• Published 21st Jun 2016
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Burning Passion - Crimson Beat

My oc Crimson Beat meeting the love of his life Spitfire

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Critters and Questions

" Ugh damn my head hurts..." I groaned as I crawled out of the shower having just tried to wash away the drunken cloak I was wearing. I dried off and started making my way downstairs getting ready to fill my belly and get ready for the long day ahead. As I made my way downstairs I could hear laughter in the kitchen. I reached the bottom step a familiar voice called in the kitchen.

" I hope I didn't wake you up Crimson." Fluttershy stated quietly.

" No you're fine I was going to wake up anyway." I replied smiling.

" Would you be willing to help out with the tenth annual Ponyville Pet Playdate?" She asked shyly.

" Of course I'll help I love animals and besides I was thinking about getting a pet. It gets kind of lonely when Rainbow goes and plays with Tank." I commented ecstatically.

" Thank you that sounds wonderful. Oh and Big Mac and Applejack will be there to help set up and take down everything. They also offered to bring by some yummy cider!" She said gleefully.

" Awesome I haven't seen Big Mac in forever!" I shouted.

" Well I'll wait for you back at my cottage enjoy you're breakfast Crimson Beat." Fluttershy thanked me as she walked out the door. I waved back as a piece of toast was dangling from my mouth.

" Dash where are my glasses?!" I screamed downstairs to my sister.

" They're on the dresser where you left them!" She screamed back. I bumbled around trying to find my the shields that will deflect the attack from the sun unto my weary and weak eyes.

" Aha found them!" I yelled in triumph as I slapped my red shades on to my face. Now I was ready for the day.

After a short fifteen minute flight I arrived at Fluttershy's cottage. I could already hear the various animals in the back as they emitted utter excitement with their calls." Oh you made it I'm so happy. Thank you again Crimson for the help!" Fluttershy said gratefully.

" No problem Fluttershy, but before I start I've been thinking about getting a pet myself. I've already decided that I want an exotic pet something you barely see ponies have as a pet." I stated quickly." I have just the thing if you're interested!" She claimed happily.

" You're the pro show me what you got." I said as I jumped with joy. We walked into her cottage and she led me to her room. I was going to say something but before I could she told me to wait right there. I complied with her request and did just that.

" Close you're eyes please." Fluttershy ordered. I shrugged it off and started thinking about what pet she had in mind for me could it be a alligator, a buzzard, or even a porcupine. I heard soft and steady hoofsteps as she walked back towards me.

" Open you're eyes and be quiet you don't want to scare her." She told me. I slowly opened my eyes and in her hooves all I saw was a big fluffy white tail.

" What are you little girl?" I asked questioningly. As if answering me the little ball of fuzz opened her eyes as her head popped up. I just looked in awe at the little animal before me. In her hooves Fluttershy was holding a baby skunk with a little grey and black heart on the front of her tail.

" She's adorable!" I proclaimed as I stood there in awe looking at the powdery white sphere of cuteness." Why can't I smell her?" I asked.

" Well when I take in all of my skunks I take them to the vet and have the stink gland removed and I did the same for this little one." She told me. I just stood there looking at her." I hope you like her I just got her four months ago and she's up to date on her shots." Fluttershy said as a look of pure sadness washed over her face.

" She's perfect Fluttershy! Can I hold her?" I asked her permission. She nodded as she laid the little snowball in my hooves. Once her soft fur touched my arms I knew that this was the pet for me.

" I take it you like her and if that's the case you should give her a name." The sweet yellow mare told me.

" I got it I'll call her Noel." I said gleefully. Once the name left my mouth the steady black eyes that were already studying me shined with happiness as she started rubbing against my neck. Fluttershy just laughed happily at the sight of us.

" Let's get this critter show on the road!" I said excitedly as my new little buddy Noel crawled up my neck and made herself at home in my mane on top of my head. I just looked at Fluttershy and she looked back at me. We busted out laughing as we walked out the door while Noel began making a soft low humming sound on my skull.

After an hour of fillies laughing and playing with the pets and my friends acknowledgement of Noel sleeping on my head the day was coming to an end.

" Oh look there's Big Mac and Applejack! Aww they even brought Applebloom and her friends." Fluttershy happily pointed out. I looked up as I brushed Noel's tail out of my face and sure enough they were heading this way.

" Hey Crimson Beat!!!" The Cutie Mark Crusaders shrieked running towards me.

" Do you hear something Fluttershy I swear I heard someponies say my name?" I said sarcastically as a grin crawled onto my face." I don't know Crimson.

" Fluttershy played along. Suddenly I was tackled by three young fillies which startled Noel causing her to quickly jump off my head.

" Calm down girls you scared Noel. Come here girl." I said with a hint of concern in my voice for my fuzzy friend.

" Noel who's that?" Applebloom asked as Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded behind her.

" Oh nopony special just my new pet." I said excitedly. As soon as the word pet left my mouth the girls eyes sparkled with excitement and curiosity.

" Show us! Show us!" They all screamed at once.

" Shhh you got to be quiet she's four months old girls." I said as I tried to calm the excited fillies down. They agreed and became silent.

" Noel it's okay girl. Where are you?" I said as I looked everywhere for my new buddy.

" There you are little girl. It's okay honey you're safe." I said as I reassured Noel trying to coax her out of hiding.

" What kind o' animal is she?" Applebloom whispered. As the little filly asked curiously behind me I found Noel wrapped up in a little ball of white fur.

" Okay girls you gotta be quiet and don't freak out when you see what animal she is promise?" I commanded. They nodded happily in agreement.

" Noel it's okay you can come out." I said as I petted her. She lifted her head slowly checking her surroundings. As soon as she did this the three little fillies in front of me started losing their minds as Noel started sniffing their faces. As fast as she leaped off my head she leaped onto theirs and started making a humming sound as she loved on the Crusaders. Big Mac, AJ, and myself just looked and smiled.

After about thirty minutes of the girls playing with their new furry friend and Big Mac and AJ helping Fluttershy and I take everything down for the evening we heard two ponies walking through the last bit of the Pet Playdate. I could hear the voices but they were faint. They both sounded so familiar. As I raked my brain for the answer they rounded the corner; even though she was facing away from me I knew who it was. It was Spitfire with some unicorn.

" Uh oh Crimson you 'member him?" Big Mac said cautiously. I stared at him trying to remember who this brown unicorn with gray hair was. Then I saw the cutie mark a diamond with a solid black stripe down the middle. At that moment when I realized who it was he saw me and started my way telling Spitfire he'd be right back.

" Well well well if it isn't the gentle giant and the scratch and sniff pony." The colt in front of us said insultingly.

" Hey Diamond Alley. How is being a giant asshat treating you?" I said angrily to the jackass in front of me.

" Oh it feels like being filthy rich you retarded excuse of a pony." He said in return which really pissed me off.

" What do you want Diamond?" Big Mac said as he tried to calm me down.

" I just wanted to make amends I feel a change coming and I wanted to make some friends." he said deviously while he stared into my eyes.

" Okayyy." I said as I could smell the faint scent of bullshit." Put 'er there pal." Diamond Alley said as he extended his left hoof towards me. I reached my hoof out in return and the closer my hoof got I started to get colder and as soon as our hooves met my right hoof began to burn as if it was being dipped into liquid magma. I just grinned and bared. After that he left and went back to Spitfire I just stood there envious.

" Are you going to be okay?" Fluttershy asked me. I could tell by her voice that she was on the verge of tears.

" Yeah I am. Hey Applejack can you drop the girls off?" I asked hoping the answer would be yes.

" Eh sure ah guess, why?" She asked wondering what the reason was.

" Fluttershy, Big Mac, AJ I need a drink or a hundred." I said in a monotone voice.

" Ah guess we're goin' to the Sugar Cube Corner Tavern?" Big Mac said as he already guessed my plans.

" Oh hell yeah. We're going out tonight because I need to forget something." I said as we decided on our plans for the rest of the day. I guess there is nopony out there for me. I thought as the memory of what recently happened began to piss me off even more.

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