• Published 23rd May 2015
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Somewhere over the Rainbow Dash - SuicidalAngel

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Chapter 6

"Soarin? Earth to Soarin!", Spitfire tried to get his attention, waving her hands frantically in his face. "SOARIN!!"

"Huh, what, huh?", Soarin responded shaking his head. He wasn't aware of what had just happened but he remembered seeing Dash shirtless.

"You've been standing there and staring off into space for THREE MINUTES!", Spitfire yelled annoyed. "What are you even looking at?" Spitfire turned around to see nothing special in particular.

"I...never mind", Soarin sighed and walked off.

"-and then he just walked away!", Spitfire finished. She was now in lunch explaining everything to the team. "He's such an idiot, I'm telling you, as soon as the coach promotes me, he better step up his game or he'll be demoted to waterboy..."

The table surrounded with snorts and laughter, mostly from the girls, some who had crushes on him. Misty Fly was the first to speak up.

"Well, are you sure you have no idea what he could've been staring at?", she asked. Spitfire tapped her chin and hummed.

"Actually, I think I heard something fall before he looked behind me and died for three minutes...but it was the custodian who dropped all the stuff off her cart when it rolled away".

The team looked at Spitfire confused. She dropped her sandwich and looked up. "I mean the cart rolled away".

"How?", Surprise asked. She gasped, "Do you think it was...ALIENS!"

"No. It's never gonna happen, give it up", Spitfire said to a grumpy Surprise. "I don't know what it was but it seemed to catch Soarin's attention".

Soarin was walking down the hallway feeling like an idiot. For two reasons really. One, he had stared of into space and got yelled at for it, Two, he had imagined Rainbow taking her shirt off. In a way, he felt dirty and guilty for thinking about Rainbow Dash like that. He wanted to erase that from his memory and be pure. Whatever that meant.

"You ok, babe?", Rainbow sneaked up behind him. "You're thinkin pretty hard there, I'm assuming, is everything ok?"

"Uhh..yeah, I just, so and then..yeah", he answered. She chuckled. "Wait what did you call me?" A blush formed on his face.

"Babe? Remember when we were 12, you said you were one", she said slightly embarrassed thinking about what he had maybe interpreted, "adorable when you look back at it".

"No. I was anything but adorable", he said unamused. She laughed some more as he rolled his eyes smiling. "Anyways, I have something for you".

Rainbow stopped laughing and looked up."Really? What is it?", she asked as he took of his backpack. He started unzipping it and took something out of it.

"Well remember when you told me you wanted to fly?", he asked.

"SHHHH!!! Not in public!", Rainbow panicked. Soarin teasingly rolled his eyes again.

"Ok, well you remember?", he said in a much softer voice.


He opened his notebook and landed on a page with what looked like robotic wings. Rainbow gasped. "That looks awesome! Are they wings?"

"Whaddya' think, babe?", said sarcastically. She stopped looking at the sketch and lightly punched hom in the arm.

"Hey!", she said defensively. Soarin looked over at her.

"Well if you're gonna call me that, I see no flaw with me doing the same", he replied rubbing his arm. Rainbow looked away to try and hidethe small blush forming on her face. He noticed her discomfort and took it back."Uhhh, but if you would rather I keep calling you Dashie, I'm ok with that..hehe"

"It's ok Soar, you can call me whatever you want", she said staring at him straight in the eyes. He stared back and smiled at her.

Ok, now she was starting to really like it when he did that.

"Um, anyways back to the outline model", he said awkwardly, breaking the gaze. "I was thinking we could make the wings a little heavier on the rim and lighter on the inside."

"Awesome! But we have to remember the articulations will be kinda heavy too", Rainbow replied.

"We'll make them smaller. That way they're lighter and easier to move", he suggested.


"What do you think they're doing?", a fancy sounding female voice whispered.

"He told me he was making wings for her or something", a brash male voice replied next to her.

"Aww that's so sweet...in its own way", the first voice cooed.

"All very exciting I'm sure, but we need to get this plan of ours figured out", a new voice said.

"Well there you go. He's making wings for her, we can help him out, right?", the fashionista replied.

"Sadly princess, that's not a scheme I'd part take in..it needs to be something behind their backs. Something so friggen great, we'll be royalty on these halls!", the male voice puffed.

"Yeah, "princess", we gotta think bigger!"

"I've got it!", the fancy voice whisper shouted.


"So we'll work on this more tomorrow right?", Soarin asked gathering his notes. He and Rainbow had been working on the wings for hours now.

"Duh...Uh I mean right. Hehe.", Dash answered. She felt like she was kinda rude considering what he was doing for her. Soarin eyed her a bit.

"Hey just cuz I'm a guy doesn't mean you have to be nice around me, you've known me for years", he said smiling, not entirely sure of what he meant by it.

"Hey, when have I ever acted nice near a guy? I usually just blend in with them", Dash replied.

"Oh, well if you're not trying to be nice cuz I'm a guy, why are you being nice to me?"

"Because we've been friends for years, you said it yourself"

"Oh right, all those years and yet you start now"

"Just cuz I didn't wanna be rude doesn't mean I'm going out of my way to be nice to you..."

"True....alright then see you tomorrow", he said suspicious. She rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Yeah see ya then. Thanks for keeping the lights on for us, Ms. Cheerilee!" Rainbow said as she and Soarin walked out of the library.

"Of course Miss Dash, first I've seen you here in a very long time", Cheerilee said joyfully. She closed the doors behing her and looked at Rainbow. "Because of your little project, I expect seeing you more often?" Rainbow nodded, strangling her back in one hand and reaching out to grab Soarin's with the other.

"I'll take that", Soarin said grabing Dash's hand before she grabbed his. Turning away blushing, she could hear him chuckling in amusement. Pfft.

"Typical. Dork."

Rainbow started walking off to her house, all in all happy about the day. Except for the minor incident, of course.

"Hey Dashie!", Soarin called out. She turned around.

"Yeah babe?"

"I totally saw you jump into the janitor's cart complety covered in ketchup"


Author's Note:

AFTER YEARS!! Take more of my cwappy writing! YAY

Did you see that last part comin? 0w0 Did ya??? You probably did. Did you see the first part coming???? Yes? -_- Buck..ok then