• Published 16th Oct 2015
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My Little Wub Maker - Loxart

A human trapped in Equestria who happens to have a DJ as his Marefriend.

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Dinner Preperations

When the morning dawn had finally reached the hospital window, I thought to myself why Celestia hates me so much and finds the perfect angle to blind me while raising the giant ball of fire known as the sun. It was the same thing every dang morning with her! Ever since she took my fist to her face when I first arrived here, she has done this NON-STOP!

I slowly started to rise out of bed when I notice a decent sized mound in the blanket. I lift it to see one snoring DJ underneath the cover, currently overtaken by the desire to sleep. I chuckled a little at the sight of the sleeping mare and gave her a small peck on the cheek which caused her to stir a little. This made me smile bigger than I did before. As I got up and closed the curtains, my stomach started to growl. I headed out the door of my room and to the cafeteria they had for the patients.

As I arrived, it seemed like I was one of the only ones there. Aside from me, there was the chefs, Nurse Redheart who loved to help out early in the morning and, on her usual morning walk, the mare known as barking mad who has been here since no one knows when. Don't get me wrong, Barking may be completely nuts, overall she is a kind mare. I went up to her and gave her a nice scratch behind the ears and she laid down to accept this gesture with a gigantic smile on her face. After I finished giving her attention, she licked my face and made her way back to her room.

I went over to the chefs who had been smiling at me the whole time. You see, I have been in this hospital a lot of times. Whether I get put here due to a Vinyl moment, getting rammed in to accidentally by the mailmare or because I am just plain stupid sometimes, they are always ready to take me in and care to whatever happened to me. Me and the chefs are really good friends and they are actually the reason I can cook so well. Every time I'm put in the hospital, they teach me something new. So as usual, I hop behind the counter and help them prepare today's meal and learn a new cooking recipe.

As we finished off cooking the morning meals, I grabbed 2 trays and started to pile one with a little bit of vegetables and a bit of fish and on the other with some pancakes I cooked along with hay-bacon and a glass of OJ. As I walked over to a table, I notice ponies starting to enter and grabbing breakfast. Whenever I am in the hospital they know that breakfast is going to include something I made and I made sure that there were enough pancakes for everyone. I placed the tray of hay-bacon and pancakes on the other end of the table and placed the OJ next to the tray. I looked at the entrance to the cafeteria and noticed a groggy Vinyl Scratch entering. When she saw her tray across from me, she instantly perked up and looked like she was full of energy... which she was... because she dashed over and started eating quickly. I instantly tried to spark up a conversation.

"So how did you sleep last night, Vinyl?" I ask, smirking.

"Really great actually!" She started, "I didn't know I needed a cry so badly."

"Everyone needs to open the waterworks once and a while!" I say, smiling brightly.

"Yeah yeah, you say that every time I cry." She says waving her hoof in a mocking motion.

"Can I ask you a question?" I ask, gaining her attention once again.

"Humor me." She says, leaning towards me.

"How about we have a dinner party tonight?"

"Hmm..." She starts thinking, "Alright, but only a small one."

"Sweet!" I say and return to my meal.

Ok, so tonight its a go. I just need to figure out who is coming. I honestly only wanted one pony over but a dinner party seemed nicer. Obviously Octavia is going to be invited because she is the one reason I asked for a dinner party in the first place... but who else? I could ask Roseluck and Minuette if they can take the night off to enjoy a meal but that makes 5. A dinner party usual comprises of 6 people... umm... ponies and I am one short... unless...

I can't believe I am about to think this... but maybe I should invite Celestia. It would be the perfect time to apologize to her and hopefully make even with a nice warm dinner. But inviting her means she would have to be free and willing to attend PLUS I have to find a way to communicate with her. I guess I could ask Spike to send a letter to her, but it is gonna cost me. But if I can make right with Celestia, I wont have to deal with the constant risk of nuclear sunburn! It's a win-win!

As I beckon over one of the hospital staff, he approaches me with a wide smile. I ask him for a quill and paper and he walks off to get my requested items. As he returned with the items in his magical grasp, I took them and thanked him before setting the inkwell and paper down on the table and writing.

Dear Princess Celestia,

It's me Anon! How are things up in the castle? Peaceful I presume. I am writing to inform you of the events planned for this evening.

And before you get mad and burn this letter, please here me out. I would like to invite you to a dinner party at the Wubzer Scratch residence tonight around sunset. It will be a quiet evening with friends and we would be honored if you could attend.


I looked over the letter and gave it a nod of completion. A small, simple letter that got straight to the point. I tucked it away and continued to munch on breakfast.

It was around 2 o'clock when I returned home. I have already asked Derpy to deliver all the invites I had written in the hospital for tonight when I caught her on her mail route. She happily accepted, knowing that she owed me one for flying into me on multiple occasions. I was sitting patiently at the kitchen table, waiting for someone to tell me that they were coming. I know that they will just show up if they are coming but it would still be nice for a RSVP letter in advance.

I decided since I had about 5 hours to prepare, I should get to work cleaning the house since Vinyl was working until tonight. I grabbed the broom and dustpan and started to sweep the kitchen. After that was done, I progressed through the rest of the household and got every single speck of dust cleaned from the floor. After giving the house a scrub down, I put away the cleaning supplies and sat back down at the kitchen table. It was at this moment, I heard something faint in the distance. It seemed like wings flapping violently. It suddenly got really close to the house and suddenly I heard a large impact in the front lawn. I ran over to the front door and slowly opened it. All I saw outside was smoke. Once it cleared up, I noticed a large crater right on the door step. Whatever caused it though was still covered by smoke.

"Can I help you?" I look into the crater, asking like a smartass.

I started to shake as a pony stood up from the crater. And I kid you not when I say I wet myself at the sight of the Mare in front of me. What stood before me was the Night Princess herself, looking angrier than ever. As she approached me, I covered my face, awaiting a hoof to come flying at my face.

"MEANIE!" Luna screams at me.

Did she really just say that?

"Wha-" I am cut off

"You invite my sister to a dinner party but not me? I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS?! Remember that dream with the bed and Vinyl and you an-"

"LUNA THERE ARE FOALS AROUND HERE! THE SCHOOL PROBABLY HEARS YOU RIGHT NOW!" I yell, trying to get her to stop before she lets out my unforgettable dream.

Her eyes widen at this as she quickly drops the volume in her voice.

"We are sorry, but we would like to know why we were not invited to this dinner party tonight?" She asks, more calm.

"So let me get this straight" I start, pinching the base of my nose, "You crash into MY front lawn, destroying it in the process by the way, walk up to me, call me a meanie, almost give the entire school of foals something to scar them for life and ask why I didn't invite you to dinner?!"

"Yes!" She whines.

"Fine! You can come!" I say, annoyed.

She smiles victoriously and quickly flies back from where she came. But, from where she crashed, I noticed a letter on the ground.

Dear Anon,

I will be happy to attend your dinner party tonight. I must request the you invite Luna too because she will be upset if you leave her out of an occasion like this while asking me.


P.S: I am sending this via Luna so that you may invite her as well.

P.P.S: I just asked her to deliver this and am adding this quickly but she is very angry. Enjoy!

"Why do I do things?" I ask, head down.