• Published 16th Oct 2015
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My Little Wub Maker - Loxart

A human trapped in Equestria who happens to have a DJ as his Marefriend.

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Turn the dishwasher up!

"Good morning Ponyville!" I say out my window.

It has been 3 years today since I got sent to Equestria, a land filled with talking ponies. I'll admit, I did what any person would have done when realizing this wasn't Kansas anymore... I went and punched a princess in the face. Don't take that the wrong way either, SHE DESERVED IT! The first comment she made when I landed here was 'What is your name, little weird looking one?' and proceeded to poke me with her hoof in the face. But as the months went by I really started to like this society. The ponies were really friendly and willing to help me out. It was actually because of someone's help that I met my Marefriend.

During the first few months in Ponyville, things were a little hectic. I ended up getting a job at a local flower store run by a Mare named Roseluck. She used to have two others working with her but they recently opened another shop down in Canterlot so it was just me and her running the store. It was peaceful most days but sometimes she would freak out because a rose was missing or a bouquet wasn't properly organized. Her fits made my day all the more enjoyable. Near closing time one day, a stallion came over to greet me. Taking notice of my stress, he invited me to join him at the local nightclub for a drink or two. I accepted and clocked out for the day. On my way there, he told me all about this nightclub and what it was all about. He said the DJ running the place was a great musician and was currently in the top 10 musicians of Equestria, currently ranking #3. I got more and more excited as we got closer to the club.

After what seemed like forever, we made it to the night club. The sign above it read 'Bass Drop Night Club'. It seemed that tonight was going to be a great night. As we entered, we took notice of the many guards near a staircase probably leading up to the V.I.P section. I ignored it as I followed the stallion who brought me here into the main auditorium. The place was bloody massive. I looked around to see the population of about 2x Ponyville's! It seems like people come from all over to be here. As I look around, I notice that the bar was relatively empty and decided to take as seat there. As soon as I was seated, a unicorn mare came up to take my order. I asked for my favorite drink; Fireball Whiskey, invented by the griffons; and the bartender happily trotted off to grab it. It seems business in the bar was super low because of the massive party. A few moments later a shot glass with my drink sat right in front of me. As I drank it and let it burn down my throat, I didn't take notice that another mare had taken the seat beside me and was currently trying to get my attention. As I turned my head, I saw the most awesome sight in my entire life.

Beside me sat a pure white coated unicorn with electric blue frizzy hair. Her cutie mark resembled a musical note. Atop her muzzle sat a pair of violet shades which she proceeded to raise, showing off her beautiful red eyes. I was left speechless by the sight. She giggled at the sight of my jaw dropping and continued to introduce herself. Her name was Vinyl Scratch, the DJ working the club weeknights and some weekends. She began questioning me on a few things like what I was and why my hands were what they were. I just told her it was normal for what I was and she just nodded in understanding. She then proceeded to ask me up to the VIP section and without hesitation I agreed. She chuckled again and got up, beckoning me to follow her. As we reached the staircase guarded by about 8 guards, Vinyl just waved and they all stood aside. I followed her up to what seemed to be an empty DJ area. I thought this was a VIP area where people were exclusively partying.

As I turned to ask her what she brought me up here for, I felt her lips press against mine. Was she really kissing me? I didn't stop her. In fact, I accepted it and returned it. One kiss led to two which led to us making out for a little while. After about 15 minutes, we separated from the passionate make out session to catch our breaths. She said that she needed some excitement and that this was just the thing to cure the lack of it. Ever since that night I kept coming back to see her. After about 2 weeks of this, I decided to ask her out. She quickly said yes and told me that she had been waiting for me to ask her out for the past week. We went on a few dates and things got really serious between us. We confessed our love for each other and decided to become partners. She wasn't ready for marriage anytime soon and neither was I, so we decided to stay as Colt/boyfriend and Marefriend. We have been dating for 2 and a half years now.

And that brings us to today.

I looked out my window to see the ponies of the town waving hello to me after a heartfelt good morning. As I shut the window, I head over to the closet and get dressed in my casual wear. A T-shirt, Jeans and running shoes. I looked around the room to notice that there were skid marks on the floor leading out the door. Whenever the marks were on the floor, it meant I had a 15 minute warning to get downstairs and into the kitchen. As i looked at the alarm clock, It read 6:57. 3 minutes to go. I rush out the door and down the stairs. Making sharp turns in the hallways. As I reach the kitchen, I see Vinyl waiting for me impatiently. I run to my seat as she takes hers as well. There is little over 15 seconds remaining on the dishwasher start up.

"Ready for this babe?" Vinyl asks, slyly.

"You know it!" I slyly grin back.



Lord almighty I love that dishwasher. Ever since I moved in with Vinyl, I got used to her way of life. That included her appliances. The dishwasher is how we woke up in the morning and we both loved every minute of it. It gave us a jump start boost to the morning and filled our heads with inspiration. Sadly the wubs only lasted for 2 minutes before they stopped. As we finished out first morning routine, Vinyl got up to check the schedule on the fridge. Today was my turn to cook and her turn to clean, which means she gets off easy with her magic. I groan a bit and head over to the stove.

One thing about Vinyl is that she eats a lot in the morning. And by a lot I mean A LOT! Her usual order is 10 slices of hay bacon, 3 eggs over easy, 5 pancakes and a large glass of orange juice. I didn't complain though. I knew how much she loved my cooking and she always loved when it was my turn to cook. Sometimes she would even change the schedule to make it my day to cook. It didn't bother me because I got to spend time with her during all this. After cooking everything and piling it on to one place, I set it in front of her. As I turn around to go wash my hands, I hear a loud chomp and turn around again. Within mere seconds all the food is gone and...

"Vinyl?" I angle my head at her.

"Yes, my love?" She giggles.

"You ate the plate!" I say, amused that she could do that in the first place.

As she took another look down at the table, her entire face went red. This isn't the first time its happened and it most likely wont be the last. But when Vinyl is super hungry, the plate is part of her meal. She walks over to me and gives me a passionate kiss on the lips before thanking me for cooking breakfast. As she grabbed her shades and saddlebags I ran over to stop her.

"Do you have to work today?" I ask, a bit saddened.

"Yea, I do... sorry..." She responds with the same level of sorrow as me, "But when I get home, I'm all yours."

"Alright." I give her mane a quick ruffle and present her with a small scratch behind the ear.

She smiles at me and pecks me on the cheek before heading off to work. I will be doing the same in the next hour. I usually have time to kill in the morning but there is one thing I love to do. I walk over to the music room and plug in the headphones. I start working away at a new song for Vinyl, knowing how stressed she usually is after work every day. I take my time adjusting everything to perfection. A few beat skips are patched up and any volume issues are taken care of. A half hour later I transfer the song onto a record and leave it on the turntable for Vinyl to find. As I nod my head in satisfaction, I look over at the clock. 11:36... 24 minutes till I have to be at work. Might as well head there early knowing there is nothing left to do around the house. As i pack what little I need, I head out the door and over to the flower shop. I know what a lot of ponies are thinking: The coltfriend of Vinyl Scratch works at a flower shop? It's a well paying and very fun job. Not to mention my boss is a total sweetheart. Vinyl had offered me a position at her workplace but I declined knowing that it would end badly if we were in the same workplace for too long. We would end up making out and not getting any work done. Plus, I wouldn't abandon Roseluck on her own! She needs all the help she can get and with my hands working better than hooves, I basically was made for the job!

I let my mind drift off as I make my way to the flower shop.

Author's Note:

Yes, between Silver Spoon and Spitfire, Vinyl Scratch is my favorite pony. Shocking eh?

Anyways enjoy. I hope this first chapter is good enough.