would be extremely painful to be sure. But, by some stroke of luck, I started to be able to slowly gallop. This allowed me to find their camp. The site that was before me made me shudder. There were eight guards around the cage they’d put Trix in. Around her horn was a high-caliber Magic Suppressor. I saw that there were also eight guards around the perimeter to the camp. Flare Strike, the leader of this particular unit, was in the center of camp, with the keys to the cage. Around him were eight other members of the Flares, all asleep. However, that gave me no solace. The Solar Flares were known to be very light sleepers, so a sleep spell was out of the picture. There weren’t many options that I had, at least, those that didn’t involve me using the magic of my locket. But, I figured something out, and decided to do something rash. I went to a nearby tunnel, one that I knew connected to the nearby waterfall. It was risky, but this plan had .01% chance of failure. So, once I was behind the waterfall, I announced myself. “Hello, members of the Solar Flares. Remember me?

Flare Strike snorted. “Bah. You recovered fast, Sapphiron. No matter.” He then pointed a hoof in my direction. “Get him!

All 24 other members started to swarm my position. Trix was watching the scene from beyond the bars, a look of worry on her face. I then smirked, and my horn flashed with turquoise magic. I released a stampede of doppelgängers that mowed down the enemy, until only Flare Strike was left conscious.

He then gasped. “H-how did you…? A normal unicorn can’t cast such a spell! Who are you…?

I then chuckled. “Heh. You seemed to have your suspicions when we first talked, but it seems you haven’t put the puzzle pieces together. Allow me to enlighten you.” I then stepped through the waterfall, letting it wash away all the dirt and grime that had accumulated, as well as providing cover for me to dispel the magical rust on my locket. I stood tall and proud, in my pristine crystalline form, with a grin on my face as I saw Flare’s eyes widen.

When he saw my cutie mark of a Sapphire, a Ruby, and an Emerald in an arc he knew for certain who I was. “Y-You’re…!”

I then finished his statement. “Yes. I am Sapphiron Rubeus Emerald. Go tell Celestia if you wish, I care not.” I then knocked him out, and took the keys. I then let Trix out of the cage.

She then hugged me and spoke. “Thank you. I was so scared.” She then backed away. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were a Trigem?”

I then spoke. “Well, I wanted to get to know you a little while I was just ‘some random pony.’ I always knew that I’d have to tell you sometime, but I didn’t think that it’d be this soon.”

As we walked she asked me another question. “Did you fight in the war?”

I sighed. “Yes. But, that was back when I still believed that Celestia was right about the humans. However, when I saw what the potion did to that civilian…” I then shuddered. “Let’s just say I sometimes have nightmares about that day.”

Trix then asked one final question. “Did you lose anyone close to you that day?”

I then chuckled darkly. “You’re a perceptive one, aren’t you?” I sighed deeply. “Yes. Lapis, Topaz, and I all lost someone precious to us that day. Lapis and Topaz blamed the humans. I, however, blamed Celestia, but mostly myself.” I then paused for a bit, and then continued. “And, before you ask, let me just tell you who it was.” We’d gotten back to Zecora’s hut, and the night hours were almost ending. “It was my other half-sister, Tourmaline Covellite Garnet. She died to save my life that day.” I then yawned. “Let’s get some sleep. I don’t like to talk about what happened that day too much. G’night.” I then drift slowly off to sleep, feeling Trix’s eyes pierce into me with a sorrowful look.


New Manehattan, New Equestria, Planet Earth

This was the place that Celestia figured the Proteans would attack next. So, she posted Birthright and her army there, as well as Topaz. After all, Celestia was quite certain that Lapis would appear in this particular battle. So with those preparations underway, she spoke to the troops. “My little ponies, it is imperative that we defend our converted citizens from attack. No matter the cost, that is what is important. Also, I want the Traitor, Lapis Opal Amethyst, killed at all costs. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

A chorus of “Yes, Your Majesty!” rose up from the army.

Celestia then spoke again. “Good.” She then turned to Birthright. “I leave this in your capable hooves, Birthright.”

Birthright bowed a little. “Of course, Your Majesty.” Celestia then left for Canterlot.


Equus’ Moon

Luna had been too indecisive for too long. She realized now what she must do. She must journey to Ponyville to meet Twilight and the others to help. No matter her reservations about going against her sister, she knew in her heart that she must do what was right. And in this scenario, that “right thing” was to stand against her sister and help to bring the Humans-turned-Newfoals back to their old selves. She decided to depart for Ponyville tomorrow. However, she dared not think as to what would happen if they failed...

10- Landing, Arrival, and Alliance

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O.N.S.S. Analytical Mein, Observer Ship, Near Planet Earth

They’d finally arrived beyond the EarthGate. The plan was to attack a highly populated area, and procure as many Newfoals as possible, so they could be sent through the Human Reversion Process. In site was a rather large colony of Newfoals, one that Lapis had known was referred to as New Manehattan. She also knew that when the humans were back to their old selves, they’d take to calling it New York again. As they started to descend, she saw a large army stationed in the city. Lapis cursed. Of course they’d expect us to attack a large population center. It was never going to be easy anyway. As they reached closer to the ground, she saw Princess Birthright at the helm of the troops. Well, what do you know? She mused inwardly, I might actually get to put into use that speech I was telling to the training hologram! As they started to land, however, she gasped at the sight she saw. Crystalline griffon wings. Topaz? I have to fight Topaz!? I wasn’t prepared for this! Her eyes were pinpricks, and she started to hyperventilate.

But then, she felt a strong hand on her shoulder, and a firm masculine voice. “Hey, you okay? You’re not having doubts, are you?”

She turned to meet him, a look of sorrow on her face as she calmed herself. She then spoke. “No, it’s not that, Saul. It’s just…” She looked sorrowfully out the window. “I wasn’t quite prepared to see one of my half-brothers here.”

Saul had a look of understanding on his indigo face. “Judging by your tone, he’s some of the only family you have.” He turned her head with his hand, so that his amber eyes would meet hers. “I may not know what it’s like to fight against your family, but I certainly sympathize.” He then let her head go, and continued. “Although, you must steel yourself nonetheless, and face him head-on.” He then smiled. “Who knows? Maybe you can talk him into joining our side?”

Lapis smiled. “Thanks for that, Saul.” She then faced the door of the spaceship as they opened. It was time to attack.


Outskirts of Ponyville, Equestria, Planet Equus

They were almost there. Trixie was glad that she could finally show Sapphiron what Ponyville was like! She then spoke up. “Hey, thanks again for saving me. It really means a lot to me.”

Sapphiron chuckled. “Don’t mention it, Trix.” He then sighed. “Well, They’ve probably told Celestia by now that they’ve found me.” He then spat in anger. “Those bastards… I won’t ever forgive them for what they did to Prism!”

Trixie then cocked her head to the side. “Prism? Who’s that?”

Sapphiron sighed deeply. “My adoptive daughter. Well, that is to say, she would’ve been, had I had the right to file the paperwork.” He then snorted. “Honestly, the prejudice against hybrids runs too deep.”

Trixie then was about to say something, when a small yellow Earth filly saw them. She then exclaimed in a loud voice. “She’s here! Trixie’s made it to Ponyville!”

All of a sudden, a large crowd gathered, and started spewing welcomes. Sapphiron decided to hide a little. After all, he hadn’t had the most positive experiences with crowds. Then, the crowd parted, and seven ponies and a dragon came forth. The pony in the center was a purple alicorn, otherwise known as Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle. On her back was her trusted dragon assistant, Spike. The three to their left were Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity. The three to Twilight’s right were Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and a unicorn Trixie had never seen before. She was lavender, and had a purple mane and tail that both had a sky blue streak through them. She had blue eyes, and she had a cutie mark of a small star giving off a cloud of mist that was shaped somewhat like a question mark. Twilight then spoke. “Thank you, Applebloom, for your advanced notice.” The filly from before smiled gleefully. Twilight then turned to Trixie, and smiled. “It’s good to see you again. No matter who shunned you out there for your stance against the potion, you won’t find their faces here, only the faces of friends.”

The crowd cheered, but then Trixie cleared her throat, and garnered their attention. “I am ever so grateful that you are willing to accept me here.” She then paused, as if expecting something, but then decided to continue. “However, I don’t come alone. I’ve brought with me a stallion who’s lived in the Everfree ever since near the beginning of the war. Please allow me to introduce you to Sapphiron Rubeus Emerald!” She then stepped out of the way, and gestured to Sapphiron.

The crowd gasped in awe at what they saw. However, Twilight spoke first. “You’re a Trigem! Honestly, I didn’t quite expect one of them to come to us.” Twilight then cleared her throat. “However, I will be the first to welcome you openly to Ponyville. It’s good to see such a powerful ally on our side.”

The ponies cheered, but then Sapphiron held up a hoof, and silenced the crowd. He then spoke. “It is an honor for me, a Batblood, to be openly accepted by you.” He then shone his teeth, and the crowd shivered a little. He then continued. “However, I would like to ask if you have any information about my family, Topaz and Lapis. Are they well?”

Twilight gathered her composure, and answered. “It was circulated in the news a while back that Lapis was declared M.I.A. on Funestis. We believe that she was left behind on purpose, however. As for Topaz, there was a rumor that he’d decided to stand up and defy Celestia to her face, but none know of his fate.”

Sapphiron mused. “I see… Knowing Lapis, she’s probably helping the Proteans by now. That’s good, seeing as she’s on the right side of things again. As for Topaz… I had a gut feeling that something bad had happened to him. Now I know for certain that Celestia has probably punished him for his ‘impudence.’” He then sighed. “Well, I’ll just have to do something about that.”

Twilight saw that he’d summoned a black portfolio from nowhere. She then asked him something. “What are you planning to do?”

Sapphiron opened the portfolio and pulled out a white amulet. “I’ve sat on the sidelines for too long in this war. All because of something I did while fighting that I deeply regret. It’s time to take action.”

“Well said, Sapphiron.” Came a gentle voice that all of Ponyville was familiar with.

“Luna! You’re back!” Twilight cried.

The midnight blue alicorn touched down from above. “Indeed I am, Twilight. And, like Sapphiron over there, I’m here to offer my help. No matter my reservations about fighting my sister, I must do the right thing.” The rest of the ponies cheered.

Sapphiron spoke up again when they quieted down. “Alright, If I’m gonna help you guys out, I’ll be needing three things: White Platinum, Covellite, and Blue Arcanite. And i’m going to need a large deposit of all of them.”

The unidentified unicorn spoke. “May I ask why, exactly?”

Trixie then butted in before Sapphiron could respond. “And who’s asking?”

The unidentified unicorn responded calmly. “Starlight Glimmer, student of the Princess of Friendship.” she then smirked. “I’d still like to know why he needs those materials, by the way.”

Sapphiron then held up the white amulet from before in his turquoise magic for all to see. “To make more of these. I call it the Sacred Amulet. Think of it as an Alicorn Amulet without the nasty side-effect.” He then asked: “So, does anyone know where to find what I need?”

Rarity then spoke. “I might have an Idea, but I don’t like going there.”

Sapphiron then spoke firmly. “Show me.”


Xenosabe Concourse, Clericorum, Planet Funestis

The Nations were gathered together, and were debating what to do with the pony rebels. Admiral Sevin Truax XCVIII spoke first. “I say that we shouldn’t trust them. It could be a ploy to betray us later.”

Governess Susan N’Gahlli CII spoke next. “We should fully support them, and form an official alliance!”

President Tom Seminazzi C shook his head. “I believe we should test the waters a little more before we rush into anything rash. If they prove to be lying, we will destroy them. If they prove to be truthful, we will fully support them.”

As they were discussing things, a voice permeated the room. “Perhaps I can persuade you to aid us.” Into the center of the room teleported a midnight blue alicorn with a starry mane and tail.

Tom Seminazzi C then spoke. “Ah, the Night Princess, Luna. Lapis has told us of you. So, you seem to have made up your mind. And you hope to persuade us to help.” He then clapped his hands once. “Very well! Let us hear your argument.”

Then Luna started to talk……

To Be Continued In “The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: An Alliance Made In Faith”