• Published 8th Oct 2015
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The Other Alicorn - The Corn

Everypony loves a Princess. They'd do anything just to catch a glimpse of Celestia or Luna, they'd fly all the way to the Crystal Empire to see Cadence and they act all sweet around Twilight Sparkle, but what about me? Nopony even knows my name...

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Ginger bread

I arrived at school quivering violently. What would ponies think of me after I had read my list to them ALL?! Would they ever be able to like me after that?! Only time would tell. I walked into class nervously, I took my seat next to AppleBloom, but today I wasn't going to talk to her, why would anypony want to talk to me after all this?! Miss Cheerilee began to speak. I held my breathe.

"Good morning class. I hope that you are all very excited for our two guest speakers today. Diamond Tiara, Princess, are you ready?"

I wanted to scream aloud 'NO!' But I felt as though I couldn't, like there was something pulling me back. She had said my name too, which didn't make it much better. Diamond Tiara excitedly put a hoof in the air.

"Miss Cheerilee, IM going FIRST!"

Phew! At least this would buy me some time. Hopefully, she'll take so long telling everypony her 100 facts that there simply won't be time for mine! Genius! But wait, what if this was revenge? She could be trying to get revenge for my revenge on her! She could have written lots and lots of horrible things about me, made them all up, maybe I should have gone first, that would have stopped her! But I hadn't, so now I had to just sit and watch. Luckily, Diamond Tiara's 100 facts were mostly about how rich she is and how she's better than everypony else. Ha! She says that nopony likes a wanna-be Princess, but she's the one that goes around wearing a tiara on her head claiming she's better than everypony else. But now, it was MY turn!

I shuffled to the front of the classroom holding my piece of paper in my mouth. A Colt shouted at me from the back of the classroom;

"Why don't ya just use your horn? Isn't that what it's there for?!"

This sent Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon into a snigger, which was quickly defused by a knowing glance from Miss Cheerilee. Although, inside my head they were still sniggering, the whole class was, I knew it was just my imagination, but the harder I tried to calm myself the louder the sniggers came from inside of my head, suddenly turning into giggles and then fits of hysterical laughter. It was as though everypony in my class had just jumped inside of my head and took control of my thoughts and were not going to stop until total domination had taken place.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

I counted to ten. I took a deep breathe. The voices slowed and faded leaving me standing back in the real world. A class full of faces were staring back at me. I placed my paper on the floor and began to read my list.

The more I read, the more I relaxed, I gained confidence, now I was in full flow and I wasn't going to stop until I had read my entire list!

Several minuets later it was over. I had done it! I had read my list to the whole entire class! I couldn't believe it, I DID IT! I took a step back to finally take a look at my classmates.

Oh no, this wasn't good. Or was it? I couldn't tell. Everypony was staring at me. Some ponies laughed, and a few were clapping, but then they slowed and stopped. There was even a small filly positioned towards the back of the classroom with a tear in her eye, but I couldn't tell if that was a good sign or a bad sign. Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara's mouths hung open in shock. I looked over at AppleBloom for support, but she just covered her face with her hoofs, maybe Sweetie Belle could help, but she just looked over to Scootaloo who shrugged. The room suddenly fell deathly silent.

It seemed like ages before Miss Cheerilee spoke up.

"Well, that was certainly... Interesting. I know that I shouldn't let you go early, but, I guess, you may now go to play. Break time."

I wasn't sure wether she liked it or not, wether she was mad at me or if she was going to give me a gold star, I just couldn't tell. All the fillies and colts in my class darted for the door as fast as they could. I raced behind them, trying to catch up. As I walked into the playground everypony went into a whisper. I looked around, I suddenly spotted the rest of the cutie mark crusaders behind a bench and went over to join them. But, before I could get anywhere near my path was blocked by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. I was just about to tell them to go away when Diamond Tiara began to talk whine.

"How dare you!" She shot. "How DARE you?!"

"How dare I what?!" I spluttered.

"You know what!" She cried. "Making out as though everything was OUR fault in front of the ENTIRE class! I could have done just the same to you, but I chose not to, you are lucky Princess, trust me NEXT TIME I'm going ta GET YOU! Just you watch!"

Silver Spoon joined in.

"You want to get revenge, on me? But I've done nothing wrong! I even took you to hospital after you practically fainted on me! I could have just left you there! Well, I should have done!"

By this point she was almost in tears. Was I actually starting to feel sorry for this monster? No! I couldn't, that would be letting her win, HER, the same girl that tasked me to use my magic to teleport to the top of a building and fly down, the same pony that made me have a panic attack in the middle of the streets... With everypony watching! I wasn't going to give in that easily!

"For your information, I didn't PRACTICALLY faint, I DID faint! There's a difference! And, the only reason why I fainted in the first place was because you asked me to use my magic, and teleport, and fly. I'm TERRIFIED of heights!"

Silver Spoon looked shocked. But then she re-composed herself before stating:

"Well, I didn't know that then."

And walking off with Diamond Tiara.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see the cutie mark crusaders anymore. I just wanted to be left alone.

The rest of the day just seemed to drown on, forever and ever, but finally the moment arrived when we were free to go home and do what we want. I was the last to leave. I didn't want anyone to see me. I just wanted to be by myself. I walked slowly home, trying to think of a new poem I could write. But then, all that peacefulness and tranquility was broken and shattered into pieces!


I peered around the corner to see a frightened looking Diamond Tiara alongside a pointed-nosed mare. Okay, this was getting weird, first I started to feel sorry for Silver Spoon, but now DIAMOND TIARA?! What was happening to me?! I didn't like this! I didn't like this at all! Who in Equestria feels sorry for Silver Spoon, let alone DIAMOND TIARA?! I needed to do something, but what?! I could try getting her tiara back, I don't really know if it shall work or not, but it's worth a try. I figured that if I got it back, then Diamond Tiara's pointy nosed mother would have no reason to shout at her, then I wouldn't feel sorry for her and everything would go back to normal.

The only problem was, her tiara was in the hospital, how would I get it back? I had no idea. I needed a plan! But first, I needed some ginger bread.

I thought about heading home to eat my ginger bread in the comfort of my bedroom but this was a situation that required fleshly baked ginger bread, and thanks to word of mouth I knew that the perfect place to go was a bakery named 'Sugarcube Corner'. The door swung open to allow in the sweet smell of freshly baked goods to find its way to me. I sniffed the air with delight, taking in every last trail of scent the shop left behind. A pink pony with a balloon cutie mark and a tangled mane and tail suddenly caught sight of me, and before I knew it, she had bounded up to me and was questioning me at top speed.

"Are you the new pony that just arrived in Ponyville? Who am I kidding, of course you are! I don't know any other alicorns that live in Ponyville, well, apart from Twilight, but she used to be a unicorn so she doesn't count! Or at least I don't think that counts.... Would you say that counts? Oh well, it doesn't matter, my name's Pinkie Pie, well, actually it's Pinkamena Diane Pie, but I let my friends call me Pinkie Pie, and I'm friends with everypony, so pretty much everyone I know calls me Pinkie Pie, although, sometimes they call me just Pinkie, you can call me that too! You're name's Princess, right?! Well, I hope it is, because that's what I wrote on all of your 'Welcome To Ponyville' party banners! Oops, did I just say that out loud?! Well, I wasn't supposed to, it WAS going to be a SUPRISE, but oh well, you won't tell Princess, will you? Oh, you are Princess, whoops, could you maybe just pretend you never heard that for me?! Wait... Did you hear me say that??? You better not have done!"

To which my reaction was;

"What?! I'm sorry, I don't understand, could you... Erm... Rephrase that, maybe?"

Pinkie Pie sighed.

"My names Pinkie Pie, but you can call me Pinkie, I think you're name is Princess, and you're new here, right? Well, that's good, it's nice to meet you. What can I get you?"

After Pinkie's big welcome speech I had completely forgotten what I had came for, so now that I was being asked, 'What can I get you?', I was completely confused, and this must have been evident because now Pinkie was trying to explain.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I loose you there? I have a habit of doing that! Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, what can I get you? We have cookies, cake, sweets... All sorts of things! I'd recommend the cookies... And the cakes... And the sweets... Actually, I would recommend everything here, seriously, have you tasted this stuff? It's delicious!!!! No, it's fantastically tasty, it's... It's... Tastyious! Ha ha... I just made a new word! Tastyious! I have to write that down..."

Then she stopped and looked up at me.

"So, what would you like?"

"Oh, I'd like some ginger bread, please." I replied, still slightly dazed.

"Of course!" She chimed before bounding off to go and fetch some ginger bread.

I took a deep breathe, that's one pony-and-a-half! Phew! She sure could talk fast! Within less than one minuet she came bouncing back up to me again, carrying a box on her back.

"That shall be three bits please!"

I handed her my money and she gave me my ginger bread in return, she waved a hoof as I left and I smiled back, carefully caring the box of ginger bread on my back. I walked out of the shop, still looking over at the peculiar pony standing, waving at me, when all of a sudden she began to quiver and shake violently. I'd never seen anything like it before. What was happening?! I had no idea...

"DOOZEY!!!" She shouted.

Everyone gasped and hid underneath tables and shelves and anything they could think of. I didn't know what was going on, I didn't know what to to, how to react, I thought that she would never stop shaking, I ran to get help. But that was the problem... As soon as I turned to run I came face to face with Diamond Tiara. She frightened the life out of me, she gave me a jump, so bad that I tossed the ginger bread off my back and straight, high into the air. I looked up in desperation and shock, but there was nothing I could do to stop the the ginger bread from falling... Three bits and a whole box of tastyious-ness, would soon be down the drain. But then, right there, the strangest thing happened. A sudden flash of pink and purple whizzed by, taking the ginger bread with it. I had no idea what it was, but I had this strange feeling of deja-vu, like I'd experienced this before, but how could I? I wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but this was getting weird.

By now, Pinkie had stopped shaking and SugarCube Corner was under pure relief. But, there was still a problem. That THING had ran off with MY GINGER BREAD!!!!!! It was a thief! How dare it?! Whatever it was! Oh, and Diamond Tiara was also still stood there shouting at me about something or another, but I was far too busy trying to figure out what that thing was, (and more importantly, what it was doing with my ginger bread), to be bothered about what silly little ponies like Diamond Tiara had to say!

Author's Note:

Okay, I know I haven't updated this in a while because of school and other stories and stuff, but here you go, I hope you enjoy, and I also hope this makes sense. Enjoy! PS: I'm not really sure if I got the accents on deja-vu, I did type it with the accents but they don't show up on my computer so I don't know if they will on yours. Sorry about that.

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