• Published 23rd May 2015
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Somewhere over the Rainbow Dash - SuicidalAngel

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Bonus Chapter*

"You know Thunderlane, I'm really glad we're working on this little scheme together"

"Me too Rarity, me too"

She sighed. "I actually never thought my little Dashie would ever, ever have a crush. I always expected she would get her first kiss from a dare or so and if she ever did fall in love, it would be as an adult, without the drama. Yet here we all are, its good to see how far my friends have come to like each other"

"Yeah. With me, complete opposite. Back when we were all kids, I always thought Dash and Soarin would end up marrying each other or something. The way those two were, I don't think I'll ever find that".

"Your story doesn't need to be the same to ensure your love is true..."


"You know I- I think there's someone who'd be willing to give you that experience. The love experience.."

"Oh really? Who might that be?" He smiled.

"Fleetfoot". His smile vanished.


"Yes well she has a bit of a crush on you..or used to so I've heard. I'm still pretty sure she likes you."

"Well don't you?" Rarity turned away from him.

"Thunderlane..you and I are as different as fire and rain. I wouldn't want you suffering by how I am, by how different we are"

"But I could change a bit".

"We both know that wouldn't be fair to you"

"But I-"

"You belong with someone who understands you. Someone who is like you....I'm not like you. Rainbow and Soarin are perfect for each other because they understand one another. They share similar interests and have similar personalities. They'll be happy. We wouldn't be..."

"Well if you feel that why then why do you always try to flirt with me? Why do you always get jealous when some girl is checking me out?! Why did you take all that time making me like you if you're just gonna turn me down?!"

"Well I...I just thought.."

"What? That you could just play with my emotions like that!"

"No I mean..-"

"Just because I'm not like you doesn't mean I'm not sensitive like you are!"

"Look I just think it's for the best"

"Well then maybe you should stop hang over my head like that!"

"And maybe you should stop yelling at me as if this isn't hard for me too! Maybe you and Fleetfoot should just work on your scheme by your selves!"

"Fine I'll go find someone who "understands" me".

"Fine. Do what you must."

He left in a huff as Rarity turned around and cried to herself. She scratched out all the notes for the plan and dumped them into the trash can. Just she was about to tear herself apart, Pinkie swooped in next to her.

"Hey Rares! What's wrong with my super pretty, creative friend?"

"Oh nothing, Pinkie. Nothing you would truly understand".

"Hmmm. Well, how about we get the girls and go out for ice cream? We can all talk about it then!"
"That'd be nice Pinkie, thank you".

"What friends are for. Plus you really need to get all this drama out of your system before it disrupts any more of Rainbow's story!" She giggled.

"Rainbow's story?"


"Ummm....how about we go get that ice cream now?"

Author's Note:

Quite possibly the only small chapter I'll ever write in this Fanfic
It's not going to be the only bonus chapter i write, but theres a chance it will be the only Rarity × Thunderlane bonus chapter. Next one will probably have RD and Pie lover!

Until next time my pony loving friends!