• Published 21st Mar 2016
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Rumors on the Foal Free Press - SuicidalAngel

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Chapter 1

Twilight paced around her room excitedly. Mere hours ago, she was told she was going to be an aunt. An aunt! Shining Armor and Princess Cadence were having a foal! She just couldn't wait to spend every minute of her day teaching it everything she knew. The magic of friendship and everything! She needed to start planning names, buying baby supplies and being the most supportive sister she could be.

She especially loved the way they delivered the surprise. With a good old scavenger hunt, just like the old days. A bit of nostalgia hit her for a second and she just couldn't help but smile.

She started tracing down everything her brother and the princess of love had set up in the scavenger hunt. The school house, the crib, the birth certificate, and the foal free press paper. Pretty clever, in Twilight's opinion. Foal free press though, practically has the word in the title. She wondered why she hadn't known something was up from then.

Twilight remembered when the paper was filled with Gabby Gums' very offensive and intrusive rumors. Just the thought of it put a sour taste in her mouth. She remembered how everypony was upset and hurt, it was hard to believe the sweet crusaders would ever do that to everypony.

Her thoughts shifted as she heard brief, but loud knocking on the doors of her castle.

"Spike! Door!" she called. The alicorn waited for a response but nothing was heard. She called his name again and trotted to his room. "Spike?" She found the small dragon sleeping in his small bed. She wanted to get him a real bed but... She didn't want to hear him complain about how they were too soft or too squeaky.

The pony outside knocked once more, so with a sigh, Twilight teleported down to the door. She opened it to reveal a young familiar colt with a rolled up paper in his mouth. "First Base?"

"Hey Twilight!" the colt muffled with the paper in his mouth. "Look!" Twilight took the paper from his mouth using her magic and recognized it as the school paper. "Your friend is in one of the stories!"

Twilight raised a brow. "Which one?"

"The one that has Skittles in her mane!" he chirped happily. Rainbow Dash.

"How'd she get in the paper?" Twilight pondered. First base smiled, raising an eye brow while doing so. He had always seemed so innocent towards Twilight...just like someone he knew.

"I don't know Twi, but there's quite a story about her," he responded proudly.

Twilight eyed him suspiciously, but more of just messing with him. Both shared a quick laugh. "I wonder what kind of trouble she got into this time."

"Oh yes, wondrous trouble!" he joked. Twilight laughed loudly.

"Wondrous! I'm very pleased with your WONDERful vocabulary!" They both laughed once more and led up to saying their share of goodbyes.

"Well thanks kiddo! Uhh...say hi to your brother for me!" She called to him as he walked away. First Base gave her a small nodd and kept going. Twilight turned around and closed her own door only to start inspecting the paper.

"Cafeteria food, great new playground equipment," she quickly took pride in having helped set it up,"New pony president lives up to promises...AHA! Rainbow Dash's... Wonderbolt love affair? Rainbow has a coltfriend?" she pondered outloud. "Woah, how come she never told anypony? This is great news!"

The princess jumped slightly. "This week's just full of surprises!" She was so excited for her brother and now her friend! She couldn't wait to tell everypony.

"Wait...I will tell everypony...at the same time!" She beamed happily. "Yes, I'll make a small get together for all my friends! We'll have snacks and we'll sit around the map...maybe we can have a-"

"Can you keep it down?" a young voice snapped. Twilight opened her eyes to see Spike standing there with his small Rarity plush. She smiled sheepishly and ran over to him.

"Sorry Spike, I'm just so excited!" She smiled widely, leaving the dragon to guess why she was so perky.

"I don't get it...who's birthday is it?" he asked bluntly.

"Well, mine in three weeks, but that's not important right now!"

"Then what's got you so hyped?" Twilight popped down in front of him and put the paper in his face. "Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt Love Affair."

"Isn't this great!" Twilight gushed. Spike chuckled quickly.

"Yeah! I actually thought she'd be the last one to get a colt friend," he joked. The princess stopped jumping and glared at him. Spike sheepishly smiled at her before looking down at his feet. "So, can I help you with anything?"

Twilight's expression softened and she smiled at Spike, who was relieved she wasn't angry anymore. "Yes, thank you Spike. There's many things I need for tonight."

"Yes?" he pondered.

"Well, would you mind fixing up some of your famous nachos?" she pondered.

"Not at all, anything else?" Spike asked excitedly.

"Yes actually..." she responded.

Twilight stopped pacing and smiled.

"Spike, get out the pillows cause' we're having a-"


Pinkie bounced around excitedly, smashing cupcakes and getting messy. A purple maned unicorn scoffed. "Pinkie, sit down please!" The bubbly pony kept jumping as frosting flew everywhere. "UGHH! Or at least keep away from things that are easily smashed."

Pinkie stopped and patted her mane."Well, what fun is there in that, silly?" Rsrity rolled her eyes and fixed her mane as Pinkie Pie continued to bounce.

"Thanks for coming everypony!" Twilight announced proudly. The remaining five stood before her smiling, ready to begin the night.

"Thanks for invitin' us Twi," Applejack started with a smile. "I love spendin' time with y'all, especially if smores are involved!"

Pinkie's mouth watered at the idea and Fluttershy softly giggled as she took out a small napkin to wipe her.

The rest of the evening went along smoothly, everypony enjoying themselves.

"So, Rainbow, care to tell us about your... COLTFRIEND!" Twilight exclaimed.

Rainbow spat out her smore and endlessly coughed. The remaining ponies gasped and giggled.

"I do NOT have a...coltfriend..." Rainbow said imitating a gag. "I'm not into all that sappy stuff."

"Oh really?" Spike said slyly. He handed Rainbow Dash the school paper. She flipped through the pages trying to find what the alicorn was blabbering about. Her eyes widened as she found her picture and instantly became red.

"SOARIN! OH MY GOSH......" Rainbow screamed, her face becoming redder by the second. Giggling once agaon carried throughout the ponies....and spike.

"Soarin and Rainbow Dash..." Pinkie started, soon being joined by the others,"K-I-S-S-I-N-G...."

"Shut up! Soarin is not my coltfriend!" Dash protested.

Fluttershy blinked. "Well, then why are you so red?"


The girls...and spike laughed eagerly. Rainbow's face was a tomato. Who was responsible for all of this? She scanned the paper to find the author's name.

"Uhhhh guys...." Rainbow started, "you might wanna shut up now..."

They all continued giggling, making Dash slightly annoyed. "Why should we?" Applejack asked teasingly. Rainbow held out the paper to Applejack's face. "That picture of you and Soarin ain't gonna shut us up."

"Ugh...no. THIS," she said pointing at the author's name."This article is by Gabby Gums!"

Rarity frowned. "Well, that's impossible! Gabby Gums was my sister and she would never go back to those old and rude ways."

She eyed Applejack slightly, who was taken aback. "Oh nuh-uh, I know my sister wouldn't do that either."

"And I know Scootaloo wouldn't purposely do something like this to me. Besides the already have their cutie marks," Dash protested.

"Whoever it was she must have a good reason for it...right?" Pinkie jumped into the conversation.

"I should hope. But Gums hasn't written anything in the school paper this year before now," Rarity objected.

"It could be a 'he'," Pinkie suggested. The rest ignored her and continued talking.

"Well, whatever. It's not like anypony believes this...is it?" Rainbow asked cautiously. The ponies avoided eye contact with her. "Oh, c'mon!"

"It seems believable, and it makes sense," Twilight responded.

"How? How does it make sense?" she grimaced.

"Well, for starters, you both have similar interests and hobbies," Rarity stated knowingly.

Dash rolled her eyes. "So what? Just because we're alike doesn't mean we'd make a romantic pair," she protested, blushing slightly at the last part.

"He genuinely cares for you," Rarity added.

"Oooooh!" Pinkie and Fluttershy cooed. Rainbow's slight blush grew at the thought.

"He was the only Wonderbolt to not only apologize after the events Wind Rider caused, but then spent the entire next day with you in Canterlot."

"He did?" Twilight asked excitedly. All turned to Rainbow as she nodded, her face just beet red at this point.

"He was being nice!" she argued.

"He looooves you!" Applejack teased. The other ponies erupted into giggles.

"No, he doesn't," Rainbow snapped.

The girls knew the couldn't convince her. Even if they felt it was extremely obvious.

Twilight, not willing to give up, turned to her friend.

"Well...do you like him?"

Author's Note:

Thought I couldn't write a first chapter without Soarin?