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Rumors on the Foal Free Press - SuicidalAngel

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Chapter 4

Rainbow had the temptation to go after him. Maybe she could fix this, after all they were best friends right? WRONG. After this, he'd never speak to her again. She had to fix it, she couldn't lose him. As a friend. She was pretty sure she couldn't lose him as a friend. She couldn't tie a knot at his reaction to her opinion. She wanted to believe that he was the one that over reacted and that she was correct to refuse his less than subtle offer to a relationship. But if she was right, then why did she feel so guilty?

Dash walked over to her kitchen, wanting to forget her problems. Surely, she would figure it out tomorrow at practice. Rainbow looked over at her counter, covered in pictures of Tank and her friends, along with a few of herself at some that fit all three categories. Amongst them she spotted a picture that would've gone under two.

The infamous Canterlot wedding day was a date to remember, and she had a picture incase she ever forgot. She still remembered clearly the nervous expression he wore when asking her to dance, which was something she was nervous of herself since she wasn't the best dancer. Still he managed to make it enjoyable, and she would admit that she looked awesome in whatever she tried to do.

A single tear fell from her eyes at the mere memory. It still fell under both categories. She would make sure of that.

Soarin flew rapidly towards the academy. Call her oblivious all you want, she knew exactly what she was doing and now he knew how she felt. Crystal clear, it was. But he didn't care, why should he? After all, she didn't seem to care about his feelings.

Or maybe he was the crazy one.

Whatever the case was...he wasn't apologizing. Not after that little scene. He'd seem desperate. Not only that, but he'd be completly embarrassed.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he landed where the academy stood. He tritted all the way inside, his wings tired from the journey. While it would take most Wonderbolts two to three hours to get to the academy at average speed, he used all his skill to get there in only one. But it did drain him of most energy.

"Top of the evening to ya, Soarin!" He heard Spitfire say. He continued walking, not meeting her gaze even though he was almost sure she wasn't even looking in his direction.

"Hey," he grumbled back.

Spitfire jerked her head up. "What's wrong, Soarin?"

"Nothing," he fumed. "Nothing is wrong. I'm just tired...."

"You sure look tired!" She called out to him.

"Yeah. I think I'm just going to pick up my things and head home...maybe sleep a bit," he explained.

"Oh no you don't!" She said speeding in front of him.


"Go down to the shower room and relax! That's an order!"

Soarin sighed in defeat. There was no point in arguing in his condition. She would ask questions he wouldn't have answers to.

"Yes, ma'am...."

Spitfire grinned and walked off to adjusting the flight paterns as she was before he had come in.

Soarin, with his wings sore as hell, actually thought of thanking Spitfire. He didn't feel like flying for another thirty minutes all the way to his home. And there were no trains to take him up to Cloudsdale.

"Thanks...." He grumbled. Quietly, but loud enough for Spitfire to hear and smile happily at him.

He trotted over to the shower room.

Maybe he didn't have to fly home. Maybe he could just sleep in the recruit bunks. No one was sleeping in them after all, it would be a few weeks before they arrived.

He started the shower on hot water.

The more he thought of it, the more he favored the idea over flying back home. It wasn't exactly late...only about 8 at night. But he didn't think he was gonna have the energy to fly back anyhow.

Soon steam rose into the air, indicating the shower was ready. Soarin stepped in, allowing the hot water to fall and almost beat on his exhausted back. It was painful, but soothing at the same time. Like stretching after a long session at the gym.

He gently massaged his wings, which were completely soaked by now, alternating every few seconds or so. For a while, he had almost forgotten his issue with Dash.

He remained in the showet for a bit over thirthy minutes before stepping out. He hadn't really washed his mane, his sore muscles were a bigger problem to him at the time. Now he felt way more relaxed...almost making up his mind to fly home after all.

"Soarin?" he heard a voice outside. Blaze.

Deciding he wasn't up for dealing with her crud that night, he ignored her, pretending he wasn't even there.

"Soarin, I know you're in there! Spitfire told me you needed time to cool off," Blaze called out.

"Darn it. Thanks a lot Spit..." he thought.

He walked out of the locker room, leaving his towel on the dirty rack as he passed by. Once outside, he faced Blaze with an annoyed expression.

"What?" He whisper shouted.

"Is something wrong? Why did you need to cool off?" she asked.

"None of your business, Blaze. In fact I'm about to leave," growled and started trotting away.

"WAIT!" Blaze screeched. She grabbed his shoulder with a hoof. It stung, like a sharp bee to him.

Dash wouldn't feel like this. Dash's touch was soft and gentle, despite the fiesty mare whom it belonged to.

"What is it, Blaze?" He asked angrily. She was taken a back, but nonetheless faced him sternly.

"Does it have something to do with Rainbow Dash?" She asked him.

He froze. Yes. But why did she care? She liked him, that's for sure. But he wasn't interested. She knew that.

"Yes..." He answered truthfully. "But...don't tell anyone...and leave me alone."

"I would never," she said. "For both cases."

He lifted his eyebrow.

"Soarin, you're my friend! I care about your problems! Why do push me away?" She asked offended.

He didn't say anything. He knew what she was doing now.

"There's only one reason you would push me away while you're hurting...."


"You're afraid to fall in love with the only one who truly cares!" She squealed hugging him.

Wrong. Very wrong. Completely incorrect.

"Blaze, you're confusing me being isolative and upset over trying to hide my emotions."

"But you are hiding your emotions," she responded.

Soarin rolled his eyes. "From everyone. Not just you. I want to be alone."

"Please Soarin, don't deny it. Dash hurt you, stop obsessing over her!"

"I'm not obsessing!" He yelled.

"She wasn't the one...she'll never care about you the way I do!" Blaze pleaded.

Soarin's eyes widened. She was right. If Rainbow really cared about him, he wouldn't be in this situation. Maybe he was being obsessive. Maybe Blaze was his only option now...

"I know..." He finally said. Blaze smiled and hugged him tighter, the once relaxed muscles from the shower now long gone.

"Soo...are we a thing now?" She asked bluntly. Soarin looked at her quickly.

"What are you saying?" He asked confused.

"Ugh...do I have to spell EVERYTHING out for you?" She pretended to be annoyed, laughing at her self. Soarin still seemed nonchalant.

"A thing?"

She rolled her eyes jokingly. "Do you want to go out with me?"

His heart stopped. What was happening? Why was this happening? This wasn't what he wanted. He was wanted Rainbow Dash. Only Rainbow Dash. He was sure that she was the only one for him. The one whom he could talk to without feeling judged. The only one who treated him like the pony he was. The one who could make his heart tie up a knot when she spoke to him. The one who's eyes glowed a thousand shades of beautiful. The same eyes who stared down at him while he poured his heart out to them. The same eyes who didn't care.

He looked over at Blaze.

"I guess so..." he finally said.

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