• Published 22nd May 2012
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A New World - Dream Searcher

Due to a failed spell of Twilight, the ponies (and spike) are now trapped on earth.

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Love Is A Difficult Thing

A week has passed since my first encounter with the My Little Ponies and I grew to love them. But there was one I loved more than the others, and that was Rainbow Dash. I don’t know why, but she had something in her, a fire in her heart, or was it just her loyalty to me? She was always ready to help, no matter how hard the task. Once, she helped me to drive away some parasites who wanted to eat my crops and infecting my cows. But there was also Twilight; I still haven’t forgotten her surprise. She always wanted to do good, she helped with creating a medicine for the cows that got infected and she read some books together with me, Rainbow would call her ‘an egghead’, but I found it pretty cute, quite attractive. No, I couldn’t be attracted to ponies, they’re still animals, but with some human characteristics. I pushed the thought of being attracted to Rainbow or Twilight out of my head and went to Rarity; I wanted to know why she was being so mysterious.

When I got out of my house I saw Rainbow flying, she saw me and flew to me. “There’s a storm coming, I’m going to slow it down and trying to steer it away from the farm.” She said, flying away before I could tell her not to do it. I said to myself that she could handle it and I continued to Rarity’s house. She saw me coming and walked directly towards me.

“Darling, I was just looking for you.” She said while she went back to her house, giving a nod with her head signaling me to follow her.

I went inside her house, which was still a bit too small for me, and she told me to close my eyes. I did what I was told and closed my eyes; and heard what sounded like Rarity shuffling things. I could then open my eyes and just before me was a human mannequin wearing a black and white tuxedo, this tuxedo would even make Giorgio Armani jealous. The tuxedo had a long black coat, it also had two diamonds on each sleeve of the coat, you could also call it a smoking jacket, a nice black vest, under the vest was a plain white dress shirt accompanied by a nice little black bow tie, but it could also be exchanged with a normal tie. The trousers were also black and under them was a pair of shiny black plain-toed shoes. I looked at it that almost my eyes were coming out of its sockets, but changed my expression back to my casual look.

Rarity noticed this and asked with an unsure voice. “Don’t you like it?”

“Like it?” I began, knowing that a prank was coming. “No, I don’t like it.” I saw some tears appearing in Rarity’s eyes. “I love it.” I said, smiling at Rarity.

This made her jump from happiness and hugged me so tightly that she almost crushed my lungs. “Why did you make this for me?” I asked her because I didn’t deserve such an amazing tuxedo.

“Well, I wanted to express my thanks for letting me live on your farm. This was also why I’ve been so mysterious these past few days; this is my surprise for you. But there is also another reason why I made this tuxedo. I’ve heard that your parents died and that you are now all alone, us not counting, so I made this tuxedo so you could find a girlfriend.”

“Um… a girlfriend? But Rarity I don’t want a girlfriend, I’m fine just the way it is now.”

“Well that’s too bad, darling, because I used your telephone to make some arrangements and you’re going to a ball, tonight.”

This gave me an expression of terror. “A ball, tonight, but Rarity I don’t even know how to dance properly, I’m going to blow it.”

“Now that’s not a problem, I’m going to teach you to dance like a gentleman.” It took the tuxedo off the mannequin and followed Rarity to my house. I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with this. I’m not a gentleman, I’m a farmer. I can breakdance, but I can’t dance like a gentleman. I’m so going to blow it at the ball and I’m going to be the laugh of the night. And as if it couldn’t get any worse I saw Rainbow, the coolest of the gang, flying towards me.

“Hey guys, the storm is gone… What’s with the penguin suit?” She said while she was trying really hard not to laugh.

“This, my dear Rainbow Dash, is a tuxedo. Jack is going to wear it tonight, when he’s going to a ball. I’m now going to teach him how to dance properly and like a gentleman and you’re going to be his dance partner.” Rarity said, a bit insulted by Rainbow Dash’s comment about the suit.

“I’m going to be what? No, no, no.” Rainbow said, trying to fly away.

But it was to no avail because Rarity already used her magic to levitate Rainbow into the house. She was really pissed at Rarity, I saw it in her face, but when she looked at me, her expression changed to one who was about to enjoy the dancing. I felt something in my stomach, a feeling I had never experienced, and butterflies in my stomach. But I still told myself, she’s an animal, she isn’t human. But did she have to be human to be loved?

Just when my head was about to explode, Rarity told me to get changed into the tuxedo. I went to the bathroom and put on the tuxedo, I also changed my hair a bit with some hair gel and when I looked at the mirror, the farmer was gone and a gentleman took its place.

I stepped out of the bathroom and when the two ponies looked at me, I saw their mouths hanging open from amazement. “Who are you and what have you done with Jack.” Rainbow joked. I did feel very proud of my tuxedo. Rarity took a CD and put it the radio. It was ballroom and tango music. I was told to take Rainbow’s forelegs and place my right hand on her back, but I did have to lower myself a bit to be at the same height as her. She needed to put her left hoof on my back and with our free hand/hoof we needed to hold each other. Then came my feet, I needed to step forward with my left foot, then with my right foot and after that, I needed to turn to the left. Rainbow needed to mirror all my moves. The next step was a little slide to the right, followed by putting all my weight on my left foot, doing a clockwise turn and bringing my feet back together. We needed to repeat this until we could do it without thinking about it. We were dancing passionately and I looked into her beautiful magenta eyes, she looked back into mine. We didn’t break eye contact for one minute and she leaned in forward to kiss me. I also leaned in but just at the last moment I pulled my head away, I wanted to kiss her, but I just couldn’t, the thought that she was still an animal never left my head. She opened her eyes and I saw she was creating some tears. She let go of my hands and ran outside, soon followed with flying away. I immediately regretted what I’ve done and ran after her but it was to no avail, she was already gone.

“I’m so stupid.” I said to myself, Rarity standing next to me.

“Don’t worry, I will talk to her, but you need to know that you need to find a girlfriend of your own kind.”

In one way I knew this was true, but another part of me wanted to be with Rainbow Dash. “I know.” I replied.

There was no time for thinking because the ball would begin in two hours and it was a one hour drive. So without seeing Rainbow Dash again I left, with some great dance moves but with a broken heart. Somehow I knew Rainbow had the same broken feeling as me, but our difference as a species was too big, I decided to leave it behind for now and to try and focus on the ball.

(8PM) I arrived and saw that it was a giant ball, but it was no ordinary ball, it was a competition. I stepped out of my car and when I did that, I saw everyone looking at me, some with amazement, others with jealousy. It was then that I noticed a beautiful young, blonde lady. She was wearing a red tango dress accompanied by a pair of red tango shoes. She was the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes upon and she was looking at me with the same expression. I walked towards her, determined to have a conversation.

“Hello there, my lady, I’m Jack.” I said, full with confidence.

“I know who you are, Jack.” She answered with a smooth voice and eyes that, if they looked at you, would make you melt.

“You do?” I asked, puzzled.

“You don’t recognize me? It’s me, Kate.”

“Kate? Oh yeah, Kate, from high school. Wow, you changed a lot.” I was happy to see an old friend, and my crush, back.

“I’m not the only one who has changed, look at you, quite the gentleman. Let’s have a drink at the bar” she said, happy to see her friend again.

I gave her my arm, which she gladly accepted, and together we walked to the bar. She ordered a martini and I ordered a shot of tequila. We talked what had happened since we departed ways. I told her that I had become a farmer, that Hugo had died and that I blamed it on myself, but the part about the ponies I didn’t say. She told me that she stopped studying and became a professional tango dancer. She wanted me to become her partner in the competition. I tried to refuse because I’ m not good at tango but my protests were to no avail, she went to the reception and registered us as a couple that would dance in the Argentinian tango. And so the night passed, but then it was our time to dance. I felt really stressed I don’t think I’ve been this stressed since my last final in high school. I remembered the instructions Rarity gave and to my surprise the dance went pretty well. During our dance I felt that there was only me and Kate and when I looked into her eyes, I could feel butterflies in my stomach, just the same as with Rainbow Dash. Then it hit me, Rainbow Dash. If I got into a relationship with Kate then it felt that I was betraying Rainbow, but Kate was the same species as me. I finished the dance and thanked Kate for the wonderful evening, I didn’t even want to hear which place we had. I left the ball and drove back home to Rainbow Dash, to the one I truly loved.

When I arrived, I saw Rarity standing at the entrance of my house. “Well, how did it go?” She asked curiously.

“It was good, but I still don’t have a girlfriend.” I said, leaving the fact behind that I almost had a relationship with Kate.

“I’m sorry darling, but I’m sure you will find someone.”

“Where’s Rainbow Dash?” I asked, not wanting to talk about my evening.

“She went back into your house. She didn’t want to talk about what happened.”

I said goodbye to Rarity and thanked her again for the tuxedo and went inside my house. When I was inside, I saw Rainbow sleeping on the couch; she clearly didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as me anymore. She was sleeping without a blanket so I placed one on her and kissed her on the head. I sat into the chair close to the fireplace and thought about what happened, the tuxedo, the crying of Rainbow and the ball. It was one hell of a day. I left my hand hanging outside of the chair and I could feel a head touching my hand. It was Rainbow, but her head was turned away from me. I let out a small sigh and continued to stroke her mane. It was silent for 5 minutes, but then Rainbow spoke.

“Did you enjoy your evening?” She asked in a tone pretty much the same as Fluttershy’s.

“I did enjoy it, but I haven’t found a girlfriend.” I said, looking at her, but she still not looking at me.

“I’m sorry.” She said, I could hear a tear dropping on the ground.

“Because I already have a girlfriend.” I was smiling.

This made her look at me with a puzzled face. “What do you mean?”

“You are my girlfriend. After I danced with my crush I had to make a decision: you or her. I chose you, I’ve just known you for one week, but it seems like it’s been all my life. I want to grow old with you, even if we are different species.” I could see a smile appearing on her face and some tears of joy, I think.

She sprang on my lap. “You really want to be my boyfriend, my special somepony, or somebody in this case?”

“Yes, I do.” We leaned in close and closed our eyes. Our lips coming closer together until I felt our lips touching each other. This was my first kiss with Rainbow and I enjoyed it more than anything.

I lifted her up and got up, it was late and it was time for bed. I laid her on the bed and I changed my tuxedo for my pajamas and went into bed, lying next to her. She began cuddling with me and it did feel pretty good. “I love you.” She said, close to my ear. “I love you too.” I said, close to her ear. And so we both drifted into a peaceful sleep. I now knew that these ponies weren’t animals, they were people just like me, but a little different.