• Published 9th Jul 2015
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Their Variables - Meta Four

A collection of short one-shots about alternate universes and "What if?" scenarios.

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From Canterlot Boutique with Love

Really?” Twilight took a sip of tea to calm herself, before continuing. “You burned all those extra Princess Dresses?”

“Yes, yes, I did.” Rarity raised her snout. Quieter, to herself, she muttered, “And I still think ‘Reign In Stain’ was a better name for it ...”


“Because it was more clever than ‘Princess Dress’.”

“No, I mean, why did you burn them?”

“Because my dresses are supposed to be unique! One-of-a-kind!” Rarity punctuated this by smacking the tabletop. “But by listening to Sassy Saddles and making hundreds of that one design, I sucked the soul out of it. I made an extraordinary dress, ordinary!

“So, what you’re saying is ...” Twilight tapped her chin, trying her hardest to avoid smiling. “... thanks to mass production ... The Reign In Stain felt mainly rather plain?”

Author's Note:

Rarity groaned. “You know, Twilight, Monarchs have been dethroned for less. I’m certainly voting for somepony else in the next Best Princess poll.”


Credit to Take Walker for the title: