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The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage - The REAL Mister Pkmn

The other Human descended nations of the Lalande 21185 system are very angry about Earth's fate, so they decide to mobilize their armies.

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2- Preparation, Formation, and Travel


Outpost One, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Funestis

The people of Outpost One were bustling with activity, mass producing the best land units they had. While not as advanced as the other human descended nations, the Imperials prided themselves with their ability to make military units relatively quickly. After all, when one went to war, it was optimal to rush as many units as possible in their opinion. They even decided to put out some Singulons, a recent development for their Hierarchy. The Imperials were long-lived compared to the Other nations of the Lalande 21185 system, so they were willing to risk as many soldiers as they could gather to put the menace of the Equestrian Oppressors down.

Van Allentown, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Naumachia

In Van Allentown, there was a similar bustle of activity, with them mass producing the best air units that they had available. The odd Griffe would be woken up for the fight, but that was because they never decommissioned any of them. They worked swiftly and efficiently with the money of the coffers rolling in. Their air units may be “out-dated” compared to the rest of the world, but that wouldn’t stop them from supporting the war effort.

Pluto Station, The Hierarchical Stellar Empire, Planet Nona

Pluto Station was busy with work as well, along with the other Imperial cities of Planet Nona. They were rushing out ocean vessels like nobody’s business. The Imperials knew that sea support would be vital to the war effort, even if the other nations called them fools. The Imperials anticipated that they’d need to go against the navy of these Equestrians sooner or later, and they planned to be prepared for such an encounter. Their ANEACs may not be the top of the line when it came to sea vessels, but it would certainly be better than nothing.


Gatewood, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Funestis

The production of the extra spies was going rather smoothly, and Gatewood was somewhat ahead of schedule. However, they couldn’t slow down now, because the Governess was counting on them. With the extra time on their hands, they started briefing the spies on the mission they’d be helping with in advance. After all, what use was a spy if they were sent to support somebody else without some sort of clue as to what the game plan was? As new spies came in, some others were sent off to Clericorum. Perhaps if they made enough of them fast enough, they’d get a new project to produce quicker.

Naumachiala, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Naumachia

The force fields were being reinforced again. The Governess did this often, in order to anticipate invasions. Now with the threat of the Equestrian Oppressors on the horizon, the people of Funestia wanted to be absolutely certain that they were prepared just in case the Equestrian Oppressors came through the EarthGate. After all, they didn’t really know when the Equestrians could pop on through this side of the EarthGate, and an attack could be launched at any moment. Funestia certainly wasn’t about to just let them waltz into their country and abduct their citizens. That was why the force fields were being pushed to their absolute limits. Nothing was getting through them easily, and it was the job of the managers to make sure of that.

Nona City, The Confederation of Funestia, Planet Nona

Nona City held Funestia’s stockpile of explosives. They weren’t as devastating as a Ne Plus Ultra, but they would certainly cause massive damage to the enemy. Funestia kept these just in case another war ever broke out, so now was the time to send them to use. Funestia may have surrendered the last war betwixt the nations at the threat of the Ultras, but thay would not do so with this fight. They would back the Clerisy with all their might until the Equestrian Oppressors were soundly defeated.


Querista, The Observant Confederation, Planet Funestis

The armies of the Observers were being woken up. Unlike their fellow nations, the Observers had made sure to keep a large standing military after the last war. And, as per usual, they were right to have such foresight. The troops were being split into two factions: one would go down to Earth with the Clerisy, while the other would stay and defend the cities. The Observers knew that the Equestrian Oppressors would try and come to the Lalande 21185 system somehow, probably with stolen spaceships, and attempt to strike at home. But, being the careful people they were, they would make sure that not a single Observer city was undefended.

Allentown, The Observant Confederation, Planet Naumachia

The Observer’s stock of Ne Plus Ultras were kept in a secret vault in Allentown, just itching to be used. The vault was heavily guarded by multiple fail-safes, and even had some Ur-Titans guarding it upfront. the only way in was if you had the genetic code of the President, knew the obscenely long passcode, and could crack a severely complex riddle. Now, the passcode and riddle would change periodically, just to keep one from using an old one to open up the vault. There were also multiple protocols in place just in case the system was somehow fooled/bypassed/disabled. In short, unless the President gave the “Okay,” nobody was getting into the vault.

Inquirendo, The Observant Confederation, Planet Nona

Jess collapsed on her bed. Home sweet home, she thought to herself. The day had been a big pressure point for her, ever since the meeting at the XC, and she really just wanted it over with. Jess was somewhat of an odd case in the Observant Confederation, seeing as she was living on her own. Now, this didn’t bother her too much, it was just all the pestering calls from good old mom and dad that she could hardly stand. *Ring ring! Ring ring!* Speak of the devil… she thought to herself as she looked at the ID on the holo-caller. She rolled her eyes, and answered the call. “Hi dad. So, how you doing today?”


Canterlot, Equestria, Planet Equus

Captain Lapis was nervous. She’d only recently been promoted, and she was already being sent on a mission! This is huge! Using the modified commandeered vessels, we’ll fly through that gate in the sky and attack the Lalande 21185 system. But, It’s not just my squad going up there… She looked around, and saw about five ships, perhaps a sixth was hidden somewhere, and all of them had a crew of about a thousand or two ponies, and each crew mostly contained Earth Ponies and Pegasi, with a modest amount of unicorns, all of which were outfitted with magic-based weapons. She herself had been given a Magic Axe and a set of specially made gauntlets to enhance the power of her claws, along with a similar boon for her tail. She also sported an Alicorn Amulet, but since she was only half pony it didn’t warp her mind very much. This is gonna be tough, but I gotta prove myself to Her Majesty and my family! She then looked down at the platinum locket with the three gems of her cutie mark embossed in it. Even if I have to unleash my full strength to do it.


Everfree Forest western edge, Equestria, Planet Equus

Trixie had made it to the edge of the Everfree Forest, where no sane pony ever ventured. But, in order to get to Ponyville discreetly, she’d have to just toss sanity straight out the window, it seemed. It was lucky that her traveling stage had made it with her this far. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost it… Trixie shook her head. After all, she had to focus on getting to Ponyville. The path through the Everfree may be long, winding, and dangerous, but I’ve got little other choice but to go through it. She steeled her nerves, and entered the forest where many never dared tread.

Author's Note:

So here's the second chapter! Once again, constructive criticism is encouraged. Thanks once again to Safhell for being my editor for this fic. I'm pretty certain this wouldn't be nearly as good without you. If you liked/disliked/faved this fic, I'd like to know why in the comments below. Well, that's all for now! Stay frosty.