• Published 21st Jun 2016
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Burning Passion - Crimson Beat

My oc Crimson Beat meeting the love of his life Spitfire

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Oh The Things You'll See Through The Eyes Of a Demon

The night before I had nailed letters to everyponies door saying to come to town hall for an urgent message. However, before I headed back I had to make another stop at Twilight's house to leave a special message with Spike. So I walked towards the front door and knocked hoping that the little purple lizard would appear. "Mhmm Spike get the door." I heard the tired alicorn say as she lay in her bed.

"Ugh fine but you owe me." Spike said as I heard him walk down the stairs. "What do you want Crims-." He paused as he realized the pony before him was not the one who had played video games with him.

"Ah Spike good to see you I have a message for Twilight." I said as my red mane enveloped him causing his pupils to grow substantially as if he were high. "Now that I have your attention go inside and tell Twilight that I have discovered something important and I'm holding a town hall meeting. Do not speak of this appearance." I said as I etched the instructions into his mind.

"Yes master." He said as he drooled. I just looked down at that pitiful slave of the Princess of Friendship. As he walked back inside I flew towards the town hall to wait for everypony. Almost an hour later as the cockatrice's cawed waking everypony up they noticed the letters and soon they all surrounded me in my more friendlier form. Then about thirty minutes later the mane six appeared on stage next to me.

"Okay everypony we are here because Crimson Beat has a important message for us all that could threaten our existence." Twilight said addressing everypony.

"What is the matter darling?" Rarity said caringly.

"Yeah sugar cube what's tha problem?" Applejack asked in a concerning tone.

"Everypony in Ponyville I have an important message. One of us is trying to resurrect Tirek!" I shouted above everypony which of course got many gasps.

"Do you know who this pony is Crimson?" Twilight said in a assuring voice as she tried to calm me down.

"I know who they are but I don't know their name." I said in a painful boohoo woe is me impression trying to make my claims believable.

"It's okay take your time Crimson." Rarity said as she too began to be concerned. Then while the mane six corralled around me I knew the time to act was then.

"Wait it's coming back to be I know who it is!" I shouted as I get the mane six to let their guard down as they leaned in closer. "The pony who is helping out Tirek is.. Is..." I said in order to add some suspense because that's what the hero does. "Is me!" I shouted as I let my true form appear. Then as I began to change the other ponies just watched me as I began to let out the inner demon in me.

"Girls restrain him now!" Twilight shouted.

"Sorry children not today!" I shouted as my horn suddenly burst into a blue flame which I flung at the girls enveloping them.

"Agh!" They all shouted as the flames turned into saddles which restrained their movement to very little.

"Bro what are you doing to us?" Rainbow Dash asked me as she writhed in pain.

"I'm sorry Dash but a new era is in order and I will lead this world into greatness alongside Tirek. Now my slaves surround the others!" I bellowed signaling Tirek's followers to make a wall in order to corral the other ponies to prepare them for the ceremony.

"What's he gonna do Carrot Top?" I heard a very confused Derpy say in the crowd.

"Lyra stay close to me and hang on!" I heard Bon Bon order her best friend.

"Congratulations everypony now you all will become a part of something extraordinary. I want you all to grab on this ride may get bumpy." I said as I let my cloudy red mane pour out into the audience. While the mist enveloped the civilians my followers began to chant in a demonic harmony. "Yes now hear as my people sing their song and let your power free." I said calmly as they began to lose their strength. After almost two hours of draining power I was almost there. I had 94 delectable auras roaming inside of my body and was six away from summoning my master.

"Now onto the main course. Who to start with first. The roundabout country girl, the preppy little whore, the speedy daredevil, the party animal in pink, or the timid yellow mare?" I said as I looked over my prey. Pinkie pie of course was as happy as a pig in mud. Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash were looking at me with a look of pure hatred in their eyes. "Oh looks like someponies don't want to play." I said as I made a whimpering sound.

"Oh go fuck yourself you egotistical asshole." Applejack said finally losing her cool.

"Oh this bull got some fire in her. Now won't you shut the hell up and be a good little girl!" I said as the saddle around her grew straps which formed a muzzle around her mouth holding it tight as the saddle wrapped more and more around her constricting her like a boa. Then over to my left I heard a little cry and turned to see Fluttershy tearing up. "Aw don't worry little one I will make yours the least harmful." I said in a reassuring tone.

"All at once now I want you to breathe in and out." Then without warning I flashed my eyes which in turn caused the saddles to activate. Suddenly all of their powers were draining out of their bodies and flowed into mine. "Delicious oh how I love pony magic in the morning." I yelled as the audience stood in shock as their once strong protectors became as weak as newborns.

"Please Crimson stop this madness release everypony and take my powers!" Twilight shouted as she of course tried to hog all the glory for herself.

"Ah thank you for speaking up now with the help of you and your new powers Tirek shall arise and rule over the land that rightfully belongs to him!" I screamed as my servants yelled in approval. "With this single soul of magic our lord will rise again and I shall lead us to Canterlot and slay those devious old hags starting with the one Princess Twilight moralizes!" I screamed trying to get the little purple mare below me riled up.

"No please don't stop here if you don't she will destroy you and Tirek will betray you." She tried to convince me as a last moment hope.

"I didn't realize that Twi I'm really sorry for doing this please forgive me." I said in my best emotional voice as tears began to flow down my face.

"It's okay I forgive you just let us all go and-" She began to say before she stopped. Then she gasped because she knew that these weren't tears of sadness they were tears from me laughing my ass off.

"Sorry please try again." I said in her ears as I activated her restraint which forced her to create a portal at the tip of her horn as she screamed in a blood curdling banshee attempt. All the other ponies could do was watch in horror as she summoned the one thing she was trying to stop.

"I am back Equestria!" Tirek screamed as he burst forth from the magic circle above his vessel. "Thank you my friend now hold up to your part of the bargain." He said as he looked at me slyly.

"I will now do you promise to not involve her?" I asked him in order to reassure myself.

"Yes I promise I won't harm her." He said deviously. "Oh and you have something on your hooves." He added. At this comment I looked down to see the small little writhing cyan pony with the rainbow mane.

"Bro why are you doing this?" She asked in a very small voice.

"Oh Rainbow if only you understood what true love for somepony was like." I said as I removed my hoof from hers.

"Oh Crimson thank you but you didn't have to do this." Rarity chimed in with a cheerful tone through her pain.

"Oh shut the fuck up you dumb tramp I'm not doing this for you. I promised her that I would always protect her no matter what." I yelled so everypony could hear me.

Suddenly I heard the flapping of wings and looked up only to see that golden hair with that blazing mane.

"Why are you hurting everypony Crimson? Stop this madness now!" Spitfire screamed as she bolted towards me.

"I'm doing this for you so you will be safe from Tirek!" I yelled back. Then before she could reply something grabbed her and began to squeeze. Then my happy emotions of seeing my true love turned to pure rage as my once ally now held her like a doll.

"Ah right on time love." Tirek said as he clenched his fist.

"Tirek let her go now!" I yelled at his devious eyes.

"Sorry buddy but I changed my mind have fun trying to pick up the pieces." He replied coldly. After a moment of pause and rage I replied.

"I will kill you Tirek and shower Equestria in your insides!" I screamed as I began to prepare for the battle of my life.

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