• Published 21st Mar 2016
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Rumors on the Foal Free Press - SuicidalAngel

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Chapter 2

Spitfire, captain of the famous flying team, the Wonderbolts, was sitting in her office looking over the latest reports for the new recruits they had just received. As usual, she wasn't exactly happy to be stuck in that position, but she couldn't really complain. She was the captain; who exactly was she gonna complain to?

"Let's see, Clear Skies. Hmmm. Only 13.4 wing power... might need to increase that a little," she quietly spoke to herself. She continued making soft remarks and mental notes to chew them out for it later.

A sudden crash came at her door.

"SPIT! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST FOUND OUT!" Fleetfoot squealed. Spitfire rolled her eyes and groaned.

"As fond of you as I am, Fleet, I can't have you marching in here while I'm busy," Spit said in an almost annoyed tone.

"Yes, okay. I understand that... B-BUT THIS...this is important!" She took a rolled up stash of paper from her wings and lay it out on the table in front of the irritated captain.

"A school newspaper?" Spit sarcastically asked.

Fleetfoot giggled excitedly. "Turn the page!" The pegasus raised and eyebrow, but did as she was told.

As soon as she turned, she quickly spotten an image of Soarin and Rainbow Dash together. Her eyes widened as she read the headline. "No...way..."

"Yes way!" Fleetfoot squealed.

"Your dorky cousin finally has a girlfriend?!"


The two mares laughed to themselves excitedly, their professionalism slipping away quite quickly. They read and re-read the article, almost in tears by the fifth time.

"I can't wait to tease him to death!" Fleetfoot added in between giggles. Spitfire attempted a nod, but through her laughter, it was bearly noticeable.

"Just imagine how much we can toy with this!" She laughed. "He'll hate our guts," she added in the same manner.

Knock. Knock. Knock.


The pegasi looked up at the new voice.

Blaze stood at the entrance of the room, a serious look on her face. Spitfire sat up and crossed her hooves in preparation for any issues or progress.

"I'm sorry to interrupt Captain Spitfire, but there seems to be a rather large rumor going around the academy," Blaze spoke steadily.

"A rumor? Why does that concern me or my very valuable time?" Spitfire stated harshly.

"Very valuable..." Fleetfoot snorted.

"Ahem..yes. Well, the rumors are about a relationship with a member of the team and one of our reserves. Something seemingly suspicious," Blaze commented.

"Oh, really?" Spitfire asked. "And to whom do these rumors pertain to?"

Her tone was teasing. Fleetfoot herself could barely muffle her snickers.

Blaze, all too confused, continued. "Our co-captain, Soarin Sk-"

"And Rainbow Dashie Washie!" Fleet said exploding into laughter.

Blaze glared at Fleetfoot, slightly annoyed. "What she said..."

"Oh, yes. I'm very aware of the current situation."

All day.

All friggen day.

Soarin had never been so aggravated in his entire life.

Every member of the team teasing him, something he still couldn't understand. Even the captain herself was acting strange.

Worst thing; nopony told him why. He hated this completely...

So now he sat like a loner, away from all the other ponies, eating his lunch. He felt the last thing he needed was more stress. He was already tired as it was, he didn't want the constant looks and laughter only deepening the scar.

He wasn't used to eating alone, however, and didn't exactly want to start then. But for his sanity, he obliged with the options. It was better this way anyway. He was planning to visit an old friend, and had he gone to sit with the other guys, he might have gotten pressured into their plans.

"Oh, Soarin!" A hoof slammed the table space in front of him. "I need to talk to you."

"Blaze? What do you need?" he replied emotionless. Blaze scooted closer to him, a seductive look in her eyes. He only backed away in response. "Can I help you with anything?"

"Oh, yes. You see, there's been some talk all over the academy about you...having some sort of...relationship?" she stated, raising her voice a bit at the end.


"I knew it! I knew it wasn't true!" she yelled. "I mean, why would you want to go out with that... Ponyville filly, when you have all you need right in front of you!

"Wait, what are you even talking about?" He was feeling even more frustrated by the moment.

"Your supposed affair with that reserve pony... Rainbow Dash..." Blaze answered, clearly disgusted.

"Rainbow Dash?!" Blaze nodded. "I-I..." he blushed significantly.

"I already reported the rumors to the Captain. I'm sure she'll put an end...to them.... Soarin?" He had stopped moving. "Are you okay?"

Soarin still didn't react. He was stiff.

"H-how did this rumor begin?" He finally asked.

"Oh, um...a picture of you two was seen in the ponyville foal free press," she answered. "Why?"

Without further hesitation, Soarin flew out of the mess hall as fast as he could.

One of the stallions arched a teasing brow.

"Looks like somepony has gone off to talk to his girlfriend!"

Blaze growled. "SHE is NOT his girlfriend!"

Author's Note:

Very short chapter...sorry but it gets the story going...