• Published 16th Oct 2015
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My Little Wub Maker - Loxart

A human trapped in Equestria who happens to have a DJ as his Marefriend.

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Dentists Appointment

Author's Note:


If you need to maximize the comedy in this chapter, please play the benny hill theme.

Thank you

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Vinyl scream as she crashed through the front door and ran into Ponyville.

"VINYL! GET BACK HERE! YOU NEED TO GO!" I yell as I start chasing after her.

So here's the deal with Vinyl. She absolutely, positively, undeniably hates going to the dentist every 3 months. Even though she and Minuette Colgate were the best of friends, when it came down to business, she hated the mare to an unholy extent. I never saw what the big deal was! It was just a regular cleaning and cavity check, not torture! I know she has a problem when it comes to her physical health, but her teeth were just off limits when it came to being checked on by anyone!

And I know what you may be thinking! 'She can't be like this every time'. Well my friend you are 100% wrong. Every time she has an appointment, she will linger by the door early in the morning, shaking and sweating. As I walk up, we exchange greetings, I try to tell her about the appointment and then it happens. She bursts out the door like a maniac and before I can give her a chase, I make sure to have a letter written to the repair man with the words Door, Vinyl, and Dentist written in it.

But this isn't even the worst it gets. We had to call CELESTIA to help clean up the mess Vinyl made of the town last time! And let me tell you, she was freaking pissed at what Vinyl had done. She had set fire to everything somehow. EVEN THE FRIGGIN LAKE! I mean, sure, she can be a pyromaniac like normal crazy ponies, but if you can set fire to water, you are either A) Discord, B) Sweetie Belle or C) God. This unicorn does not joke around when it comes to her teeth and their safety.

Right, so Vinyl couldn't have gone far off the bat, it's not like her. She would usually hide somewhere near her house and then wait for me to run into Ponyville looking for her. Little does she know, I've caught on to her little secret. I start to creep around to the back of the house and start hearing rustling in a nearby bush. I look over towards the shrub and to no surprise, their is a electric blue tail sticking out of it. She is making this one too easy!

As I walk over to touch the tail, it seems to flick back and forth as to protect itself. I reached forward to grab it, but as if on queue, she jumped into the air and started to dash off again. I give a small sigh and start running after her. As I look around to figure out where exactly she is running, I feel my eyes widen in the sheer horror after realizing where she is dashing off to. I can't believe that she is taking this one to the extreme. She can't be this crazy when it comes to her dental hygiene, can she? Before I get ready to follow her around yet another corner, I end up whispering where she is going due to how scared I was.

"The Hospital..."

She is NUTS! The hospital is the other place she tries to avoid other than the dentist's office and now she is charging straight for it at breakneck speed? It's like she has lost all sense of control and logic this time. I have seen her wreck everything in Ponyville before but the only building always left standing is the hospital. This is mainly due to the magical blockade they set up before Vinyl has a chance to completely tear it down. I start to think that the hospital is going to be completely fine until...


And there we have it folks, the DJ known as DJPon3, also known as Vinyl Wubzer Scratch, has just broken a force-field that was held strong by about 28 unicorns but still was weak enough for a dentist hating DJ to break through without any trouble whatsoever. Well at least she is just standing there staring at me with utter hate and despise in stead of doing anything remotely crazy. It seems she is starting to come to her senses and is ready to give in and go get her teeth checked up. This is turning up to be the easiest chase I have ever given to this mare, and that makes me so happy to know that I don't have to chase her for another... three... months... Why is she evilly smiling at me like she is about to do something completely insane? Wait a minute, why is she turning arou- WHY IS SHE STARTING TO WALK AWAY. Wait a moment... is she... oh no... OH NO! She isn't... she can't be... she is turning around... she looks utterly pissed and why is she red and steaming?

It took all of two seconds for my expression to go from calm and collected back to sheer horror and fright. A few moments after realizing what the heck is about to happen, my breath and voice come back to me instantly.

"Anon... you have dug your own grave this time..." I say in fear.

As soon as I finish that sentence, she growls at me and charges like a bull. A squeal releases itself from my body as I turn to run for my life. It seems the tides have turned and I am the one being hunted. What has gotten into this mare all of a sudden?! From being scared out of her mind to charging at me like a raging bull?! This is sheer madness!!! I know she does some stupid stuff when she's scared but this is a totally new aspect of her that I have yet to see.

As I continue to run through Ponyville, I yell at the ponies currently in town to do the same and every single one tilted their head in puzzlement until they saw the red DJ of doom burst through town after me. After a few screams and shouts from the town, I hear doors being open and shut until the town is in dead silence. Good, now everyone is safe except for my sorry butt!

Corner after corner I try to lose this mare so I can turn the fight against her again but it seems I have a GPS tracking signal on me or something because she always manages to keep up and find me! Every time I turn my head to see if it is safe, I see a charging Vinyl Scratch heading right for me. This is turning into a dire emergency and there is only one pony who can help me now. Minuette Colgate.

Colgate knows that Vinyl runs every time and I believe she is the one who called me getting hunted down by said DJ. I always told her it would be fine but she kept on insisting that we think of a backup plan in case things got TOO extreme. They told me to whisper a certain phrase and it would send off a magical signal straight to Colgate, telling her to teleport straight to my location. Fun fact, Colgate is the only one I've seen so far who can pin down Vinyl and keep her down without struggling. As I turn the corner and quickly stop behind the wall, I see Vinyl dart through without noticing me. Phew, I lost her. Time to get the dentist.

"The hourglass has shattered." I whisper to myself.

It took all of 3 seconds for a burst of light to appear in front of me, revealing the blue mare known as Colgate. Her mane and tail were a dark blue and super light grayish colors and on her flank sat an hourglass cutie mark, most likely representing how the hourglass keeps time while brushing teeth. She was always happy to see me, but in this scenario, she was terrified.

"You lure her over here, I'll teleport us to the office." She says.

I nod and start running out from around the corner I was hiding at. I dart my head around and notice Vinyl is no where in sight. Maybe she went home, or maybe she is just hiding again. Both those guesses were shattered then and there when I heard a roar coming from my left side and there stood the enraged DJ, ready to charge again. But in order to get her mad enough to follow me again, I will have to pull out my wild card. I reach into the back pockets of my jeans and pull out a piece of Hay-Bacon I was going to tempt her with but now will use against her. She seemed to perk up and smile at this but as soon as I shoved it in my mouth, her mouth dropped and she went from pissed to livid. I wouldn't be surprised if the devil himself was scared of this mare!

As I stick my tongue out at Vinyl, she charges at me with a breakneck speed, which my only response to was to run the direction I came from. Luckily, she was on my tail. As soon as I reached the spot where I was before, I ducked behind the corner and signaled for Colgate to get ready because an livid DJ was on the brink of finding us. As soon as Vinyl stopped to look at me, we were all engulfed in a blue light and the next thing you know, I am in the dentist waiting room. I take a deep breath knowing its all over.


That was all I heard before the iron plated door shut and locked. This was in here so patients, such as Vinyl, couldn't get out. This was the usual room for her due to the fact when we tried to put her in a normal room, she broke the monitors, the table, the chairs and to no surprise, the walls. I listened carefully but all I could here was silence and nothing but it. I smiled and took a seat, noticing that I was the only one in the waiting room. I grabbed an outdated newspaper and relaxed.

A half hour later, I hear the door unlock and Colgate walking out without Vinyl with her. This caused my head to tilt and she just laughed and pointed a hoof towards the room. As I walked over and into the room, I heard something all too familiar to me. It was the sound of somepony breathing in and exhaling wubz. I looked over in the chair and secured to it was a sleeping Vinyl Scratch with a smile on her face.

Colgate said it would take another 10 minutes for the sleep spell she cast to wear off and said I would have to stay with her until it did. I simply nodded my head and sat down in the chair at the desk. I started playing with random things on the desk to pass the time and literally not noticing that ten minutes had passed, I heard Vinyl give off a yawn and I turned to look at her with a huge smile on my face.

"Hello sunshine!" I smile.

"I hate you both." She says and turns away from me.

"I know you do Vinyl, I know." I say, placing a hand on her side.

"You owe me dinner." She turns back around.

"Where do you want to go Vinyl?" I ask, thinking she wouldn't drop this until I did what she said.

"Hayburger is fine." She says, smirking.

"I'll pay for everything, my little wub." I say, scratching her ear.

"You better!" She snaps.

I am a good boyfriend.