• Published 8th Oct 2015
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The Other Alicorn - The Corn

Everypony loves a Princess. They'd do anything just to catch a glimpse of Celestia or Luna, they'd fly all the way to the Crystal Empire to see Cadence and they act all sweet around Twilight Sparkle, but what about me? Nopony even knows my name...

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What to do

I left the house with the tiara proudly sat on my head. I had put it on to make it easier to carry, but as I walked back to the hospital it was just a constant reminder that I had just invaded the house of Diamond Tiara, AND stolen what is possibly her most valuable and prized possession. But there was no turning back now. If I went back in there I might wake her up, and then she'd catch me in the act, and she might think that I was trying to steal it, even though I would be trying to put it back, and then she'd get her daddy, and he'd probably shout at me, then he would call the police or something, and I would never be able to see any of my friends again, not that they'd want to see me, nopony would still want to be friends with someone if they thought they were a thief!

I took some time to breathe.

I guess there really was no turning back. But, what was I going to do? Everypony here seemed to recognise Diamond Tiara's, well, tiara, so if they saw me wearing it then they they'd know that I'd taken it from her. I could hand it in, pretending I'd just found it lying around.... Wait! Lying around, that's it! I could just leave it lying around! Oh. But, I suppose it wouldn't exactly be sweet, sweet revenge if I left her precious tiara somewhere where she could easily find it. I may not be stupid enough to keep it, but I still want my revenge... So I guess I'll just have to HIDE IT instead! Picture it, it shall be great, Diamond Tiara, frantically looking everywhere for her so special little hat, she'd probably get grounded for months just for loosing it, and nopony would know where it was! Nopony, except me!

The plan was genius! Except for one minor detail... Where was I going to hide it?!

After a while, I finally decided that it would probably just be best if I took it back to the hospital with me, hide it underneath my pillow, and get some sleep. After all, I had been up for most of the night!

In the morning I was discharged, as promised, from the hospital, so I was deemed safe to go back to school.

When I got to school a flash of pink charged towards me, so fast it almost knocked me off my hooves! I got up, confused and dazed. It was Diamond Tiara. But what did she want?

"My tiara!" She demanded, as if in reply. "Give me MY tiara, little alicorn, I KNOW you have it!"

Oh no. Her tiara was missing, I had presumed that all that was a dream, I thought that I'd never ever be brave enough to ACTUALLY steal her tiara! But I must have done... I wasn't dreaming! Oh, but that means that I must have left it back at the hospital, it must still be underneath my pillow...........

Diamond Tiara was clearly oblivious to my inside breakdown. "Well, where is it?! Do you understand how cross my mother was when she saw me not wearing it? Do you realise how mad she'll be with me if I don't bring it back home tonight? No, you don't! Bet we'll just say this, she'll be a grey, very a grey, but not just with me, with YOU!"

I was confused. Very confused.

"H-how did you.....?"

"How did I know it was you?!" Diamond Tiara snapped, before flicking her hair. "Well, I thought it was obvious! You're the only alicorn in the class, it's clear that you want to be a princess, you couldn't have a crown, so you just thought that my tiara would have to do, didn't you?! Oh, who am I kidding?! OF COURSE YOU DID! Now, GIVE ME MY TIARA!"

I looked, sheepishly at my hooves.

"What's the matter? Didn't you expect me to figure it out?! You thought that because YOU'RE an alicorn, YOU are smarter than everypony else! Is that what you think?! Well, IS IT?!"

I took a deep breathe.

" Actually, Diamond Tiara, I didn't steal your tiara because I want to be a princess, in fact, I don't want to be a princess at all, but unfortunately, Princess is my name, so I'm going to have to live with it!"

Diamond Tiara's jaw dropped, but I didn't care, I just carried on.

"The real reason why I stole your precious tiara was to get my revenge, you're the one that told me to use my magic to transport myself to the top of a building, and then fly back down again. I had a panic attack because of you, and you didn't do anything, you just stood and watched whilst I freaked out, and then I fainted, in front of ALL THOSE PONIES! How embarrassing! Then I had to go to hospital, and it's all because of YOU! Oh, and also, I don't THINK I'm smarter than anypony else, but I KNOW I'm a whole lot smarter than YOU!"

By now, loads of ponies had gathered around. They were all watching, open mouthed. But, unfortunately, they had also attracted the attention of my new teacher, Miss Cheerilee.

Uh-oh! This wasn't good!

Author's Note:

I hope that you enjoyed this chapter, as always. If you spot any mistakes, don't feel afraid to point them out. I hope that my story is getting better. I also hope that in the next chapter you shall find out a whole lot more about my OC, hopefully.:pinkiehappy: thanks for taking your time to read this, I hope you liked it. The Corn.

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