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MommAdagio - EagleOfDeath15

In an alternate universe far, far away... What if Adagio Dazzle fell in love and became a mother?

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Two - An Unexpected Intrusion

Author's Note:

Wow... I'm surprised to see how many people have liked and shown their support for the story so far. This is greatly appreciated, thank you all very much! :twilightsmile:

Anyway, second chapter's done! Took some time to come up and devise the plot for this chapter. Thank you and I hope you all enjoy the second chapter! More coming! :pinkiehappy:

Credit and thanks to Sonicfan13451 for making me this image.

I felt greatly relieved ever since I revealed my true feelings to Adagio. It feels like a great weight has been lifted off my chest, allowing me to breath normally again. Even more, I’ve found out she felt the same way about me. I would’ve never thought that one night would lead to something more… sensual, that I would fully convey how much I truly love her as much as she loves me. It’s a great feeling that can never be explained.

My senses were triggered by a warm feeling. I slowly opened my eyes, only to wince due to a bright light. I covered my eyes with an arm as my vision gradually adjusted. Finally, I was able to see again without difficulty. I yawned and slowly sat up from the bed. I looked to my side to find the girl of my dreams drowsing away peacefully, clinging onto me tightly.

I smiled. It’s hard to believe that I’m right here after having spent the night with her. Some would say I’m lucky, but in my opinion, I feel undeserving. She’s just gorgeous and perfect, too perfect, I thought to myself. I placed a hand over her head, caressing her smooth, silky hair. I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the forehead. I then proceeded to remove her arm carefully, cautious not to wake her up. I began to stand up when I felt myself pulled back by two silky-smooth arms. The next thing I know, I’m lying down on the bed with two fuchsia eyes staring into mine.

There was Adagio, smiling and awake. “Good morning, handsome,” she greeted softly. She placed her hands on my cheeks.

I wrapped my arms around her waist. “Good morning, beautiful,” I greeted in return. I smiled and brought her into my arms affectionately.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked.

She gave a sultry smile, “I slept better with you by my side.” I blushed. She laughed when she noticed. “Oh, come on. We’ve done it already and yet you’re still embarrassed?”

“I-I’m just trying to be appropriate,” I said sheepishly.

“Awww, you’re so modest. That’s another thing I love about you,” she gave me a peck on the lips. I was lost for words. Adagio decided to make a move. She pressed herself on me, rubbing her chest against mine. I felt my blush grew deeper.


She giggled. “Yes, Clavi?” she cooed.

“Am I dreaming or am I in Heaven?” I asked. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips for several seconds.

“Does that answer your question?” she said seductively.

“Y-yeah.” I felt a blush forming.

“Aww, someone’s liking the attention,” she teased.

“Maybe it’s because you’re just too alluring,” I said.

“Do you want more?” she said with a sensual tone. I stared at her in silence, unable to ponder her question.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she said. She leaned forward and kissed me full force on the lips. My eyes grew wide in surprise, but I quickly regained my posture. I retaliated as I returned the kiss, thrillingly putting in as much passion and love into it as the night before. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, eliciting a soft moan from her. I felt her tongue brush against mine as we wrestled for domination. We pulled away, connected by a small strand of saliva from our mouths, catching our breaths.

Adagio smiled. “For our first time, you’re such a great kisser.”

“And you have sweet lips,” I grinned.

Oh? So how was I last night then? Did I taste good?” she trailed sultrily. Her voice sent shivers up my spine.

“U-um… I…” I stammered.

She giggled. “You’re just too cute when you’re confused,” she said. We stayed there for a while, locked into each other’s eyes.

“I’m glad I met you. I don’t know how things would be without you here. I feel incomplete when you’re not there,” she whispered softly.

“Shh… I’m here. I did promise I’d be here for you, right?” I reassured. She nodded. “I’m here, and I always will be. I can feel the spark between us, I know it. You’re the only girl I had my eyes on,” I paused. “Do you remember why I sang that song last night?”

“You wanted to express your feelings for that girl, hoping they’d feel the same way about you. And you’re right, I do feel the same way for you,” she answered.

“That’s right.” I heard sniffles which seemed to come from her.

“Hey, are you crying?” She was. “Hey, don’t cry. I don’t like to see you crying,” I cooed softly. She nuzzled her head under my chin.

“It’s okay. I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying because I’m… just happy to hear how you feel about me. Every word from you is tender.” She pulled her head back.

She cupped my cheeks. “I love you, Clavier,” she said softly.

“And I love you more, Adagio.” We both leaned in, our lips meeting once again. We pulled away from each other. I bore a grin on my face.

“So, where were we, milady?” I teased. She giggled. She pulled me down onto the bed, locking our lips together into a long, passionate kiss. She let out a moan as I ran my hands up and down her waist gently, allowing my tongue entry. She moaned deeper, causing her to wrap her arms around my neck as my tongue swirled inside, wrestling with hers for superiority.


She pulled away to catch some air. We looked at each other, confused. “Who could that be?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Who cares? I. WANT. YOU,” she said aggressively. Our lips met once again but was shortly cut off by a rapid ringing of the bell.


“UGH!” Adagio pulled away again, frustrated.

“You better check who it is. We can continue later,” I winked. She pouted, but not without a quick kiss. “You owe me one later,” she winked. I blushed. She got up from the bed and walked over to her dresser. She grasped for a dressing gown and put it on, tightly wrapped around her curvaceous figure. She then walked out of the room, a sway to her hips and went downstairs to meet the prowlers. That ass… I thought, biting my lower lip.

I sat alone on the bed in silence, pondering over my feelings. Okay, so I admitted my love for her, she asked me to spend the night, and here I am, in her bed with the girl I’m head over heels for. I let gravity pull me down, sighing blissfully. I recalled last night’s events. Every word and passion recollected.

Not a moment too soon, my eyes grew wide as realization dawns upon me. “Did we use protection last night?” I thought, concerned. I placed a finger to my forehead in deep thought. “I can’t even remember… things happened fast and here I am. I’ll have to ask Adagio later.” I sighed and closed my eyes. I heard a faint beeping noise.

“Must be my phone,” I muttered. I went over and grabbed my phone from my trousers that were among the scattered clothing on the floor. I turned on the phone to reveal 17 missed calls and 5 messages.

“Woah…” I said, astonished. I checked to see that they were all from Flash and the girls.

My attention was distracted from the screen as I suddenly heard a group of loud murmurs coming from downstairs. I slowly stood out of bed and walked quietly to the door to listen.

“Oh hey! Good morning guys!” Adagio’s voice greeted.

“Why howdy there, Adagio!” came a southern accent.

That’s Applejack no doubt. The girls are probably there with her.

“Good morning, Adagio. My, you look quite a mess,” a refined voice spoke.


“Probably had a rough workout,” came a teasing raspy voice.

Ugh… Rainbow, I groaned mentally. I won’t deny it though, Adagio and I did spend the night together. But still…

“Rainbow Dash!” Rarity scolded.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it. Please, come in and make yourselves at home,” Adagio gestured. I could hear the shuffling of feet down the hallway and into the living room.

“Whoopee!” I heard an excited tone.

Pinkie. I chuckled quietly.

“So, what brings you guys here?” Adagio asked the girls.

“Oh, we just wanted to come by and ask you if you’d like to hang out today,” came Sunset’s voice.

“Sure! I’ll be glad to! I’ll need a shower first,” Adagio excused.

“Please do, I can smell that horrid stench all over the place darling, hygiene is a must for a lady,” Rarity said, disgusted.

I sniffed myself. I only just noticed the foul stench surrounding my body which I assume was from last night’s activities. I stink of sex. I need to take a shower and get cleaned up, I thought.

“Phew! What is that smell?” Twilight complained. There was a brief silence among the girls.

“Er…uh… hehe. I tripped last night and fell onto a pile of rubbish. Y-yeah, that’s… what happened,” Adagio explained nervously. I face-palmed. I don’t think they’ll buy that excuse.

“Hmmm… that’s what happened huh?” Applejack asked suspiciously. I groaned mentally, aware that Applejack can detect a lie even from a mile away. She’s like a sniffer dog.

Note to self, don’t tell her that.

“Y-yeah, that’s what happened,” Adagio said, nervously.

“If ya say so,” Applejack drawled.

“Stay here for a sec girls. I’ll be right back,” Adagio said. I could hear footsteps approaching. Adagio slowly opened the door and walked in.

“Psst! Clavier, I need you to be quiet because the girls might hear you. The walls in my house aren’t exactly thick, either,” she whispered. I nodded. “Good boy. I’m going to take a shower because the girls wanted to ask me out to join them. Care to join me?” Adagio whispered alluringly. My face instantly burned to a bright red colour.

“W-what? B-b-u-but…” I stammered.

“It’s okay. Besides…” she sniffed. “You smell too. Might as well join me to save time,” she winked. I felt like I wanted to hide away from my embarrassment. Nevertheless, I accepted. Adagio went into the bathroom as I followed. She stripped off her dressing gown, once again, revealing her flawless body. She stepped into the cubicle, motioning me with her finger.

“Come here,” she whispered sexily.

Daaaaaamn, she’s turning me on already… I thought, blood rushing through my body. Adagio seemed to notice and blushed, giggling quietly. I stepped into the cubicle with her as she turned on the shower. She wrapped her arms around my torso, prompting me to do the same, closing my eyes. We stood there feeling each other’s warmth as water flowed down on us, trickling down our bodies. I opened my eyes to look at her. Her eyes opened, staring into mine.

“You look beautiful when you’re wet,” I said nonchalantly.

“Oh? In what way? Right now or last night?” she teased. I blushed.

“G-g-no! I meant right now,” I hissed, stuttering. She giggled softly.

“Relax, I was teasing.” Adagio grinned.

“I meant, you’re just beautiful in every way. The water glistening off your skin, hair straight down…” I took in a deep breath. “You’re just a sight to behold, you know that?”

“Aww, you’re so sweet,” she awed.

“Not as much as you,” I grinned. I unwrapped my arms and reached for a bar of soap. Water itself isn’t going to clean us of our stench.

“Do you want me to scrub your back?” I offered. She nodded. I slowly scrubbed her back with the soap, making small circles to ensure every spot was covered. After I was finished, she took the bar of soap and scrubbed mine in return. We let the water flow upon us, cleansing us of the stench.

We stood there under the trickling water. Adagio grabbed my head. “Remember, you owe me,” she said. She brought me closer as she leaned in for the kiss. Our lips met, continuing after the interruption. She moaned softly as I returned the kiss. Each time our lips met, the experience felt more electrifying than the last. She slid her tongue into my mouth, eliciting a moan from myself. I battled against hers for domination, causing her to moan louder. I pulled away. “Shhhh! They might hear us from downstairs. They’ll think something’s going on,” I whispered. Ironic when we’re both behind closed doors. She nodded. We resumed making out but were interrupted by a knocking on the door.

We pulled away again, both of our eyes wide. “Adagio, are you okay in there?” came Rarity’s voice. I began sweating bullets.

“U-uh yeah! I’m fine! I just… slipped,” Adagio called out.

“You’re not hurt are you?” Rarity asked from the other side of the door, concerned.

“No, I’ll be fine. Thanks for the concern,” Adagio replied.

“If you’re sure then. I’ll be back downstairs.” I sighed mentally in relief. Adagio turned off the shower as we both got out of the cubicle.

“Wait here. I’ll check if the coast is clear,” she said. I nodded. Adagio went to the door and slowly opened it, peeking into her room. She looked back and nodded her head. “It’s clear.”

I walked out of the room as Adagio went to her bedroom door and locked it. I dried myself with a towel and picked up my clothes on the floor to get dressed. “I can’t stay here any longer. I’ll get caught for sure,” I thought worriedly. I turned to face Adagio, who was dressed in a dark blue skirt and a light purple blouse.

“Adagio, I think I should go. I could get caught. It’s too risky,” I explained.

She frowned. “Can’t you stay with me for a little while longer?” she begged.

I pulled her into my arms as close as I could, giving her a peck on the lips. “I could, but if I get caught, what would the girls say? Wouldn’t they find it suspicious that I’m here?” I explained. She pouted, embracing her head against my chest.

“Yeah, I guess,” she accepted.

I knew I couldn’t just walk straight out of the door without getting spotted by one of the girls. I needed to ask Adagio if she could keep them at bay until I got out. “Will you be able to keep them distracted? I can’t just walk out of the door without making too much noise,” I stated.

She nodded. “Sure, I’ll keep them busy. Follow me and stay close.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me along gently. She opened the door to her bedroom, peeking out to make sure none of the girls were in view. “It’s clear.”

I walked out of the room quietly. I could hear the girls murmuring closely downstairs. Adagio signalled me to wait.

“Hey guys, sorry to keep you all waiting,” she said.

“It’s okay,” the girls replied in unison.

“Are you okay, Adagio? Rarity said you slipped in the shower when she went to check up on you,” Twilight said, concerned.

“I’m fine really, thanks,” she waved off.

“Didn’t sound like you got hurt,” Rainbow said, a smug tone in her voice.

“What’re you implying?” Adagio said.

I-it sounded like you were… moaning,” Fluttershy whispered. I started to panic as I heard that.

“W-what? What makes you think that, Fluttershy?” Adagio asked defensively.

“Is there someone up there with ya, sugarcube?” Applejack asked suspiciously.

“NO!” Adagio shouted. “I mean… no, there’s nobody up there with me. It’s just me and you girls in the house,” Adagio said sheepishly.

“Oooooh, are we playing hide and seek?” Pinkie exclaimed.

Oh crap, I hope she doesn’t come up here or I’m screwed… figuratively speaking.

“Ready or not, here I come!” Pinkie yelled.

Oh no… I quietly rushed back into Adagio’s room. I panicked as I looked for a place to hide. I could hear Pinkie’s footsteps bounding up the stairs. There’s not much time left. I looked behind me and saw a wardrobe. I opened it. Luckily, it didn’t have much in it, giving me plenty of space to hide in.

“Pinkie! Wait!” I heard Adagio call out. I stood inside the wardrobe, observing through the small gap. Not too long after I got in, Pinkie charged into the room and stood in the center.

“Come out, come out, wherever you areeeeee!” Pinkie sang. I feel like I’m being hunted in a horror movie, albeit the anomaly is replaced by a party-obsessed girl. Through the gap, I saw Adagio and the rest of the girls rush into the room.

“Pinkie! You should know better than to barge into someone else’s room!” Sunset scolded. Despite being warned, Pinkie seemed to ignore her and continued to be her usual self.

Typical Pinkie, I mentally chuckled.

“I told you, there’s no one up here!” Adagio shouted. I saw Twilight looking around the room, observing every speck and gap. I felt nervous at being discovered by the girls. Not only would I be embarrassed and humiliated, but Adagio too!

“Huh, why’re your clothes scattered on the floor?” Rainbow asked.

I began to grow more nervous. Ugh, the room’s untidy and the bed sheets probably reek from last night, I groaned mentally.

“I... felt tired last night and decided to just strip down and go to bed,” Adagio said. Applejack gave her a suspicious look.

“Care to explain the bed?” she asked, her eyes narrowed. I could see Adagio’s hands fidgeting behind her back.

“Well, I just woke up and I haven’t had time to make the bed. You guys did disturb my sleep after all,” Adagio explained. Applejack nodded slowly. After all, there was some truth to her words. My mind flashes back to earlier before the girls came by and disturbed us.

“Eugh! What’s that horrid stench?” Rarity gagged. The other girls began sniffing themselves and in the air. I began to grow more and more nervous, I felt the need to rush out of the wardrobe and out of the house.

“Not me,” Rainbow said.

Twilight shook her head. “Not me.”

Applejack shook her head. “It ain’t me either.”

“Pfft. You work at the farm,” Rainbow pointed. I covered my mouth, preventing myself from bursting into laughter.

“Hey! Just because ah work at the farm does not mean ah don’t keep mahself clean!” Applejack retorted. Rainbow shrugged.

“It’s definitely not me. A lady never smells awful!” Rarity said haughtily, head in the air.

“It’s not me,” Fluttershy said quietly.

“I smell like cupcakes!” Pinkie cried. “Ooh! Speaking of cake,” she randomly extricated a cupcake from her puffy pink hair. I shook my head, accepting her random nature. The rest of the girls looked to Adagio.

“What? It’s not me, I just had a shower,” she shrugged.

“U-uh girls? I think it’s—“ Fluttershy spoke but was interrupted.

“If it’s not any of us, where is it coming from?”

“Maybe it’s Fluttershy? She hangs around critters a lot,” Pinkie pointed out.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason,” Rainbow said sarcastically. Pinkie was bouncing around, causing poor Fluttershy to trip.

“WAH!” Fluttershy yelled, toppling onto the bed face first.

OH SHI— I wanted to call out but I had to stop myself. I watched, helpless at what’s coming next.

“PINKIE!” the girls loudly chided her. Sunset walked over to Fluttershy, who was still lying flat on the bed. She slowly pushed herself up.

“W-what’s this?” Fluttershy said. She leaned down and sniffed the bed.

Ohhhhh, no...

Fluttershy’s eyes grew wide open, blushing deep as a red tomato.

“I-i-i-it smells like…” I was about to lose it but I had to keep myself under control. The next thing I knew, Fluttershy was screaming loudly, shaking the walls and the room. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW!” The girls had to cover their ears while I had to cover mine as tight as I could due to the confined space of the wardrobe.

“Fluttershy! Calm down!” Twilight yelled to try calm her down, but she wasn’t responding.

“I got an idea!” Rainbow yelled. She walked over to Fluttershy, who was screaming in a corner. Rainbow grabbed and turned her around, giving her a slap on the face. Fluttershy did indeed stop yelling, but I feared for the worst. “CALM DOWN!” Rainbow yelled.

Oh no, that’s going to make things worse, Rainbow. What came next surprised me. Instead of another breakdown, Fluttershy smacked her hard on the face, leaving a red hand-mark on Rainbow’s face.

OW!” Rainbow cried out, falling onto the floor.

“Oh my Faust! I’m so sorry, Rainbow Dash! I didn’t mean to slap you back!,” Fluttershy apologised frantically, self-consciously lowering her head. I gasped quietly, covering my mouth. The girls gasped. That was completely unexpected from Fluttershy, but at the same time, Rainbow did deserve it for slapping her in the first place.

Rainbow held a thumbs-up, dazed. “Just about right! Well done, Fluttershy!”

“Alright, simmer down y’all!” Applejack shouted over the girls. They all fell silent. Rarity decided to speak.

“Fluttershy, what’s wrong darling? Why were you screaming?” Rarity asked her calmly. She didn’t respond.

“Fluttershy?” Twilight asked. Fluttershy pointed to the bed. I could see Adagio becoming nervous. Rainbow stood up, rubbing her red-stained face.

“Hehe, sorry about that, Fluttershy,” Rainbow apologised sheepishly.

“I-it’s okay. Sorry for hitting you. It didn’t hurt too much did it?” the shy girl asked anxiously. Rainbow shook her head.

Rainbow hiding behind her pride as usual, I smirked mentally. She’s one never to let her ego down.

“Fluttershy, I’m sorry for tripping you over. It was an accident!” Pinkie begged, clutching onto her legs tightly.

“It’s okay, really.”

“So, what’s wrong? What got ya screamin’ girl?” Applejack asked. Fluttershy pointed to the bed.

“The bed,” she simply said.

“Okay, it’s the bed, but what about it?” Rainbow asked.

“It’s wet, an—“ Fluttershy continued, but was interrupted once again. Rainbow doubled over laughing. “Oh! My! Gosh! Adagio, you still wet the bed?” I could see the other girls trying not to burst out laughing, but failed. The whole room erupted in laughter as Adagio stood there, blushing and embarrassed.

“I did not wet the bed!” Adagio shot hotly.

“Um, girls if I could just—“ poor Fluttershy was drowned out by the giggling.

“Oh yeah? Why’d Fluttershy get wet then?” Rainbow asked smugly.

“I… UGH!” Adagio groaned.

Uh, girls? The bed also sme—“ I saw Sunset sniffing at the bed.

“Ugh! That smells horrible. Are you sure you didn’t wet the bed?” Sunset teased.

FOR THE LAST TIME! NO!” Adagio roared. The girls stopped sniggering, cowering in fear. Adagio took in a deep breath and calmed down.

Nevermind…” Fluttershy sighed.

“It’s… It’s complicated alright? Now can we just leave it and go downstairs? You’ve all been in my room long enough already,” Adagio requested. The girls nodded and filed out of the room. Adagio stood there, waiting for them to leave and ensure that they were out of hearing range.

“Clavier? Are you there?” she whispered. I decided to walk out of her wardrobe, taking a deep breath for fresh air. “I’m here,” I said. She rushed over and gave me a tight hug, giggling quietly.

“Out of all the places, it had to be in the wardrobe huh? Enjoy the assortment?” she teased.

I chuckled quietly. “I didn’t pay attention because I had my eye on you.” She blushed. We shared a smile. “I really have to go. Flash’s been texting me like crazy,” I explained, frowning.

“Alright, let’s try again.” She grabbed my hand and led me out of the door quietly, signalling me to wait. “Once I walk down there, I’ll keep them distracted while you walk out of the door okay?” I nodded. She walked out and went down the hallway into the living room where the girls were waiting.

“Clavier hasn’t been responding. Should I try calling him?” Rarity asked. I panicked. I checked my pocket, making sure it was on silent. Luckily, it was off. I slowly put on my shoes and tip-toed down the stairs gingerly to avoid being heard at all costs.

“Has he replied to any of you girls?” Sunset asked. The rest of the girls murmured a ‘no’.

“He’s probably tired from last night’s performance. Cut him some slack. He deserves some rest,” Adagio replied. I smiled. I finally made it down the stairs and proceeded to move forwards to the door. I gently touched the handle and twisted it slowly. The door made a click.

“Hey, what was that?” Rainbow asked. I began to panic. If Rainbow came down here, I’d be done for.

“Meh, it’s probably nothing,” Rainbow shrugged. I slowly opened the door as it made a slight noise. It’s now or never… I took a deep breath and opened the door, rushing outside.

“What was that?!” I heard Twilight call out. I rushed out the door and pelted down the road far away from Adagio’s. Luckily, I didn’t live too far, being a 15 minute walk from each other. I made a sprint back towards home.

Shortly, I heard a voice call out. “HEY! COME BACK HERE!” I didn’t dare turn around nor guess who it was, knowing the risk if I got caught.

I zoomed down the lane as fast as lightning, avoiding my pursuer(s). I turned to the right into an alley and then a left. Yes! The main high street was full of people. I dashed into the main street and blended with the people. I chose to stick near the shops, hoping to conceal my identity further. I saw a cafe and went inside. I sat down in one of the chairs and asked for a cup of coffee. I observed the alley I came out from, my eyes lingering for a sign of the girls. My patience paid off when I spotted Rainbow Dash, who was followed by Applejack. The rest of the girls didn’t seem to be with them.

I took a sip of my coffee, hiding in plain sight in the crowd. Applejack and Rainbow seemed to be bickering and turned around, making their way back to the others. I sighed in relief, taking a fresh breath to calm the nerves. I gulped down the rest and gave the waitress a tip. She thanked me and I bid farewell, exiting the cafe. I decided to walk back home.

- 13 Minutes Later -

I finally reached my residence. I approached the door to my house, fumbling for my keys in a pocket. I grabbed them and unlocked the door. I entered and went upstairs to my room, discarding my clothes and leaving them in the laundry, leaving me in my boxers. I let myself fall onto the bed, falling into a slumber.

- Sometime Later -

I woke up feeling refreshed, having been worn out from hiding from the girls and my little escapade from Applejack and Rainbow. I checked my phone for the time. It was now 11:30AM. I noticed I had more missed calls and texts from the girls and Flash. I opened the message app, scrolling through the latest text from them individually.

Hey, are you okay? You haven’t been responding to the texts. - Sunset

Please answer our messages… if you don’t mind that is.- Fluttershy

Hey Clavier, you haven’t been responding lately. We’re getting worried. Please call any of us back soon.- Twilight

Clavier, darling, please reply or call one of us at least. Much love XOXO- Rarity

Hey sugarcube, hope you’re alright. We’re getting worried. Please let us know you’re okay,” - Applejack

Hey dude, I hope you’re okay and just sleeping after last night’s performance and partying. Stay awesome, but not as much as me!:) - Rainbow

Hey Clavier! I hope you had a good night at the party! We should do a Congratulations-Clavier-For-The-Super-Terrific-Performance party for you soon! :D I hope you’re okay, please respond ASAP." - Pinkie

Hey dude! You better be okay! You haven’t been responding to my texts and calls. The girls called me earlier today and said the same. Please reply ASAP.- Flash

I smiled and sent a reply to each one individually, informing them that I’m okay.

My phone beeped, giving notice that I received another text. I smiled. It was from Adagio.

Hey handsome, I hope you made it back home without too much trouble. Rainbow and Applejack didn’t catch you did they? Anyway, hope to see you again soon. Me and the girls plan on coming down to your house later near evening. Love you ;) XOXO- Adagio

I smiled, heart beating. It’s only been a short while since I’ve left Adagio’s side and I miss her already. I’m truly, madly in love. I decided to reply back.

Hey beautiful. I made it back but not without being chased haha! They didn’t catch me. I’m just too quick :P Hope to see you soon as well. Miss you already :c Love you too :)- Clavier

I pressed ‘Send’ on my phone. I lay there, closing my eyes and relishing the warmth of the sun. My thoughts instantly journeyed back to Adagio. Everything about her just made me go crazy—her soft smooth skin, her sleek hair, curvaceous figure, the delicate touch of her hands, a beautiful smile on her face, luscious lips, teasing attitude. Faust, I feel like my life would be meaningless without her around. I can’t stand a second without her by my side. As I was fixed on my own thoughts,suddenly, my phone began vibrating. I checked to see that it was Flash. I accepted and placed my phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I said.

CLAVIER! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN MAN!” Flash yelled. I winced, covering my ear.

“Darnit, will you stop yelling? Geez....” I yelled back.

“Sorry,” he said. “Anyway, where’ve you been?”

“I..” I paused, carefully thinking over my words. “I’ve been here, sleeping in.”

“Bull. I came by earlier and you weren’t there. I tried calling you and sending texts, but I didn’t get any replies. For crying out loud, do you know how worried I was about you?” he chided. I can understand Flash’s attitude right now. He’s just looking out for me. He’s always been like my brother since we were little after all.

I began to think of an excuse. “I… I woke up earlier and decided to walk. I forgot to bring my phone with me,” I said. Please buy it, please buy it! I chanted mentally.

“Alright, that’s pretty fair I guess. Anyway, is it free to drop by and chill?” he asked.

“Sure thing buddy. When’re you planning on coming?” I asked him.

“Already there, outside your door,” he replied. I shook my head.

“For Faust’s sake, let me know next time before you come here. My place looks like a total mess right now.” I heard him chuckling in the background as I ended the call. I went downstairs and opened the door. There stood my best friend. I gestured him in. “Come in.” He thanked me and took off his shoes. We went to my living room and sat on the couch as I reached for the TV remote and turned it on.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. Flash looked at me with a smug grin plastered on his face.

“What?” I asked.

“I know you didn’t go for a walk buddy,” he specified, grin still plastered on his face.