• Published 21st Jun 2016
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Burning Passion - Crimson Beat

My oc Crimson Beat meeting the love of his life Spitfire

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A Shitty End To A Good Day

"Damn it where is everypony?" I complained to Big Mac as we stood outside of the Sugar Cube Corner Tavern.

"Calm down now Crimson th' girls went to get the others. Y'know how AJ is she wants to include e'vrypony." He said, trying to calm me down.

"I know but seriously I didn't want to spend my grieving time here out in the cold ass night." I commented angrily.

"Sorry y'all it took awhile for miss priss here teh get ready." Applejack said jokingly as she bumped Rarity's shoulder.

"Well a real lady must be ready for every occasion darling." The white mare replied.

"Where's the others?" Big Mac and I asked them, curiously wondering where the other members in our entourage were.

"Well Twi had to run to Canterlot for an urgent matter for the princesses, and Rainbow is with Fluttershy learnin' to take better care of Tank. Rarity was the only one home." AJ explained to us.

"Wait what about Pinkie?" I asked questioningly. They just shrugged their shoulders because they had no clue. "Well fuck it let's go get some drinks." I said anxiously.

After we ate our hay burgers we decided to go to the bar where the real fun would begin.

"Wow Crimson it's been awhile since we've been here hasn't it." Rarity commented sensually as the dank smell of alcohol poured off her tongue.

"Well I don't know how long it's been for you with somepony else, but with me yes it has." I stated with a hint of sass in my voice.

"Aww come on Crimson what do you mean? You loved it when we were together." She replied as she tried to lean over in front of my face with her 'I'm so pretty eyes'." Key word with that whole statement was 'were'.

"Oh, sorry, my statement was wrong. I'm pretty sure you didn't do your 'business' in bars the hotel room was more your style, right?" I said back as my anger started to build.

"What teh hay are y'all talking about?" Applejack stepped in while Big Mac agreed.

"Well, you don't know but me and Rarity used to be a thing way back when, and I would've happily stayed with her too if she was a two-faced lying whore," I said bluntly.

"How dare you Crimson Beat I am a loss for words," Rarity replied angrily.

"How dare I? How dare I?! How dare you lie to me about being 'busy' and 'having to go and design dresses for high end ponies' when what you were really doing was literally fucking with that stuck up asshole Fancypants!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, the entire bar could hear me.

"Dayum." Big Mac commented in the silence as gaping maws and watching eyes were directed towards us.

"Uh, sugar cube maybe yeh didn't hafta be so loud. She does have a reputation to uphold," Applejack said in her normal voice amidst the silence so everypony could hear her.

"Oh really A.J, I thought you'd be on my side. As for that reputation, she had one when we were dating, to me as my girlfriend and she screwed it up," I commented with a hint of anger in my voice which got a bunch of gasps and snickering. I just shrugged it off.

"Hey barkeep bring me another round of Jack Daniels. Hell just leave the bottle I'll pay for it." I said as my patience grew thin. A couple minutes of shots and beers washing the sadness down my throat I was starting to get woozy as usual.

"Hey *hic* where ya goin buddy *hic*," I said drunkenly as the barpony started leaving.

"Oh my shift is up, friend. The new guy is going to be taking over for me." He said as a stallion came through the doors.

"Oh my Crimson Beat, I had a feeling I'd see you here." Somepony said very preppy like.

"Diamond Alley, is that you?" I said as I tried to identify the pony that was talking to me. Then my vision finally steadied only to see the last pony I was expecting to see before me.

"Hey *hic* bud wassup frien'." I slurred out of my mouth as the alcohol and the warmth was making my mouth go numb.

"Oh, nothing, just working have to pay for groceries now since my parents made me help around." He said in a calm low voice. I just looked and laughed like a drunk idiot.

Suddenly there was a loud ding that rang throughout the bar.

"Okay everypony, you know what that means. It's time for the one on one drinking match! Who will the competitors be tonight?" Diamond Alley said happily. I looked over at A.J. and she met my gaze; we had a bet going on between the two of us who could hold their liquor better. We nodded in unison as we decided to attempt to be chosen.

"Hey, Diamond, me and A.J. want in!" I screamed over everypony.

He looked at us and nodded. "We have our two competitors for tonight, let's give them a round of applause! So here's how it's going to work, each of you will be given 12 flaming shots of Jack Daniels, and the winner will get one of my special drinks on the house." Diamond Alley explained to us and everypony else. "So, without any other interruptions, lets get this show on the road!" Alley said which was followed by the excited screams of all the other drunks.

The first five shots went down smoothly even though my mouth felt like it was on fire literally. However, the next six shots weren't that easy. As much as I wanted to quit, I realized that I actually had a lead on A.J. by four shots. She was on her eighth and I was on my last.

"Let's go, Beat, Let's go!" Rarity began shouting while she was in a drunken hysteria. I just looked over and of course she was bragging to everypony else how she 'dated' me and how it was the best relationship she ever had. Honestly I knew she was lying because I could smell the mixture of alcohol and bullshit leaking from her mouth. As I was thinking about my final shot I thought to myself ' you know what my life is pretty much screwed over. The pony I love doesn't feel the same as far as I know, and here I am where I belong, like all the other ponies who are in a loveless relationship at the bar.' I just shrugged off all the feelings I had and forced the last burning nectar down my gullet.

"And we're done, and the winner is Crimson Beat!" Diamond Alley shouted above everypony else as he carried my victory drink over to me. I usually don't take drinks from strangers without watching them make it in front of me, because that's what one of the many life lessons my dad taught me; but fuck it I deserve this drink. I greedily took the the liquor and chugged the glass down in a quick couple of gulps. It was ice cold with a hint of tangerine and mint to it. Everypony was shouting with happiness because they watched an amazing show just now.

After thirty minutes of congrats from everypony else we decided to leave and head home for the day.

"Whew I'm beat like a..... a uh...." Applejack said as she tried to come up with one of her country sayings.

"Eeyup *hic*." Big Mac said as he staggered around. I walked over to him and put my hoof around his shoulder which caused him to do the same to me.

"Hey bud I heard you got a little crush on one of the Pie's *hic* did I hear that right?" I said to him as I tried to steady myself. He just smiled as we walked. I looked him in the eyes and we both busted out laughing.

"Wait is that Fluttershy and Rainbow?" Rarity said as she strained her eyes in front of us. Sure enough in front of us was the yellow mare followed by my sister.

"Hey gurls." Applejack said as she staggered forwards.

"Oh hey guys, what's up?" Rainbow said as her and Fluttershy started to walk over.

"Oh nothin' we was just....." I began to say as I started feeling something build up in my throat. Suddenly without any warning I projectile vomited everywhere.

"Holy shit bro are you okay?!" Rainbow said in a concerned voice.

"It's okay, it's just vomit." I said reassuringly.

"Uh no it isn't." Big Mac said to me. I then decided to look down and see what I had released on the ground. Then my heart began to race because before me was a pool of red... I had just vomited up so much blood that I'm surprised I didn't pass out. Suddenly before I could do anything else I released the foul precious liquid again from my mouth onto the ground in a bigger amount. After that everything became dark and the only thing I could hear before I passed out was everypony being concerned. Then I was greeted by darkness.

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