• Published 23rd May 2015
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Somewhere over the Rainbow Dash - SuicidalAngel

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Chapter 2

"Hey, Soar, I'm gonna go with my friends," Rainbow said looking up and smiling at him. She seemed to be doing that a lot these days, and she didn't know it, but Soarin really liked it when she did that. He smirked at her.

"Oh so I'm not considered one of your friends?" he asked, still smirking. She just smiled at his goofiness.

"You know what I meant," she replied and walked away to where her friends were in the line, skipping a student or two doing so. He watched until she was nearly out of sight between the crowd of students. She couldn't be completely out of sight, she had rainbow colored hair for crying out loud!

"Hey, Rainbow Dash," Sunset Shimmer said once she saw Rainbow nearing them. The others waved and small greetings escaped their mouths. Picking their food, Rarity decided to go for the question then and there.

"Hey, Rainbow, what was all that about Soarin's arm around you when you walked in?" Rarity asked in a rather teasing, yet concerned voice. The others looked at Rainbow as she quickly blushed, turning away to hide it. "I mean it looked like he didn't want to let go of you when you came over and you seemed pretty comfortable as well," Rarity added, making Rainbow's blush even more visible.

"He was just being a gentleman. Ya know, just cuz' he's an athlete doesn't mean he can't be polite," Rainbow protested, "Besides, how would you guys like it if I overreacted over, I dunno, some guy holding a door for you or something?" she added in a huff.

There was a silence for a moment as the others thought.

"Eh, ah suppose yer right. Ah would feel strange if y'all started gushing if that was the case," Applejack admitted.

"Oh, I guess that was a slight misunderstanding on my side," Rarity started, "and I do understand that you two have been great friends for the longest of time, so I can see he could and would treat you like a princess." Rainbow felt better as Rarity gave in. She then began to think. What would it be like if Soarin treated her like a princess? To always be by her side. To never glance away from her and to stare at her with those handsome emerald green eyes of his.

She blushed at the thought of it, hoping no one would notice. Fortunately, evil was done for the day. She and her friends rushed to the table.

"Good, now that we've cleared all that up, Let's eat!" Rainbow said excitedly, hungrier than ever.

Soarin walked to Rainbow's house in the crisp air of the evening . He wanted to hang out with her and knowing all to well Rainbow usually had nothing to do during the evening, he was gonna pay her a visit.

"Hey, how you been?", Soarin said to himself. "Ugh no, I spend over half time with her at school, that would just sound as if I ignored her or something! Why is it so hard to talk to her now?" he asked out loud hoping no one had heard.

"Okay, Soarin inside voice, calm down," he said to himself as he continued to Dash's house.

Finally reaching the door step, he reached his hand out to knock. However, he stopped and thought about it. It was almost dark, he planned to be there for hours, just talking to her. If he went through the front door there was the possibility her dad could ask him what the heck he was doing there. Yeah...No, not about to happen. So instead, Soarin went around the house to Rainbow's window.

He knocked on her window a couple of times, hoping she heard and waited. Soon it opened and he was climbing into the room.

"Hey, you," Rainbow smiled at him. Okay, he really, really liked it when as she did that. It made him feel like she felt safer around him. He smiled back as he sat down on the bed, just inches away from her. They were used to invading each others' personal space so this wasn't that bad. Still, Soarin only stood there looking at her, not knowing what to say and vice versa for Rainbow.

"Hey, you," he finally managed to say without breaking eye contact. She awkwardly chuckled, him joining in to the weirdness after a while.

"I wanted to talk to you, Dash," he said looking at her straight in the eyes. She felt her heart beat faster thinking about what he could possibly want to talk about that dragged him to where he was.

"About?" Rainbow asked immediately regretting it. She knew he would just walk out now.

"What, do I really need something to talk about?" he started,"Rainbow, I just wanna be with you away from the other kids at school". Her heart raced even faster when he finished that last sentence. He wanted to be with her, she nearly jumped out of her seat.

Soarin however bit his tongue after processing what he had said. But hey she wasn't questioning it so he brushed off. Rainbow laid down on her bed and sighed.

"Hey Soar, how come I feel like I can open up to you about anything?" Rainbow asked. He smiled and lay down beside her.

"That's cuz' you can, Rainbow," he replied turning to face her. She smiled at him, starting to blush a little. Seeing this, his cheeks grew a slight pink too.

"I wanna fly," Rainbow burst out.

Soarin looked at her wide-eyed. Dash could tell he was probably thinking she was crazy. But instead of laughing at her, much to Rainbow's surprise, he smiled at her warmly. "What's got you up at night about this?"

"Well," she began,"Ever since my encounters with the magic that Twilight brought from the other world, I've been getting these awesome feather wings! When I'm flying with them, I get this feeling that I belong up there in the sky," she continued, her eyes glowing brightly with wonder,"I've never felt more free."

He stared at the spark her eyes had while she stared at him.

"That was beautiful Rainbow," he commented. All Dash could do was smile at him."Honestly, the way you described it, flying does sound like freedom. I wish I could have experienced what you did, it would just feel..magical."

"Huh.. so I guess we're both freaks then. Good." Rainbow replied. He chuckled and pinned her.

"Nope just you, I'm the dork remember", he said before tickling her. She burst out laughing as her tickled her to fall on the floor, him still on top of her.

"What the hell is going on in there?" Spectrum asked his wife and son in the living room. "Blitz, go check." His son just rolled his eyes at his dad's laziness, but nonetheless, did as instructed.

Rainbow managed to tickle his sides causing Soarin to weaken. After a few seconds, he was weak enough for Dash to pin him.

"Gotcha!" Rainbow said excitedly in the cutest voice she could manage. They stared at each other for a few more seconds before Blitz entered the room.

"Soarin?!" Blitz said, voice cracking "What are you two doing?!"

Seeing as he was getting angry, she went down and whispered in Soarin's ear. "Run."

Soarin didn't think twice about it, he got out of Rainbow's grasp and ran out the window as fast as possible.

"See you tomorrow, Dashie," he said before closing her window. She blushed at the nickname he had used for her.

"Did he just call you 'Dashie'?" Blitz asked still angry.

"M'hm," Rainbow sighed smiling.

"Oh no!"

Author's Note:

Sorry if this chapter ends up wrong or rushed it's just sometimes my phone is a bitch to me (mind my language) and i already had like half the chapter written and it got deleted so i had to start from scratch. This happened several times before and its so irritating that i don't wany to restart and rack my brain trying to remember everything...nevertheless enjoy i guess