• Published 8th Oct 2015
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The Other Alicorn - The Corn

Everypony loves a Princess. They'd do anything just to catch a glimpse of Celestia or Luna, they'd fly all the way to the Crystal Empire to see Cadence and they act all sweet around Twilight Sparkle, but what about me? Nopony even knows my name...

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School Time

Don't worry, it'll be fine, everypony loves an alicorn, besides, Ponyville already has one alicorn, and she seems okay. Here I go, my first steps into my new life, my new school, a new teacher, new friends, new experiences. Of course they'll love me, why wouldn't they? They love all the other Princesses. My new teacher looks nice at least. An Earth pony, with bouncy pink hair and a deep pink coat, a cutie mark of three flowers, (daisy's, I think), each with a smile in the centre. Babs Seed had told me that her cousin had gone to this school, that I'd be able to tell her apart because she wears a rather large bow in her mane. Babs was my best friend back in Manehatten, she was the only one that I ever shared my secret with, she was the only one that could keep it. But now, I guess, none of that matters, not after what happened on that faithful day, the day that would change my future.

As I walked in the room fell silent, I was greeted by a line of whispers and smiles. My teacher introduced me to the class, the class just stared, some of them smiled, but not as many as I was expecting. I took my seat next to the pony with the giant bow fastened tightly in her mane, presuming this was the pony that Babs had been telling me about.

"Hi!" She whispered.

"You Babs' cousin?" I whispered back.

"Yeah, my name's Apple Bloom, she tol' me that ya were coming to our school, but she never tol' me ya were an alicorn!"

I was going to reply, but our conversation was cut short by my new teacher, Miss Cheerilee.

"Girls, I know that you are both excited to have made a new friend, but I'm sure that this can wait until after class."

Everypony was staring at us now, the pink pony sat to the other side of me, (the left side), took the opportunity to speak to me for the first time.

"Aww, what's wrong?! The little wanna-be Princess, got told off for talking?! Well then, maybe if you don't wanna get told off, you should hang around with the COOL kids, instead of those cutie mark-less crybabies!" The pony sat next to her joined in.

"Yeah, they haven't even gt their cutie marks yet!"

I looked down at my flank.

"So what? I haven't got mine yet either."

The pink pony looked at me for a few seconds before speaking again.

"Well, yes, but that can all be over-looked, with you being an Alicorn and all..."

I wasn't sure what to say. I knew that everypony loves an Alicorn and all, but what these girls were saying seemed a bit harsh. Picking on someone just because they don't have their cutiemark?! I didn't like this... I didn't like this at all.

"Actually, I think I'm good thanks."

The two girls looked quite taken back by this.

"Well I think you're making a big mistake!" Sneered the pink pony.

"Yeah, they don't even have their cutiemarks!" Chimed the other.

I was about to point out that she'd already said that when my new teacher interrupted us.

"GIRLS!" The two looked embarrassed at first, they stopped talking at once, putting their heads down as though they were sorry, but as soon as Miss Cheerilee turned away, they poked their tongues out and laughed silently.

After school Apple Bloom invited me over to her clubhouse. As we approached it, I could hear voices. The door swung open and a white unicorn walked out.

"Hey'a Apple Bloom! Me and Scootaloo have just been practicing for the sisterhooves social, wanna help? Wouldn't it be great if we got cutie marks for being amazing sisters?!"

"Maybe we can practice for the sisterhooves social later, Sweetie Belle, first, we have something more important to do."

"What could possibly be more important then performing in the sisterhooves social AND earning our cutie marks for it at the same time?!" Apple Bloom stepped to one side, revealing me as she did so.

"Take a peek at our new cutie mark crusader, we need to do one of those, ya know, 'ya are now a cutie mark crusader' meetings like we did with mah cousin, Babs Seed!" Sweetie Belle's eyes lit up.

"I'll get Scootaloo!"

The 'Ya are now a cutie mark crusader meeting' seemed to go on for a while. I kept looking down at my blank flank, do these ponies really get teased, just because they don't have a cutie mark?

Author's Note:

Hi, okay, so this is my first ever chapter and also, my first story. I only joined this today, so it's completely new to me, but I wanted to give this a try. I hope that you all like my story, or at least this first chapter anyway. Please feel free to leave your comments, I'd love to hear what you think. Just a short chapter for the start, I don't know how often I'll update this but yeah, goodbye! :raritywink:

PS: I started writing this almost a year ago now so thanks for sticking with me! I've just edited the first chapter slightly. I hope you like it!!!

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