Burning Passion

by Crimson Beat

First published

My oc Crimson Beat meeting the love of his life Spitfire

What is love? That's a question that has existed throughout the ages. Someponies know the meaning while others do not sadly. If you ask me I don't know what love is to be honest. However, things change and I feel a definite change. Is it for good? Is it for bad? I have absolutely no idea, but it is coming and coming fast.
-Edited by Ernest Wood, CookieDo
-Art work by Nightglimmer22

The Race In The Sky

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"Come on Crimson we're going to be late!" My sister, Rainbow Dash, called ahead of me.

"I'm coming, calm down." I commented when I reached her. Yesterday she had received two tickets from the Wonderbolt academy to the Wonderbolts air show, and race in Canterlot this Saturday. Surprisingly I was the first pony she wanted to take. Needless to say she didn't get any sleep last night. Rainbow was extremely excited; so excited in fact that she woke me up this morning jumping up and down on my bed eager to start the day. Like every morning we ate breakfast with a bowl of cereal and some apple juice that Rainbow had procured from her friend Applejack at the market. I had just finished in the bathroom getting ready for the big day when suddenly as I opened the door a bucket of ice cold water fell on my head. She was always playing pranks on ponies no matter who they might be.

"Holy shit!" I screamed as what felt like liquid nitrogen flow freely down my face leaving me soaking wet. Meanwhile I heard the faint snickering of somepony upstairs. "Rainbow!" I yelled at my sister. Well, if I wasn't awake before, I sure am now because of Rainbow Dash's stupid prank. She thought my reactions were hilarious despite my frequent denying's of this.

As we walked through the dark hallway of the Canterlot stadium, I couldn't help but smile when I saw my sister flying anxiously ahead of me. I haven't seen her this happy since she got the acceptance letter from the Wonderbolts academy.

After a forty five minute flight, we had finally reached our destination. The very instant we landed on the clouds I could feel the excitement of the thousands of fans all around us. We showed our tickets to the colt collecting them at the gate. We then headed to our seats running like children.

"I hope I get to see Spitfire today, she's so awesome!" A ecstatic Rainbow said back at me as we entered the stadium stands. Then I saw her. Flying with the other Wonderbolts was the most gorgeous mare I had ever seen. Through all the light I could see one of the Wonderbolt's; her orange and yellow mane on fire like the sun. I wasn't as familiar with the Wonderbolt's as my sister was though everypony knew Spitfire. The most important Wonderbolt.

I started freaking out as she began flying toward us. I didn't know what to say. I turned to my sister.

"Rainbow is my mane okay, does my breathe smell bad?!" I asked quickly because I was so nervous I thought I might piss myself. I didn't know why but I needed to impress because somehow I knew that we were destined to be together.

"Sweet Celestia calm down bro, what's wrong?" she asked. I couldn't speak all I could do was look up and nod. Rainbow followed my gaze. "Oh I see now hehe." She commented. Then before I could say anything she started chanting. "Crimson has a crush, Crimson has a crush!"

"Shut up, Rainbow, it isn't funny," I said through gritted teeth as I darted in front of her and looked her dead in the eyes giving her my death stare.

"What isn't funny?" Somepony behind me commented. I turned around and stopped in my tracks, my heart felt like it was going to break out of my chest, because standing in front of us was the pony of my dreams in the Wonderbolt outfit with her gorgeous orange and yellow mane. I felt something wet flowing down the corners of my mouth I thought it was drool so I quickly wiped it away.

"N...N...Nothing," I stammered out finally.

"Nice," Rainbow whispered to me as she walked by. "Hey Spitfire how's practice going?" I just sat there still staring at the gorgeous mare in front of me.

"It going pretty good actually," Spitfire replied her voice sounded like the perfect symphony.

Rainbow looked over and noticed that I needed 'rescuing'. "Spitfire, I'd like you to meet my brother Crimson Beat," She said pointing at me.

"Nice to meet you," Spitfire said extending her hoof for a hoofshake.

"Nice to meet you too," I replied still nervous as could be as I met her hoof and shook it hoping she didn't notice the rivers of sweat flowing down my arm.

"Well, I got to get back to practice, I hope you enjoy the show." Spitfire replied before soaring off she looked back smiled and waved. I could have swore she winked at me.

When she was out of earshot I commented to Rainbow. "I think she winked at me!" My sister just laughed at me. "No, seriously, Rainbow I..I think I'm in love." After I collected myself Rainbow Dash and I flew to our seats where she watched the race and I just watched Spitfire. Then I felt it. The fire in my heart made me melt inside. Finally the air show was over and it was time for the event everypony was waiting for the big race.

"Ugh damn it why can't I be out there racing with them." Rainbow Dash groaned in anger.

"Because they only allow real fliers in." I chuckled.

"Oh harde har har how long did it take you to come up with that one?" she said. We then decided to go to the concession stands and get some cider and maybe some hay fries. As we were walking through the crowded hall I couldn't stop thinking about her the mare of my dreams Spitfire. I imagined the life we could have. I had it all pictured it was a dark and cold Hearthswarming eve we were in our house. I could feel the coldness creeping upon us slowly, hauntingly as if it was hunting us. Thankfully the fire was fighting against the onslaught from the chill. The warm cider warmed both of our hooves and the warm fleece blanket acted like a shield against the night. With her head on my chest I wrapped my wings around her and held her close. It was perfect she looked up at me and I looked down at her. Our faces got closer and closer, her lips started to purse as did mine. We both closed our eyes as we leaned in and due to my daydreaming I didn't notice that I was now in free fall.

"What th-" A loud ring was heard as my face connected with metallic bleachers.

"Son of a bitch that hurt." I complained through the throbbing of my head.

"What happened?" Rainbow asked curiously.

"Nothing, just fell down the damn stairs." I replied feeling like a complete and utter dumbass. I picked myself up and we continued our trek to the concessions. As I searched the sea of hungry ponies I finally found the hay fry stand. I pointed it out to Rainbow and we started heading that way. We finally broke through the crowd and surprisingly the line wasn't as long as I thought it'd be except for the one mare getting her order.

"Oh look Crimson it's your girlfriend," Rainbow whispered in my ear. I looked at her in confusion and looked closer at the mare and I nearly shit myself because out of all the mares in Equestria Spitfire had to be that mare. I Paused dead in my tracks and stood there. "Come on, bro, it'll be okay... holy crud you need to lay off those cupcakes," Rainbow grunted as she pushed me from behind getting me closer and closer to her.

"Oh hey guys, how'd you enjoy the show?" Spitfire asked as she turned around and noticed us.

"Oh my gosh it was amazing," Rainbow screamed at her hero.

"Glad you enjoyed it kid. What did you think Crimson?" Spitfire questioned me.

Oh Celestia now I got to answer. "It was amazing I like you. I mean I liked watching you fly in the show hehe." I commented as my heart began to race.

"Thanks, I guess I'm glad you enjoyed it. Oh and I hope you don't mind me asking, but what does your cutie mark mean?" Spitfire said staring at my flank.

I looked down and there was the same old confusing as fuck cutie mark. A crown with three emeralds embedded in it perfectly placed on the hilt of a platinum sword that ran down my leg. I wish this came with a manual I thought.

"You know,I don't even know it has been confusing me ever since I got it." I replied after thinking about it.

"Well I think it's awesome," Spitfire responded immediately. "Hey Rainbow I was meaning to ask want to make a wager?"

"Oh heck yeah now we're talking!" Rainbow Dash said like a gambler.

"That's the spirit now here's what's on the table. If I lose the race then I'll take us three out to Sugar Cube Corner one day my treat." Spitfire challenged my sister with the gambling problem.

"Okay and if you win the race, then we'll all go to Sugar Cube Corner Crimson's treat." Rainbow said sinisterly.

"Um can I talk to you for a second sis," I said quickly before Spitfire could answer. I dragged my sister over to the side, "What in the sweet name of Celestia do you think you're doing?!"

"Either go along with it or I'll tell Spitfire about your little crush," my sister cheerfully said. I stood there for a minute or two weighing the options. Finally I gave in to her and agreed.

"So I take it that's the deal?" Spitfire asked.

"You bet!" Rainbow Dash said with every fiber of her being filled to the brim with excitement. After Spitfire walked away and we got our drinks and fries we walked back to the stadium where the flyers said it'd be a three lap race around the track. We made it back to our seats and sat down as the race began. There was only one pony that I was rooting for and that was Spitfire. I didn't care if I had to spend some of my bits to take the most exquisite creature in Equestria on a date. She flew with the most amazing style I've ever seen as if she was an angel. As she passed the stands the air around her broke as she gained an amazing burst of speed and crossed the finish line and won the race.

After all the other competitors crossed the line, they held the awards ceremony and Spitfire claimed the middle pedestal waving to the vast ocean of her adoring fans. She then noticed us and looked me directly in the eyes and winked. "Okay that time I know she winked at me." I said drooling a little. Rainbow just looked at me and laughed.


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We waited outside of the changing room waiting for Spitfire because we needed to schedule a day where all three of us could go to Sugar Cube Corner. After about thirty minutes I could feel my eyelids getting heavy as the haul of today began wearing on me. I fell into the embrace of a quick nap as we waited.

"Finally I thought you were never going to be out of there," Rainbow sighed with relief which made me jolt from my dream. I wiped my eyes with my hooves getting all the crud out of them and looked where Rainbow was directing her voice. There standing before us was Spitfire. This was the first time I saw her out of her suit. Her yellow coat matched the leaves of a tree in the middle of fall. Her mane the color of a lit flame. It wasn't like the appearance it had when she wore she actually tried to look good, and did she.

"You alright Crimson?" The mare of my dreams asked me. I then realized I was drooling again and I almost had a puddle down around my hooves.

"Yeah I'm good hehe. Umm I might need a mop though." I replied comically trying to account for the ocean of slobber.

"Yeah I think you'll need one." She said giving a slight chuckle in return. She glanced at me in such a way that even Celestia would be jealous. I hope she asks me to be hers Celestia knows I'd say yes I thought to myself. After thinking this I saw her lips move as if she was going to say something. Sweet Celestia please let her ask me to be her special somepony I thought to myself as I got lost in those gorgeous amber eyes.

"So when are you going to treat us at Sugar Cube Corner?" Spitfire questioned. Go figure of course she wouldn't ask me to be her special somepony you dumbass I thought to myself.

"You free next Saturday?" I answered hoping the answer would be yes.

"Sure that'll work." She said as she flashed me her beautiful smile. After accepting I flew 15 feet into the air.

"Fuck yes I got a date!" I grunted as I broke out into a little happy dance. Once I finished fan-girling I flew back over "Sorry 'bout that." I said hoping she didn't hear my verbal excitement.

"Its alright." Spitfire replied. Then she suddenly leaned next to my ear and whispered. She was getting ready to leave when she looked at me and commented with that gorgeous smile," you should teach me how to dance one day hehe." I couldn't help it as I sheepishly laughed out.

"Yeah." After the little fiasco we said our goodbyes as Rainbow and I started heading to Sugar Cube Corner to meet with our friends like we always do on Saturday nights and talk about our week. It took us about an hour or so to leave Canterlot.

Soon enough Sugar Cube Corner was in our sights. We landed in front of the door as we heard the overwhelming sound of hysterical laughter inside.

"Hey no fair." Rainbow shouted as she burst through the doors. "You guys started the party without us." I followed shortly behind and as soon as I walked through the door I heard the clatter of a table falling over.

"Crimson who do you have a crush on!? I know you have a crush I can see it in your eyes! Come on tell us we'll keep it a secret! Pretty please with sprinkles on top!" Pinkie Pie screamed as landed on top of my head knocking me down to the floor. Even when she just sat on my head I can tell you that mare weighed almost a ton. She ate all day and could still hide it somewhere. That was one of the many mysteries here in Equestria.

"Sometimes you scare me pinkie." I said as I tried to lift my head with the little pink pony that weighed about as much as a baby blue whale. Sadly my efforts didn't work as I couldn't lift my head a centimeter off of the ground. Within an instant I got bombarded with millions of questions that buzzed in my head.

"If you all quiet down and Pinkie gets off my head I'll tell you who it is." I yelled as I began losing my patience. Thankfully they all agreed and became silent as Twilight picked Pinkie up off my head.

"Okay um the pony that I have a crush on is." I took a minute to possibly remake my decision. Then it hit me like a kick to the face. These girls were my true friends that I could tell anything. Hell they were my family, with this decision in my mind I bit the bullet and hoped for the best. "The pony I have a crush on is Spitfire from the Wonderbolts." I hollered quickly just wanting to get those words out of my mouth. All of a sudden I was assaulted with a blast of screams. I just stood there like a deer in the headlights frantically patting my head because I thought my ears were ripped off.

"Hot damn Big Mac will love this." Applejack pronounced patting me on the shoulder.

"I think it's adorable." Fluttershy said quietly with a major hint of excitement in her voice.

"This calls for a party!" Pinkie Pie shrieked with joy. Everypony encouraged her with laughter and nonstop cheering. Then all of a sudden Pinkie gave I gigantic gasp that almost took out half of Sugar Cube Corner. "Idea!" She rung out like a morning bell. "I'll make my special cupcakes!" she proclaimed darting into the kitchen.

"You know what that means." Twilight said looking at me smiling.

"Hehe oh hell yeah I do. Let's get this party started and get hammered woohoo!" I screamed at the top of my lungs trying not to wake up everypony in town.

Finally after about twenty minutes the tantalizing smell of alcohol and baking cupcakes filled the vast emptiness of Sugar Cube Corner. All at once everypony inhaled the exotic aroma.

"That smells delicious." Fluttershy stated.

"Who says a lady can't partake of something so naughty, yet delicious." Rarity added. Then out of nowhere Pinkie busted through doors with two bakers dozen cupcakes.

"Let's get this party started." She screamed. Everypony with shouts of joy acquired four cupcakes each. We were all eager to bite into the concoction of alcohol and sugary goodness as drool flowed like the rivers of the world out of our mouths.

"Before we start I want to make a toast." I announced before we dined on our treats. I hovered over top of them holding one of my Alcoholic's Delight cupcake in front of me. "To true love." I shouted as I bit into the succulent morsel in front of my face. The taste sent my taste buds to heaven immediately as I could tell that Pinkie added more Applejack Daniels liquor than the recipe required. The only sound present over the next ten minutes was the sound of seven ponies chowing down on some badass cupcakes as the alcoholic emerged in all of us. After all our bellies were filled we started mumbling something that sounded like a foreign language only we knew. If you were to walk in on us without knowing there was the Devil's sweet nectar flowing through our veins you might conclude that we were mentally retarded. Hell who am I kidding I was damn sure we were at this point. Finally after two hours everypony was hopefully able to walk home without falling on their ass.

"Come on Rainbow we.. we gotta get home *Hic*." I slurred out through my slobber filled mouth as I poked my sister who laid passed out on the table. She grunted in agreement. We said our drunken goodbyes and planned to do this again sometime. Even though I knew that everypony wouldn't remember what even happened after the cupcakes showed up. Then me and my sister walked into the dark and starry night.

After a forty or so minute walk Rainbow Dash and I finally reached our house. I rammed through the door as we both were laughing our asses off. Even though we were hammered I still loved times like this. These moments reminded me of when we were kids coming in from playing outside the entire day. I just smiled as I carried Rainbow into her room and plopped her onto her bed.

"Here I gotta feelin you gonna be needin 'is 'ore than I will." I stated laying a waste basket beside her bed as I began getting a pain splitting headache.

"Thanks bro *Hic* I 'ove you. G'night." She thanked me as she passed out in ten seconds laying on her bed. I just laughed. Okay now it's my turn I thought as I waddled to my bed at the end of the hall. The short fifteen second walk seemed like a fifteen hour walk through my drunken haze. Finally after my long trek I reached my room. I open the door to find my bed waiting for me, calling my name seductively as it waited for me to climb in. I couldn't stop laughing because I thought the bed grew eyes.

"I'm comin' damn he*Hic*he." I said as I dashed to my warm and comfy bed. I kid you not as soon as I laid down and got under the covers I passed out for the longest sleep I've had in years.

Friend or Foe

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Surrounded by darkness again I just laid there floating in the endless ocean of sorrow. Slowly I landed on the shore of a pond that was on the outskirts of ponyville. For some reason unknown to me I felt some sort of connection to this pond. Sadly I couldn't remember why this pond had a significance to me. I just shrugged it off as I heard the crashing waves hit the shoreline. It was peaceful. I felt like I was in a true paradise all to my own.

"Is he friend, or is he foe. This pony would like to know." A dark and mysterious voice called from the night that surrounded me in its devious grasp.

"Who's there!?" I screamed out into the night. Then I saw it the creature that gave of that horrific voice. It was cloaked so I couldn't see its face, but it seemed familiar. Suddenly before I knew what was happening it began floating towards me. I tried to back away but to little success. I felt like the bony hooves of ponies from the past held me down. I tried to struggle free with all my might to break free. Amidst my violent fight for survival I could feel something wrapped around my hooves. Then I realized that something was holding onto my hooves securely. I looked down slowly and cautiously and met my assailants face to horrendously disfigured face.

"Aaaaaahhhhh get off of me!" I screamed as I swatted at the disfigured abominations that surrounded me. At first I couldn't make out who they were; then I discovered their horrifically true identities. These terrible creatures were my friends and even my sister Rainbow Dash. I could feel my insides become torn apart as their bloody, ragged bodies crawled slowly up my body peeling my skin away to reveal the warm nectar which they feasted on hungrily.

"Why didn't you save us Crimson? You were our only hope. Join us so we can be together forever." They called at different times as their voices rang in my head like church bells. I couldn't look away from their hollow, dark, gruesome and bloody eyes. I began to cry as I looked my friends in their eyes. Their dark, hollow, soulless, and bloody eyes. As I started to give way into my feeling of guilt my hooves began sinking into the pond sand as my deceased friends pulled me under the surface.

"Enough!" the mysterious creature shouted. As soon as those words left his mouth the zombified versions of my friends began to melt into a mixture of flesh, blood and bones. I snapped away from my psychological trap and ripped my hooves out of the sand. I looked at the smoldering puddles around me as I grieved for my fallen friends then I looked up slowly. As my head rose with tears stinging my eyes like needles I came face to chest with the mysterious creature from across the lake. Slowly he removed his cloak revealing who he really was.

"What the hell are you doing here and why did you help me Tirek!" I screamed at the centaur-like figure that towered above me.

"Why so hateful I just saved you. Is it because you still believe I'm evil? HAHA trust me I'm not I learned my lesson. Now I'm a muse and I help ponies with their past and future." He stated coldly to me. I Just stared at him with a look of pure disbelief on my face.

"Let me prove it to you. Do you remember this pond Crimson?" Tirek asked me deviously as if he were to slay me right then and there. I discarded these thoughts because if he truly wanted to be rid of me he would've let those horrific monsters kill me. I shook my head because honestly I couldn't remember what this place meant to me.

"Allow me to shed some light and precious memories." he said excitedly.

Suddenly time resumed over the reminiscence of my past. Off in the distance I could see a little foal around the age of eight weeping as she sat next to the water looking into the liquid mirror before her. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her when I noticed the cuts and bruises that peppered her body. I didn't realize who she was until I saw her golden yellow coat and her flaming mane. Then like somepony punched me in the gut I remembered where this was and what was happening.

"Where's Luna and how did you get ahold of this!? Tirek answer me!" I demanded as I hovered in his face burning with anger inside.

"Well for starters while I was partaking of my rightful ruling of Equestria I did some studying and found a potion that allows the user to enter dreams unnoticed. Oh and for the matter of this memory that is more complicated. You see I've been watching you Crimson Beat ever since you were born I know all your memories, fears, hopes, and dreams there's nothing you can hide from me." He laughed hysterically.

"You bastard." I said through my gritted teeth. Out of all the terrible times from my past from being disowned by everypony except for my sister Rainbow Dash to getting into numerous fights when I was young that I have forgotten why in the world couldn't this fucking memory be one too. I just sat and watched as the little mare cried into the water. Then over the horizon a new pony came over who was about the same age as the little filly at the pond walking painfully as if he just got out of a fight. I tried to look away from the dreaded reminder in front of me, but I couldn't because that little colt was me. My body began to get hot, not just a regular hot it was as if somepony had drenched me in flames. Then there was a bright flash and I was my younger-self walking towards the young Spitfire. I tried desperately to turn around or stop because the grief was just too much to bear, but my body didn't listen. I was on autopilot. I walked over to her and sat down next to her without saying a word as I let her release the liquid sorrow from her body no matter how painful it was.

"Why did you fight those guys?" she finally said once she reorganized herself.

"Because they weren't treating you nice." I responded quickly.

"So, I didn't ask you to help me I could've handled them on my own." Spitfire said in a mixture of rage and sorrow.

"There were three of them and they were three or four years older than you." I replied trying to keep my rage from intensifying.

"So that doesn't matter they weren't doing anything wrong." She scolded.

"Enough!" I screamed in pure rage as I overflowed with emotions that I have always felt. "They were hitting you repeatedly while you pleaded for them to stop! After you screamed for help what did they do?! They just looked at you and laughed saying how nopony would help a stupid little girl like you. How many other ponies walked past this ordeal?! Do you know the number because I do. Seven ponies walked past you even parents walked past you. I even heard one little colt as his mom why nopony was helping you as she hurried him away from your pleads. I didn't act because I thought an adult was going to intervene, but after seeing that I knew that nopony would. So I accumulated every ounce of my courage to stand up to your attackers while you just watched in disbelief without saying thank you. As if you believe you belong on the ground like the rest of the dirt. Are you even listening to what I'm saying do you think your life doesn't mean that much!?" I screamed at her as my rage finally broke free from my weak imprisonment. She just sat there and looked at me speechless with her ears pulled back as tears flowed like rivers down her cheeks. I looked her in her eyes the entire time I gave my little rant. Then they were the only things I could think about. Those gorgeous amber eyes. I felt a small tear drop roll down my cheek that was soon chased by many more.

"Spitfire I know who you are okay. We go to the same school. You're not meaningless. At least not to me. When I saw how the others bullied you I wanted to talk to you and get to know you better, but I couldn't work up the courage. I have also wondered if my life had any meaning. Please promise me you'll stop acting like you don't matter because you do matter," I pleaded through the flowing river of tears.

"You matter to me." I finally chocked out.

The next thirty minutes were laced in complete silence as I recomposed myself.

"What's your name?" she asked as the tears stopped flowing from her eyes.

"Crimson Beat." I responded shyly as I wiped away my tears in return.

"That's a pretty name." Spitfire said happily. I've never heard her sound happy before and it felt as if I was talking to an angel. Then after hearing her happy tone after how I acted I felt guilty.

"Listen I'm really sorry about yelling I've just seen this world go to heck and back and I thought that if I could save you and protect you that I might be able to work up the courage and try to save this world." I said as I stared into my reflection in the pond with tears beginning to flow once more. As soon as the first tear began to roll down my cheek something caught me off guard from my left side. I felt hooves wrap around me. I slowly looked down and nearly had a heart attack because she was hugging me with tears in her eyes. Spitfire the filly that cries for nopony was crying while she held onto me. I could honestly say that I did something good for once because having her close to me made me feel like I am essential to this world.

"Crimson thank you for protecting me." She said in her soft and sweet voice. Following those words leaving her mouth tears began to flow out of my eyes.

"Spitfire I promise you that as long as I live I will protect you no matter what." I said as I held her even closer. Then just as fast as it started the memory suddenly paused and I had returned to my place next to Tirek on the other side of the lake with tears in my eyes.

"Welcome back how was your second experience?" Tirek asked curiously. I didn't say anything I just stood there and looked at my younger-self with the mare of his dreams.

"So what's your decision Crimson? Will you accept my gift?" He asked urgently.

"Honestly I don't know. I want it to protect her, but then again I don't want it because I'm scared I'll become a power crazed dictator like you." I said as I began thinking of the potential future.

"Remember this those who have power can either consume and absorb it or let it consume them. Well until our next visit think about what your decision is because next time I won't be so lenient. Oh and one more thing before you wake up if you encounter a pony and you feel a chill in your spine and your right hoof feels like it's burning one of my servants is near." The demon said as he began to walk away. I stood there thinking of what he meant by those last words; but before I could use this time in the dream world to think about what he meant something unignorably powerful disrupted my slumber.

"Son of a bitch!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I bolted upright in my bed. I felt a searing pain in my right hoof as I looked down I could see a weird triangular shape burned into my hoof. It looked like the necklace Discord had given Twilight; Rainbow was telling me about it along with the amazing powers they got. As soon as it appeared it sunk back into my hoof disappearing without a trace.

"Sweet Celestia quiet down Crimson I know you're still probably hungover but its only nine o'clock!" Rainbow Dash responded as she burst through my door.

"Sorry Rainbow I just don't know what came over me." I said through panted breathes. She just rolled her eyes and got ready to walk out the door.

"Coffee and breakfast are ready bro." She called back to me before she walked out.

"Thanks sis." I responded trying to act calm. I can't tell anypony about what happened in my dream, especially Twilight and the others I thought as I sat upright in my bed. This day is going to be a pain in my-

"Crimson come on your food is getting cold!" Rainbow called from down the hall.

"Coming." I responded. Today is going to be something alright that's for sure. Now only if I can find out what it will be.

Critters and Questions

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" Ugh damn my head hurts..." I groaned as I crawled out of the shower having just tried to wash away the drunken cloak I was wearing. I dried off and started making my way downstairs getting ready to fill my belly and get ready for the long day ahead. As I made my way downstairs I could hear laughter in the kitchen. I reached the bottom step a familiar voice called in the kitchen.

" I hope I didn't wake you up Crimson." Fluttershy stated quietly.

" No you're fine I was going to wake up anyway." I replied smiling.

" Would you be willing to help out with the tenth annual Ponyville Pet Playdate?" She asked shyly.

" Of course I'll help I love animals and besides I was thinking about getting a pet. It gets kind of lonely when Rainbow goes and plays with Tank." I commented ecstatically.

" Thank you that sounds wonderful. Oh and Big Mac and Applejack will be there to help set up and take down everything. They also offered to bring by some yummy cider!" She said gleefully.

" Awesome I haven't seen Big Mac in forever!" I shouted.

" Well I'll wait for you back at my cottage enjoy you're breakfast Crimson Beat." Fluttershy thanked me as she walked out the door. I waved back as a piece of toast was dangling from my mouth.

" Dash where are my glasses?!" I screamed downstairs to my sister.

" They're on the dresser where you left them!" She screamed back. I bumbled around trying to find my the shields that will deflect the attack from the sun unto my weary and weak eyes.

" Aha found them!" I yelled in triumph as I slapped my red shades on to my face. Now I was ready for the day.

After a short fifteen minute flight I arrived at Fluttershy's cottage. I could already hear the various animals in the back as they emitted utter excitement with their calls." Oh you made it I'm so happy. Thank you again Crimson for the help!" Fluttershy said gratefully.

" No problem Fluttershy, but before I start I've been thinking about getting a pet myself. I've already decided that I want an exotic pet something you barely see ponies have as a pet." I stated quickly." I have just the thing if you're interested!" She claimed happily.

" You're the pro show me what you got." I said as I jumped with joy. We walked into her cottage and she led me to her room. I was going to say something but before I could she told me to wait right there. I complied with her request and did just that.

" Close you're eyes please." Fluttershy ordered. I shrugged it off and started thinking about what pet she had in mind for me could it be a alligator, a buzzard, or even a porcupine. I heard soft and steady hoofsteps as she walked back towards me.

" Open you're eyes and be quiet you don't want to scare her." She told me. I slowly opened my eyes and in her hooves all I saw was a big fluffy white tail.

" What are you little girl?" I asked questioningly. As if answering me the little ball of fuzz opened her eyes as her head popped up. I just looked in awe at the little animal before me. In her hooves Fluttershy was holding a baby skunk with a little grey and black heart on the front of her tail.

" She's adorable!" I proclaimed as I stood there in awe looking at the powdery white sphere of cuteness." Why can't I smell her?" I asked.

" Well when I take in all of my skunks I take them to the vet and have the stink gland removed and I did the same for this little one." She told me. I just stood there looking at her." I hope you like her I just got her four months ago and she's up to date on her shots." Fluttershy said as a look of pure sadness washed over her face.

" She's perfect Fluttershy! Can I hold her?" I asked her permission. She nodded as she laid the little snowball in my hooves. Once her soft fur touched my arms I knew that this was the pet for me.

" I take it you like her and if that's the case you should give her a name." The sweet yellow mare told me.

" I got it I'll call her Noel." I said gleefully. Once the name left my mouth the steady black eyes that were already studying me shined with happiness as she started rubbing against my neck. Fluttershy just laughed happily at the sight of us.

" Let's get this critter show on the road!" I said excitedly as my new little buddy Noel crawled up my neck and made herself at home in my mane on top of my head. I just looked at Fluttershy and she looked back at me. We busted out laughing as we walked out the door while Noel began making a soft low humming sound on my skull.

After an hour of fillies laughing and playing with the pets and my friends acknowledgement of Noel sleeping on my head the day was coming to an end.

" Oh look there's Big Mac and Applejack! Aww they even brought Applebloom and her friends." Fluttershy happily pointed out. I looked up as I brushed Noel's tail out of my face and sure enough they were heading this way.

" Hey Crimson Beat!!!" The Cutie Mark Crusaders shrieked running towards me.

" Do you hear something Fluttershy I swear I heard someponies say my name?" I said sarcastically as a grin crawled onto my face." I don't know Crimson.

" Fluttershy played along. Suddenly I was tackled by three young fillies which startled Noel causing her to quickly jump off my head.

" Calm down girls you scared Noel. Come here girl." I said with a hint of concern in my voice for my fuzzy friend.

" Noel who's that?" Applebloom asked as Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded behind her.

" Oh nopony special just my new pet." I said excitedly. As soon as the word pet left my mouth the girls eyes sparkled with excitement and curiosity.

" Show us! Show us!" They all screamed at once.

" Shhh you got to be quiet she's four months old girls." I said as I tried to calm the excited fillies down. They agreed and became silent.

" Noel it's okay girl. Where are you?" I said as I looked everywhere for my new buddy.

" There you are little girl. It's okay honey you're safe." I said as I reassured Noel trying to coax her out of hiding.

" What kind o' animal is she?" Applebloom whispered. As the little filly asked curiously behind me I found Noel wrapped up in a little ball of white fur.

" Okay girls you gotta be quiet and don't freak out when you see what animal she is promise?" I commanded. They nodded happily in agreement.

" Noel it's okay you can come out." I said as I petted her. She lifted her head slowly checking her surroundings. As soon as she did this the three little fillies in front of me started losing their minds as Noel started sniffing their faces. As fast as she leaped off my head she leaped onto theirs and started making a humming sound as she loved on the Crusaders. Big Mac, AJ, and myself just looked and smiled.

After about thirty minutes of the girls playing with their new furry friend and Big Mac and AJ helping Fluttershy and I take everything down for the evening we heard two ponies walking through the last bit of the Pet Playdate. I could hear the voices but they were faint. They both sounded so familiar. As I raked my brain for the answer they rounded the corner; even though she was facing away from me I knew who it was. It was Spitfire with some unicorn.

" Uh oh Crimson you 'member him?" Big Mac said cautiously. I stared at him trying to remember who this brown unicorn with gray hair was. Then I saw the cutie mark a diamond with a solid black stripe down the middle. At that moment when I realized who it was he saw me and started my way telling Spitfire he'd be right back.

" Well well well if it isn't the gentle giant and the scratch and sniff pony." The colt in front of us said insultingly.

" Hey Diamond Alley. How is being a giant asshat treating you?" I said angrily to the jackass in front of me.

" Oh it feels like being filthy rich you retarded excuse of a pony." He said in return which really pissed me off.

" What do you want Diamond?" Big Mac said as he tried to calm me down.

" I just wanted to make amends I feel a change coming and I wanted to make some friends." he said deviously while he stared into my eyes.

" Okayyy." I said as I could smell the faint scent of bullshit." Put 'er there pal." Diamond Alley said as he extended his left hoof towards me. I reached my hoof out in return and the closer my hoof got I started to get colder and as soon as our hooves met my right hoof began to burn as if it was being dipped into liquid magma. I just grinned and bared. After that he left and went back to Spitfire I just stood there envious.

" Are you going to be okay?" Fluttershy asked me. I could tell by her voice that she was on the verge of tears.

" Yeah I am. Hey Applejack can you drop the girls off?" I asked hoping the answer would be yes.

" Eh sure ah guess, why?" She asked wondering what the reason was.

" Fluttershy, Big Mac, AJ I need a drink or a hundred." I said in a monotone voice.

" Ah guess we're goin' to the Sugar Cube Corner Tavern?" Big Mac said as he already guessed my plans.

" Oh hell yeah. We're going out tonight because I need to forget something." I said as we decided on our plans for the rest of the day. I guess there is nopony out there for me. I thought as the memory of what recently happened began to piss me off even more.

A Shitty End To A Good Day

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"Damn it where is everypony?" I complained to Big Mac as we stood outside of the Sugar Cube Corner Tavern.

"Calm down now Crimson th' girls went to get the others. Y'know how AJ is she wants to include e'vrypony." He said, trying to calm me down.

"I know but seriously I didn't want to spend my grieving time here out in the cold ass night." I commented angrily.

"Sorry y'all it took awhile for miss priss here teh get ready." Applejack said jokingly as she bumped Rarity's shoulder.

"Well a real lady must be ready for every occasion darling." The white mare replied.

"Where's the others?" Big Mac and I asked them, curiously wondering where the other members in our entourage were.

"Well Twi had to run to Canterlot for an urgent matter for the princesses, and Rainbow is with Fluttershy learnin' to take better care of Tank. Rarity was the only one home." AJ explained to us.

"Wait what about Pinkie?" I asked questioningly. They just shrugged their shoulders because they had no clue. "Well fuck it let's go get some drinks." I said anxiously.

After we ate our hay burgers we decided to go to the bar where the real fun would begin.

"Wow Crimson it's been awhile since we've been here hasn't it." Rarity commented sensually as the dank smell of alcohol poured off her tongue.

"Well I don't know how long it's been for you with somepony else, but with me yes it has." I stated with a hint of sass in my voice.

"Aww come on Crimson what do you mean? You loved it when we were together." She replied as she tried to lean over in front of my face with her 'I'm so pretty eyes'." Key word with that whole statement was 'were'.

"Oh, sorry, my statement was wrong. I'm pretty sure you didn't do your 'business' in bars the hotel room was more your style, right?" I said back as my anger started to build.

"What teh hay are y'all talking about?" Applejack stepped in while Big Mac agreed.

"Well, you don't know but me and Rarity used to be a thing way back when, and I would've happily stayed with her too if she was a two-faced lying whore," I said bluntly.

"How dare you Crimson Beat I am a loss for words," Rarity replied angrily.

"How dare I? How dare I?! How dare you lie to me about being 'busy' and 'having to go and design dresses for high end ponies' when what you were really doing was literally fucking with that stuck up asshole Fancypants!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, the entire bar could hear me.

"Dayum." Big Mac commented in the silence as gaping maws and watching eyes were directed towards us.

"Uh, sugar cube maybe yeh didn't hafta be so loud. She does have a reputation to uphold," Applejack said in her normal voice amidst the silence so everypony could hear her.

"Oh really A.J, I thought you'd be on my side. As for that reputation, she had one when we were dating, to me as my girlfriend and she screwed it up," I commented with a hint of anger in my voice which got a bunch of gasps and snickering. I just shrugged it off.

"Hey barkeep bring me another round of Jack Daniels. Hell just leave the bottle I'll pay for it." I said as my patience grew thin. A couple minutes of shots and beers washing the sadness down my throat I was starting to get woozy as usual.

"Hey *hic* where ya goin buddy *hic*," I said drunkenly as the barpony started leaving.

"Oh my shift is up, friend. The new guy is going to be taking over for me." He said as a stallion came through the doors.

"Oh my Crimson Beat, I had a feeling I'd see you here." Somepony said very preppy like.

"Diamond Alley, is that you?" I said as I tried to identify the pony that was talking to me. Then my vision finally steadied only to see the last pony I was expecting to see before me.

"Hey *hic* bud wassup frien'." I slurred out of my mouth as the alcohol and the warmth was making my mouth go numb.

"Oh, nothing, just working have to pay for groceries now since my parents made me help around." He said in a calm low voice. I just looked and laughed like a drunk idiot.

Suddenly there was a loud ding that rang throughout the bar.

"Okay everypony, you know what that means. It's time for the one on one drinking match! Who will the competitors be tonight?" Diamond Alley said happily. I looked over at A.J. and she met my gaze; we had a bet going on between the two of us who could hold their liquor better. We nodded in unison as we decided to attempt to be chosen.

"Hey, Diamond, me and A.J. want in!" I screamed over everypony.

He looked at us and nodded. "We have our two competitors for tonight, let's give them a round of applause! So here's how it's going to work, each of you will be given 12 flaming shots of Jack Daniels, and the winner will get one of my special drinks on the house." Diamond Alley explained to us and everypony else. "So, without any other interruptions, lets get this show on the road!" Alley said which was followed by the excited screams of all the other drunks.

The first five shots went down smoothly even though my mouth felt like it was on fire literally. However, the next six shots weren't that easy. As much as I wanted to quit, I realized that I actually had a lead on A.J. by four shots. She was on her eighth and I was on my last.

"Let's go, Beat, Let's go!" Rarity began shouting while she was in a drunken hysteria. I just looked over and of course she was bragging to everypony else how she 'dated' me and how it was the best relationship she ever had. Honestly I knew she was lying because I could smell the mixture of alcohol and bullshit leaking from her mouth. As I was thinking about my final shot I thought to myself ' you know what my life is pretty much screwed over. The pony I love doesn't feel the same as far as I know, and here I am where I belong, like all the other ponies who are in a loveless relationship at the bar.' I just shrugged off all the feelings I had and forced the last burning nectar down my gullet.

"And we're done, and the winner is Crimson Beat!" Diamond Alley shouted above everypony else as he carried my victory drink over to me. I usually don't take drinks from strangers without watching them make it in front of me, because that's what one of the many life lessons my dad taught me; but fuck it I deserve this drink. I greedily took the the liquor and chugged the glass down in a quick couple of gulps. It was ice cold with a hint of tangerine and mint to it. Everypony was shouting with happiness because they watched an amazing show just now.

After thirty minutes of congrats from everypony else we decided to leave and head home for the day.

"Whew I'm beat like a..... a uh...." Applejack said as she tried to come up with one of her country sayings.

"Eeyup *hic*." Big Mac said as he staggered around. I walked over to him and put my hoof around his shoulder which caused him to do the same to me.

"Hey bud I heard you got a little crush on one of the Pie's *hic* did I hear that right?" I said to him as I tried to steady myself. He just smiled as we walked. I looked him in the eyes and we both busted out laughing.

"Wait is that Fluttershy and Rainbow?" Rarity said as she strained her eyes in front of us. Sure enough in front of us was the yellow mare followed by my sister.

"Hey gurls." Applejack said as she staggered forwards.

"Oh hey guys, what's up?" Rainbow said as her and Fluttershy started to walk over.

"Oh nothin' we was just....." I began to say as I started feeling something build up in my throat. Suddenly without any warning I projectile vomited everywhere.

"Holy shit bro are you okay?!" Rainbow said in a concerned voice.

"It's okay, it's just vomit." I said reassuringly.

"Uh no it isn't." Big Mac said to me. I then decided to look down and see what I had released on the ground. Then my heart began to race because before me was a pool of red... I had just vomited up so much blood that I'm surprised I didn't pass out. Suddenly before I could do anything else I released the foul precious liquid again from my mouth onto the ground in a bigger amount. After that everything became dark and the only thing I could hear before I passed out was everypony being concerned. Then I was greeted by darkness.

The Beginning Of The End.

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Once again there I was on the shores of the same lake that I wanted to forget so badly. I stood and walked towards the water knowing what was about to befall me. "Where are you Tirek!" I shouted out into the darkness. As the last letter left my mouth the air began to chill me to the bone. However, I didn't move an inch because I knew what was before me.

"Ah my old friend how are you this fine evening." The evil being said as he walked out of the darkness towards me.

"Oh you know how exactly well I'm doing you fucker. You couldn't just let me make this decision on my own you had to bring one of your lackeys into this." I said aggressively as I walked towards him.

"Oh I thought that Diamond Alleys involvement would help you make your decision faster. I simply cannot wait any longer." He said in a demeaning tone. "I grow stronger each passing hour, but I'm not strong enough to help you out with your little predicament." He said as he looked down at me with a belittling gleam in his eyes.

"What are you getting at you bastard. What do you want from me?" I said angrily as I lost my patience.

"Straight to the point aren't you my little alicorn. You see I'm raising an army for my reappearance. This world will be ruled by me and you will be my right hand pony making all the decisions for my kingdom. I've been studying you especially around that Spitfire mare and I noticed something dark stirring inside of you when she was with your old friend. Now I need you to absorb the souls of all the ponies in ponyville for me to emerge and begin my vengeance." He blared out at me with an authoritative tone in his voice.

"You know how I feel about her you smug asshole; the reason that I have that darkness you speak of is because of those terrible feelings and ideas that I get about others hurting her. As long as I'm alive and sane I will keep her safe." I yelled back as my horn began to burn.

"Ah there it is! You see now what I'm talking about this darkness inside of you can keep her safe you just have to use it the right way. With my help you can keep her safe." He said slyly. He didn't have to say a thing I knew by his dreadful scowl what he was thinking.

"If I do this you must promise me one thing. Your must swear that you won't harm Spitfire because if you do I swear you will pay." I said in a stern and serious voice.

"I promise." He replied. I weighed the options one more time then I decided to reach out my hoof ever so slowly trying to convince myself this was the right decision. As soon as our limbs met I felt this indescribable dark power flow throughout my entire body. In a second all the power he was presenting me was completely absorbed.

"Good job my slave now on to the next step." He said coldly. "When you awake there will be another one of my followers and you will absorb their power in order to become more powerful." He added. Suddenly I awoke inside of the hospital with tons of machines hooked up to me. After a couple of seconds I tried to get my mind together then I remembered what I had agreed to. I looked over on the stand beside me and called for the nurse through the room phone.

"I need some meds my head hurts." I said in a fake pained voice. About five minutes later the nurse came through the door. She's a unicorn no doubt with a yellow coat and gray mane with amber eyes.

"Hi my name is nurse Sprite Walker and I will be your nurse while you stay here." She said as she entered the door. Then without a warning my hoof started burning again with a raging ferocity.

"So you're his follower are you? I assume he told you about the new order and the events that are about to become a reality correct?" I asked the nurse with a coldness in my voice.

"Yes my general he did and I am ready for you to take my power." She said agreeably. I just smiled as she began to have weak knees as she realized who I was. Then the air was filled with a intoxicating aroma.

"Oh what's that I smell. Seems like someone is getting excited." I said lustfully towards her. She just looked at me and smiled and blushed. "Why don't you bring that sweet and succulent body over and please your general." I said in a calm suggesting voice.

"Yes my other master your wish is my command." Sprite Walker said as she walked over towards my as she removed her clothing and walked towards me. I just smiled and laughed deeply.

"Good girl now come show me what you can do." I said in a forceful voice as she got closer. In a matter of seconds she was all over me letting me take control. I grabbed a hoofful of her mane and pulled her head back. She let out a slight moan of pleasure at this action. I looked at her with an overpowering glare in my eyes. She returned with a glance that was basically begging me to take her then and there as she bit her bottom lip. Then before she could say a thing I planted a kiss on her lips that made her let out a little sound of pure happiness. Then I went a step further and began letting my tongue flow into her mouth and she returned this gesture. However, this didn't last too long because before it could go any farther I moved my mouth onto her neck and bit down a sensual might as I pulled her hair at the same time. "Yes my lord take me here and now." She said in a loud voice. I just laughed at this comment.

"I'm sorry my servant I'm saving myself for someone else." I said in a devious voice as I started to let the darkness inside of me flow outwards absorbing the unicorns magic. Before she could say anything in revolt her eyes began to glow as a dark orb grew around my horn. Then flowing from her horn was a string of yellow aura flowed into my horn. "Yes! Let me absorb that succulent power inside of your body." I yelled as I felt my body grow stronger. After a couple of minutes and my sweet reward I felt my body shudder and begin to change. I looked in the mirror after five minutes of grueling pain only to see my new form. There was the real me with those dark red eyes with slits just like the evil serpent I am, my body now dark purple with toxic green bones protruded out of my body where my stripes previously were followed by my mane and tail completely red and flowing like that of the princesses. "Ah much better now to begin this new life. I am no longer Crimson Beat. I will now be called Grimstone in this new form!" I yelled at my reflection in the mirror. Then I thought that since I changed to my true self if I could turn back. Through about five minutes of meditation I realized I could switch between these two masks. I looked out of the window as the sun rose. "Now to start the new era of darkness that will shape the future for the better." I said as the sun came over the horizon. "Now to get everypony together for a town hall meeting." I said as I looked out at my herd of prey.

Oh The Things You'll See Through The Eyes Of a Demon

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The night before I had nailed letters to everyponies door saying to come to town hall for an urgent message. However, before I headed back I had to make another stop at Twilight's house to leave a special message with Spike. So I walked towards the front door and knocked hoping that the little purple lizard would appear. "Mhmm Spike get the door." I heard the tired alicorn say as she lay in her bed.

"Ugh fine but you owe me." Spike said as I heard him walk down the stairs. "What do you want Crims-." He paused as he realized the pony before him was not the one who had played video games with him.

"Ah Spike good to see you I have a message for Twilight." I said as my red mane enveloped him causing his pupils to grow substantially as if he were high. "Now that I have your attention go inside and tell Twilight that I have discovered something important and I'm holding a town hall meeting. Do not speak of this appearance." I said as I etched the instructions into his mind.

"Yes master." He said as he drooled. I just looked down at that pitiful slave of the Princess of Friendship. As he walked back inside I flew towards the town hall to wait for everypony. Almost an hour later as the cockatrice's cawed waking everypony up they noticed the letters and soon they all surrounded me in my more friendlier form. Then about thirty minutes later the mane six appeared on stage next to me.

"Okay everypony we are here because Crimson Beat has a important message for us all that could threaten our existence." Twilight said addressing everypony.

"What is the matter darling?" Rarity said caringly.

"Yeah sugar cube what's tha problem?" Applejack asked in a concerning tone.

"Everypony in Ponyville I have an important message. One of us is trying to resurrect Tirek!" I shouted above everypony which of course got many gasps.

"Do you know who this pony is Crimson?" Twilight said in a assuring voice as she tried to calm me down.

"I know who they are but I don't know their name." I said in a painful boohoo woe is me impression trying to make my claims believable.

"It's okay take your time Crimson." Rarity said as she too began to be concerned. Then while the mane six corralled around me I knew the time to act was then.

"Wait it's coming back to be I know who it is!" I shouted as I get the mane six to let their guard down as they leaned in closer. "The pony who is helping out Tirek is.. Is..." I said in order to add some suspense because that's what the hero does. "Is me!" I shouted as I let my true form appear. Then as I began to change the other ponies just watched me as I began to let out the inner demon in me.

"Girls restrain him now!" Twilight shouted.

"Sorry children not today!" I shouted as my horn suddenly burst into a blue flame which I flung at the girls enveloping them.

"Agh!" They all shouted as the flames turned into saddles which restrained their movement to very little.

"Bro what are you doing to us?" Rainbow Dash asked me as she writhed in pain.

"I'm sorry Dash but a new era is in order and I will lead this world into greatness alongside Tirek. Now my slaves surround the others!" I bellowed signaling Tirek's followers to make a wall in order to corral the other ponies to prepare them for the ceremony.

"What's he gonna do Carrot Top?" I heard a very confused Derpy say in the crowd.

"Lyra stay close to me and hang on!" I heard Bon Bon order her best friend.

"Congratulations everypony now you all will become a part of something extraordinary. I want you all to grab on this ride may get bumpy." I said as I let my cloudy red mane pour out into the audience. While the mist enveloped the civilians my followers began to chant in a demonic harmony. "Yes now hear as my people sing their song and let your power free." I said calmly as they began to lose their strength. After almost two hours of draining power I was almost there. I had 94 delectable auras roaming inside of my body and was six away from summoning my master.

"Now onto the main course. Who to start with first. The roundabout country girl, the preppy little whore, the speedy daredevil, the party animal in pink, or the timid yellow mare?" I said as I looked over my prey. Pinkie pie of course was as happy as a pig in mud. Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash were looking at me with a look of pure hatred in their eyes. "Oh looks like someponies don't want to play." I said as I made a whimpering sound.

"Oh go fuck yourself you egotistical asshole." Applejack said finally losing her cool.

"Oh this bull got some fire in her. Now won't you shut the hell up and be a good little girl!" I said as the saddle around her grew straps which formed a muzzle around her mouth holding it tight as the saddle wrapped more and more around her constricting her like a boa. Then over to my left I heard a little cry and turned to see Fluttershy tearing up. "Aw don't worry little one I will make yours the least harmful." I said in a reassuring tone.

"All at once now I want you to breathe in and out." Then without warning I flashed my eyes which in turn caused the saddles to activate. Suddenly all of their powers were draining out of their bodies and flowed into mine. "Delicious oh how I love pony magic in the morning." I yelled as the audience stood in shock as their once strong protectors became as weak as newborns.

"Please Crimson stop this madness release everypony and take my powers!" Twilight shouted as she of course tried to hog all the glory for herself.

"Ah thank you for speaking up now with the help of you and your new powers Tirek shall arise and rule over the land that rightfully belongs to him!" I screamed as my servants yelled in approval. "With this single soul of magic our lord will rise again and I shall lead us to Canterlot and slay those devious old hags starting with the one Princess Twilight moralizes!" I screamed trying to get the little purple mare below me riled up.

"No please don't stop here if you don't she will destroy you and Tirek will betray you." She tried to convince me as a last moment hope.

"I didn't realize that Twi I'm really sorry for doing this please forgive me." I said in my best emotional voice as tears began to flow down my face.

"It's okay I forgive you just let us all go and-" She began to say before she stopped. Then she gasped because she knew that these weren't tears of sadness they were tears from me laughing my ass off.

"Sorry please try again." I said in her ears as I activated her restraint which forced her to create a portal at the tip of her horn as she screamed in a blood curdling banshee attempt. All the other ponies could do was watch in horror as she summoned the one thing she was trying to stop.

"I am back Equestria!" Tirek screamed as he burst forth from the magic circle above his vessel. "Thank you my friend now hold up to your part of the bargain." He said as he looked at me slyly.

"I will now do you promise to not involve her?" I asked him in order to reassure myself.

"Yes I promise I won't harm her." He said deviously. "Oh and you have something on your hooves." He added. At this comment I looked down to see the small little writhing cyan pony with the rainbow mane.

"Bro why are you doing this?" She asked in a very small voice.

"Oh Rainbow if only you understood what true love for somepony was like." I said as I removed my hoof from hers.

"Oh Crimson thank you but you didn't have to do this." Rarity chimed in with a cheerful tone through her pain.

"Oh shut the fuck up you dumb tramp I'm not doing this for you. I promised her that I would always protect her no matter what." I yelled so everypony could hear me.

Suddenly I heard the flapping of wings and looked up only to see that golden hair with that blazing mane.

"Why are you hurting everypony Crimson? Stop this madness now!" Spitfire screamed as she bolted towards me.

"I'm doing this for you so you will be safe from Tirek!" I yelled back. Then before she could reply something grabbed her and began to squeeze. Then my happy emotions of seeing my true love turned to pure rage as my once ally now held her like a doll.

"Ah right on time love." Tirek said as he clenched his fist.

"Tirek let her go now!" I yelled at his devious eyes.

"Sorry buddy but I changed my mind have fun trying to pick up the pieces." He replied coldly. After a moment of pause and rage I replied.

"I will kill you Tirek and shower Equestria in your insides!" I screamed as I began to prepare for the battle of my life.

Old Flames, New Hates

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After what felt like endless waves of Tireks' drones bombarding me their numbers finally began to dwindle. The putrid mixture of blood and bile filled the air as the final assailants began to rush me.

"Come on you maggots! You were supposed to be my subordinates?!" I yelled as I cut down my last enemy.

"Now Grimstone that is no way to talk to your masters' followers they're just trying to prove their strength to you their commanding general." Tirek pleaded with me with a grin on his face as he held my special somepony in his hand.

"Spitfire are you okay? Please talk to me!" I screamed at her through the sound of tears and anger.

"Crimson please help me I don't want to die; I can feel his grip getting stronger." She yelled back at me.

"Aw is somepony getting scared? I know how to make you feel better how about I tell you how this event came to be." Tirek said in a maniacal reassuring voice.

"You shut your damn mouth or I will rip your tongue out and shove it in your eye socket." I screamed before he could tell her the truth. He just looked at me and smiled.

"Funny you should say that since you were the one that made all this a reality" The gargantuan demon said in a happy tone.

"What? Please tell me this isn't the truth Crimson." Spitfire pleaded me.

"I-I don't believe what he's saying! He's lying." I stammered out trying to get her to believe me.

"Oh now who is the real one that is lying. You're the one that tricked everypony into believing that somepony else was resurrecting me when it was actually you. Your trick presented to the mane six was so dastardly delicious I couldn't have done it better myself. Oh and do you have a thing for saddles?" He finally blurted out in a loud voice as if he were a young child desperately seeking attention. Spitfire just remained in his grasp without struggling to be free.

"Please Spitfire don't believe him!" I yelled in a desperate attempt to make her regain hope.

"You blasphemer you were the one to bring my master here. You took my power to bring him here!" I heard a distant familiar voice yell.

"Sprite Walker?" I said as I guessed who had called me out. Then her figure came into view and it was the mare that I had used to begin my process to resurrect Tirek.

"You liar! You used my power to summon our lord. Also who is this mare? Is she the one you've been saving yourself for?!" Sprite Walker screamed at me.

"Sprite Walker watch your tone or else and do not talk about Spitfire like that!" I yelled back at her reasserting my authority.

"Oh shut up Grimstone she only answers to me. Now Sprite Walker take this pony hostage me and my general need to work out some issues." He said as he lowered Spitfire to the eager unicorn below.

"Tirek this ends now!" I yelled as I charged him.

"There's that ferocity I have always envied." He said calmly as he braced for the attack.

I punched him with my hoof straight between his eyes only dazing him. He then countered with a strong backhand causing me to spiral towards a crowd of bystanders. Thankfully a large gust of wind came at the right moment and I was able to rebound off of it without harming anypony else. I flew back around in order to blast him with a magic burst which thankfully landed. I knew it didn't affect him at all but I had to try at least. So I decided then and there if I were to die now then I better go out with a bang. I flapped my wings as hard as I could and made a be-line straight for him. Before I could land a blow that would no doubt dislocate my shoulder he created a magic burst underneath me. I couldn't do anything as I was flung into the air like a rag doll. There was only one clear plan to end this and keep Spitfire safe. I had to use as much magic as I could even if I ended up dying. I then ricocheted off of a giant cloud back towards him and used as much magic power I had to create a sword that I planned to ram in him. As I got closer he began looking up realizing my plan. Then as soon as I was a couple of feet away he tried to protect himself with his shield. I was only a couple feet away from the magic orb between his horns. I could literally count the seconds from his orb. Three seconds, his arms were raised and Sprite Walker was screaming 'no'. Two seconds, the mane six and everypony else watched in awe as I approached my goal. One second, Tirek looked me in the eyes with a emotion I know all too well. It was the look of fear of what lies ahead. Zero, I could feel my magic blade piercing his orb so I pushed with all of my might as he began to scream in response.

"No! Master!" I could hear Sprite Walker scream as I befell her idol.

Then he began to shudder and became still. I then released my grip on the blade leaving it in his orb as I landed on the ground with a solid thud. With the irresistible urge to stop where I was and sleep I pressed forward towards the nurse that helped me start this.

"Stop right there don't come closer or I swear I will kill her." Sprite Walker said in a scared but serious tone as she held my true love in her hooves with a shard of broken glass pressed against her throat.

"Put the glass down now or else I will end your life." I said in a calm voice.

"I-I mean it!" She screamed at me as I approached her.

"Enough!" I yelled as I slammed my hoof on the ground. "Tirek has been defeated he is so badly worn down that he can barely move by himself. If I were you I would go to him because once I'm done here I'm finishing that bastard off." I said to Sprite Walker as she trembled in fear.

Without even reconsidering the offer she desperately ran to Tirek as he laid on the ground in a pool of his own purple blood. She had tears in her eyes as she made a mad dash towards her fallen master leaving Spitfire and myself alone.

"I'm truly sorry I dragged you into this Spitfire I only wanted to protect you." I pleaded as tears began to well up in my eyes.

"Hey what about us?" I heard Rainbow Dash yell off to my left.

"Sorry let me fix it." I said as my mist mane enveloped them causing the saddles to crumble into dust. Still she remained silent. The love of my life now hated my guts.

"Please forgive me Spit-" I tried to say before I was cut off by a devious laughter behind me. I turned around only to see what I had feared most. Tirek was now back on his hooves with Sprite Walkers shrieking and bloodied body in his hands.

"You had one job you stupid little bitch and you failed. But, you did revive me by mixing your blood with mine. It was a stupid move even though I appreciate the gesture." Tirek said as he grew impatient with what was happening.

As he approached me he threw Sprite Walker onto the ground and stepped on her only leaving a pile of blood, intestines and bones behind.

"I only have enough strength to finish off one pony sadly. Actually I have the perfect one in mind!" He yelled as he vanished into thin air.

"Twi protect the others!" I yelled to her as I looked desperately for the giant beast that was going to strike at anytime.

"If only you protected the one you love Crimson Beat." I heard a familiar voice say behind me.

I turned around just in the nick of time to see him standing cowardly behind Spitfire. He was about a mile away when he fired his final blast that had the intention to kill somepony and it was heading straight for Spitfire. She didn't see the giant red and yellow blast heading for her body which didn't move due to her remaining in a shock that something like this happened to her. I didn't have enough time to construct a shield strong enough to protect her from the blast it was approaching like a bullet train. I had only one option. As fast as I could I surrounded myself in my mane and teleported behind her. I was going to use the only thing strong enough to shield her from the blast. My body. Thankfully I moved so quickly she didn't know I had teleported behind her until the beam was a mere ten feet away from me. I looked at her because I knew it was the last time I was going to see her. Again I could count the seconds. Four seconds, I could hear the townsponies who were still conscious all gasp at once. Three seconds, I could see the life draining out of Tirek as he put the rest of his power keeping him alive into the beam killing him finally in the process. Two seconds, the mane six rushed towards me as they desperately tried to save us. Rainbow Dash was crying her eyes out like she used to when she was a toddler and I took her favorite Wonderbolt Nightmare Night costume from her while the others just screamed. One second, Spitfire had finally turned all the way around and saw me before her preparing to take the blast head on. She could only muster a loud scream as tears flooded down her face. Zero seconds, I could feel the blast envelop my wings and back entirely. Suddenly I felt a strong pain in my right hoof only to look over and see it flying towards the mane six as they looked in shock. The blast didn't really hurt at all. It was just numbing as it caressed my skin like my mom used to when I made her proud and she would hug me. Then everything went black.

I woke up ten minutes later as the smoke cleared around the town only to see the mane six and Spitfire looking down above me.

"Why the long faces everypony?" I said jokingly as blood trickled down my mouth.

"Why did you shield me? I could've flew away!" Spitfire said as she looked down with rivers leaving her eyes.

I did the only thing I knew to do. I got my remaining hoof and wiped the tears away. She cried even more and held onto my hoof.

"I just want to know why." She choked out through the tears.

"Do you remember that night at the lake when we were in grade school? You asked me the same exact question and what was my response?" I said to her trying to keep her mind away from the fact that I was dying right there before them all.

"You said you would always protect me." She said as she finally smiled through the pain.

"Ah there's that beautiful smile I know and love. I would protect you until the day I died Spitfire and that is why." I said as I began to tear up looking at those beautiful amber eyes.

"I love all of you with all of my being. Spitfire I will always love you I even wanted to marry you someday. However, under these circumstances it won't happen sadly. I have lived an amazing life as we all laughed, cried, and even got drunk as hell together. I will miss all of you." I said as I began to feel light headed. They all began to cry as these words left my mouth. I remembered all the moments that were the best part of my life and could only smile as my life was slipping away.

"Hey don't be sad I will see all of you in the morning. I promise!" I stammered out with my final breathe as I slipped into eternal darkness only having the sobbing and screaming of my friends accompany me.


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"Holy shit that light is bright." I said abruptly as I woke up only to be met with a giant burning light.

"Yes it is isn't it?" A mysterious voice behind me said. I looked around frantically only to see the mare I had wanted to see least. There she was with her flowing green, blue, and pink mane. The princess of Equestria Celestia.

"Oh shit I am so sorry for bringing that demon back into our world and putting everypony in danger." I said as I admitted what I did was wrong.

"You know everypony makes mistakes and regret them every day. However, so long as those who were harmed by it forgive you then all is forgiven." Celestia said cheering me up.

"I guess you're right princess." I stated as I agreed with her finally.

"Now you have friends waiting for you and they've been waiting for a long time for you to wake up." Celestia said happily.

As those last letters left her lips I felt my real eyes fluttering open.

"Hey guys he's awake!" Pinkie Pie shouted out loud. As I opened my eyes the only thing I could see was my friends all surrounding me. The only thing I could hear was the beeping of the machines and sniffling as their tears rolled down their cheeks.

"Guys don't cry it's not like I died? Right?" I said jokingly to them as they only stared at me with looks of befuddlement on their faces.

"Bro we did lose you a couple minutes ago. We were getting ready to pull the plug." Rainbow Dash said in a low tone in order to not cause me to flip my lid.

"Wait. What happened after I passed out?" I said in an alarming manner.

After an hour of explaining how Tirek disintegrated into ashes after I passed and how the doctors were able to reattach my lost arm. However as soon as this happened I was enveloped in a red mist that made my wounds heal miraculously as if time itself had been reversed.

"Wait where's Spitfire? Is she okay?" I said alarmingly because I needed to know if I kept her safe or not. As soon as these words left my mouth they all began to shift around as if I uttered a curse upon them.

"Darling there's something that we need to tell you. Spitfire did not get out unscathed, she had a rock hit her in the head which caused something to happen with her memory." Rarity said to me as she tried to deliver the message in a sugar coated manner.

"Oh I see." I said with concern in my voice.

"Sugarcube I hate ta tell ya this but she don't remember you at all." Applejack chimed in order to get the true point across in her honest manner.

I didn't expect this statement from her at all. It felt as if I got impaled by a javelin right in my heart. I wasn't able to say anything at all I just sat there replaying that statement in my head over and over again.

"I'm really sorry Crimson Beat you never know she may get her memory back." Fluttershy added trying desperately to cheer me up.

"Yeah big bro it'll be okay." Rainbow Dash said trying to reassure me.

"Thanks for the confidence boost guys I really appreciate it." I said as I tried to get them to stop feeling sorry for me.

"If you need anything let us know Crimson Beat." Twilight finally chimed in.

"I'm starting to get a headache I'm gonna nap for awhile. Can you by chance bring Spitfire into my room in about three hours?" I asked my friends before me. They all nodded happily and agreed as they decided to leave me alone.

After they left me alone for an hour I dug out a piece of paper to leave them a note. The note simply said 'Bring Spitfire to the lake in the Park on the edge of Ponyville. When you find me send Spitfire only I need to talk to her alone. If you don't find me in an hour then I will be leaving Ponyville forever.' I couldn't believe it came to this so I left the note on my pillow and flew out of the window heading to the park where I was going to wait for them to find me.

Well there I sat after two hours already up, the third about to be gone. However, before the third hour was up I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned around only to see Spitfire standing behind me with a puzzled look on her face and the mane six on top of the hill watching desperately.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Spitfire said questioningly.

"Do you by chance know my name?" I asked her hoping that her memory had miraculously come back to her.

"I'm sorry I don't. My name is Spitfire yours?" She said as if we had just met for the first time.

"My name is Crimson Beat nice to meet you." I said happily. She just looked at me and smiled. I just gave her a little smirk and looked back at the lake.

"You aren't hurt are you?" I said hoping the answer was no.

"Not that I don't remember why?" she said puzzled. I didn't reply the only thing I could do was look at the lake as I felt tears begin to trickle down my face. "What's wrong?" she said with concern in her voice.

"Oh nothing just waiting for an old friend. One that I told I would always protect no matter what and I failed that." I said as the tears began flowing even faster down my face.

"Who was it?" Spitfire said wondering who I was referring to.

"It was you Spitfire okay at this very lake when we were kids I promised you that I would always protect you, that I would keep you safe, you kept yelling at me saying that you didn't matter to anyone but that wasn't true. Because you matter to me and still do Spitfire I wanted to tell you how I really felt but I never got the chance because of what happened yesterday and now I will never be able to tell you how I feel because you lost your memory." I blurted out as I bit the bullet. She just sat there taking all of the info in. "I'm sorry for taking up your time now if you'll excuse me I have a journey to go on." I said as my outburst elicited no response from her.

I stood up and turned around to the mane six and just shook my head and started walking towards the Everfree Forest. What made me think that she would remember someone as miniscule as me. Hell I didn't have the balls to tell her how I really felt. I was only inches away from the edge of the forest when I felt somepony who was definitely flying tackle me from behind. I only heard sniffing and felt tears hit my back.

"Please don't go." I heard somepony say quietly in my ear. I didn't see who it was but the voice was a big enough give away. I turned around to see Spitfire laying on top of me crying quietly.

"I'm sorry Spitfire but my mind is made up." I said as I reminded myself that she didn't remember me.

"But I will miss seeing those fancy dance moves of yours." She said as she chuckled through her tears. Suddenly it hit me like a freight train. The only way she could've known about that is if..

"You remember me?" I said loudly as my body filled up with joy. She just looked at me and nodded. "Spitfire I'm so sorry I just wanted to-" Before I could finish my sentence she did something I never thought would happen. She kissed me.

"They told me everything." she said as her lips left mine. I just sat there dumbfounded. "I love you so much Spitfire." I said before I gave her one last kiss as I wrapped my arms around her. Today has to have been the second best day of my life.