• Published 22nd May 2012
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A New World - Dream Searcher

Due to a failed spell of Twilight, the ponies (and spike) are now trapped on earth.

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A failed spell

Note: This is my first chapter of my first story, I hoped you will like it. If you see any grammatical mistakes or mistakes with comma’s please tell me in the comments. Because English isn’t my native language, Dutch is.
Hope you like the first chapter, it’s a bit repetitive but that will change in chapter 2.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
It was a normal day in Ponyville and everyone was doing their job. Rainbow Dash was keeping the clouds out of Ponyville and occasionally taking a nap. Pinkie pie was helping in the bakery making cupcakes and, of course, eating them. Rarity was designing a new dress for her new fashion line called: ‘Rarity’s Prestige’ and Spike was helping her with the dress. Applejack was on the market selling her apples, apple pie, apple cupcakes, … well you get the idea. And Fluttershy was helping the animals. But there was one pony who wasn’t doing her job and that was Twilight Sparkle. She said to Spike he could go to Rarity's while she cleaned the library but while she was cleaning she stumbled upon a book about transportation spells, she was so intrigued by it that she decided to read it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
At the same time, in another universe was I, Jack, an 18 year old guy who lived on his own farm. I just finished school and moved out of the house of my parents to buy a farm. I always wanted to live on the countryside and with a farm I could make some money. But there was a catch, I had no employees and with this economy finding good and hardworking people is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I decided to just wait a bit and see if the economy gets better. Because I had nothing better to do I decided to surf a bit on the internet. While I was on YouTube I saw an advertisement for an animated TV show called: ‘My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic.’ I clicked on it and came on a site where I could choose an episode, I chose the first one. After watching the first episode I said:

“Well, this quite a good show.” I decided to watch some more.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Back in Ponyville Twilight was done reading the book.

“ This book is very good, with the spell I learned I can teleport to my friends without even knowing where they are,” she said. “ I want to see if it works.”

She concentrated on the face of Rainbow Dash and while her horn began to glow, she said: “Come on, concentrate on Rainbow.” And just as she was ready to be teleported to Rainbow she realized that she was usually in the air. “Uh-oh.” She said but it was too late and she was already being teleported.

In the outskirts of Ponyville was Rainbow Dash, she was resting on a cloud. She heard a small plop but thought nothing of it until she heard a scream. “RAIIIIINBOOOOWW!!!” This made Rainbow jump and then she saw Twilight falling. “ I’m coming!!” She yelled. Rainbow flew down as fast as she could and luckily she caught Twilight in mid-air.

“ Thank you, I owe you my life.” Twilight said.

“ Don’t mention it,” Rainbow said with a wink. “But tell me, how come you were in the air because you don’t have any wings and we both saw that now.”

“ Well, I found a transportation spell that could transport me to any of my friends, but I was a little too late to realize that you were in the air.” Twilight replied.

Rainbow putted Twilight down on the ground. “ Twilight, you are smart, but sometimes you’re also an idiot.” Rainbow said while ruffling in Twilight’s hair.

“ I know,” she replied and putting her hair back the way it was. “Do you want to see what Fluttershy is doing?”

“ Yeah, I guess since you have already woken me from my sleep.” Rainbow said with a smirk on her face.

Twilight didn’t notice the smirk because she was already concentrating on Fluttershy and after two seconds they were gone.

Fluttershy was busy with her animals at her house when she he heard a voice. “ Hi Fluttershy.”
Fluttershy jumped up, too scared to even see who it was.

“ Calm down, it’s just me and Twilight.” Rainbow said.

Fluttershy, now calmed down, looked at Rainbow and Twilight. “ Geez, it’s just you guys, stop scaring me so much okay?”

“ Okay,” Twilight said. “ What were you doing?”

“ Oh, I was just making a new nest for a family of birds.” She replied.

“ Can we help?” Twilight asked.

“ But of course.” Fluttershy said with delight.

After 30 minutes of work the nest was finished. “ Do you want to go to Rarity with us, I’m going to use my transportation spell.”

“ I don’t see why not.” Fluttershy replied. And *poof* they were gone.

Rarity was busy with her dress and Spike was giving her the materials she required when she heard that her door opened.

“ We’re not yet open.” She said.

“ Rarity, it’s just us.” Twilight replied.

“ Oh, and is there a specific reason why you’re all here?” Rarity asked.

“ Well I learned a new spell, a transportation spell that can transport you to any of your friends and I want to show it to all my friends, so do you want to come with us to Pinkie Pie?” Twilight asked with puppy eyes.

“ Darling, I’d love to but this dress really needs to be finished before tomorrow.” She said, hoping her friends would help her.

“ We want to help” Twilight said.

“ You want, okay then,” She said. “ Twilight, I want you in that dress. Rainbow Dash, you help Spike with handing over the materials and Fluttershy, you help me with the measurements.

They all did what they had been told and after one hour the dress was ready. “Are we ready girls and Spike of course?” Twilight asked.

Everyone said yes and then they were gone, now to Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie was very busy with… eating cupcakes when she heard her friends.

“ What are you guys doing here?” She asked while eating another cupcake.

Twilight did her story again about her spell and asked if she could help with something.

“ Nope, everything is done.” Pinkie said, still eating cupcakes.

“ Oh, that’s good, you want to come with us to Applejack?” Twilight asked.

Pinkie agreed and they were gone, now to applejack.

Applejack was busy selling her products because the farm really needed some renovation, when she saw Twilight and her group appearing before her.

“ Oh mah Celestia, ya scared me there sugarcube.” Applejack said while gasping for air.

“ I’m sorry, but now you’ve seen what my spell can do, it’s a transportation spell.” Twilight said proudly

“ Now that’s all very interesting, sugarcube but ah have a stand to run, tell ya what if you guys help me with selling then ah can spend the rest of the day with you guys, deal?” Applejack said.

“ Deal” Twilight said happily.

They have been selling for one hour and then the whole stock was empty. Twilight thought to herself that with all the help she has given to her friends, she sure would write one giant letter to the princess.

“ I’m exhausted, are you ready now?” Twilight asked. “ I want to go back to the library with all of you to find some fun spells.”

“ Yep, sugarcube, everything is finished.” Applejack answered happily.

“ Okay, everyone around me, I’m going to transport us all back to my library.”

They all stepped closer to Twilight but just as they were going to be transported, something happened to the spell and they disappeared into nothing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
In our world, I had no idea what happened in Ponyville. I had just finished some episodes and was about to turn my computer off but then something happened, my computer screen began flashing and it turned off. I looked away from the computer, because of the flashes but when I turned back I saw something sitting on my lap. When my vision focused I saw that it was Twilight Sparkle who was sitting on my lap. I looked around the room and saw the rest of Twilight’s friends and even Spike.

“ po… po… po.. ponies!!!” I yelled.

I saw they were a terrified of me as I of them.

Hope you like the first chapter, it’s a bit repetitive but that will change in chapter 2.