• Published 16th Oct 2015
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My Little Wub Maker - Loxart

A human trapped in Equestria who happens to have a DJ as his Marefriend.

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Roses from Roseluck

So this was my everyday life. I would wake up to the sound of an amazing dishwasher, end up either cooking or cleaning, seeing Vinyl off to her work and then an hour later, heading to my own workplace. It was a pretty smooth morning routine if you ask me. But every morning got harder and harder because I kept thinking about her when she left for work. Every day I counted the minutes until I could see her again. At least my job kept me a bit distracted from that, but overall I wanted to be home, cuddling her. But, all I can hope for is that she has a good day and that I can get through the workday without messing up. It shouldn't be to hard hopefully.

As I approached the flower shop, the smell of roses became more noticeable. This most likely meant that Roseluck was getting a special order ready and she was nervous. Whenever Roseluck was nervous, she emits a nice rose smell that can help sooth her and others. But I hate seeing her nervous or stressed so I decided to help. As soon as I walked through the doors, a small bell rang, signaling my arrival. I called out to her and to my luck, she was in the greenhouse located at the back of the shop. I loved it back there do to it being so relaxing. As I walked through the second door, I saw Roseluck dashing around, looking for certain flowers. This must of been a pretty special order if she was moving faster than pinkie planning a party!

I cleared my throat to get her attention but she kept dashing around, grabbing flowers. I cleared my throat a bit louder and still she didn't pay attention. Whenever this situation happened, there is only one thing to do. I have to calm her down before she faints again! I run into the main store area and head to the register. I open it and find a small brown satchel tied up in a nice bow. Within this satchel was potpourri, the most calming smell for Roseluck. I ran back to the greenhouse and found her still dashing around. I threw the potpourri down near her and she came to a screeching halt. She slowly walked up and sniffed the bag, then collapsed in happiness. That was a close call! I walk over to her and start petting her.

"Roseluck, why are you so worried?" I ask, confused.

She got up after a few more quick sniffs of the potpourri.

"There is a super important request from the crystal empire" She starts, "They want a Iceflame bouquet!"

Woah! Iceflame bouquets are the hardest to make. Flowers of living fire and soul dew ice are put together. If they stay in a balanced temperature then they will be fine. If it's anything higher, the soul dew ice flowers will melt. If it's anything lower, then the living fire flowers will freeze. The bouquet itself is contained in a temperature wrap, enchanted to keep it hot and cold. Not only were they hard to make, but keeping the flowers in check are very difficult! Who would order such a bouquet, especially in the Crystal Empire?

"Who the heck would order a Iceflame bouquet?!" I ask, worrying as well.

"Princess Cadence." She says, starting to shake again.

"Oh for the love of..." I start to trail off.

This is JUST like her. Princess Cadence is always needing the best for her castle and that's where we come in. She always orders the biggest bouquets or the hardest to make bouquets. Even though she does pay a lot for them, it is still annoying to transport these to the Crystal Empire every time. It tenses me up just thinking about the order she made. I look over at Roseluck and give her the 'I got this' look and head over to the special flower section of the greenhouse. I turned to see that she had taken the potpourri over to a corner and was just sitting there relaxing. I turned back and looked at the different flowers. I found the types I needed and carefully put them together. One ice and fire at a time to balance it out. A few minutes later and the bouquet was done.

With my hands, this job was the easiest thing in the whole world. Being able to pick and sort quicker than with hooves or any magic gave me an advantage. Usually that would have taken Roseluck nearly all day to finish the bouquet but here it was. Wrapped, neatly sorted and in the container, ready to be transported over to the Crystal Empire. I went over to see how Roseluck was doing and it seemed that she had settled down for a little nap. I gave a slight chuckle before heading back into the main store. I decided to let her sleep after the stress she just went through. I'll take over for a bit while she is out.

The sun started to set on the horizon as I had just made the final sale of the day. The store had made 134 bits today off of flowers alone. No gardening supplies or seeds bought. Just flowers. As I went over to the door, I turned the open sign to closed and went back into the greenhouse to check and see if Roseluck was awake. As I walked in, I noticed that she was just getting up. As she looked around, she started panicking again. She questioned me about the Iceflame bouquet and I explained to her that I arranged it and had it sent off to the Crystal Empire. This seemed to calm her down immensely.

"Thank you" She said with a smile, "I couldn't have done this with out your help!"

"Honestly it was no big deal..." I start to fear, "Tomorrow is going to be a big deal!"

"Whats tomorrow?" She tilted her head to the side.

"Vinyl has a... Dentist... Appointment." I say, scared out of my mind.

Roseluck gasped at the thought and violently shook her head.

"This is not good!" She said, starting to show immense worry again.

"I'll deal with that tomorrow" I say, calming the both of us down, "let's just pray she doesn't flip out like last time."

"Agreed!" she chuckled.

"Well, I'm heading off for the day" I state, "Night."

As she waves me off, I head out the door and back into the streets of Ponyville.

During the evening, the town is very peaceful. Everyone is retiring in for the night and the only ones up are the party ponies heading over to Vinyls club. She should be getting off work soon as well. It will be nice to relax for about 5 seconds tomorrow with her before things go to hell. But it was time all the same. Every night I cherished the fact that she was sleeping right beside me. Her fuzzy mane really made me happy because it would send a shock down my arm when I ruffled it. I wish that she had more time though. I mean, the only time I get to spend a decent amount of time with her is when its a weekend where she is off.

Well, tomorrow a Saturday and its not going to be a pleasant one. Tomorrow is going to be torture. But, nonetheless its for Vinyl so I will have to go with it.

I head home to prepare for tomorrow's fresh hell