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My Little Wub Maker - Loxart

A human trapped in Equestria who happens to have a DJ as his Marefriend.

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Questioning Love (Vinyl POV) (Part 1 of 2)

Author's Note:


Sad and Funny chapter. (Also Short, 2 parts and what not)

Anyways... second last chapter... Ive run outta things to say... damn...

"ANON?!" I screamed while running through town, looking for Anon.

Not more than a half hour ago, Lune and I were playing a game and things got out of hoof. After the mini-game had passed, Luna had flipped out at me and I tried to retaliate. After a really short argument, I got ready to buck her in her smug muzzle. But unfortunately, Anon got caught in the kick. It seemed that Luna was about to buck to because there was no way I could have sent him flying that fast all by myself!

Thanks to her... and me I guess... I have to run and find him, wherever he may be. Judging by the speed of his flight, he could be anywhere from Canterlot to the changeling forest! And if he was to end up there, than their queen will be NOT be happy! So hopefully he lands in a pony of griffon owned area.

"YOU'RE AN IMBECILE! WHO DOES THOU THINK THY ARE!?" Luna screamed at me as we continued running.

"It wasn't all my fault Luna!" I retaliated, "You attacked me to! You should be ashamed of yourself! You're a princess for Celestia sakes!"


I came to a screeching halt. Luna stopped too as the rest of them kept running. "Luna how stupid are you?!"

"Watch thy mouth, Wubzer Scratch. I will not hesitate to lock you away!" She glared daggers at me, "and if I'm stupid, then you're even worse!"

"Really? Prove it!" I said, glaring right back.

"If you loved him truly then you wouldn't ASSAULT HIM, YOU HEARTLESS UNICORN!!!!!"

As soon as the last word slipped out, I froze. I can't believe she went there. I honestly thought she couldn't phase me.... but just now... I can't believe it. And I can't believe that I haven't seen it fully yet... I'm a monster. I'm a horrible pony, a horrible marefriend AND a Rank-A jackass!

"I... I..." That was all I managed to say before I burst out into tears.

"That is what I thought!" Luna said, turning and running with the rest of them.

"I'M A HORRIBLE PONY!" I screamed. After crying a little longer, I ended up falling asleep then and there due to exhaustion.


I awoke to a strange rustling in a bush. I quickly got up and looked directly at it. But, I started to feel a bit woozy from standing to fast. After collapsing, I saw a figure immerse from the bush. It was tall and weird looking, but I couldn't figure out WHAT it was because my vision was still a bit blurry.

"Take you're time." The figure said.

"W-who are you?"

"Woah! You can talk?" The figure was quite surprised it seemed.

"Yeah, o-of course I can." I say, starting to slowly get up, "You can too."

"Well of course I can speak!" The figure said, "But horses usually don't talk!"


My vision started to come back slowly, and with that, the shaded figure came to color. It was something I had never seen before. It stood on two legs and had these weird spider-like things on the ends of its limbs. It didn't have wings or a horn, but it didn't look like an earth pony. I don't even think that Celestia knows what this is.

"W-what are you?!" I say, A bit frightened at this creature.

"Me?" The creature tilts its head, "My name is Anon, I'm a human."

"Hue-man?" I mimic the head tilt, "You don't LOOK all that colorful..."

This gets a slight chuckle out of him. "Good one!"

"Ummm... thanks?" I say, confused.

"Oh!" It says, "Sorry, I'm laughing because you said it wro-"

All of a sudden, time froze. I looked around and and saw that nothing was moving except for me. I walked around the thing trying to get a reaction but nothing happened. I poked the thing and suddenly a wave of memories flooded over me, knocking me down. It took about 2 minutes to recover but when I got up, everything was clear again.

"Anon? ANON!?" I start to break down realizing he's in front of me, "Why are we here again? This place is nothing but a bad memory! Please, say something!"

"He cannot hear you, Wubzer Scratch." A voice called out to me.

I looked around, but no pony was there. After looking up, I noticed the sky starting to tear open. Out from the rip came Luna, who seemed to be very sad."

"What are YOU doing here?!" I scream at her.

She carefully lands in front of me and raises a hoof. I tilt my head and she begins. "I mean you no harm. In fact I have come to apologize for many things."

I feel like attacking her then and there, but I decide to let her continue. I nod to signal her.

She nods back. "First I would like to apologize for what was said earlier... I should not have said what I did, and it was something a princess should never do unless necessary."

"N-no no, its ok Luna... I understand..." I start to tear up. A box of tissues appear in front of me. I look up to see Luna giving me a sorrow expression.

"Secondly, I would like to apologize for what I did at your house... If we both didn't attack Anon, he would have been fine."

"I'm sorry too... speaking of Anon..." A hint of fear appears on my face...

"He... He is in the hospital, badly injured." She starts to tear up.

"What?! Is he going to be ok?!"

"I cannot say... but I would like to request something of you."

"With what?" I ask, determined.

"Anon asked me to bring you through your good and bad memories, so you may treasure them if he-"

I place a hoof to Luna's muzzle. "Don't finish that sentence. I know what you are going to say. But, I accept this, because I know that he always knows whats best. Except for the whole 'Game' thing."

"Understood, are you ready to continue?"

"Just, give me a moment..." I request.

"Very well." She backs up, "Call me when you are ready to proceed."

And with that Luna disappeared in a bright light. Once I was sure she was gone, I walked over to the time stuck Anon and looked into his eyes.

"Time really changed us, huh?" I start to talk to him, "I remember this place crystal clear... You were on the run from the princess after what you did... it really took a lot to calm her down. Then there was me, taking a nice walk in the forest clearing... well, currently forest, but in good time they will clear this area out... and I had passed out... You brought me to your little hide away and we met. Who knew we would become lovers from this? I wouldn't of guess it..."

I take a deep breath. "Listen... I know you can't hear me right now, but I never got to thank you for saving me... or for all those times you helped me through pain and depression... I forgot I actually had depression when you were around. You were always so funny, kind and willing to lend a hoof... er... hand. I'm glad I got to meet you and... sorry for making your life miserable..."

Just then, a voice emanated from thin air. "Vinyl... don't... apologize..." It sounded like Anon.

I shook it off, knowing it was just my imagination, and called out for Luna. When she arrived, she opened a doorway and we stepped through, continuing on to the next memory.

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it is a like sad, but still good. and yea a new chapter.

7123343 1) The username is AMAZING
3) Thank you for your comment :)

7123595 welcome and honored. got the picture off of Facebook.

Damnit I just got rid of my feels when this showed up! Now they're back!

7125048 Its not over yet. WE STILL GOT THE FINALE TO GO!

I do believe anon miiiight either be stupidly, blindly, in love, or a masochist.

7202929 I know...

Trust me

*Rubbing bruised side from 2 yeas ago*

I know...

amazing, that's all I can say, amazing, truly amazing
keep going

Not really. Rap is a vocal technique like singing and screaming. Rap is to hip-hop like growling is to metal.
Music lyrics should always be a form of poetry. Otherwise you end up with shit like "Baby" from Justin Beiber, or Lil Wayne's "A Milli."

Wait, that's it? Ah, oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Dont jump to conclusions, as I did just come back good sir

Dude, I was joking. In all honesty, I can't stand rap music, but it has its place in the music world, and I respect that.

Oh, I know you were joking. I was anti-joking. :trollestia:

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